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A word from my mommy

February 19th 2012 9:22 pm
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Winkie hasn't quite joined our family yet. We just met him today. We had seen him on TV. That was one week ago today. My husband had suggested a couple of times that we might think about adding a dog, but I resisted the idea. But Winkie wouldn't leave my mind. So I prayed for a couple of days. And then I called the number and spoke with his foster mom, Kay.

We thought we'd meet him today, and our application would be added to the others, and we'd hear in a week or so, one way or the other. Instead, everybody fell in love with everybody and before we knew it we were signing papers and Winkie was ours!

I wish I could say that Hershey and Winkie became instant buddies. Honestly, they pretty much ignored each other. We'll see how it goes when we bring Winkie home next weekend. But I want to go on record as saying, Winkie is the cutest, most lovable doggie in the world (after Hershey!), and the bravest I know of! I hope we'll give him the home he deserves.

I've never had a "special needs" dog before. Winkie is deaf, and blind in one eye. If anyone has experience or suggestions, we're all ears! Except Winkie, BOL!!!


Thanks so much!

February 21st 2012 8:45 pm
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Do you like my page? My pal Molly's mommy has been working furry hard to make it spawshul! Mommy is clueless about all that stuff, BOL!!

I also have a lot of pressies on my page, to make it even prettier! I need to say thank you to:
Walker and Molly and their whole fambly
Lizzie and Harley and their fambly
Lexi, Monnie and Rosco
Coco Rose and Puff
Angel Buddy, Dino and Buddy B
Harley Diva and Jazzi Danzer
Miss Dayzee
Pepper and Baron
Pepper the labby
Abby, Smokey and their fambly
Aunties Mini and Kiki
Austin and Doo
Tinkerbelle and Natasha
Angel Whisper and Dixie
and Thunder!!

AND thanks to everyfur who has sent me a PPR!!!!


I'm not even home yet, and already I have the best pals on Dogster!!


Diary of the Day

February 23rd 2012 3:56 pm
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Mommy says the Diary of the Day ought to at least be a fresh one! I'm not even home yet, and I have so many pals who are being so nice and sweet to me! I know Dogster better now than I know my new fambly! And look at all the pressies on my page! OMD!!

When I do get to my new furevfur home, I already have a dogtor appointment, and a grooming appointment, and a brand new supper dish and doggie bed, a new leash and collar, new tennis balls and a new stuffie! But mostly I have a new brofur! I hope he likes me!


My new home

February 26th 2012 5:03 pm
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My people were acting kind of strange all week. They hugged me harder, and when we went visiting the old people they made it feel like I wouldn't be seeing them again. Then yesfurday morning, mom put my best blankie and my favfurite toy in a bag, and her eyes kept leaking. Then someone came to the door and we all barked, and it was the fambly we had met at the animal shelter, the ones with the chocolate doggie. He's furry active! I showed him around a little, and there was more hugging and some picture-taking, and then the chocolate doggie pooped in our hall! So then he and his fambly got back in their car, and I got in with them!

I love to ride in the car! And this ride was farther than any ride I remember! There were hills, and then lots of water, and then big buildings, and then we stopped and got out. We went on a sniffing excursion outside, and then we went inside. I could smell that this is the chocolate doggie's house. But the new people were acting as if this was my house, too! I have a new mommy and a new daddy and a new brofur! His name is Hershey. He has a LOT of fur.

We all played on the floor, and then we napped, and then we walked some more and played some more. My blankie and stuffie got unpacked, and Hershey and I each got new toys, too! I got supper in my brand-new supper dish, and I pooped in the kitchen just to even the score, BOL!!

My new daddy loves to be buried in dog! He picked me up on the couch with Hershey, and we all fell asleep there! I got down later and went to my new bed, and in the morning daddy couldn't find me, BOL!! Where else would I sleep, Daddy?

I'm still getting rosies and pawmails and so much love from my new Dogster pals! I think I'm gonna like my new life!


I'm a Success Story!

February 28th 2012 9:41 pm
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If you read my Arrival Story, you know I was rescued by Oakland Animal Services. They put me on TV a year ago to ask fur help with all my medical needs, and they found my foster fambly to take care of me. And when I was ready fur adoption they put me on TV again so my new mommy could see me! They just featured me with an update on their website:


I suppose it's like the end of one story, but it's also the beginning of a new one!



March 4th 2012 10:07 pm
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I'm still figuring out how things work here. Mostly, we spend the day with mommy after daddy goes bye-bye. We nap and play and get brushed and go out, and nap and cuddle until daddy comes home again. Then we get our din-din and play and nap some more, and then it's night-night time, and then we start ovfur.

But yesfurday was different. Daddy didn't go bye-bye. Instead, we all got in the car! Ohboyohboyohboy, I love riding in the car! Furst we went to a vet office. I know what that is, but this was a new one. I met the dogtor and he met me, and he looked here and felt there and said I was a good boy. Then he looked at Hershey, and then we left.

Next we went to the doggie store, and there is a vet office there, too! We didn't see a vet, just some people and doggies and nice ladies who said Hi Winkie and pet me a lot. Then we left.

Next we went to a place where I smelled a lot of doggies but didn't see any. There are furry nice people there who loved on me and scritched my chin and told me they'll be happy when I come back. Mommy and daddy called it "the Wag." It feels like fun!

Next we went to a place where daddy filled out papers and I got my picture taken. That was boring.

But then we went to a furry exciting place! It was the biggest backyard I have evfur seen! There were lots of doggies and their pawrents there, and daddy took my leash off! I ran and ran and ran!! I kept seeing new people way over THERE, and new doggies running way ovfur THERE, and I had to meet them ALL. Evfurry now and then mommy and daddy and Hershey would catch up with me, and we'd walk togefur fur a bit. But then I'd see another doggie ovfur THERE, and off I'd go! Pretty soon I got my leash back on. :0/

I was furry tired when we got home!

Today we went to a different place. This one smelled like the ocean, and there were about a bazillion doggies there! I didn't get my leash off this time, even though Hershey did. But it was okay, I walked with daddy and he walks fast! I had to stop and sniff evfurry doggie. We met a lot! My sniffer is all worn out!

I think I'll sleep fur a furry long time!


Two weeks

March 10th 2012 12:51 pm
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As of today, I've been in my new home fur two weeks. I like it here! My new mommy and daddy play with me on the floor! We have lots and lots of toys! Evfurry day I get brushed and go fur walks. There are a lot of doggies living around here! I'm always meeting new ones, and their pawrents! And I have a big chair to sleep in, unless mommy's sitting there. BOL!!

My new brofur isn't really paying attention to me yet. In fact he moves if I get too close, but I like him. He doesn't growl or anything. He doesn't know how to play ball, BOL!! If daddy throws me a ball, I run and get it and bring it back. If he throws one fur Hershey, he runs and gets it and then just holds it in his mouth untill we all stop playing! How is that fun?

Today mommy and daddy decided on my barkday. They're calling it April 14, the day I was turned in to the shelter, because in a way that's when my life started ovfur. They think I'm about four, but not five. So fur a few weeks I'm gonna be three, BOL!!! I don't know how that all works, but it makes sense to them!

Even though it isn't my barkday today, we're going to the dog bed store to get me a new bed. The one I have is too small, even though it would fit in Hershey's crate where he likes to sleep. I'm more of a sprawler! Mommy doesn't mind sharing her chair SOMETIMES, but she says I really need a bed of my own. Maybe we'll get some more toys, too!


Red-Letter Day!

March 13th 2012 9:16 pm
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This was a furry unusual day! Furst, it rained all day. It's nevfur done that since I've been here. Of course Hershey and I had to go outside anyway, but you've nevfur seen such a short walk! And when we got back we got rubbed and rubbed and wiped and wiped. Appawrently mommy is fussy about the carpet and furniture.

So it was a long lazy day until daddy got home. He only wanted to take us out one at a time, because of the drying-off part. Hershey went furst, and then me. It was another short walk and more rubbing and wiping after. Then mommy took my collar and put a new jingly on it! My license! I'm an actual dog now, as far as the City of San Francisco is concerned!

I was so excited and wound up that, I took a dive into the toy pile and came up with a stuffie, one of the fluffy bears that Molly and her fambly sent. And as soon as I started to work him ovfur, Hershey came up to play, too! He's nevfur done that befure! We dodged, we weaved, we wagged and pounced, we chased each other around and it was FUN!! Mommy and daddy were furry happy! I didn't think he had it in him, BOL!!!


Dog of the Day!!!

March 22nd 2012 8:39 am
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OMD! Not this day (as Zaidie would say), but yesfurday when we came to Dogster, mommy went "OH!!" She said, "Winkie, look! You're Dog of the Day!!" OMD, I had rosies and crowns amd messages and pup pal requests all ovfur the place!! Mommy was so happy, and she said as soon as I sent out all my thank-you's, we could go fur a BIG WALK! :0)

And then something happened. Mommy started making faces at her confuser, and then she started yelling at it, and then she picked up the phone to call the confuser guys at her office, and the phone was dead. Ut-oh. That started a lot of calls on her little phone, and meanwhile I'm wondering, What happened to my Big Walk???

It nevfur happened. Mommy kept trying this confuser and that confuser and this phone and that phone and talktalktalking to people, and befure we knew it, it was just time for me and Hershey to GO OUT!!!! So all we got was a short "business walk." Grrrrrr.

It turns out somebody working around here cut our phone line. I don't know what that has to do with Dogster, but apparently they're connected. So I just finished all my thank-you's today. I won't list evfurry name here, but I do want to thank Flicka fur my commemorative plaque. I'm gonna keep it as my main piccie today, just because I couldn't pick it up until after everyfur went to bed last night! Thanks to all and all and all of you, and to Dogster fur choosing me!!!


The Big Walk

March 23rd 2012 10:57 pm
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Today mommy took me and Hershey on a furry Big Walk! I could tell Hershey knew where we were going, but he doesn't really talk to me. We went out our door like always, but we crossed the street and went up some stairs (I'm getting good at stairs!) and right out of our neighborhood! There's a big, busy street up there, and that's what we headed down. Mommy kept us close.

We walked and walked and walked. We passed a place with lots of people milling around, and lots of dropped food in the nice deep grass by the sidewalk. Mommy wouldn't let us have any, but I think Hershey snagged something. Then we passed a place with lots of cars parked and driving in and out. That went on and on and on. I saw lots of people, but none of them stopped to pet me. We didn't stop much either. Hershey was on a mission.

Finally we went back down some more stairs, and Hershey was getting so excited he wanted us all to run! Mommy doesn't run. We kept walking, and soon I began to sniff all kinds of enticing things! Food, and treats, and other doggies, and toys! We crossed a street and through a door and OMD! We were in doggy heaven! The people inside pet us and gave us treats, and we smelled all kinds of food and treats and saw evfurry kind of toy you can imagine! I thought Hershey might go clean out of his mind! BOL!!

We didn't stay nearly long enough. Mommy got some little tennis balls, the kind that fit in my mouth best, and a stick to throw them with. The people gave us some more treats, and then we started fur home. We got another shot at the dropped-food zone, but to tell you the truth we were both pretty tired. It felt good to get back home to an apple slice and my nice soft bed. I wonder when we'll take the new balls out to play?

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