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I'm Eight!!

April 14th 2016 9:42 am
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Happy Barkday to ME!!! Mommy and daddy say this is my Barkday, because it's the day my new life began after I was found and turned in to the animal shelter. Eight is a guess, but I don't care!

When I woke up this morning, I found pressies on my Dogster page!! Thank you to:
Bailey and the PDPC Group! They named me Royal Member of the Day, and made a spawcial photo!!

My furiends at PTLF gave me this photo made by Flicka's mum!

Cooper and his fambly sent me a photo, too!

Lookit the photo I got from my pal Freckles!!

rosco and his fambly-- Today is rosco's Barkday, too! Happy Barkday, rosco!!!

Peek-a-Boo and the Turner fambly
Charlie, Abbie and their fambly
Tessa and Fitzcairn
Hershey, Kaci and their fambly
Romeo Beau
Sandy (AKA Thumper), Kramer and their fambly
Angel Boy Walker, Molly and their fambly
Dino, Angel Buddy and their fambly
Emma, Freddie and their fambly
Ringo, Webbie, Bear and their fambly
Chloe and Cinnamon
Abby and Buddy
Abby and Lucian and the kitties
Rubio, Blaze and their fambly
Angels Austin and Doo
George and his fambly
Maizy and her fambly
Buddy and his fambly

Mommy took us fur a walk to the doggie store and let me pick out some new squeakies!! Then when daddy got home I got this humongous Barkday cookie!!!

I think Barkdays are furrific!!


My Gotcha Day!

February 25th 2016 10:57 am
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My 4th Gotcha Day portrait

I have been living here now four whole years! We're not sure, but we figure that's about half my life!!

I got to have a grass feast this morning, and Hershey didn't even know! Mommy took me out the back door while he was sleeping, BOL!! Fur din-din we got leftover BBQ ribs mommy saved fur us the last time they went. Then we got frosted cookies from the doggie store! Mommy kept after me with her clicky black picture box, but that was okay. Now my belly is full and I'm a happy pup!

I also got this furrific photo from Mick, Cooper, Nina, & Forrest!

Thanks to all my pals fur their pressies and good wishes!
Angel Peek A Boo and her fambly
Sabrina and her fambly
Charlie and Abbie and their fambly
Hershey, Kaci and their fambly
Sandy (aka Thumper) and her fambly
Romeo Beau
The Binkley Bunch
Emma, Freddie and their fambly
Angel Buddy, Dino and their fambly
Milo Blue Eyes
Angel Abby and Buddy
Harley and Jazzi
Ringo, Webster, Bear and their fambly
Flicka, Lucas and Cleo
The fambly of Angel Max, Angel Jake, Lola, Perry and Hershey
Abby and Lucian
Austin and Angel Doo
George and his fambly
rosco and his fambly
Maizy, Pongo, Anabel and Sammy


I'm SEVEN!!! (-ish)

April 14th 2015 7:46 am
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Woof! WOOF!! AAAaaaaaRRROOOOOooooooo!!!! Today is my Barkday!! Well, at least it's the day mommy and daddy picked to celebrate my birth. It was acfurrily April 14, 2011 when a furry nice man found me by the side of the road and took me to the shelter in Oakland. Am I seven? Well, that's my vet's best guess.

So Happy Barkday to ME!!! Official Photo

I woke up to a whole pile of pressies from my Dogster pals! Even Dogster HQ sent me 25 bones!! And I am the Royal Member of the Day in the Princess Divas and Prince Charmings group!! I want to bark a Big Thank YOU to:
Flicka, Lucas and Cleo fur the crown on my page
Flicka and my pals at Pets That Love Fun fur this Barkday Piccie
Angel Droopy fur this Barkday Piccie
and Freckles fur this Barkday piccie
Hershey, Kaci, Angel Bosco and Angel Bailey fur the kite
Bailey fur the golden heart
Charlie, Abby, Teddy and fambly fur the choklit pupcake AND kite
Sandy, Kramer and fambly fur my flowers
Romeo Beau fur the yummy steak
Peek-a-Boo, Ursula, Crystal, Nicola and the Turner family fur the heart
Tinkerbelle and Natasha fur the cake and pawty hat
Emma, Freddie and fambly fur the baseball
Lola and fambly fur the pawty hat
Angel Buddy, Dino, Buddy B. and Cookie fur the pawty hat
Rosco and fambly fur the golden bone
Angel Abby and Buddy fur the heart
Chloe & Cinnamon fur the pawty hat
Krickete fur the pupcake
George and fambly fur the golden bone
Maizy and fambly fur the pupcake
Harley and Jazzi fur the pawty hat
Abby and Lucian fur the kite
Sarge, Cory Jo and all the other Jo's fur the steak
Austin, Angel Doo and Dee fur the golden bone
Angel Walker and fambly fur the baseball
Salad and fambly fur the flowers
Darby fur the steak
Milo and Maruko fur the pawty hat
Talker, Banners! and fambly fur the pupcake
Angel Sunny and Zane fur the ladybug
Molly and Angel Buttercup fur the golden heart

Three of my pals are celebrating their Barkdays today, too!! How cool is that??!! Happy Barkday Rosco, Jenny and Ian!!

At lunchtime mommy hooked us up on our two-dog leash! We know what that means: We're going to the doggie treat store!! It's a way longer walk that we usually take, but when we get there we get to sniff all the other doggie smells and toys and food and TREATS! Mommy filled up a whole bag fur me! I suppose I'll share some with Hershey, too. We were tired then, and the walk home took longer than the walk there! BOL!!

When it was time fur daddy to come home from work, he didn't. Instead, mommy put us in the car and we went to the Wag Hotel fur the evening. It was almost modnight when mommy and daddy picked us up, and we came home and went to bed. So we're having a fambly party a day late! Not bad, a two-day Barkday!!


My Gotcha Day!!

February 25th 2015 9:33 am
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OMD, this is a spawcial day fur ME!!! Mommy and daddy started right out singing to me, and I didn't even know why! It's my Gotcha Day!! It was three years or minutes or centuries or something ago that I moved in here with them and Hershey. Look, here's me in the car with Hershey, on my way home!!

I have a new collar! And later, mommy's going to take us to the doggy store so I can pick out a new toy and a spawcial treat! In the Princess Divas and Prince Charmings group, they made me the Royal Member of the Day!! And my pal Droopy sent this Piccie to show my befure-and after! BOL!!

My other Dogster pals remembered, too! I want to bark a big Thank You to:
Charlie, Abbie, Teddy, Maggie and fambly fur my Adopt Ribbon
Sandy, Kramer and fambly fur my Heart
Austin, Angel Doo and Dee fur my Adopt Ribbon
Max, Angel Jake, Lola and Perry fur my Adopt Ribbon
Bailey fur my Furevfur Crown
Flicka, Lucas and Cleo fur my Gold Heart
Angel Buddy, Dino, Buddy B. Boston and Cookie fur the Big Hugz
Cinnamon and Chloe fur the Adopt Ribbon
Harley and Jazzi fur the Adopt Ribbon
Mazy fur the feetsball
Angel Walker and his big fambly fur the Golden Bones
Whisper, Dixie and their fambly fur the Adopt Ribbon
Rosco, Boots and Aetheling fur the steak
Sarge and all the Jo's fur my Adopt Ribbon
Abby and Lucian fur the yummy steak
MJF fur another yummy steak
Sandy, Whiskey, Rascal and Midnight fur ANOTHER steak (OMD!!)
Daisy Mae fur an Adopt Ribbon, and a yummy cake
Krickette fur my pupcake
Mia Muah and her famby fur a steak
and Peek A Boo and fambly fur the big heart!!!

You've all made my Gotcha Day even more spawcial!! [Added later: Mommy and Hershey and I walked to the doggy store and I found a bunch of new toys! Mommy bought me a big cookie, too! When we got home, Hershey wouldn't let me play with any of my toys until he got tired of them, but I think they're all mine now, BOL!!!]



September 15th 2014 9:40 pm
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Shiver me timbers, Hershey and I are gonna miss Talk Like a Pirate Day! You can read all about why in his Diary, but I wouldn't let him post MY pirate photo in there. Thanks to Bailey in PDPC, here it is--

Winkie the Wench-Magnet

I'm just sayin'!


It Was Notme!

August 19th 2014 5:31 pm
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I've been waiting to write in my diary until I knew my pals could find it and make comments. Thanks i-5 fur fixing it!!

Hershey has been telling our furiends in groups that I was a naughty doggie about ten sleeps ago, but I swear it was Notme!! See, mommy and daddy went away fur the afternoon and left us to mind the house. There have been times in the past when Notme has messed up the kitchen while they were gone. He's after the goodies in our food and treat bins. He has knocked them ovfur, and spilled the stuff on top of them, and opened them up fr a feast!! So mommy and daddy have taken to moving the bins up where Notme can't reach them.

Notme lulled my daddy into a false sense of security! This time he said, "I think it will be fine!" And they left the bins where they were. Well of course that's just what Notme was waiting fur! This is what mommy and daddy found when they got home:

Notme Strikes Again!

I got in trouble fur the mess, and Hershey got the runs from eating too many goodies!! (He didn't let me have much!) And the bins will be picked up from now on. I wonder if we'll evfur see Notme again?



July 7th 2014 8:22 am
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OMD!! Mommy got an e-mail from HQ this morning to say I'm a DDP!! We haven't been able to see a DDP list fur three or four days, so we're taking their word fur it!

That made me feel better after our pre-dawn stroll with daddy. We were walking by a hedge when suddenly a ferocious dog-eating raccoon jumped up and snarled at me! Hershey didn't even see him! But daddy and I did! We took off in one direction and the 'coon took off in the other, and we got home QUICK!

*Thanks to Tessa and Fitz fur the balloons on my page!
*Abby and Buddy sent me a blue ribbon! Buddy's a DDP today, too!!
*And I got a Big Hug AND a blue ribbon from Peek-a-Boo and his whole fambly!!
*Freckles sent me a baseball of my furry own!
*Anya sent me a butterfly, Elise sent me a flower, and Scarlett sent me a pinwheel!!
*And lookit the photo I got form my pal Cooper!!
Thanks, Cooper!!

I also wanna say Happy Gotcha Day to my pals Jack, Saige and Harley Diva, and Happy Barkday to Merlin!!


Liebster Award!

June 30th 2014 10:49 am
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My brofur Hershey has a blog. I've only barked there once, but then I havent done much barking anywhere fur awhile! Anywag, our pal Freckles gave us a spawcial award!!

Liebster Award

It came with a few rules:

Furst, I need to say Thank You furry much to Freckles, and I need to let you know that his blog is here.

Next, I have to answer ten questions from Freckles. So here goes:

1. Whats your Nickname?

Well, you need to understand that my daddy makes up nicknames fur evfurryone. His nicknames don't necessarily have any relation to any actual reality. Sometimes they just rhyme. Okay? Having barked all that, my nickname is...Stinky.

2. Do you like your furblings if you have any?

I like my brofur Hershey furry much. I always make sure I know where he is, and I nevfur growl at him, even though he steals my chewies and finishes my Greenies fur me. I wish he would play with me.

3. What do you do when the phone rings?

Phones ring? Who knew? I'm deaf! BOL!!

4. Do you evfur howl?

Oh yes! I sing fur my supper, and I wowowow! if mommy or daddy are too slow getting ready to take us fur a walk! If we're outside and meet another doggie who doesn't stop to say Woof, I jump all ovfur and wowowow at them!

5. Do you dream?

I do! In my dreams I chase kitties and birdies, and play with other doggies! My paws get going, and I make little woofwoofs!

6. Who is your fave unfur in your furmily, your Mom, your Dad, or an unfurbling?( or someone else?)

Mommy thinks I like daddy best, daddy thinks I like mommy best. I think I've got the whole pawrent-handling thing down pretty well!

7. Did you evfur get in trouble using your teeth?

No, my mouth doesn't open furry well. It's hard fur me to get a good grip on anything.

8. Where is your fave place to go to visit?

I like when we get in the car and go to where the wine doggies live! We always meet a lot of furry nice doggies and their pawrents there, and we get lots of treats and attention!

9. Are you allowed to run free anywhere?

Yes! I can go off-leash in any fenced doggie park, and lately daddy has let me off my leash at Fort Fun. I'm good at staying underfoot, BOL!!

10. Do you sleep curled up in a ball, or stretched out?

Yes! BOL!!

Now I'm supposed to nominate ten of my pals to get the Liebster Award. I'm bending that rule a little bit. If you have read this far in my diary, and you haven't got the award already, consider yourself nominated!! Leave a link here in my diary comments so we can go to your diary (or blog) and read your answers to my ten questions. Which are:

1. How long have you lived in the home where you are now?
2. Do you have any allergies or other ongoing owies?
3. Are you an indoor doggie or an outdoor doggie?
4. Are you more of a doggie doggie, or a people doggie?
5. Do you like to go fur rides in the car?
6. Have you evfur been away from your pawrents ovfurnight?
7. Do you get your pawrents up in the morning, or do they get you up?
8. What's your most important job?
9. How many times do you get fed evfurry day?
10. What's the best trick you've taught your pawrents?

That's it! Thanks fur playing!



May 8th 2014 8:10 am
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OMD, lookit me!! Dogster chose my diary as a Daily Diary Pick! So are my pals Freddie and Angel Buttercup! WhooHOOOO!!!!

I woke up and found all kinds of pressies on my page! Mommy will help me write my thank-you notes later, but I like to keep them here in my diary, too!

Lookit the pawsome photo I got from my pal Cooper!

This one is from my pal Freckles!!

It was so nice of the Bama Babies to send me some POTP! My owie is still there, but it's lots better and I don't have to wear the balloon around my neck anymore!

Tessa and Fitz sent me a bunch of balloons! So did Sammy Jo, Toby Jo, Cory Jo, Joey Jo (Jo Jo) and Sarge!! And so did Rosco, Aetheling and Boots!!

Hershey, Kaci, Angel Bosco and Angel Bailey sent me a bluebirdy!! So did Scarlett, Elise and Anya!!

I got flags from Harley and Jazzi, and from Freddie!

Jenny, Milo, Hobo and Luna sent me some furry Big Hugz!

And I got a golden bone from Walker, Alexandria, Molly, Pookah and all the kitties!

It's good to have something to celebrate today! We've been a little sad, because some of our furry good pals are disappearing from Dogster. We can't go to their pages. Their names and photos are gone from the gifts they've sent us, and comments on our diaries. That can nevfur be fixed, and it hurts our hearts.

We know there are a lot of things broken at Dogster right now, and we don't know why our new master won't talk to us. We're good doggies! But pawlease, pals, don't run away! If your mommy needs a break, let her take a break. But don't run away. Evfurrything is gonna be just fine, someday! But if you have to, HAVE to, HAVE TO go away, pawlease don't go without saying Bye-Bye!


NOW who's the Second Banana?

May 1st 2014 5:21 pm
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Hershey is the Alpha Dog. There is no getting around it. He gets fed furst, he gets his leash on furst, he goes out the door furst. Even on Dogster, he belongs to more groups than I do and generally barks more. But today at my house, it was all about the Wink! To begin with, furst thing in the morning I got pawmail from our pal Bailey letting me know that I have been named the Royal Member of the Month in PDPC!! ME!! I got a spawcial photo fur my page, and crowns from Bailey and Buttercup! I have a throne!

Mommy let me do most of the barking on Dogster all morning. And then in the afternoon--I can't evfur remember this happening befure, but mommy put MY leash on me and we said Bye-Bye to Hershey and walked out the door without him!! We even got in the car, and I had the whole back seat to mywoof! To tell you the trooth, I was more than a little confoosed.

And then it became clear. We were at the vet. See, I've had this boo-boo on my neck fur a few sleeps, and it bothers mommy. I got it at the groomer when they clipped a bit too close. It bothers me, too, but I was taking care of it by scritching. That made it grow! That REALLY bothered mommy, and now here we were at the vet. He took one look at it and ran and got himself a needle! He stuck that needle right in my owie! But I was a Good Boy, I didn't even flinch.

Well, maybe some kinds of extra attention are better than others. But I did get a car ride that Hershey didn't, and a treat! And an extra sniff-and-pee when we got back home. So all in all, I'm feeling pretty Top Dog!

Except fur this darn balloon collar I have to wear.

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