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Annie is Fur of the Month

April 3rd 2012 4:41 pm
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Good Heavens, my sister Annie has been chosen as "Fur of the Month" for the Best lil Doghouse in Dogster group. It's quite an honor to be chosen and I'm so happy for her. Mama has been making a bug fuss over it and we are both getting extra treats and even some new clothes. We went shopping the other day to get Annie and me some new Easter clothes. Annie got a new dress and I got a shirt with a vest and tie. I like my new shirt because mama made such a fuss about it. I guess it must make me look really handsome. Don't misunderstand, I'm handsome without a new shirt but it never hurts to dress up for your pawerents.

My poor little fursib Annie got sick today and had to go to the doctors and get a shot. She has bronchitis and has to take some really nasty medication that mama has to give her twice a day. It must be really bad stuff because mama has to hold her down and squirt it down her throat. Poor poor Annie, but at least she has stopped coughing.

It was raining really hard this morning so mama put down some potty paper for us but I was a very bad boy and pooped in the den. Mama was not happy with me and I got a really bad scolding. She said I was a bad dog and I just hate it when she calls me that. I hung my head and ran under the bed where I hid for awhile until she forgot to be mad at me. It's alright now, mama isn't mad any more and I did my pee pees on the potty paper so all is forgiven. Since I'm such a tiny boy mama doesn't make me go out in the rain to do my business but she said she will if I don't do it on the paper next time. I WILL MAMA, I PROMISES.

I just can't hardly wait for this nest weekend. It's EASTER. Annie and I get to hunt Easter eggs with my furcousins Callie, Ellie May and Charlie. The mamas make some hard-boiled eggs and hide them for us furs to find. It's really exciting to see who can chomp the most eggs. Oh Boy, Big Fun! I found 2 last year with mamas help. Mama always helps Annie and me because were so little and the big dogs would take them all if they could. I hope I can find more this time. I really, really like eggs but I usually only get one at a time so getting more is a big treat for me.

I hope all of my furiends have a wonderful Easter and let's not forget what Easter is really about. God Bless all.


Spring is on the Way.

March 7th 2012 1:57 pm
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Yea! It's getting warm outside and I can play in my yard again. I still have to wear my sweater in the morning but by afternoon Mama takes if off and Annie and I can run and play all we want. Mama left the door open today so we could run in and out by ourselves.
Today was much better than yesterday cause it's not as windy. Yesterday the wind was blowing so hard the weather guy said it was gusting to 50mph. When I went out to potty the darn wind blew me over and I fell on my side. Mama laughed but she came out and got me and carried me over to the side of the house where I was out of wind so I could do my business. You big dog (10+ lbs) have no idea how strong that wind can be. I really love being out in the back yard but I don't like to go out front. I'm afraid I might get lost and couldn't find Mama or Annie ever again. I would never want to lose my Mama.


How I came to live with Mama and Annie

February 22nd 2012 6:55 pm
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My first parents were a man and his wife. She thought she wanted a small dog so he bought me for her. They didn't know I would take so much care and attention so they gave me to her aunt but she didn't like me either so she gave me to her son. He took me to collage with him and they were very mean to me and hurt me lots. He didn't want m I was too much trouble, so he gave me to a friends sister then she gave me to her mother. The man didn't like little dogs and kicked me around and fed me hot stuff and made me stay outside. One time he kicked me so hard he broke my hip. I couldn't walk and just kept crying so he put me in the garage and was going to take me out to the country in a few days and shoot me. It was the middle of summer and I had no food or water. I just laid there and waited to die.
My Mama heard about me and went to there house and asked if she could have me. Those people were glad to get rid of me and told Mama to take me. Mama took me straight to my Uncle Marks clinic, he's a vet so he knew what to do to help me. I went to sleep and when I woke up my hip hurt bad and I had stitches in me. I still thought I was dieing so I just laid their and waited. After a few days Mama came and got me, took me home and I met Annie. Mama put me in really soft bed and covered me up so I was nice and warm. She put food and water close to me and told Annie to take care of me. Annie would bring me bites of food and put them right where I could get them without getting up but I was still to scared of this new place. I was just waiting for them to hurt me too. After awhile Annie came over and laid down beside me and started licking me and making soft noises. It was the first time I had felt comfort since I was born and I liked it. After a day and I still wouldn't eat my Mama made me some cream of wheat with chicken broth and put it in my mouth with a syringe. At first I didn't like it, but then it started tasting really good. A few days later I got up and tried to walk. It still hurt but not as bad. Little by little I got better and stronger. Mama has given me lots of love and affection and she promised no one would ever hurt me again. I walk just fine now and I can even run. Annie and I have a wonderful yard to play in, Mama lets me sleep on the bed with her and I even have my own blanket. I'm so glad my Mama saved me, I have the best life a puppy could ever ask for and I know I'm loved.

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