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My Diary

Today is NOT a good day....

February 3rd 2013 12:13 pm
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I think my Mom and Dad are really mad at me. Mom saw how much fun I was having in the snow this morning when she took me out to go potty so she told Dad she was going to let me out without the leash. Bad mistake I ran and ran and ran. Mom called me and even at one point started crying but I just kept going. I went up the mountain in the snow and threw the snow up in the air to play and then I went over to visit the cow. He wasn't there but I could smell he had been there so I just stayed in the cow pasture totally ignoring Mom yelling at me to come here. Dad brought my brudder Buddy out on a leash and Mommie was with Buddy and so I came over there where I was captured and scolded. Me was a bad bad boy and now me sits with not a happy Mommie or Daddy.



January 18th 2013 1:16 pm
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Today Mom told me I was Doggie of the Day. I have gotten lots of pressies from my friends and some pup pal request. I have been very important today. That was fun almost as much fun as romping in the snow we just got yesterday. Me wuves the snow. Me hopes you all have a good winter and can't wait for spring.


Hi everybody

February 4th 2012 11:03 am
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My name is Snoopy and my brudders are Buddy of Corolla and the oh so famous Goofball aka Goofy that I already hear so much about. My Mom and Dad found me and brought me home today. I will have much getting use to my brudder Buddy cause he is an all about me dog. Me is just widdle and me has to learn. Mom told Buddy to not teach me the bad things like bark so much you slobber on the windows, or charge at the tv when a dog commercial or show comes on. I guess I'll learn. Well just wanted to say Hi. Bless you all I know we're gonna be good friends. Your pal, Snoopy

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