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Scrappy's wild life

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I am finally on Dogster!!

January 27th 2012 3:47 pm
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Hello all you dog furs! I am finally on Dogster! it is about time. I am so excited! I can hardly stop wagging my tail! There is so much for me to do. I have groups to join and friends to get. I am just so happy that I get to join my sister Abbey and Cat sisters Lucy and Nikita on catster and Dogster. I have plenty of groups I want to join that I will busy doing that to night and making friends. Boy is this doggy one happy puppy. Hellp DFogster worls Here I come!


Busy afternoon

January 27th 2012 4:48 pm
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I had a busy day . I went to dog park with Abbey. I went on Erends, got pictures so that I could be on Dogster, I got my toy pig from Marshalls. I have been busy I finally got my dogster page. It is about time I lived with my family for 5 months and I finally get a page. I have been busy getting friends and joining groups. My computer keeps kicking me off- so I guess I will take a break and go for a walk. I am very excited to finally be on Dogster and get in all the activities too. I had a nice evening walk it was very relaxing. I always enjoy my walks and runs.
well I am off to find more friends. I asked 10 furs I hope they become my friends. Bye for now


A brand new day

January 28th 2012 7:33 am
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Well this is my first whole day of being on Dogster and I am excited! I have gotten 11 friens and asked to join about 6 groups. I am one lucky little dog. This afternoon my human sister said she would help me get more friends. Yesterday was very good for me, I got my Dogster page and a new toy a pig- I hope Abbey did not play with it after all it is mine! I am going to go do laundry and run, I love to run. It is still like spring out and we still need rain. Today us furs will be home alone I guess it will be party time! We hate being left alone we wish our momma was here. well nothing else I have to go do laundry or help .
talk to you later


another exciting day

January 28th 2012 2:44 pm
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Well another exciting day. I had 2 bye byes today 2 walks and then I get to go for a run. I LOVE to run! It is so fun to have the wind blow through your fur. Thanks to all the dogs who accepted my friendshipo requests- I appreciate it. It is awful kind of you. We got a new bag of friskies and they are delicious! We are going to be home alone tonight a dog parke vent that does notalow dogs. I hear the humans are having a fight - they sem to fight more then us dogs about silly stuff - then people say dogs are the problems especially pitbulls. I say it humans and in this case old ones. If they let the dogs handle it everything would go soothly. hwe would have hambergers and hot dogs and not pasta. I am watching the national ice dancing competions, they look interesting- I wish dogs could do that. well I am off to go run


Sunday January 29th 2012

January 29th 2012 7:53 am
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well I have an busy day- a walk a bye bye and another walk. I Love being busy! I have also been very busy playing with my new stuffed toy a pig. I love my pig he is so fun to play with. Last night my human sisters went to the Pasta Dinner a fun raiser for the dog park ( we still do not understand why dogs could not have gone- it is our park and we LOVE Pasta) They brought us home frisbees I do not like them so I gave my frisbee to Abbey for exchange to have this pig as my very own. I think it is a fair trade. Oh congrats to my kitty sister Lucy for being catster cat diary of the day. I know I will be one day! well I got to we are goin to get gass for the car and the newspaper and I do not want to be left behind. see ya later. I all excited for a busy day. I hope I do not have behavior training- I see NOTHING wrong with my behavior- they humans are the ones that need behavior training and just learn to do things my way and that I am the boss and King around here and things would work out better! Humas need to understand dogs. Cats might have been royality along time ago- but Dog spelled Back words I God and humans hould alway remember that! and respect us.


Sad day

January 29th 2012 9:14 pm
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Hi Friends
Today was a sad day , we had tostay at home as both my human sisters had to work. It is a good day too because my one sister did get a job walking dog which will bring in more money but leave us home alone more. I had 4 walks today which makes me a lucky little dog.. 2 this morning one mid morning and one at night. I love to walk around the neighborhood. You get to see what is going on. It felt like another spring day so it was nice. Today I also got to eat a few pieces of chicken which was very tasty. Now I am ready for bed I need to hget my sleep so I am ready for what tommorrow brings. Have a good night



January 30th 2012 10:31 am
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My view is that Scrappy is just a plain weird dog.Plain and simple that is my take on him. Why you ask well let me tell you.
1. He barks all the time, and he has an annoying bark! he barks when I get attention
2. Dogs smell and not clean- they do not give themselves a bath atleast 100 times like us cats
3. he is a bull in a china shop- comes bounding out of no where and do not care if they knock things over.
4. Whe he eats he is a pig eats his up and then tries and steals others food and he is very noisy eater you can hear him from miles around!
5 he was a stray and has bagage, well I say Bopo Hoo I was a stray too and i unpacked my suitcase and settled in right away with in 2 months- what is his problem.
6.He is spoiled he gets to go to dog park, bye byes and walking and running, I LOVE to run why can't I go running
7.. he treys top be bossy and wants to play with me, but not my games only his.
8.he is a dog and I am not particulary fond of dogs.
he follows people around like gum to paw doesn't he want to be independent like cats and get rid of the old ball and chains called Humans who put a stop to our freedom and control our food.
9. he hogs the bed and pillow- cats sleep on pillows and dogs and the feet- he needs to learn that
10. I do not think he is to bright- the light is on but he is not there, he does not get that cats rule the house and you have to do it the cats way.
11. Always is at the door when humans come home- doesn not understand it delays us getting fed, and that humans areto come to you and make up for being gone all day- you are not to kiss their paws just because they came home.
This why I do not like Scrappy and never will- and writing in his diary will not make me understand dogs and is a silly Crazy Idea.



January 30th 2012 10:42 am
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I am really upset!!! I wrote in my diary today, I had my human sister help me. Well she messeup and had me write under Abbeys page, so we had to go and delate it and rewrite my page- humans for you!!!
Congrats to me I got Diary pick of the day and most Active posters. scrappy did Not Abbey! So congrats to Scrappy. Thank all the furs for sendingme nice notes on Congrats.Thanks go to Dogster for picking my diary and for picking me as most active poster! I really appreciate it!!
Not a good day we are left home as my human sisters have to go to work today, so we will be on our own. one sad and lonely day. I did get 1 bye bye and 2 walks and 1 run. I guess I will go and try this mediating thing that Nikita does. I have house guard duty from 12-3, but I am always on duty. My human sister thinks she will give me a bth on tuesday, I do not think so. I hate Baths. I have a dog cold. I am going to help my one human sister look for a job before she leaves for work.


a sick dog

January 31st 2012 7:45 am
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I am not feeling well. I just do not know what is wrong with me. I just wanted to say Thank you for Dogster for Choicing me Dogster Daily Diary Pick for 2 days in a row It makes me very happy. The last 4 months have been very good and I am Lucky that I found the home that I did. I had a fun 4 months. Thanks to all my dog friends who became my friends.
I had a nice walk in the fog with Abbey, I love to go on Walks. I hope it is sunny on Wednesday or gets sunny so I can go on more walks. I love to go on walks in the neighborhood and see furs.
Iam going to go take a npa and I will write more on Wednesday. seey later furs


I am sick

February 1st 2012 7:24 am
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I am not doing well. I went to the vet she said I had a very bad infection in my years and bllod. I also have a very bad cold. I am not in the best of moods. I hope I feel better soon. My family misses me running around.

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