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My New Forever Home

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My "gotchya day"

January 10th 2014 5:24 pm
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I've been in my Forever home now for two years! I got some new chewies, some steak, and of course lots of hugs. This weekend my mom says I will also get a bath too. Uh, I don't know about you, but I don't really consider having to put up with a bath a present. But then again, I always get really good snacks after a bath. Maybe it won't be so bad. The weather is warming up again after the wacky polar vortex. I've been watching the birds at their feeders. I love watching the cardinals with my fursister Kenny. She helps me on porch patrol too. At night, I hop up onto The Big Bed, find my snuggy chenille blanky, and after dad gives me a good butt rub, I snuggle down for a good sleep. In the morning, I climb up on my dad and wake him up so he can make our breakfast for us. Yup. It's a good life! xoxox


Moths, butterflies and bees, oh my!

September 7th 2013 11:45 pm
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We have a Forest of Sunflowers in our side yard! The flower plants are about 12 feet high and their heads follow the sun. It's totally weird. The best part is that lots of butterflies have been visiting the flowers. I love that 'cuz I then I can chase them! I did alot of that today. I also see moths and bees visiting the flowers too. This morning I went out there and I saw an American Goldfinch in one of the plants. That was pretty cool. My mom was there and she saw it too. Mom says we should have even more sunflower plants next summer since we are leaving the plants up and the seeds will fall into the soil. Won't that be fun? xoxo


Hotter than Hell...

July 16th 2013 3:28 pm
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It's totally too hot here in Kansas! I have to wait for the sun to go down before I can go outside to play for longer than 10 minutes. When mom goes out to the potted garden to water it, I go out with her. Sometimes I get a drink from the hose, sometimes I jump up and try to catch the water that's coming from the hose. I also growl at it, just in case it's thinking that I can't. But as soon as the watering is finished, I have to go back inside. Too hot for us Shelties. At night, my dad takes me for a cool night time walk. I love that. Sometimes we see deer. I wonder what will happen tonight? xoxoxo


Hose Fight!

June 11th 2013 4:07 pm
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O.kay, so mom KNOWS that I hate the hose so what does she do? She gets out the green monster to water the porch plants. I was HOT! I let that hose know who was in charge, man. I growled at it. I snapped at it. I tried to bite it. Mom was laughing. Then she SPRAYED me with it. I got soaking wet! I kinda liked that. It was hot out. Then I got a drink from it. Just to make it didn't misunderstand me, I gave it a bite.Then I went to my porch and started my watch. It was hot, so there weren't too many dogs out walking with their humans. But there were birds to bark at, and bees too. I had a fun day.


We saw Mr. Fox!

June 9th 2013 1:47 pm
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It's summer time! The other night when I was out with my dad on our nightly walk, me and Kenny saw Mr. Fox! He was headed east toward the river. I think he was out getting food for his family. My mom says that Volpus volpus lives about 10 years in the wild, and that they have been very successful in adapting to habitats where humans have encroached into their territory. We have been seeing him now for about 2 years. This summer has been unusually cool so far. We've been outside on the porch all day because the temperatures have been in the 70's! Isn't that great? We know lots of other areas have had bad weather, like in Oklahoma where there have been terrible tornadoes, so we haven't like to brag too much about it. But it will likely get hot starting next week. Today my mom is making us blueberry frozen yogurt treats to have while we're out on the porch. Yummy! xoxo


My check up

February 27th 2013 2:25 pm
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My mom took me to the vet this morning. I was scared and shaking in the car. I remember another day when it was snowy, and I went in a car, and then I got lost. But mom held me and told me how much she loved me, and that I wasn't going to be lost and left behind. I was only going to the vet for my check up. I was still scared. But everyone was nice to me at the doctor's office and told me how handsome I was, and how soft my fur was. I was very still while I got a shot, and then the doctor put some stuff up my nose. I didn't like that too much, but it was over quickly. Then she looked at my gums and said they looked MUCH better. I got a treat then. It wasn't as good a treat as I get at home, but it was nice all the same. When it was over, I was glad to have mom pick me up and cuddle me. Usually I fuss. I will go back again to the vet when Kenny goes for her check up. Then mom took me back into the car, but this time I didn't shake, and we were soon home. I was happy to get home too, and ran into the bedroom and jumped up on the The Big Bed where Kenny and my dad were still sleeping. My mom came in too, and we all had a big hug fest. For once, I didn't fuss when mom and dad hugged me. I was glad to be home again. I know now that going in the car when it's cold and snowy doesn't mean that I will be lost and left behind ever again. Mom and dad love me and my home is with them. Forever. xoxoxoox


The hand that feeds...

February 14th 2013 9:27 am
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I am in a little bit of trouble. Some of you may know that my gums have been swollen and I'm taking meds from Dr. Terry, my vet. Mom says I have to learn how to sit nicely while my mom brushes my teeth. Well, at first, I kinda liked it and I would lick the tooth paste which tastes like chicken. But yesterday I got a little annoyed and I tried to bite mom's hand. It was just a warning, but she was very hurt I could tell. She then showed me that her hands could be nicer by petting me. After I was still for her to rub my cheeks with her hand she gave me a snack. I'm sorry I tried to bite her, I am, really, but I don't like to have my teeth brushed. I guess we're both gonna have to be patient. *Sigh* xoxo


78 degrees in January?!!

January 28th 2013 1:36 pm
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This is a crazy winter (?) day here in Kansas. It's 78 degrees here! What's going on? Global warming, that's what's going on! Well, I'm outside running around in my yard today, that's for sure!! There are a lot of Cardinals at the feeders, and of course the squirrels are running all over the neighborhood, on the sidewalks, on the old land line telephone wires, and across our fences. Pesky squirrels! Little Killkenny, my older sister got a bath today because it was so nice. I had my bath a week ago when it was really warm again too. She got some really nice snacks too, like Zuke's Hip Action snacks. I love those too. Well, I hope you get to be outside today my friends. xoxo


Inauguration Day 2013

January 21st 2013 8:09 pm
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I watched the second inauguration of Barak Obama with my mom today. It was also a day to remember Cuailgne, who passed away on this day 4 years ago and went to the Rainbow Bridge. We miss her every day and she is still the light and the love of my mom's life. But today my mom was very proud to be an American and to listen to the President's historic and progressive speech. She was very encouraged by the inclusive words the President used. She got a little teary several times and I had to lick her tears away,(and she gave me a snack). Her favorite part though, was when, as he was leaving the podium, he paused and turned back to look at the crowd of nearly 1 million people who had come to the National Mall to see him sworn in. He wasn't on mic, but mom could read his lips says, "I want to have one more look. I'll never see this again." And indeed, later the news people caught it again, and they ran the video and you could see him saying that. My mom is hoping that Congress will get behind their President and HELP him put through the changes he wants to put into effect. It's what the American people want. And if they wont help, well, she hopes that the American people will vote those Congressmen out.


Buffalo Gals Won't You Come Out Tonight...

January 19th 2013 5:05 pm
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Hey everybody!! GUESS what? I had buffalo meat for dinner! That's right. Isn't that cool? It was real 'Home On The Range' stuff. My mom saw it in the meat section of our grocery store and since we live in Kansas, and the buffalo is our state mammal, she thought us pups should have some. I know, it's kinda sad to eat a buffalo, but it's also helping them too, as creating a market for the meat helps bring in money to continue conservation efforts. So, really, I'm HELPING the buffalo by eating them! Makes sense to me anyway! It was super good and I loved it. All mom had to do was brown it up a little and she put some rosemary and sage in there too for me. It smelled good. Mom had some on her salad too. And little Kenny liked it too. xoxoo

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