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Itz cold

January 13th 2012 5:31 am
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Itz cold in my yard and that nasty white stuff iz all over. My big brother likes it. Hez nutz! My earz an my toes an my tummy get so cold, but mom letz me in an I have a blanket an itz warm. Mom goez to work to much. She alwayz tells me she'll be back soon, but shez gone for ever! Sometimes she brings me an Sim something she callz leftover snax. She workz at a school...I don,t know what that iz, but she smells like KIDZ! when she comes home. Kidz are boyz! I like boyz! I wish would bring boyz home. but she never doez. She did bring me an Sim PIZZA!!! I like PIZZA! Itz cheezy! Sim eats too slow. He thinks he needz to bite everything in little tiny bitez and chew it a lot. Like HOTDOGZ! It takez him FOREVER to eat HOTDOGZ!. I can eat mine in 2 bitez. Mom sayz thatz not good an she makez me sit an catch little tiny bitez an sit before she givez me everyone! I like to catch all the tiny little bitez......but it takez so long! It took me a LONG LONG time to eat my PIZZA!. Sim almost got done with hiz PIZZA! before me! How weird iz that? I wish the cold would go away! I like to lay in the sun an the hot til my tummy is warm an then mom sayz I'm stinky but I think I smell good an I'm all warm an mom says "get off my lap you stinky dog" Did I tell you a stupid squirrel iz trying to live in my tree? I don't want him in my yard an I yell at him to go away an he just runs up my tree every time an I better go see if hez out there again.


the continuing adventure of a terra-beaga-gator

January 10th 2012 8:16 am
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I live with my mom and dad and my big brother, Simba. Sometimes my brother is no fun at all and my dad goes away for way too many darks at a time. Mom says he's working and has to go where the jobs are. I don't know what that means. I just know I REALLY REALLY MISS HIM! When he comes home I get way too excited to calm down. I don't know why mom calls me a terra-beaga-gator, but it must be a good thing because she loves me. I did not know mom and dad wanted all the stuff I chewed up and shredded when I was little. I mean, they left 'em all layin' around and it was so much fun. Mom says I'm not supposed to take her shoes in the back yard....but why? I don't eat 'em any more. They're fun to run with and throw and shake. Mom says I talk too much. No I don't. I have to tell her everything that's going on in the neighborhood. She doesn't spend any time watchin for stuff.. like rabbits and chipmunks and squirrels and cats and kids on wheely things. Did I tell you that a stupid squirrel made a big pile of leaves and stuff on top of my big tree in MY yard? I have a lot of kids...boys. I ave kids next door to play with sometimes and my own boys visit....Mom calls them grandkids, but I know they're my boys. The one mom calls Ellen doesn't smell like the other boys, but that's okay. I need to go and see if that squirrel came down the tree now. If he did, I'd better send him back up there.

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