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an today i am 6

November 13th 2012 7:01 am
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an itz my woof day an i iz 6 yearz old an evrybody iz surprized acuz it doez not seemz like i should ought to be 6 alreadyz an my baby sister iz way taller than me an but i am still the boss of her an we playz a lotz an itz not warm outsidez now an i likez hot sunshine dayz an i thinkz it will beez yucky winter an snowz pretty soon an then my big brother will playz with us outside more an my mom sayz i getz a new toy for my woof day an but did not comez to the postage office yet an i thinkz snickerz will playz with it more than me acuz she takez all my stuffz all the timez an but i can share an my mom sayz i do not getz a woof day cake acuz i doez not needz one an but i will haz a special woof day dinner tonightz an i can hardly waitz to see what it iz an my DADDY! havez beed home for a whole month now an thatz makez me so very muchez happyhappyhappy an but i still getz a little bit of jealous when MY DADDY! snugglez with snickerz an but i guess she needz cuddlez too an my DADDY! an my mom sayz they lovez all 3 of us an i haz been chasin an huntin mousez an i catched a couple in our house! an mousez do not supposed to beez in the house! an i am very strong an i can pushez stuffz out of the wayz to track the mousez an my mom sayz i makez messez an but i gotz to movez stuffz to smell where the mousez are an my mom just doez not understandz an now i havez to go trackz the mousez again an bye......



June 20th 2012 8:15 am
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an hi an i waz not 'dopted an i waz a presentz for my mom an but i iz a DADDY!'z boy now an but i still lovez my mom an i haz a little sizter now an she waz 'dopted an i did not likez her very awful much when she waz first comed to our house an thatz acuz i waz the special baby an even if i am 5 1/2 yearz old an my new sizterz name iz snickerz an she iz 5 monthz old an she chewz up evrythingz an my mom sayz thatz acuz she iz teething an she havez very sharp teethz an after a couple dayz an darkz i finded out she iz fun to playz with an she playz alotz an alotz an my big brother simba doez not playz too muchly much acuz he iz old an doez not likez hot weatherz an but he playz with me in the cold timez an i waz needed someydog to playz with me all the timez an so my mom wented away for all day one time an comed back with snickerz an my mom sayz itz good for me to haz a sizter to makez me too tired to barkz all day an i thinkz thatz funny an but i iz too tired to barkz all dayz like i waz did an i can breathz better now acuz i iz exercizingz muchly more an my mom sayz i am losing weightz and she sayz thatz iz good too an i doez not knows about that an but i doez knowz i very much lovez my new sizter an even when she iz bitez me like i iz a chew-toy an i iz happy she waz camed here an i still haz alotz to teachez her an but she iz learning an now i iz not ever loneliez with nodoggiez to playz with.


sizter snickerz

May 29th 2012 9:24 am
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an my mom wented away all day last weekz i thinkz an when she waz comed back my mom bringed a puppy home! an i waz not very citement acuz i iz the baby an now i iz not the baby an sickerz iz the baby an i grrred at her lotz an she waz did stuffz she waz not spozed to did an then i thinked maybe i needz to tech snickerz what she iz spozed to do an what she iz not spozed to do an so i haz been teachin her stuffz an snickerz playz lotz an snickerz fallz over lotz an now i iz playz with her lotz an i getz tired an then we haz napz an now i likez my new sizter an my mom sayz snickerz will getz bigger than me an i will still beez the big brother an cept for simmy iz the biggest brother an my DADDY! comed home on frizday an he waz home for 4 darkz an i waz very happyhappyhappy an my DADDY! lovez snickerz too an just like he lovez me an simmy an but i iz daddyz boy an i iz still specialz an thatz iz how itz spozed to beez.



March 14th 2012 11:47 am
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an all the yucky nasty snowz iz gone an my mom haz leaved the back yardz door open so we can goez out to playz an in an out an in an out an when the doorz closed my mom getz grumpy when i wantz to be in an out an my mom callz me a yoyo dog an i doez not knowz whatz thatz iz but it must not be very nice cuz my momz face iz not smilez an my mom hanged laundriez on the laundry hang it thing an i haz learned not to pull it off no matter how muchez it wavez at me an simba an me can not playz tug-of-warz with my momz clothez an stuffz any more an my mom was MADMADMAD when we played tu-of-warz with her favorite blue shirt an it went R I P ! an my momz face waz VERY not smilez an my mom yelled on us very much an the sunz haz beed shiny an the grassez are coming up an i can layz in the yard an warm my tummy an i iz a very happy boy again.


He's wented awayz again

February 20th 2012 1:24 pm
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Nobody telled me my DADDY! waz comingz home an i waz so muchly much surprized an my mom 'membered to use the movie part of her stupit camera an my mom maked a movie of my DADDY! comin home an then my mom maked a tiny movie of my DADDY! givin me my HOT DOGZ! an i waz did my onlyest trick an now i iz a movie star an my DADDY! iz a movie star too an my big brother simmy iz a little bit of a movie star too but mostly me an my DADDY! waz only home for one dark time an that is not enough an my DADDY! had to go awayz to work again an but my mom iz stayed home too an simmy iz stayed home too an so i iz not all alonez by myself an we all missez him together an you should watch my movies an one iz on my page an one iz on my hafta share with simba page an they should both beez on my page an cuz i iz the star an i am much famous now!!


sad an scared an sad

January 31st 2012 5:51 am
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my DADDY! waz home for 2 dayz an 2 nightz an i waz so much much happy an 'cited an i couldn't calm down for a long long time an we ate PIZZA! an i like PIZZA! an i don't like the grass an stuff on taco PIZZA! an i ate some anyway an i got to nap with my DADDY! an sleepz with him an snugglez with him an i missez him so awful very muchez an then he had to goez away again an my DADDY! workz too far far away an simba an my mom an i watched him go away out the window an we waved an i waz sadsadsad an i had to sleepz for a long long time an i wakez up an i feelz a little better an i went to summertime island an that's in doggiez woodz an i wentz in the cave an my friend kramer scared me and flying mousez tried to fly me away an i waz scared scared scared an the snowz all went away an now my yard haz many many mudz an that stupid SQUIRREL! is still being in my yard an i missez my DADDY! every very muchez.


snwz iz going away......hooray

January 27th 2012 4:55 am
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my yard doez not haz all snowz any more an that iz make me very happy an the cold iz not freezy cold an i think maybe the yucky nasty winterz iz done an my big brother sayz no an he sayz "no, little brother, there is still a lot of winter left" an i doez not want a lotz more too much winterz an my mudz in some partz of my yard an my mom sayz "maybe a little more snow tonight". NONONO! we iz not needz some more snowz an maybe this iz the snowz my friend petey sayed he would give me an i did not tellz him not to send it an now i think i should have telled him no thanx an i doez not needz more an my mom did a silly dance on the ice the someother day an then my mom stayz home from work all day an i like that an then she went in the libary an sat in the no-room-for-snuffy-chair an playz with her dumb computer an my mom waz sposed to sit on the comfy couch an haz me on her lap an make cuddlez and skritchez an my mom did sometimez that day an not all day an my DADDY! iz be home in 1 more dark an i am so 'cited an i missez my DADDY! so much an my mom sayz my DADDY! will only be home for 2 darks an that iz not enough an my DADDY! iz come home on zaternday an have to go back for workz on moonday an i will be SO 'CITED to seez my DADDY! an i am going to go waitz for my DADDY! right now.


i ok

January 21st 2012 4:23 pm
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i still waiting for much snowz an my mom sayz itz miss us an the little snowz we got is it an i think maybe itz hiding an itz gonna jump on me when i'm not lookin. sim sayz no. my mom sayz no. but maybe they don't know if snowz iz very sneaky. my aunt debby an uncle jeff tried to go to a party an i like parties cuz therez FOODZ at parties an the sneaky weather made icez on their car windows an thatz scary an they couldn't see an it waz dark time an i don't know why they were outside in the dark time anyway an they had to stop an they had to go home an uncle jeff sayz bad words an maybe aunt debby did too and they put on their party clothes an every thingz but they got BURGERS! an they got FRIEZ! an thatz FOODZ an that maybe made them feel all better cuz it makez me feel all better an my mom bringed home KFC an thatz MEATZ an i had some an sim had some an i think maybe i need to see if my mom needs to eat some more an me careful! watch out for the sneaky snowz!


N O! N O! NO!

January 19th 2012 4:23 am
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NO! NO! NO! my mom sayz more nasty yucky cold snowz!!! MUCH!!! i don't want more snowz!! an she sayz A LOT thiz time an she sayz maybe 7" an maybe more an i hope the tv is not right an they lie all the time an maybe that box iz lyin again an that would be good thiz time an my brother sayz "hahaha snuffy. itz gonna be too deep for you! you'll need a snowplow" an i don't know what that iz an i know i doezn't haz one an i'm way taller than 7" an........oh OH NO NO NO! my tummy iz not taller than 7"!!!!! thiz iz not good! an last night i forgot it waz dark dark an i waz outside an i barked an then i membered the cold doez not keep the beagle eatin monsterz away an mom let me in just in time an last year i buried a snowzball in the snowz an i never did find it an i looked and looked. do you think the beagle eatin monsterz took it? i haz to go think about that an haz a rest on the ugly comfy couch.......



January 18th 2012 7:00 am
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HI! the other day it was not so very awful cold an the snowz waz startin to go away an then we got MORE SNOWZ!!! my mom sayz we will get more an more an more in the next bunch of days an i don't want some more! i want sunshine and hot an i can lay in the sun in the grass an take a snooze but mom sayz that won't be for a lot an a lot of darkz. an yesterday that guy who steals our good garbage WAVED at me!!! what? doez he think hez my friend? no i don't think so.....he steals our good garbage every weekz! he can't be my friend! an my mom sayz she found 5 stupid squerrilz nestz in the treez around my yard!! 5!!!!!! an one iz in MY YARD! i knew that one waz there but i didn't know it waz a nest. i just knew it was a messy lump of sticks an leafz an when i bark the stupid squirrel up the tree it triez to hide there an i know itz there an i wait. an i like sticks an that stupid squirrel should leave my stickz alone! an the other daytime i waz gonna jump on the door so my mom would open it an i could come back in the warm an she opened it while i was jumpin an i jumped right inside an that waz really weird an my mom laughed an maybe she waz proud of me but i don't know but i waz happy to be back in the warm. SIM never jumps on the door. he just scratches on it one time an my mom does't alwayz hear just one scratch an she always her me jump on it an sometimez i can jump it open all by myself an that makes me very proud but sometimes my mom is not very proud when i do that an i don't know why. now i need to tell my mom to open the door cuz i need to go outside an itz REALLY REALLY cold so i just need to pee an come back in the warm an won't even look for that stupid squirrel an maybe he'll freeze an go away an that would be just fine. bye for now

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