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Hunter's Diary

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Prayers for Cotton

October 7th 2012 5:08 pm
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Hello everyone.

Our Cousin and very close friend Tiffany's cat, Cotton, is very sick and may have to be sent to Rainbow Bridge tonight. Please everyone say a prayer for Cotton, and for our dearest cousin Tiffany and her family. Cotton has been her companion for over 10 years, and she is devastated. She's only 13 years old, and this is very hard for her.

Thank you everyone,

Angel Hunter


A Sad Day

November 29th 2011 10:09 am
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Hi Hunter,

It's me your sister. I know this is your Diary and I shouldn't be writing in it but I hope you won't mind just this once.

Today is the day that we brought you into our home, and our hearts. We miss you so much!

You are such a special boy. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I'm so sorry that you got sick. It was so hard for us to let you go, but we didn't want you to suffer. I hope you can understand and forgive us.

We have given a home to two other doggies, as I'm sure you know. Harley is so goofy and Splendid is such a gentle sweetheart. We love them both so much, but they could never replace you, Hunter! They're special in their own way.

I hope you don't mind that Splendid is using your doggie bed.

I remember how you would always wait for Daddy to come home from work by going outside and sitting on the hill out front of the house. And how you would watch over and protect your yard from animal intuders(you chased everything away, didn't you?). You also watched over and protected us. I felt really safe with you here.

I miss your fluffy soft fur, and the way you would "talk" to us by making those adorable "aroo roo" noises when you wanted attention or a bite of food. I just miss you here with us.

I love you so much!

Happy Gotcha Day, Big Boy! Please play nice with the other doggies in heaven, and don't chase the kitties!

Love you!

Your Sister


Don't do that again, sissy!

July 29th 2011 7:56 pm
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My crazy but loveable sister Harley gave everyone at home a scare today! There is a litle stray dog in the neighborhood that nobody has been able to catch, and Harley saw him. She managed to push the screen door open and chased after the little dog. She ran down the road and Mommy had to get in the car and go after her. Thankfully no one was hurt. Harley has to learn like I did that the road is a no go zone(and also learn her "wait" and "come" commands as well). The road my family lives on has little traffic, but that doesn't mean that there can't be accidents! Please Harley don't go running off again.



Greetings from Rainbow Bridge

July 11th 2011 10:17 pm
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Hello Dogster buddies,

Today I got my beautiful new wings, aren't they great? There are so many great animals here at Rainbow Bridge. I'm never lonely here. I got to bring some of my favorite things with me, like my kong, my duck, and my jumbo hedgehog with the pink toenails and fancy eyelashes. I share them with some of the dogs here at the bridge. We have a lot of fun.

Down at Earth, my family is working on a memorial site for me in our backyard. It's going to look beautiful when it is done, I bet. Daddy had a special headstone made for me, and Mommy and my Sisters are going to plant some flowers there. When it is finished, I'll have someone put a photo of it here on my page. I know that I was special and loved by them.

My family gave a second chance to another doggie in need, and adopted Harley, my sister. She's very pretty, and quite silly too. She got to play with some of my toys that I left behind, I'm glad that she's enjoying them. I think that adopting Harley has helped my family not feel quite so sad about me leaving them. I don't like seeing them be sad. I hope they know that I am always watching over them, and miss them.

I'd like to send hugs and kisses to Dixie's family, as Dixie made her way across the Bridge today. Dixie and I will be playing together here while we wait for our families to join us.

I'd also like to thank everyone who has stopped by my page and gave me all of those pretty rosettes and stars. Thank you, Woof Woof!

I hope to keep my diary updated more often, and I will write more soon. I have to go now, lots of playing and exploring to do!

Until next time,
Hunter Dog


Hunters Adventures Part 2

May 13th 2006 2:52 am
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Hi Dogster Buddies, Its me Hunter. I've just been so busy to update my diary, I've been on many exciting adventures recently, I can't wait to share them with you! Like yesterday, I went outside to play in the backyard. It so much fun outside! I ove running loose in my yard. First I chased this evil little rabbit that my mommy is in love with, or atleast I think she is. Hmph. Showed him who's mommy's favorite. I really wish I could catch him though. Oh well, I gave him a good chasing all over the yard, and a few other peoples yards too(mommy didn't like that). After that I came home and took a nap, then went back outside to do my business, then went back to chasing that darned rabbit, even though I was on my tie out I still scared him away. Sadly he keeps coming back, when will he learn? Well doggie pals I have to go outside to tinkle, be back soon!

Hunter D


Please Help Out the Animals

September 1st 2005 5:50 am
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Hey Dogster pals don't forget to donate money to the Petsmart Charities and the Noah's Wish Foundation( as well as the Houston HUMANE SOCIETY( ?source=drfhbp) so they can help the abandoned animals that were left behind in the horrible Hurricane....Keep them in your prayers and please donate money to an animal charity, it will surely make a differance in those poor animals lives. If you cannot donate money please donate dog beds, food, pet carriers and blankets to the listed charities...Thank you:)




July 1st 2005 7:36 pm
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Today my trip to petsmart didn't go so well. At first I was going so good, I met up with tons of friendly doggies that gave me kisses and tailwags, but then this little white hairy dog came up and sniffed me and then started barking at me, so I growled at her. She then tried to get me but my mommy pulled me away so I wouldn't make a scene. I tried to explain to mommy that she started it, but she was already upset with me because I have never acted that way before. Well once I got calmed down on the way out I met up with another doggie, and we hit it off great until he sniffed me, and that made me mad and I growled at him. BOY was mommy MAD. She told me that she was ashamed at me for showing my butt to the other doggies(whatever that meant) and that she didn't know why I had acted like that. I usually make good friends with doggies, and even let them sniff me if they let me sniff them, but this time I didn't like it. I told my mommy I was sorry, and she said that she would work with me on that as I am getting into some bad habits, like taking treats without her permission, not sitting or coming when asked, and not getting along with my other fourlegged friends. I hope I can prove to mommy that I can be a very good and sociable doggie and that I don't have problems getting along with other canines.
Well dogster it's beddy by time, I'll talk to you later.......nite nite:)
Hunter D


Im back

June 9th 2005 9:35 pm
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Sorry I haven't been posting in my diary dogster pals, sissy has been really busy getting ready for her job that she hasn't had time to put me on the computer to add some new entries. Well anyways, on with the entry. Today we went to Wal-Mart, the Dingo Bone store. Well I waited a whole bunch of minutes outside for my mommy and sissy to come back, and as soon as they returned I hopped in the back of the cargo area in our suv and rooted through the bags for the dingo, and what I discovered was not a dingo at all. It was a packet of 5 small little imitation dingo bones. Well I was very UPSET to say the least. I laid in the backseat and gave my mommy the evil eye the whole way home. Once we got home Mommy explained to me that they didn't have any of the orginal dingos so these small ones will have to do. Well I sniffed it and took it over to my rug to examine and sure enough, it was a Dingo. I later apologized to mommy with kisses and lovings. Well Dogster, Its late and mommy is about to go to bed so I gotta go and claim my space, nite ntie. Hunter D


Grr........Mean Doggie

May 16th 2005 2:47 pm
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Today a mean doggie from down the road came into my yard and made me mad. At first I thought he might wanna play with me and be my pal but then he snapped at my leg and I let him have it! I jumped on him and growled and he took off. I scared him away from my yard for good, silly mean doggie. My mommy came out just as I was chasing him away but my lil sissy saw the whole thing and ran in to tell my mom. Oh well, he was just jealous that I was prettier than him. Grr....I smell that evil doggie again, I'll be back later dogster pals, gotta go protect my yard...byes.



April 18th 2005 1:05 am
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Today my sissy's let me outside to play without my chain so I can run around. I was such a good boy and didn't run away and I stayed right with my sissys. Well anyway, I got to play on my lil sissy's jungle gym. I got to climb up and slide down(which was scary at first, but Im a brave doggie) It was so much fun. I also got a new Dingo bone today...yummz. Well dogster pals, its my bed time, love you guys Whoof Whoof

Hunter D

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