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Doxie Night In Canada

January 23rd 2013 2:13 pm
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  This past Friday was such an exciting day. Sean came over to my Grandpa and Tux's house, where I was waiting in my snowsuit. He strapped me in my winter boots, then Mommy and I were headed out the door. It was quite a late night, and I got a little sleepy in Sean's car.
  We drove for a bit, and the entire time I thought about our adventures with my best friend, Morgan.
  When the car stopped, Mommy let me out and I did not recognize my surroundings. I was at a sports arena!
  I was so happy that my winter gear was on, because I confidently strutted my way indoors.
  Once inside, Mommy and I took a seat and Sean disappeared into another room. It wasn't long before a man asked Mommy if she would mind keeping score of the game. Mommy paused and said she would only do it if I could come with her. Was I ever relieved! I'd never want to be left alone in a strange environment without Mommy in sight.
  So off we went to sit closer to the ice. Mommy placed me on her lap, and moments later, Sean appeared on the ice. I did not recognize him, because he was wearing even more winter gear then me! Mommy told me that he was wearing the #2 jersey. Little by little, I began to comprehend my firs hockey game and cease my trembling.
  In the end, Sean's team, the "Sharks", won the game. I couldn't wait to greet him afterwards.
  Before we could leave Newmarket, the man who asked Mommy to keep score gave her $15.00! Mom says I earned every cent and will start a trust fund for me. I know that money will be converted into a bag of kibble. I still can't believe I was allowed to put two of my booted paws on the ice!


First Adoption Anniversary

December 18th 2012 3:06 pm
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  Today my family is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of my adoption. My Mom says that was the day that changed her life forever. That is quite an accomplishment for such a wee Doxie!
  Life as an O'Rourke Dachshund has been rather adventurous. Mommy moved us from our first house in Stouffville, Ontario to the safety and security of my Grandfather's home in Markham. Along with my loving Grandpa, I spent more quality play time with my Uncle Tux. At night I slept in bed with my Mommy. She would read to me from a book called Puppy Love, which seemed to parallel our lives.
  The summer brought even more fun as I experienced my first trip to the beach. It turns out that I am a brave otter and a champion swimmer! Of course I didn't swim Lake Simcoe on my own. Attached to the leash I got at summer Woofstock in June, I had 3 supporters supervising me. Mommy, Sean and Morgan Treeby cheered me on. Sean is Mommy's new boyfriend, and Morgan belongs to him.
  Mommy and I now live in a lovely new home. I'm content to sleep on my own now. I attend daycare while she is at work. "Daycare" is really my Grandpa and cat Uncle's house, and I'm so blessed to be so well cared for. I'll never forget how my Grandma doted on me while I recovered from my surgery [neuturing] in April.
  From Autumn up until November 19th, Morgan and I were taken on outdoor adventures. We went to Winter Woofstock together, where Mommy purchased a Puppia harness and 2 sweaters for me, plus a "Doxie Snood". This benefitted the Canadian Dachshund Rescue. The very next day, Morgan and I journeyed to the Stouffville Reservoir, which resulted in me getting a bath!
  On December 6th, Sean and Mommy took Morgan and I to have our photos taken with Santa Claws. This was a fun excursion which benefitted the Canadian Daschshund Rescue.
  Little did I know that this would be the last time I'd see my best friend, Morgan, again...
  It is with a heavy heart that I speak of his passing on Saturday December 15th of Cancer. He was only 5 years old and it was sudden. I still cannot believe he has left this world and his loved ones behind.
  2012 has been an age of discovery for this Dachshund.

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