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Angel's Days

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November 15th 2011 12:24 am
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Ok...Angel is the 1st Pit Bull I've ever had. So I am learning as much as I can about her & the breed itself. Seems to be so many variations of the breed...I believe hers is Red pit with a little Blue pit in there.

When I first got her she was emaciated, had a potbelly look, & skin condition. Since getting her to the vet & getting started on medication and heartworm prevention, I have already noticed a big difference in her demeanor. She's more "adventurous" as in actually going into the yard rather than just wanting to look at it. She's also becoming more lean and losing that potbelly look. Her skin is showing minor improvement but hey, progress is progress! I am taking her to the vet again on Friday to find the results of her ringworm test and to also get started on Parvo prevention. That way the vet can make note of improvement that has been made & possibly figure out a diagnosis. She did say before that a lot of the issues should improve with simple TLC, and I can see she was right. I have been feeding Angel twice a day as recommended, giving her the medication that was sent home, potty training, teaching her to walk on a leash, and basic positive/negative reinforcement. Also teaching her to sit, stay, drop it (for toys) and to chew on things that are proper for her to chew on.

Yesterday she showed a lot of interest in playing and chewing on I'm guessing that means she is getting used to being home & feeling a little better because she doesn't sleep as much either.

Anyway, I guess that's all for tonight.

Thanks for reading!



Hello again

November 16th 2011 12:21 pm
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Well it seems that Angel really enjoys being outside more than inside...which drives the Cat Tia crazy (I only let Tia out when I am going to be supervising because she doesn't like to come in when I say, lol)

Angel has shown a lot of improvement...her quality of life seems to have improved. She's even more active, not scratching quite as much,and the potty training is going okay. I have started feeding her 3x a day, but since I stopped giving her the worm medication the "potbelly look" has come back. So called the vet and she told me to go ahead and continue giving Angel the medication. On Friday when take her, they will evaluate her again. I am waiting to get the "all clear" from the vet to be able to socialize her, but I think that will really have to wait until the second round of Parvo shots. This Friday we are starting the 1st round. I'll be glad when she can really begin to socialize, at least with my parents' dogs.

Do puppies naturally know how to play? I toss a ball for her, and she doesn't know what to do with it. But she does understand the chewy things I've gotten her. I guess it calls come with time and also being healthy.

Well that's it for now...hope everyone has a good Wednesday!



Update on Angel

November 18th 2011 11:20 pm
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So we found out yesterday that Angel does not have ring-worms. Even though the vet is not 100% sure, she is leaning towards a kind of mange(sp). Angel's body weight has improved some, but she is still scratching a lot. Potty training is getting better, and I've noticed she tends to enjoy being outside more than inside. So usually when I get home, I let her go outside and play/explore for a few hours then have her come back inside.

The cat HATES that the puppy gets to go outside & she doesn't, lol!

Anyway, looking for suggestions on how I can help ease Angel's itching!




November 25th 2011 2:14 am
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Angel is doing a lot better...starting to put on a tiny bit of weight and I see improvement in her skin. The hair is growing on her back legs where it had been bare, so that's a definite plus! She's still got problems with scratching a lot but not so much. I'm feeding her three times a day (Science Diet seems to be the food that doesn't make her look bloated) and making sure she gets lots of exercise. She's becoming a little more confident, even playing a game of chase with Tia occasionally. I took her outside the other day without a leash and she has been very good about walking right beside me and not straying. Since the neighbors aren't yet fond of having a Pitbull on the street I keep her leashed when we walk...but there's an open field behind my house that I let her run around and play in also.

All in all, things are starting to look up. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process of getting weight on her, or will feeding her three times a day be enough? Also, any suggestions on how to get her interested in dog toys?



December 1st 2011 9:24 pm
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We are coming up on Angel's 1 month anniversary of being with me & Tia!!! December 6th is the 1 month. I am excited to report that she is still improving and thriving as a 3 month old pup! She loves it when my parents & brother come over because the two guys just adore her. She experienced french fries for the first time...although instead of eating them, she played with them. Go figure. She has been running and playing A LOT more lately, & is generally a very happy, loyal puppy. I'm excited to take her to the vet on the 7th so they can see how well she's doing. Also to get her started on Parvo and Rabies shots. She got her distemper shot in November, so we are good on that. Still working on potty's progressed to where she now shows signs of having to potty, so I'll ask "Angel, need to go potty?!" and she will wag her tail and go to the back door. As far as barking or anything to let me know, we haven't gotten that far yet. I'm also going to inquire about enrolling her in puppy classes because I definitely want to get her started in obedience training. Thanks to everyone that has given me advice, support, & encouragement!



December 7th 2011 9:35 pm
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Well...learned [I] learned something new today! Thanks to my friends on the Dogster Forum, I know have an idea of how to correct the "issue" of Angel stopping every time we walk. Just going to go back to square one and train her to walk on a leash.

On another note...I think Angel & Tia are really starting to bond. Even though Tia (cat) sometimes gets annoyed with Angel, she acts like she is taking care of the puppy. When Angel lays down on her pillow, it can get cold in my house so I pile a few blankets on her. Then Tia, at some point, will go lay on top of the blankets as if she, too, is wanting to keep Angel warm. It's so funny/cute to watch!



December 11th 2011 9:03 pm
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Angel is doing very well! She now goes with me for car rides, and is really starting to learn how to walk with my mom & dad's dogs. They are a little older, so I am hoping to find someone to walk with that has a younger dog - or more tolerant of Angel.

Other than that she is doing great. Her body is beginning to fill out, gaining muscle and body fat. I read somewhere that if a dog gets 'constipated' after eating, 1/8th cup of milk with their food helps. Since I started doing that there is no constipation! She has also stopped peeing so much in the house. I also give her 2 eggs (scrambled, no butter or anything BUT egg!) each week and that's really helping her coat & dry skin issues. She's really starting to look like a 'Bully' now.

I just wish I could get her to chew on bones, rawhide, etc instead of things she might find on the floor!



January 23rd 2012 9:55 pm
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Okay, I know it's been a while since I've checked in or written a blog. Things have been kind of crazy around my neck of the woods. Angel and Tia are both doing great! Tia (cat) will be 1 in March! And I can't believe how much Angel has grown! She's still kind of skinny, but has grown taller already and starting to fill out more.

We have had some trouble with my next door neighbor. She apparently called Animal Control because she thought I wasn't feeding Angel. Instead of talking to me and letting me explain everything, she immediately assumed the worst. So Animal Control did their investigation in which I showed proof that my little doggie is under vet care, UTD on shots, IS getting food, and has access to water. I also had statements from other neighbors, as well as the vet herself. So the investigation was dropped, thankfully! I did make a few improvements so NO ONE else believes what this lady believed. Since Angel likes to spend a majority of her time outdoors, I bought her a little dog house to go on the patio so she will have a nice place to nap, as well as a 4 gallon feeder & also a 4 gallon water bottle w/bowl. That way no one can even think she isn't getting treated right. (I replaced the "regular" food & water dishes)

Since we go walking every day, and the vet said it is okay to start working on Angel's muscle development, I bought her a doggie backpack to carry her water, treats, and disposal poop bags. She wasn't too sure about it at first but after some time she got used to it and doesn't mind at all. I am also working on her trust issues as well as her ability to use her nose and ears for "problem solving" instead of just her eyes. It's where you make it so the dog cannot see, and they have to find you using smell & hearing. (YOU have to be careful and start off in an area where there is nothing the dog can run into!!!) Angel seems to love this game and is getting very good about finding me.

Question: how can you train a dog to play frisbee?



February 3rd 2012 3:38 am
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Well the other day I started teaching Angel to play fetch. I think our first lesson went very well, and she responded when I would get or act excited as she brought the ball to me. The cat of course couldn't understand why she wasn't allowed to be outside, also, lol...but that's not unusual. Angel is still getting big, and putting on weight. I cannot believe how far she has come! Seems like only yesterday I had a skinny, worm-infested puppy with a skin condition! Now I have a confident, happy & healthy 4 month old puppy that looks more like a medium sized full-grown dog lol. She's discovered how good bones are to chew on, and not mommy's furniture, as well as Kong treats, pigs ears, and even has a dog house for when she stays outdoors! I can't wait until it becomes summer time so I can introduce her to another great adventure - the swimming pool!


New Addition

July 8th 2012 10:53 pm
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Well mom brought home a new addition to our little family yesterday. I think this puppy will be a lot of fun and I cannot wait to show him the ropes! Mom said we rescued rescued me when I was his age! I made sure to give him lots of kisses, and didn't even mind him climbing all over me! I don't think Tia was too happy, though...

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