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Deep Thoughts, by Stitch!

Poor Mommy

January 24th 2006 4:57 pm
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Mommy was limping around and we havent gone for too many walks.

I overheard her say to Daddy that she had two herniated discs and one disk missing in her back. (she is a paramedic and does alot of lifting)

THE COOOLEST part of this I overheard is, that if she has to have surgery that she will be home for 4 wks!

WOOO HOOO!!! Mommy home for 4 wks!!! I talked it over with Lilo and we decided we are going to do is walk in front of mommy all the time so we can hurry up the surgery date.

Well, that and having to be picked up and put in our crates! (we are sooo excited!!!!!!!!!)

Lilo is losing her puppy teeth and is bleeding all over me when she bites me. She is so gross. She burps and farts and is such a brat.

She is dominant too. (but I let her be, dont tell her)

We also got invisible fence and I love to play outside and run around.

OOOH! I am also going for therapy dog training and I am doing really good! (this will be good for when mommy is bedridden !! AHHAHAHA!)

I am fascinated with eyelashes. I get right up in moms face when she puts her mascara on. In the evening, I like to feel her eyelashes on my nose and then I try to eat them. It tickles her tho and she wont sit still!

I gotta go spend some time with Daddy now!


oxoxo Stitch


I liked the cats better!

November 5th 2005 3:57 pm
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Mom and dad brought home a bull terrier a few wks ago. I am a bull terrier and she sure doesnt look like one to me! Her ears are down, she is black, white and brindle and she is SOOOOOO annoying!

This *bull terrier* makes noises like I have heard on Animal planet like a Tasmanian Devil. She even LOOKS like one. She makes these horrible noises when I try to get my monkey back, or play with my stuff BY MYSELF! She tries to take it away from me.

There is no more ME time. Everything includes this *Lilo* now. She has to go EVERYWHERE with us. If I get a treat, she does too! She EVEN gets a treat for pooping and peeing outside!! What the heck!?!??!? Isnt that what you are supposed to do!?!?!??!

Our crates are next to each other and she snores. Loudly.

She bites my cheek and pounces on me when I am not looking.

I used to rule the roost with the cats, and I have their respect.

This little one is gonna be a bit of a challenge. Still, she is cute......especially when she is sleeping!

xooxo Stitch


Ouch! Stitch is in STITCHES!

October 13th 2005 5:25 am
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I got spayed on Monday, whatever that means. All I know is daddy dropped me off at the vet, WHICH I HATE, and I went to sleep and woke up REALLY sore. I spend the nite there, too. It sucked.

Mommy came to pick me up and I was so happy to see her I pulled her towards the door!

I came home and slept most of the day and mommy was off for the past two days so we just vegged on the couch.

Today I am at work with Daddy! Daddy is an architectural engineer/drafter and is in a office and lots of people bring their dogs to work, and today was my day. I think dad was afraid I would chew my stitches. Pffffft. (Mommy works at 911 and she cant take me to work. Bummer!)

Daddy packed ME a lunch, complete with a few pig ears, treats and bowls for food and water, and my portable crate.

I cant wait to see his friends again. I was so little when I saw them last!

I am going to play Net Nanny with daddy today too. I hate it when someone I love is on the puter and not paying attention to me! I jump on them and pin them down so they cant look up.

I want to be a therapy dog, so this surgery is a good thing for me. I love little kids and elderly people. I am already done with obedience, so after one more test I am ready to go!

I cant wait to go to Rainbow hospital and make some little people smile!

Gotta go crack the whip at daddy now!


xooxox Stitch


A patriotic dog!

September 22nd 2005 4:21 pm
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My mommy is kind of sad today. My big brother is going into the Navy! My big brother thought I was ugly at first, but after I kept sitting on his lap and just being me, he wants a bull terrier someday! I am too cool for school!

Mommy needed me to keep her occupied, so I kept bringing her my tennis ball and my rope for her to throw. Later on, I decided to keep jumping on her lap and staring her down. I tried to take a nap on her lap, but I am almost too big!

I waited until mommy had her hair up in rollers before I went to the door to go out. I wanted everyone to see how BEAUTIFUL she is! She didnt stay out long, I dont know why!

Oh yeah, I got a new little sister coming! I cant wait to teach her how to do all the fun stuff I did! (and how to get away with it!)

I am on the rice and beef diet again. I got sick after mom and dad boarded me for the weekend. I hate to be apart from them. I have Doggie IBS, I guess!

Well, I gotta try and catch this fly thats in the house! TTYL!

xoox Stitch

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