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November 29th 2013 12:26 am
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HI EVERYONE! Its me, Rascal Bratts! I hopes all my pals & them families had a great turkey day! Me & mommie had fun! I got little bit of turkey, but then mommie gave me my chicken nuggets! that o.k. wif me, I LOVES chicken nuggets! BOL! I was alittle confused yesterday morning though..mommie took me outside & there in our yard was da easter bunny! I knew mommie said it was Thanksgiving & I thought that was turkey day, but there he was, just sitting there, Mr. easter bunny.
mommie said he better get down in his hole & stay warm so I thought i'd help him & chase him, but mommie wouldn't let me! HUMF...I was just going to chase him home! sometimes mommie is no fun, bol!
Its been very cold here & I don't get to go play outside dat much, but dats o.k. I likes being all snuggled up & warm inside. Mommie got a new bed & it is WAY bigger than our other one.. I jumped off & scared mommie to death! so mommie said this is not gonna happen! so her took da bed off da frame & put the box spring & mattress on da floor.
Now I can jump off & its not high! mommie was downstairs other day & her heard this "THUD" I really scared her, thought I broke my leg..thats when mommie said nope, the frame is coming down! I think it was to high for mommie too, but her just using me as an excuse, bol!
well time to go potty & see if dat easter bunny is out there. mommie has work so I get to sleep all day till her gets home.
I hopes everyone has a great day! lots of puppy kisses, Rascal


new video

September 29th 2013 8:56 am
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HI PALS! mommie put a new video of me being silly wif my ball! I hopes you likes it! mommie said don't pay no attention to her,BOL! :O)
I hopes you all has a nice day! I going up aunt lisa's to play!I write more soon! HUGS, KISSES & LOVE! your pal RB.."rascal brats"



September 24th 2013 2:00 am
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HELLO PALS & ALL DOGSTER PUPS! its me, RB..aka "rascal brats"
my mommie has to go back to work today after being home wif me for 4 days & I am not happy! I miss my mommie when her is gones, but I do always get a special treat when her gets home! everyday mommie brings me something new! her really loves me! I loves my mommie too, lots!
I am so happy that my big angel sister Droopy picked me to be wif mommie! her takes care of me & keeps me safe & warm. her lets me crawl under da covers at night & sleep by her feet! and every morning I get up & jump on mommies face & kiss her & kiss her! mommie laughs & says her don't has to wash her face in da morning! BOL!! well I has to go, mommie has to leaves. I just wanted to say HI & let all my pals know I am doing goods! I will bark more real soon! mommie says I am gonna start writing in my diary lots more! OH BOY! I can't wait! I has lots of stories to tell! I know you will likes them! I hopes you all has a happy day & you all be safe & stay by your mommies, o.k.!
hugs, kisses & love, your pal, rascal



August 26th 2013 8:18 am
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HI EVERYONE!! TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! I am a BIG TWO!! I want to thank everyone who sent me presents & made me special pictures & sent me beautiful comments! I am so excited & my mommie is HOME ALL DAY WIF ME! its gonna be AN EXTRA SPECIAL BIRTHDAY! mommie says her gonna makes something special fur supper & I gets an extra special treat & surprise! OH BOY!! I can't wait any longer! I gotta get mommie & get my surprise now! maybe mommie will make me hot doggies! I love hot doggies! well I gotta go fur now.. I think mommie is gonna surprise me!
I sure will be back to bark more later & tell everypal how my special day was! I so happy you all is sharing this day wif me & I so blessed to has ALL YOU PALS & also has my mommie! I sure love her, so much.
has a WONDERFUL DAY EVERYONE! I loves you dogster!
RB...aka..."Rascal Bratts"


what a surprise!!!

June 3rd 2013 5:38 am
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hello doster pups & pals!! its me, RB..aka.."rascal bratts" BOL!!!
WOW!!! mommie was so surprised this morning!! guess whats!! I am dogster's diary of da day!! ME!! lil rigatoni!! bol!! dats what mommie calls me.. hehehe mommie say i am a star!!! guess what else!!??
my big sister, angel droopy is also one of today's diary picks!!
DOUBLE WOW!!! we are so honored! i bet droopy is jumpin all around at da bridge givin out one of her famous arrrrrrroooooooo's!!! i'm just lil, so my arrrrroooooo's are small.. but droopy gives a BIG ARRRRRRrrrrOOOOOOOoooooooooo!! hehehe mommie scooped me up & gave me a big hug & kiss! her said i will gets a special present today! OH BOY!! i wonder what it will be!!?? a new toy, a new bully stick??? a special treat?? oh i can't wait!!! i would likes to say thank you to dogster fur choosing me & my big sister!!! we is both very honored! mommie said my pretty face will be on dogster's main page all day! :O)
i'd like to send hugs & kisses to all pups in dogster land & to all my pals!!! i so happy to has so many wonderful friends & i loves each of you wif all my heart! i sending lots of hugs & kisses to my big sister droopy, too! gotta run now! but i'll bark more later! i hopes you all has a wonderful, happy day!!! RB...aka.."rascal bratts"



May 29th 2013 2:00 am
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hi pals!! its been awhile since i wrote to all of you.. sorry bout dat.. me & mommie is doing goods! i'm havin lots of fun! especially now dat its warmer out! i mean, da snow is o.k., but i rather have da sun & warmth! now my big sister, angel droopy, she LOVED dat white stuff! mommie said droopy was a snow doggie.. dats fine, but me, i'm a sun doggie! i loves to lay out on da porch & feel dat beautiful warm sun on mommie said dat droopy loved to lay on da porch too, i guess droopy loved to be outside no matter what da weather.. BOL!! BUT, one thing fur sure, mommie say we both do not like da rain!
anyway, its finally gettin warmer here..mommie had to turn da heat back on last week!! her is hopin her can shut it off now fur goods..
mommie calls me her little rigatoni!! she even went so far one day & said i was her little "stuffed" rigatoni!! WHAT!!!??!! its o.k. mommie loves me & i has a home! i thank my mommie everyday fur saving me!!
mommie said i may be little but i got a heart bursting wif love!! i jump on mommies lap every morning & put my paws around her neck & gives her morning kisses! i like to help my mommie wash her face, bol!!
my mommie cries alot, but i helps her! i know how much mommie hurts inside, but i also know my mommie loves me so much! mommie got me a special car seat harness! i used to ride on her lap, but dat was not good.. now i ride on da seat next to mommie, all strapped in and safe!
i get to go lots more places now!!! dat makes me happy! well mommie has to get to work.. i don't like dat, but i knows i gets a special treat before her leaves & when her comes home.. dats a good thing!!
i hopes ALL my pals & ALL doggies at dogster has a WONDERFUR, HAPPY & SAFE DAY!! i'll be barkin more! summer is comin & i'm ready fur some fun!! how bout you??!!?? sending lots of hugs, kisses & love to all pups! RB..aka.."rascal bratts"


my little rascal

February 11th 2013 5:17 pm
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my sweet rascal, i hope you know how much mommie loves you. i know i cry alot, i know i'm sad alot, but i need you to know how thankful i am for you in my life. yes, i have this emptiness inside me, but yet somehow you always find a way to make me smile. my droopy was a gift from GOD & you are a gift from my droopy. so i have been blessed by GOD twice, with two beautiful, loving best friends.
you are adorable to me rascal & in my heart i truly believe you know what im going through. you stop whatever you are doing to give me kisses & hugs when i'm could someone like me be so blessed to have been given this precious love, twice!!?? i'll never understand, but i know i'm so grateful. i love you rascal! thank you for being the sweet, loving & understanding friend that you are..
and thank you for loving me...


my rascal

December 28th 2012 2:06 am
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rascal, mommie has to get to work, but i wanted to tell you how much i loe you! and i wanted to say thank you for all your sweet kisses every morning & how you help me when i'm upset. you are my little sweetheart & mommie loves you bunches!


my rascal

September 22nd 2012 1:54 pm
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mommie loves you very much! very much! i just wanted you to know that..
its been really hard for me past few days..droopy's first bridge day..
i've been crying alot & not doing much.. you have been right there , licking my tears away & loving me..thank you rascal..and thank you droopy, for sending this little bundle of love to help me. i've been blessed so much to have the most loving & wonderful pups in my life.
i don't think i deserve to be loved like this, but yet i have two beautiful kids that love me unconditionally & with all their hearts.
god has blessed me.. I LOVE YOU RASCAL & DROOPY! I LOVE YOU BOTH WITH ALL MY HEART! your mommie


rascal's happenings!

August 7th 2012 6:39 am
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hello dogster pups out there in dogster land!!! whats woofin!!??!! BOL!
well i has to tell you dat my mommie is a super mommie! we started playin this new game & her plays wif me everyday! her pretends her gonna gets me & i runs away & i give her my big doggie growl, GRRRRRRRR
and then mommie chases me & chases me & i GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR at her!
now don't worry pals, my GRRRRRRRRR is not a mean one.. nope, its just fur play! guess what else!! mommie calls me "cow belly" OMD!!! can you believe dat! i mean really pals, i've looked at some of you nicknames & my big sister droopy had some real winners too!!! so i mean, where do mommies come up wif these "other names" fur us??? i call mommie, know..i mean i don't call her lard butt, or bird toes, or beak nose, nope, i simply call her mommie.. so why can't my mommie just call me rascal?? oh no.. mommies have to have all these so called "cute" little names fur us... cow belly, i mean really!!!
just because my belly is white wif brown spots all over it.. mommie says i has a cow belly! her goin around da house just yesterday chasin me & sayin, i'm gonna get you cow belly!!! then her adds , i'm gonna get you "little cow belly" OH MY DOG !!!!i mean fur real mommie.. you have nothin better to do but think of these silly names to call me..
i know you pups know what i mean.. i'm sure lots of your mommies has "other" names for you too! i mean some are o.k. like callin me sweetheart, or munchkin, i can even handle...but COW BELLY! nope, not likin dat one very much, gotta tell you mommie. take a look at your belly mommie, do i EVER say anything, NO I DO NOT! keep it up & i might start, BOL!!! hehehehe well i better go now... i just wanted to get dat off my chest.. :O) i feel lots better!!! woofs!
mommie just called me! OMD!! her say, come on cow belly, i gotta get going!!! well i can see mommie is not gonna let this i'm going to has to come up wif a least her not put dat on my page yet.. WHAT!!!! OH NO!!! mommie said her needs da puter, her gonna add my new nickname!! ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHhhhhhhhh oh da shame! da shame
i'll be known all over dogster land has "rascal, the cow belly bratt"
BOL hehehehehe i'm gonna get you fur this mommie! :O)
has a WONDERFUL & HAPPY DAY EVERYONE! i loves you pups!
i loves you too, mommie...

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