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Darn boys

I may be small, but

October 3rd 2012 1:27 pm
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Guess what ya"ll, last night I figured out how to get into Mommy and Daddy's bed with them, Sasha, Max, Elliot and Bella. Oh boy, there were surprised.

I am not even 6 inches tall (on all fours), but I figured it out. If I climb on the stuff next to the bed (like a ladder) I can make it all the way up. Last week, I learned how to go up the step to the camper to get in...all by my little, short, sassy self! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me, but now I will not try the step again. It looks too high for me.


Hi everybody

September 25th 2012 11:06 am
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It's me Saige, I am still under two pounds and very bossy. I love to run the show at my home, and they actually listen to me. Mommy says they are loving on me, but compare to my size they are big (all the rest are at least three pounds and up, and look at Big Elliot I feel really tiny. I look bigger than my weight because I have bushy hair.

I love my new place to sleep, under the night stand on my bed, no one else can fit there so I have it all to myself and don't have to share. Mommy and Daddy does not let me sleep on the bed with them because they are scared I fall off while they are sleeping...and I use the bathroom on the bed because I am so small and cannot hold it. If I am on the ground I can make it to my potty pad.

I love playing outside with everyone else, but not when it is so hot. We have so much room to run around in and we even have some of those mooo cows next door. I cannot get the boys to understand what they are. There are even some baby calves, they don't stay small for long though, of course they are born big.

Bella and I love to play together, she is brat though. We are all spoiled rotten, but she really takes the cake.

I miss Sugar, but since she is gone I am not so recluse anymore. I socialize with everyone more.


Well, ya"ll, it is little ole me

March 29th 2012 3:20 pm
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Hi there everyone, I have missed ya"ll. Hope everyone is doing great, like me. I was so excited Tuesday afternoon my PawPaw came over for a visit for a few days and I got to sit with him. He has a new pup, a chihuahua-pomeranian mix, named Bear, 5 months old and really active and mischevious. He pee'd on our couch, the gall of him to do such a thing. They left today but, will be back soon for another visit. whew...that was tiring, keeping up with Bear.



November 13th 2011 4:19 pm
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Saturday, I got to go to Petco with Mommy and Daddy. I wore my nice red sweater because it was cold. We were going there to buy Elliott a new collar, he just keeos growing, and growing. I weigh a little less than 2lbs and he weighs close to 85lbs. so he is REALLY to me. He out grows everything Mommy and Daddy buy him.

There was adoption day at Petco. There were people there from many different organizations. Daddy was so close to bringing home a greyhound who was really cool! Laid back, did not bark at all the strangers or other dogs, I even barked at him. There were rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, and ferrets for adoption. In my prayers last night I thanked God for having a forever home, with a loving Mommy and Daddy, and Jayde. It made me cry to think they did not have a forever home. I asked God to give them one for Christmas.


Dog Legends

November 8th 2011 4:26 pm
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I have had a very tiring day and do not want to talk much, so if you want to know more about the dog legends visit


What in the world are they saying bout us now?

November 7th 2011 10:10 am
[ Leave A Comment ] yoou can read what they are saying about us in Mommy's blog. It can help you to know what breed is best suited for you and how to take care of your precious poohcheez's coat


Cleaning our waxy little ears

November 6th 2011 2:45 pm
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Check out Mommy's blog from yesterday

She explain what is the best way to clean our ears and what to use.

She talks about some pretty great stuff, sign her guest book and let her know you were there. If you liked her site become a Fan of Precious Pooh Cheez

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