very windy and cold day

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Today is: November 8th, 2014 saturday

November 8th 2014 7:08 pm
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greetings pals and puppy pals,

I hope that everyone is doing good these days and i hope that all your family's are doing good too and in good health too.

Well it's been cold and chilly here lately, mommy says that it's cause we had a cold front move in and looks like before too long we are going to have anouther cold front move in too, maybe some with a winter mix maybe.

Personnally i love cuddleing up with my mommy and daddy too, and my fury family too. Well please be safe and stay warm pals..

anyways i've got to go, it's saturday night, we are going to watch some tv and maybe some movies too.




today is: march 2, 2014 Sunday

March 2nd 2014 2:52 pm
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greetings pals,

its very cold outside here in oklahoma, so whats the weather like where you are at, may i ask ? and how is everyone doing these days and how's your family too ?

well i hope that everyone is in good health these days and i hope that everyone is doing just great these days too, and i also that everything else is going just great for you too and your family..

Here it's been snowing outside and it's very slippery too according to my mommy elayna, me -personnally i prefer to stay inside where it's nice and warm with my family too.. I hear also that it's been thundering too a little outside and me, bobster, gizzy and papi really dont like thunder at all or storms in that matter too.

I really like cuddleing and watching tv, movies.. I'm really sorry if my mommy elayna or me, hasn't been online much at all - its cause she was sick with a cough and cold, she also has seizures too and asthma, plus my daddy rick - works alot too, so us furry kids get to help watch mommy and take excellent care of her too.

I've got to go's, I hope that all of you have had a great weekend and i hope that all of you have a great week too.

please stay warm and cozy,and safe too. and please take very good care of yourself's and your family's too.


jasmine, hugs and kisses


Today is: Friday Febuary 7th, 2014

February 7th 2014 4:00 pm
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greetings pals,

it's me - jasmine,

here lately it's been very snowy,cold, and chilly too these days. I personnally love staying warm inside with my pawrents, and cuddling too, watching tv and movies.. I love sleeping under the covers of course too.

because of the weather - my mommie has been sick with a cough and cold, and that's why we haven't been online - so i wanted to say that i'm very sorry.

well according to the news, the groundhog saw his shadow, and that means 6 more weeks of winter, oh no's !!

pals please stay warm,cozy,and be safe and i hope that you all have a great night and a great weekend too. and i hope that all of you are in good health too and i hope that everything else goes great for you too and your family's ..

hugs and kisses,



today is: saturday december 21st, 2013

December 21st 2013 12:54 am
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season's greetings pals,

this is: jasmine, so how is everyone been doing these days and how's your health and how's your family too ? how's the weather where your at ?

well last night - it was freezing rain, and according to the forecast we are supposed to be getting some snow too before to long. me personnally i can't wait cause - its almost christmas !! and this year it will be my furry kids first christmas, so im quite excited..

I love having my pawrents home cause it's cuddle time, and we get to watch movies and of course tv too, but unfortunnally their are days daddy has to go too work and on those days, at least im very glad that me,bobster,gizzy and papi have our mommy home..

yeasterday we had some popcorn,treats, and we of course tryed to helped mommy clean and make dinner, some cookies too. As of today i'm going to relax and curl up with mommy, and watch some tv and movies too.

well from my family to your's we hope that all of you have a safe and warm happy christmas and a happy new year too this year !! and to all the family's that foster animals, the same to you too.. and GOD bless all of you and readers out there, thank you very,very much for reading my diary's and my furry family's too !!!

and please don't forget the homeless pet's out there too, they all need forever homes -filled with lots of love,kids and family's, very kind and careing people that love them very,very much and responsible family's too that will love them dearly and give plently of cuddles,kisses,treats,food,petting and toys..

GOD bless everyone of you and your family's too !!

take cares, be safe and warm



Today is: Wednesday November 27,2013

November 27th 2013 9:07 pm
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Greetings pals,

tomorrow is: thanksgiving and I'm very excited cause we give thanks for what we are thankful for, and me personally I'm thankful for God,my family - bob/ or bobster, gizzy,papi,peanut,my pawrents, my furry friends and friends on here, my food, treats, toys, getting cuddles and petting too. So what are all you thankful for ? May I ask.

Well I hope that all of you and your family too are in great health these days, and i hope that all of you have a great thanksgiving too this year, happy holidays !!

I'm going to back to watch some tv and maybe movies too with mommy.

Have a great night tonight or day pals, and I hope that all of you have a great day tomorrow/ night too.



today is: november 21, 2013 thursday

November 21st 2013 3:04 am
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greetings puppy pals,

this is: jasmine,

I just wanted to say that I'm very, very sorry if i haven't been online in a good awhile, its because: i have been trying to take good care of my pawrents and my furry kids too - gizzy and papi. being a mom, i love taking my naps and watching tv, and movies, and cuddling too.

as of my mommy - she had to go too one of her favorite cousin's funeral's and his name was david or he went by davey charter. he passed away here recently and his funeral was on november 9th, 2013. and also one of her cousin's neighbor's and he went by mr. melton - he went home to his wife in heaven too, and so did one of mommy's aunt's too. and also mommy has been grieveing off and on too ever since trevor died in may of this year 2013. trevor was her doggie son, he was a orange and white pomeraian - a big pomeraian. his birthday was dec 31, 2002. he would have been i think 11 or 12 years old, he was on heart medication, lasix,and thyroid. and also he had alot of other bad problems going on too unfortunnally, the doctor at the emergency vet hospital - told us that he had about maybe a 1 percent chance of living - because thats how bad it was - they thought that he could been cancer too.. so yeah it was very bad.. but now you can see why my mommy has been griveing.. she loved trevor very, very much with all her heart - very, very deeply too..

so yeah its been quite very stressful on my mommy,and my daddy too. But im soo very glad that she has me,bobster/ aka bob, gizzy and papi, and of course daddy too.. and her family too.

please stay warm and cosy this year and be safe !!

please- remember tornadoes, and bad storms - please be aware of and be safe please !!

take cares,

jasmine, hugs


Today is: August 19th, 2013 Monday

August 19th 2013 6:49 pm
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Greetings pals,

This is: jasmine, I hope that you all are doing just fine these days and in good health too. Well I've been a very busy mommy these days hanging out with my two furry kids, and bob, and of course my parents too.

Today is my daddy's birthday he is 30 years old !! Yeah, hopefully that means we will be getting birthday cake too.

Well tonight we all are just relaxing, watching tv.

I hope that you have a great night/ or day !!

Well take care,




Today is: Monday July 22, 2013

July 22nd 2013 2:27 pm
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Greetings pals,

This is: jasmine, well this morning mommie got up, got her things ready for the hospital and took a shower and got dressed for the day. And of course she put me and bob, and our furry kids in our crates.

Gosh I'm going to miss mommie, but at least I've dad too keep us company.

Well try to have a good week pals,

Hugs and kisses



today is: april 27th, 2013 saturday

April 27th 2013 2:17 am
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greetings pals,

this is: jasmine, well i hope that everyone is in great health these days and your familys, other pets too, and i also hope that everything else is going just great for you too and your family's.

well on thursday april 26th, 2013. mommie took me to the vet's that morning because i had surgery - i got spayed, microchiped also, and of course shots too. thankgoodness i get my stitches out in 7 to 10 days though. mommie wants me to get trained to be her service dog - because she has seizures and she is 34, thats why.

as of friday night we had storms and me personnally, i dont like storms at all, especially when it thunders alot - that scares me and thats when i go hiding under the covers.. well i just hope that this weekend it will be nice i hope..

well take cares everyone, me, and my brothers - trevor, and bob.. are very, very sorry about not writting alot sooner - because of trevor's health and mommie's also we are appologizeing for them also.. i hope that all of you can please forgive us..



today is: march 27th, 2013 Wednesday

March 27th 2013 12:42 pm
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greetings pals,

this is: jasmine,so how are all of you doing these days and hows the weather where you live ?

well here lately ive been busy here lately taking care of my mommie and family of course.

acording to mommie, the weather is cold and chilly outside today and windy. and personnally i think that im going to just relax and take it easy.

well have a great day pals and night,



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