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Home So Far- Our Journey Together

Jake Passed Away 10.2.2015

October 5th 2015 4:39 pm
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Mr. Beagle fought the good fight but was finally tired. He went to his final rest at my side in loving arms at our vets office. He was ready and I was ready. He had a good bath, smelt good his fur was soft and he could go home to glory knowing that. And I'm at peace knowing that.

I want to thank dogster for all they did for me. It was because of this site that Jake was with me these 3+ years almost 4. It was you all who encouraged me not to give up on him and to give us a shot.

Thank you so much Dogster and Thank you to Jake. :)


Jake's Mom.


Dog of The Day - March 26th 2013

March 26th 2013 12:20 am
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Today I was announced Dog of The Day! That makes me feel really special since lately i've had to share all the spotlight with my new big sister Sweetie. I don't mind so much since all she really does is sleep and i get to eat a lot of her food.

I just wanted to make a note of this so I won't forget when I was dog of the day!

Thanks again Dogster!!


March Madness or Lack there of?

April 6th 2012 3:11 pm
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Not much to talk about in March. Mom and I are working more and more on my task training. She's so proud of me. I am almost a master at loose leash walking and have stopped wondering away from mom when she is talking with someone. Usually i just sit down or lay at her feet.

Soon we'll be doing one-one personal training classes to make sure i've really got this stuff down. Then it's off to the CGC test.

Jake the beagle.


Doggy Day's of February

March 1st 2012 12:08 pm
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I passed Intermediate obedience class. Things got a little tight when i got distracted by my good friend Riley. He is a beagle also and likes to play with me at Daycare. But we were in the middle of doing a figure eight with loose leash walking in a heel and i saw him.

He saw me and started Rooing and baying. And of course that got me baying right back at him. A beagle has to do it. It's like someone saying hello. You gotta say hello back.

Mom paused in our walk and looked down at me. "Focus." I looked up at her and went back to her side and followed her around the chairs quietly.

My trainer was saying I've been doing really great. Everyone always comments that I'm so good in the stores (NOW). It makes mom blush and praise our trainer.

While at the dog park not too long ago. Mom became extremely anxious about something. I had been playing with one of my friends when it happened. Someone told mom later I jumped up on the bench and nudged my way onto her chest like she let me do before and licked her face. When Mom came back to us she made this gross face because i licked her. Mom isn't really into kisses that much.

People at the park were really amazed. But Mom gave me a pat on the head and we went home. She was a little embarrassed that it happened.

February was a very active month for us. Maybe this month won't be so bad either? I get to take advanced training and one on one training soon.

Wish me lots of luck,




January 28th 2012 11:51 am
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Mama got this crazy idea after asking about raw meaty bones for snacks for me. She decided we're going raw or rather I'm going raw her burgers are still cooked. So far I've gotten to eat beef ribs and ground chicken. My tummy's been a little iffy on this sudden change to raw foods and i hack a lot but no vomiting. At least yet though I love to make mom up with my hacking in the middle of the night like i want to vomit.

My crate has become the feeding station since it's a contained space for all the raw parts since our Landlady Auntie Trish doesn't want me to eat raw meet in the yard. Mom says we're lucky she let us go raw at all since she was so opposed before I came with my nasty food allergies.

Fear not lovely brand TOTW!!! I still enjoy your kibble as a side three times a week with raw egg and as training rewards.

Anyway that's all I had to update, everyones doing fine. Mama, Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Roman and Auntie Kerry. They're just out... OH someones arriving. Have to leave keyboard.

Jake- OUT!


A Dogs Day- Training Never Been So 'Good'?

December 16th 2011 12:47 pm
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It's been a while since my last update. And I can say this pup has done a lot.

Though I don't like these new rules such as 'Sit before greeting'. I don't see why i can't just run up to other dogs barking my intense greeting. But mommy makes me sit before i can meet any dog. But if i do it before they walk away i get to say hello after Mom talks with their owners. ^.^.

Mom also finds it funny that I dont like dog toys. But instead purfer Kitty toys. there's nothing wrong with a good feather stick to chase about. Especially if mommy is the one waving it around. I personally enjoy chasing it :F. I get so excited i start drooling.

Well that's all for this pup update.

See you guys around Xmas.


The Days Go On...

November 21st 2011 12:17 pm
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So it's been a while since i've had time to paw about.

Many things have happened since my first entry including 2 Emergency Vet visits, a medical diagnosis and two daring escapes from my crate.

Life had been a bit rough for me and Mom. I got very sick about a week ago and we had to go to the emergency vet office twice. Both times I got shots of pain medication and mommy looks at me funny and stared at her credit cards. Though I'm feeling much better now thanks to the medicine mommy gives me in these yummy beef treats called "pill pockets". I'm back to my wiggly waggly self like nothing's happened.

We're going to the doctor the day after Thanksgiving. Wish me Luck that my back is better and this nasty infection I've had goes away.

See yah laters,



Home Coming- Our First Day

October 26th 2011 11:25 am
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To Reader:

To be fair I'm Mommy's first dog. She tells me all the time how she looked and looked for the perfect beagle to call her own. Mama explains how she tried and tried and looked about but none of the beagles she saw seemed like 'the one'.

Several rescues said because my mom's a renter she couldn't have one of their beagles and I guess that's good for me.

I haven't told Mom about my previous family so she does not know if I came from a good home or a bad one. Though to be fair to my prior pet parents I was clean, vaccinated to date and had a history.

Oh i guess I should mention, My Mommy rescued me from the County Shelter. I was one of two beagles there and I was the only boy. Mommy's friend saw me when she came to visit her soon to be puppy Molly there. She sent my mom a message to come see me.

When Mom got to the pound she looked at all the puppies and other dogs they had there but she did not see me at first. I was on the other side of the wall laying down in the sun.

Then it happened. I heard a gasp and a woman call my name. I came running through the kennel with my tail wagging. She smiled at me then walked away.

It felt like an eternity later she returned with someone who worked at the shelter and another woman who came to see me earlier and they had a leash and a collar.

The entire ride home my nose was squeezed out of the small window opening smelling everything I could. I do greatly enjoy sniffing.

Anyway Mom took me on this long car ride and we came to our new home.

Once there I met my Auntie T who is Mom's landlady and the owner of most of the property I destroy when i'm bored.

For now I'm in a new happy home and I'm glad to be here. espeically when Mommy gets home from school or work.

First Entry,


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