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Big Day for me tomorrow!

April 9th 2008 2:01 pm
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Well I must admit I am a bit scared about my scheduled trip to the vets tomorrow and so is my Mom!! The first part is not too scary, that is getting my yucky teeth cleaned and one removed that is all ready loose! Vet says I must have bad PH (whatever that is?) in my mouth that makes me have more tarter and yucky breath.... But it is the next part that we are a bit worried about! I am getting spayed tomorrow, and all ready being 5yrs old Mom is a bit worried. She had originally hoped that I would have wee ones but that never worked out with any of the boys I was with :-( She feels that in the long run I will be healthier if I get this done......but she & I are a bit worried about going under the knife and being a sleep for too long! She is so concerned and trying to be brave for me! Mom told me to be strong and brave! I told her I for sure will do that cause I will WAKE up and come back home to her, my Dad and my fursibs! So if any of you out there read my diary please put your paws together and say a prayer for me tomorrow!! Maybe your Mom's & Dad's will also be thinking of us and say a prayer too!!
I know my brother Sonny just went thru the same thing and came bounding out of there like a bouncing ball! Since I am a bit older and for girls a bit more involved makes us all a bit concerned! Told Sonny he's not the only one now that they are going after both ends at one time!!
ruv to all my pals!


Going to the Salon!

April 19th 2007 6:35 am
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Spring is finally here and tomorrow I go to the Salon, Pet Suite Retreat near our home.... Mom is getting my hair cut off for a new Spring Do !! Not sure I am ready for this, but I am sure Mommy knows best! People may not know who is who if my hair gets cut, Sonny and I will look so much alike then! I know what I'll do, I'll dance, dance, dance and all will know for sure that it is me, cause no one here dances like me! Arf Arf!! Will see how all turns out, if I like it I'll have Mom take a picture to post!
Today would of been my Grandma's 84th birthday, Mom lost her the same year she had to have Mindy put to sleep in 2002, a very sad year for my Mom. My Mom says my Grandma would of just loved me as she loved Mindy soooo much, Gram always said that Mindy was her grandchild too! I am sure I would of ruvved my Grandma too just like Mindy did! I know my Mom misses her Mom each and every day!


I had a DATE!

April 10th 2007 4:22 pm
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I finally got to meet oh so sweet Albert and his Dad!
My Mom and Albert's Dad set up a date for us, since it is one of those "times" that comes twice a year for us girls! We really liked each other and played and played for a very long time.......I don't kiss and tell so no details from me! Anyway we are so hoping that in a couple months we could hear pitter patter and little squeaky noises from new wittle furbabies here!
I just hope that my other long distance boyfriend Snickers will understand and still ruv me and think I am beautiful!
Oh, me oh my! what should a girl do?


Spring is FINALLY here, I hope!

March 11th 2007 7:41 am
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It has been bu-te-ful here the last few days! Sun is shining and most all the snow and ice is gone! By the end of today it will all be bye-bye!
Going to be a busy month here for us, Tessa's Woofday is the 16th, she will be 3yrs old, and Sonny will be 1yr old on the 31st!
Mom is planning a "girls" St Patty's Party here on the 16th, with her two future daughter in laws, and a couple so-called adopted daughters. They are all the 2-legged kind of kids! arf arf! But she is also going to have a suprise party for Tessa! Tessa just has been told we are having a St Patty's party! Won't she be excited to find out the party is for her too! I ruv parties! I get treats too! Wonder if Mom will bake that special cake for us furbabies and have frosty paws for us? Woo-hoo!
We all got scared yesterday, Sonny started acting very sluggish and wouldn't walk! Mom had to rush him to the Emergency Vet last night! Ended up just being super sore from the vaccinations he/we got yesterday morning! They said it must of made his muscle super sore, poor guy he even yelped in pain when Mom went to pick him up! She was so afraid he had a reaction to the vaccine they gave is called Lepto or something like that. It is to prevent getting a very bad disease that we could get from squirrels and other wildlife! And we have lots of them around our house, squirrels, raccoons and even some fox! But the fox hasn't been in our fenced in backyard that we know of. Thank goodness! He would want to eat us little furbabies! Mom watches us very closely at night when we go out to do our business in the backyard.
Best end my new diary entry and get ready to go for a walk! FINALLY!


It's My Birthday!

February 8th 2007 2:55 pm
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Well I am a year older today!! I love the treats and special new presents, but I could do without the birthday hat! I don't mind the Special Birthday shirt, but just am so put out about the dang hat! What us kids have to do to make our parents happy, arf, arf!
This is a great birthday since my Dad is even home and not out on the road drivin his big truck! He even just sang Happy Birthday to me! woo-hoo! Well I best go for now, Mom has my special dinner ready for me! I get grilled boneless chicken, and then she said if I eat good then I will get frosty paws!
Wonder if I have to eat my carrots too?


A new brother!

January 23rd 2007 4:27 pm
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We went to visit Sonny and his family, all went pretty well and Sonny has come home to live with us. I am trying to tolerate him but he just keeps bugging me by trailing right behind me all the time, quite close I might add! Too close for my liking or Tessa's. Tessa is having a worse time with him than I am, since she cannot jump up on the couch like I can and get away from him. She growls at him if he gets too close to her, she is protective over her toys and bones. I am sure they will learn to get along better when she learns that he is here to stay and not just visiting! arf arf!
It has been 5 days now that he has been here and he has calmed down a bit, thank goodness! He and I have played some, chasing one another round and round the living room.
We all got brushed today and Sonny doesn't like it at all, but Mom is so patient with him trying to keep him calm. Guess he was never brushed much, not like Tessa and I did when we were wee young!
Will be writing more soon about our trials and tribulations with our new addition!



January 17th 2007 8:18 pm
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Well Friday my Mom, Tessa and I are taking a drive to meet a new furbaby that may be coming home with us!! His name is Sonny and he is a Shih Tzu/Maltese, all most a year old! His family loves him but just cannot keep him, so much going on for them with 3 young children and a new baby just 8 weeks old. My Mom says we have to see how he is with Tessa and I before she makes the decision to add him to our family or not.... I love all furbabies, but Tessa is a little bit more jealous so we have to see how it goes!
Will write an update after Friday and see if we have a new brother to add to our family.


Brrrrr, it's cold outside!

January 15th 2007 5:00 pm
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We have had wonderful weather here in MI until the last few days, now Tessa & I have to wear out coats to go outside! Had alot of freezing rain and that is yucky on my paws, everytime we get let in always have to hear "wipe your feet". Mom picks us up and wipes them off! Thank goodness it is just rain and not alot of snow yet as I get those crummy little snow balls stuck all over my feet, then Mom has to comb them off, no fun at all!
I was just watching a pair of fox across the street from our house! I stand on the back of the couch and bark at them! They look like they would be fun to play with but Mom says they would'nt be, that they would probably want to eat me??? There is a big wooded park with a river that runs through over there and we get to see all sorts of neat animals there. Our Mom puts scraps and leftovers over there to feed all of them, there is raccoons, fox, possum and we even saw a coyote there once long ago. We have heard there are deer too but I've not yet seen one, not sure what deer are but I am sure my Mom or Dad will tell me.
Well it is time to get cozy with my Mom and Tessa on the couch, it's TV time Mom says!!


Merry Christmas!

December 12th 2006 6:33 am
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So sorry I haven't written for a while, but my Mom started a job and has been very busy, so she could not type for me. Things are just a buzzing around here getting ready for the holidays. My human sister Jackie and her new hubby Mike (and their 4-legged daughter Lily) are coming this weekend (the 16th) for our Annual Family Christmas. That is so all our immediate family and extended family can get together for the Holidays, otherwise actual Christmas everyone is busy with their immediate familes. Our house as usual looks like the "Griswold's" live here, decorated from top to bottom, inside and out. I think my Mom is going to collapse before Christmas at the rate she is going trying to be ready.
Tessa and I miss our Mom, since we have been here she has always been home with us, we're thinking we don't like this "working" thing at all. I am trying to be "grown up" about this knowing that this needs to happen so we can have Christmas and even better yet good food and wonderful warm home to live in. Tessa & I try to give Mom lots of attention and kisses when she gets home so she knows how much we appreciate her and miss her BIG TIME!
Want to wish all my pals out there in Dogster World a very Merry Christmas, or whatever Holiday you celebrate, may it be a happy and safe one, with lots of treats and belly rubs for all of you!!
Ruv, Mia


Happy Fall!!

November 7th 2006 9:23 am
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Well we had been having some pretty nice weather, falling leaves and out chasing squirrels in our yard. Today ELECTION day it is raining and Mom is grumbling about going out in it.......glad we (Tessa & I) just have to run out for a second with a coat on to go potty! So wonderful to be a pampered pooch and live in the house all the time. My Mom cannot understand why people get dogs to leave them outside with no shelter and stuck on a chain, do people really do that? If people do that they should be given the same treatment, put them on a chain outside with no cozy bed or roof over their heads!! Bad, bad people!
Hope everyone out there in Dogster Land are enjoying their Fall weather! Would love to hear from others what their Fall is like where they live!!

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