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Our Fairytale Wedding

We're Home From Our Beautiful Honeymoon

October 5th 2011 9:53 pm
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Zak pulled up in front of our Ranch House and parked the Ferrari got out and opened my door, helped me out and lifted me up into his strong muscly arms as if I was weightless! He carried me up the steps and across the threshold set me down gently and kissed me softly and smiled that slow smile I love so much and said, "We're Home, Sweetheart!" I smiled back and said, Yes Baby! We are Home and it's good to be back. He went back out and carried our luggage in and placed it in the spare room to unpack on another day. We saw our family had brought all our beautiful wedding gifts from the reception and thought how blessed we are to have such loving family and friends! We looked at one another and both said..let's go see the horses at the exact same time. We held hands and walked to the corral and saw Jose working with our 2 new Lipizzan's Pepper had given us as our wedding gift, we greeted him and thanked him for taking such good care of our ranch while we were on out honeymoon and he just smiled and winked at Zak. I blushed and then whistled for my favorite Raging Fire! He came toward me on a dead run, tail held high, neck arched and snorting as his hooves pounded the earth. I ducked under the fence and he stopped in front of me as I grabbed a handful of his mane and swung up on his back. I leaned forward patted his neck and said, I've Missed You Big Fella! He took a few steps forward and I slid off his left side and blew softly into his nostril. He pushed my arm with his face and I patted him goodbye and climbed back under the fence. I saw Zak and Jose watching me and smiled at them as I said, He's so magnificent!

I then went into the barn and pet and talked to Flash Dancer and the other horses and the kids ponies. Gave them all a carrot and walked back outside. OMD! Zak the diamond bridles from Hersh are hanging in the tack room and so is my beautiful butterfly saddle from Zoey.I can't wait to use them. Zak hugged me and said, You look so beautiful when you're excited Lexi! I told him Thank You My Love as I felt my heart skip a beat! I then said to Zak and Jose, You finish up feeding,graining and settling all the horses down for the night and I'll go start dinner. I stood on my tippy toes as Zak is so tall and gave him a soft kiss and walked toward our ranch house to start dinner thinking how beautiful and peaceful it is here way up in the mountains and how lucky we are to live here!


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