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It's Good to be Skye

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Pretty in Pink

September 11th 2005 7:53 pm
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Hey Pups! I have to tell you, getting a new frilly pink outfit has made me pawsitively giddy!! I feel just like Rita Moreno in West Side Story..."I feel pretty, Oh so pretty!! I feel pretty and witty and bright!!...and I pity any girl who isn't me tonight...!" I'm all set to party and dance all night long at this wedding thing Mom and Barbara keep talking about. Basil thinks he's such a cool dude 'cause he can do the Chicken Dance. I ask you, what dog WON"T dance for CHICKEN??? Am I right??? But the BunnyHop. Now there's a classical dance for you, and I just happen to have all the right moves. Just look at my picture! I'm so wonderful sometimes I scare myself.....but then, if you've read my bio, being scared comes pretty easy for me! Ah well, it IS good to be SKYE. Happy dances to ALL!


September Bug O' The Month!

September 6th 2005 5:48 pm
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Hey Pups! It's time to name a new Bug O' The Month.

**Drum roll, please**

This month, I am featuring GRASSHOPPERS They are yummy, they are crunchy, they are fun to chase, they are plentiful!! What's not to like??? The only question is: are they a TREAT?? Or are they a SPORT?? You decide, my dear friends, and enjoy every crunchy morsel.

I already have plans for the October Bug O' The Month, but if any of you would like to submit suggestions for the following months, I will give every entry careful deliberation. Bugs get a tad scarce up here in the tundra during the winter unless you count the houseflies that seem to rejuvenate themselves on really sunny days, so candidates from other parts of the country will be given special consideration.

That's all for this time pals. Happy Bugging!!


Catahoula Saturday Night!!

August 28th 2005 5:25 pm
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Hey, Pals! Hope you're all having a good weekend. I hope all my Pals and everybody in the path of "Katrina" can stay safe. We're all thinking about you, and praying for the best!

My big sister was here this weekend. She and mom baked BROWNIES for this wedding thing they keep talking about. Oh did it ever smell gooooooood in here. But did I get a taste??? Her trusted and loyal and ever so cute companion??? Not even a crumb. I'm beginning to not like this whole wedding thing. There isn't anything in it for meeeeeeeeee :(

While the brownies were baking, my big sis modified a song just for lil' ol' me, so I guess I can't stay mad at her. After all, the brownies are still here--so there's still a chance! Here is the song:


Hey, you get down the greenies and you get down the bones,
Rip off your collar and you throw it on the flo',
Bark in the yard 'till the break of daylight,
Catahoula Saturday Night!

Standin' in the front yard sniffin' on a frog,
Bowl of cold water, drinkin' like a hog.
Yonder come the doggies for the party -- alright!
Catahoula Saturday Night!

My Sister Barbara and my cousin Basil,
They say I'm a coward, they say I'm fearful.
But I like to party when the time is right,
Catahoula Saturday Night!

All the doggies leave and then I get fed,
So me and my carrot gonna crawl into bed.
Snuggle with my blankies 'till the morning light,
Catahoula Saturday Night!!


It's about time!

August 22nd 2005 6:18 pm
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Yeah, Mom finally got the camera out again. WooHoo! New pics of me! It's a good day on Dogster, ha-ha.

The tomatoes in the garden are ripening very nicely. I have managed to pick a few all by myself and they are YUMMY. Especially since I'm not "full of beans" anymore.....not yet anyway, the new plants will be ready to be picked in a couple of weeks. My next favorite thing in the garden in Brussels Sprouts! Mmmmmm. Yep. It's Good to be Skye!!!!

SPECIAL NOTICE TO BASIL : Mom ( your Gramma D. ) wanted me to tell you how very much she appreciated your calm and grown-up behavior when the firemen had to come to your house last Saturday. Thanks for being such a good boy! Too bad the combination refrigerator/barbeque didn't work out--it would be every guy's dream!

VERY SPECIAL NOTICE TO Little Bit: YIPPEE WOOF WOOF WOOF!!! Good news on the lab results! More chemo comin' right up. Die, cancer, DIE!


Summer is not my favorite time of year....

August 10th 2005 5:15 pm
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It has been HOT and HUMID and YUCKY here for about forever!! I can't wait for the cool Fall to come. I love chasing leaves, haha. Thank goodness for cool concrete floors to lay on!

I'm declaring the bug-of-the-month this month to be HORSEFLIES. We have some really huge ones this year. It is my only goal in life at the present time to devour one. They're crafty little devils, though, and very good at eluding me. If any of you out there has ever caught one, please write to me and tell me what they taste like. I have eaten bees, but all they taste like is **BUZZ**. In case you were unaware, last month's bug-of-the-month was Junebugs. Mighty tasty. Just ask my good friend, LYLE .

Whoa! Gotta go, Pals! Mom just broke out the "Dogsters" (TM) ice cream cups. Mmmmmm ice cream for dogs!! It IS good to be Skye............
Woofs and Wags and Cool Thoughts to ALL!


Saturday July 30, 2005

July 30th 2005 5:58 am
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What a week! A couple of months ago, Dad was spending a lot of time in the back yard in a place they call the "garden". He was using a big noisy digger thing and a littler noisy digger thing. He took all the weeds and stuff out of the big long boxes on the ground and the dirt was all nice and even--but Mom wouldn't let me walk in it after he was done! Then he put in some tiny little green plants. Well, he's been working on it almost every day--weeding, watering, replanting when stuff didn't come up the first time--you get the picture. This week was a fine week, Pals! This week Dad picked the first of the green beans. Great big buckets of them! And do you know what Mom and Dad did? They sat in the yard to clean the beans, and left me the tastiest of bean morsels ALL OVER the yard. So now it is official. I am truly FULL OF BEANS--both literally and figuratively -- HAHA. Coming up next will be the first of the tomato harvest. Mmmmmmmmmmm-- tomatoes!!!!!!! It is GOOD to be Skye!


Thursday, July 28, 2005

July 28th 2005 6:03 am
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Please, everyone, remember our prayer vigil tonight at 8:00 PM wherever you may be. Please pray for all the abused and abandoned pets, and those pets and their packs who are recovering from surgeries, and who are struggling with illnesses. Please, everyone, include sweet Little Bit and her pack in your thoughts and prayers. She is once again having to take vincristine injections kill her cancer. Today was her first one, and we're all praying that it works and that she doesn't need to go to a stronger medicine. DIE, EVIL CANCER, DIE. Stay strong, Little Bit. We LOVE you!


Light a candle of hope for our ailing Pals

July 14th 2005 5:39 am
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Hello Pups,
If you have had a chance to read the "Prayer Chain" thread in the "Get Well Soon" Dogster Forum, I'd like to let all of you know about a weekly candle vigil we'd like to start. Wherever in the world you are located, at 8PM your time every Thursday evening, please light a candle and say a prayer/send good vibes to all the ailing pets. There is quite a long list of names already in the thread, and we'll always add more whenever needed. Offering our support to our Pals in need can work miracles! Thanks, everyone.


I am so pampered!!

July 13th 2005 7:56 pm
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Hey, Pups! Hope you're all havin' a great summer! I know I am!

Seems like a lot of my diary entries involve telling you about my latest bath, but the one I had today was something special! Mom and Dad made me my very own outdoor spa! I had a luxurious bath outdoors in the glory of nature! It was heavenly, especially since it was 90 humid degrees here today. I was only a little embarassed, but there wasn't much traffic today, just a couple of hay wagons went by. Now I'm all fresh and clean and I didn't even have to be tricked to go up to the bathroom! Life is good! After my bath, Mom rewarded me with the yummiest treat yet! It's a new doggie ice cream cup--Peanut Butter and Cheese flavored no less!! It was all cold and yummy--a little piece of heaven! Mmmmmmmmmmm. Can't wait for my next bath now!!

Later this afternoon, I had fun watching a baby squirrel steal sunflower seeds and suet from the birdfeeder. Looks like he'd be fun to play with. I tried to bark at him to ask him to come and play, but I don't think he speaks bark. Oh well.

Stay cool, Pals! It's good to be Skye!


Hey Pals!

July 5th 2005 6:37 am
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I hope all of you had a GREAT 4th of July! Even all of you in other countries, after all--it was the 4th of July where you live too.....just maybe not the birthday of your country :). There weren't even very many fireworks going off near here for me to cringe and hide about, and I did get some good eats: fresh corn! I would prefer corn AND the cob, but Mom said "No". **pouts**

I have been hard at work already today. In fact, I may take the rest of the day off. Before 8:00am I had to protect my pack once again from that man in the little white car who messes with the electric meter once a month. Let me tell you, I had some really harsh words for him this time. Speaking nicely doesn't work with this guy. Only trouble is, my lectures seem to only last about a month and then he shows up again. I'd speak even more harshly to him, but, after all, I AM a lady! So I guess I'll just have to continue lecturing him once a month!

Time for my nap, Pups. Bark at ya' soon!

Woofs and Wags and hoping Mom buys watermelon and blueberries this week 'cause it's good to be.......

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