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It's Good to be Skye

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January BOTM~~!

January 10th 2007 10:18 am
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Well, Pups, Mom finally did her research and has chosen the January BOTM. Not a minute too soon, Mom! The month is nearly half over! The choice is CARPET BEETLES. Why, you may ask? Well, in reading up on these bugs, we discovered that they LOVE to eat animal hair. So, it got me to thinking, that Mom would do a LOT less grumbling around here if she wasn't always finding so much Skye-fur around. I'm a pretty constant shedder. It personally doesn't bother me, but you know how Moms are! Anyhow, if I could have enough of these guys in the house, they would happily munch up all my sheds, and Mom would have less reason to grumble and more time to play! And give me treats! And buy me toys! And take me for walks! And give me treats! And take me for car rides (only not to the vet)! And cook yummy stuff to give me!

But I also need to warn SEVA and all the divas that these little critters also love to eat cashmere and natural fibers, so you may want to put the cashmeres and pashminas in storage, dears! And XENA (Warrior Princess) will have to do the same with her gorgeous kilts. But it will be worth it, honest!

Have a great month, Pals! See you next month!

Houla Hugs,


December Bug'o'The Month

December 7th 2006 5:54 pm
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And the winner is.....SNOW FLEAS !!. They're pretty interesting little critters brave enough to play in the snow! Thanks to my Pal SERGEI for passing along some super suggestions for this month's pick. Mom couldn't find any "Elf Bugs", BOL, or any others with holiday themed names. Plenty of red and green ones though!

Congrats to all the World's Coolest Winners! Such great photos of a great group of doggies!

I want to wish all Dogsters the very best this holiday season, and a very Merry Christmas and wonderful 2007. The Pals we've lost are not forgotten, they remain in our hearts. The Pals we now have are jewels to cherish, and the Pals we have yet to meet are promises for future friendship and fun.

Houla Hugs for Everyone!!


November BOTM

November 4th 2006 5:26 pm
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Happy November, Pals!! I just want to take a moment to thank HQ for all the fun new Rosettes. We're really lovin' them, guys!!

And now, the main announcement! The November Bug'O'the Month is STINK BUGS ! For some reason, we've been finding them crawling around in various places all over the house this year. They're pretty slow, and very easy to catch, BUT....there is a reason why they have the name they do, so just look at 'em, Pals. Trust me. They smell horrible, and they taste worse.

Mom gave out yummy popcorn balls for Trick-or-Treat this year. Popcorn balls are another big favorite of mine, so I was really happy that we only had 3 kids come to get treats. (That was a 300% increase from last year--believe me, we really live in the sticks!) Hooray for leftover Halloween treats!! Then,a couple of days after Halloween, I got to play in the SNOW for the first time this year. Oh, I do love the snow!! And it's early in the season--there will surely be more soon!!

Wishing you all good health and good times with your packs. Especially if there are Popcorn and Snow balls to enjoy!!!!!


Dear "Anonymous"

October 21st 2006 5:24 pm
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Thanks SO MUCH for the beautiful Rosette, and the YUMMY bones!!
Houla Hugs,
Skye--wonderin' who you are :)


Here's my's a twofer month!!

October 2nd 2006 4:28 pm
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My movie debut! **grabs microphone** "I'd like to thank Dad, for having the patience to film me and then put the clips together; Mom, for making my costume and for being so generous with the YUMMY liver treats; my big sis for having a fast internet connection and allowing Mom to upload my movies from her 'puter; my family......" Mom says, "OK that's enough, Skye. Hollywood hasn't even called yet"!

That very intelligent Oregonian Dogster, >SERGEI has made a request for an honorable mention BOTM for October, but, hey, why not make it a two-fer month?? Sergei suggests WOOLY BEAR CATERPILLARS because they are so plentiful where he lives. There are quite a few in Ohio too, and they are really yummy. Just the right spiciness. There is even more information about them here. Maybe they really can predict the severity of Winter, huh? C'mon Wooly Bears--say there will be TONS of SNOW!! Thanks, Sergei! Great pick!


October! BOTM!! SCARY!!!!!

September 30th 2006 7:21 pm
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Hi Pups!
By popular demand, and in honor of Halloween, the October BOTM is SPIDERS aka BUNGIES !!! These delightfully tasty critters were nominated (in English) by my good buddy LYLE, and also (in Beaglish--hence the word "Bungie") by my very own cousin BASIL T. BEAGLE. In my research for this month's pick, I learned that spiders have bright blue blood. How cool is that??? Oh the yumminess of those 8 crunchy legs...droooooool! And I also think this choice is a perfect opportunity to tease my wonderful Scottish Pal Xena's beautiful Mum a bit, as she dislikes spiders every bit as much as my own big sister does!! Trick or Treat you two, BOL!!

When I went to the vet the day after my last diary entry, and I got two very shiny staples put into the cut on my neck. It was in the same spot where the infection and yuckiness had been not long ago, and Mom and Dad are mystifed as to how I got the cut (and the infection, for that matter). I had the staples removed on Sept. 28, and I'm all healed up now!! I even got a nice bath that day, and LOTS of hugs from my friends at the clinic.

Mom and Dad took some new photos today. As you can see, I'm all set for Trick or Treat (heavy on the Treats, please!!) We might have a trick or two up our sleeves, so check back with me in a few days, Pals!

Happy Howloween to ALL----bring on the TREATS!!


The September BOTM is.......

September 13th 2006 5:45 pm
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YELLOW JACKETS. Yup, Pups, Dad has had to rid our yard of two big nests of them so far this year, and we're pretty sure there's another one close to the house too. They even took over the hummingbirds' feeders and chased them away. Yellow Jackets move pretty slow, so they're easy to catch, but Mom is always yelling at me to "Leave it!!" when I try to catch one. :( Anyhow, they should be gone soon---Dad will be glad because he wants to wash the siding on the house before winter comes, and he sure doesn't want to tangle with a bunch of angry bees! Gee, Dad! I offered to eat them all for you!

I thought my neck skin problems were over with, but Mom just found another sore under my collar tonight, so guess where I get to go tomorrow?? Here we go again. More pills and more baths! I've been on one kind of antibiotic or another since the middle of June. I'm not complaining, because I get a blob of peanut butter with each pill, but Mom is getting a little frazzled over the vet bills. Chill, Mom! You KNOW I'm worth it, BOL! She keeps muttering something about me having to get a job......


The bad news, and the good news

August 23rd 2006 9:55 am
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Hi Pups! Just wanted to let you in on my latest adventures.

Last Friday, Mom found a pretty big bleeding sore on my neck under my collar. It couldn't have been there very long, because I'd had some bloodwork done (taken from my neck veins) for some special tests I had just a week before. She was able to get an appointment with my vet the very next morning, much to her relief. The dang thing really didn't bother me much, but you know how Moms are. When Dr. Williams checked it out and took a sample to examine under the microscope, he said I had a staph and a yeast infection there. UGH!! So, I have to be on antibiotics twice a day for 2 weeks, plus I have to have 4 medicated BATHS in two weeks. Double UGH! I had one last Saturday, and I had the second one today. Hrrrrmph. Such indignity. I can't even get a good doggy stink going before she takes me in again on this Saturday, and then again next Wednesday. But, there is a silver lining to my tail of woe........

On the way home from my bath today, Mom stopped at a small local ice cream stand and bought me my very own doggie sundae!! Oh the creamy goodness, the cold dreaminess. Having my very own sundae is everything Little Bit and Lyle said it would be!! ~~~SIGH~~~~~ "Almost" makes all this bathing nonsense worthwhile!!! Mom says she's very proud of me for being so good at the vet when they had to shave my boo boo and poke that temperature thing in me and scrape my skin. Today, the nice lady who gave me my bath treatment, Ashley, was really glad I had an appointment on this particular day, because all of her other clients were grouchy and tried to bite. HAH! Doggies! That's no way to get ice cream!!!

Houla Hugs to ALL,


And the August BOTM is......

August 4th 2006 12:05 pm
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JAPANESE BEETLES. I know, I know, we just had Japanese Beetle Larvae featured not long ago, but sadly, Pups, I must not have eaten nearly enough of them. Mom's rose bushes are all lace-leafed and sorta dead looking, not to mention the green bean plants in the veggie garden. Guess I'm just going to have to eat more and more of them next Spring. Mmmmm...larvae! Besides, my good Pal, Kiko suggested them. Here is what he had to say :
"My nomination for the August bug of the month is Japanese beetles! I know you chose the lavae a couple of months ago, but we already have the beetles here in South Carolina. They are a two for one bug--usually they are mating as they munch the tree leaves, so when you catch one, you actually get two!! I've never actually caught one, so I can't tell you how they taste, but you know they gotta be good and crunchy!!! Mmmmm, fun!"
Can't beat that logic! Thanks, Kiko!! Houlas are so smart, BOL!

Mom thinks I can tell time. Like I always know when it is mealtime--and you just better not try to fool me. I know when it's time for my daily walk, and it really confuses me if Mom can't take me at my regular time. I always know when it is time for Mom to start cooking dinner too, and I will begin to let her know within 5 minutes of 5PM that she'd better get busy in the kitchen. She thinks the oddest thing I do, though, is listen to the mouse-clicks she makes at the computer. I can tell every time when she is shutting down the internet before she even gets out of her chair and leaves the computer. Well, gee, Mom! Of course I can tell! If you are up and about there's always a chance you'll pass by my cookie jar and take pity on your poor puppy, right?


My Tail of Devotion for Skye

July 11th 2006 1:38 pm
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Mom: Sweet face, you are so special to me it's hard to find the words. You are a once-in-a -lifetime companion and I love you! From the first time I held you in my arms, I knew that you had a gentle sweetness about you that just completely won my heart and the heart of our whole family. You are my pal, you share my troubles and triumphs---you are always there for me. You have taught me patience and calmness and I have learned much about true devotion since you came into our lives. Even though I know I *should* walk daily, I rarely *would* without your smiling "Houla howls" to get me going every day. You are my 100 pound lap dog, who is the world's best cuddler. Just being able to scratch your silky ears and look into your blue eyes can make the world better for me anytime. I am proud and honored to be your human Mom.

Skye: Oh Wow! This has GOT to be worth at least 2 cookies~~~~~~drool!

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