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It's Good to be Skye

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Happy St. Pat's Day, Doggies!

March 17th 2005 7:57 am
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First of all, I want to say "HI" to all my Pup Pals! Hope you're all having amazing naps and good stinks to sniff!!

My Mommy is FINALLY getting around to writing my diary, I have such an exciting life--how could she resist? I've "almost" forgiven her for giving me a bath the other day. She knows I don't really mind the bath, I just like to really test her patience in getting me to go upstairs to the tub. (Note to all you small puppees-- size DOES matter when it comes to bath time.) I weigh 97 lbs, and there is NO WAY anyone is gonna get me upstairs to the bathroom unless I wanna go. So if you hate baths, next time around come back as a big doggie. My humans give me really good treats on bath day, and the longer I resist, the better the treats get until they finally pull out the really stinky lunchmeat that I adore! She tricked me good this time, tho'. I had forgotten all about the bath when she snuck one of my toys upstairs and started squeaking it. I just HAD to go investigate who the heck was playin' with my stuff......oh well, I'm clean now for a little while!

If you look at the picture of me lying under a chair on my page, that is exactly how I look at this moment. Any time Mom's using the computer, that's where I'll be. She says she's gonna take some new pictures of me soon. Yeah, maybe--if I feel like it! Otherwise, I'll just keep turned away from her. In case you haven't guessed, I am the Imperial Queen of the House.

Looks like another good weekend shaping up around here. My big sister will be here, and she'll leave her little brat, Basil T. Beagle, with his other grandparents, so I can have Sis all to myself. She and Mommy will probably be shopping and stuff, but they always come back to play with me, and sometimes they even bring me new treats! My big brother will be off work too. I just adore him! Since it's finally not snowing, maybe he'll even take me running with him! Right now, the house is smelling verrrrrrrrrrrrry gooooooooood. Mommy says it's from the corned beef she's cooking for dinner today. PLEEZ PLEEZ PLEEZ gimme some, Mommy!!

It's Good to be SKYE........................


Hey, Pups!

March 24th 2005 5:36 pm
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Greetings from the Imperial Domain of Skye!

Remember how Mommy tricked me into taking a bath last week? Well, I tricked her right back. All the snow melted and then it rained, and the ditches along the road where we take our walks have just enough water in them to satisfy my Labrador roots. So being clean and fresh didn't last very long. So there, Mommy!! I love when we get really big rainstorms in the summer because the backyard gets delightfully FULL of water. It's like I have my own private lake! Skye Heaven, for sure.

That pesky Basil T. Beagle, (my cousin) is all braggy in his diary this week about how he's going to soon have his own room when my big sister moves to a new apartment in a few weeks. HAH, Beagle! I've had my own room if I wanted it since before you were even born! It's just that I love my Mommy and Daddy so much that I would much rather sleep on my own bed in their room.

Mommy and I have been taking a different route on our daily walks for the past week, and it's wonderful!! Many cats and rabbits visit the roadside along this route, and they are always leaving me yummy treats to sneak before mommy sees what I have. Also, a new doggie has moved in to the neighborhood. I'm still shy around other dogs, but I'd like to meet this doggie. She seems nice.

That's about all the news for this week, Pups. Hope you're all having doggone good fun. I am, 'cause it's good to be Skye..........


My Amazing Weekend...

March 31st 2005 9:06 am
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...and it's almost time for the next one! YIPPEE!
Greetings, Dogster Pack! Woofs to you all. I had the most amazing weekend! First, my big sister came to stay on Friday, which I always LOOOVVVEEE because she gives me LOTS of attention and cookies. Then, on Saturday, Mommy told me that my diary had been chosen as "Diary of the Day" at Dogster! Thanks, Dogster! And on Sunday, my whole family was here for dinner--all at once--imagine that! Mommy made some real yummy food too. Is asparagus addicting? I sure do love it! Oh, and jelly beans. They are so much fun to catch!
Mommy says that I am a rare bird--a Muddy Bellied Treat Sucker. Silly Mommy! Just because the ditches along the road on our walks are filled with the most wonderful perfect mud!! And just because I simply can't resist splashing in them! I feel a bath in my future. **Sigh**
My cousin Basil has been watching the ducks where he lives. I just found out today that there are GOOSES living on our neighbors' pond!!! Basil thinks the ducks might be leaving treats for him, but I bet the gooses will leave me even bigger treats!! I just have to be careful of the snapping turtles who live around the pond, I think meeting one of those guys would pretty much ruin my day!
Time for my nap. Have to keep on schedule, you know. Woofs and Wags to everyone, and always remember, it's good to be SKYE ;)


Mommy and Daddy got the camera out today,

April 5th 2005 5:34 pm
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and took a bunch of new pictures of ME in all my Imperial Beauty!! Mommy changed some of the pictures, but she kept her favorites: my baby picture, and my gorgous profile!! Almost all the new snow has melted--we had about a foot of it last weekend, but Mommy says it will be back in a few months. I sure hope so! I love that cool stuff!
As you can see in my new pictures, I had a good time smiling for the camera, and eating cookies outside today, but I finally had to come in and take a nap in my four-poster lace canopied bed. (So what if Basil says it's just a slab of foam under the dining room table? It's my THRONE!) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, yes, Pups. It's good to be Skye.....Woofs and Wags and Good Stinks to Sniff to ALL--till next time!


Sunny Days

April 13th 2005 7:14 am
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Hey Pups! It's been great here for the past several days--sunshine ALL DAY. I'm currently walking Mommy 2 times a day!! She sometimes tries to get out of it, but I "hound" her until she just can't resist. Teaching her to take daily walks has been a challenge, but I think she has the idea. I am sometimes very ambitious on our walks and kinda would pull Mommy places, but she got me a special shiny collar that I wear only for my walks, and it works much better. I like to be on my Flexi leash so I can sniff everything possible, and Mommy can still reel me in if I'm about to get in trouble or if a car or truck or tractor is coming. (I do know how to "heel" but that is SO BORING!) The cars go very fast on the road out here where we live, so Mommy has taught me to sit in the grass at the side of the road and wait for cars to pass. Now I'm always on the lookout for cars, too. Mommy says that maybe knowing this would keep me safe if I should ever get loose and get out to the road. Gee! I NEVER want to get lost!! Who would give me cookies and chewies?? That's a big part of why it's good to be Skye........Woofs and Wags and Good Stinks to ALL!


I had to go to the vet yesterday :( ----

April 23rd 2005 11:05 am
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I was not feeling very well yesterday morning. I couldn't keep anything down, and actually brought quite a bit of stuff up in the yard and in the house. Then I got really tired, so Mommy took me to the vet. Oh! The indignity of it all! Taking my temperature, squeezing me ALL OVER, well it's just too embarassing to talk about. Then the vet said they needed to take blood, and let me tell you, that wasn't fun either. I thought I could make them stop by pulling my leg back after I felt the pinch, but noooooooooo, they just pinched me again. And again. And again. Then they took my picture with a really wierd camera. I couldn't even weasel any cookies or treats out of Mommy for being good because I wasn't allowed to eat for, like, forever, and then I was only allowed to have ice cubes and a little chicken broth. The vet told Mommy that he thinks I just have a touch of gastritis (whatever that is) and I have to take pills three times a day. That's OK, 'cause Mommy sticks 'em in peanut butter so they're really yummy. Today I'm OK and getting back to my old self. I'll never tell Mommy about the nasty delicacy I found in the yard and ate......heck! It got me a ride in the CAR, and a trip to see all my friends at the vet's office! I like the new vet, too. He was really nice (when he didn't have a needle with him) and even got down on the floor with me and petted me. Thanks for taking good care of me, Mommy and everybody! It sure is Good To Be Skye.....
Woofs and Wags and Good Stinks to ALL!


I gave Mommy a Mother's Day present...

May 2nd 2005 1:37 pm
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and I didn't even have to go shopping! You see, ever since I went to the vet, Mommy and Daddy have been real concerned because my blood test didn't come out very good. My vet couldn't really figure out why, but told Mommy there are only a couple of reasons why it would be that way. I had another blood test this past Friday, and all of the readings were much better--most of them were even normal! So now we think that maybe I had a reaction to something toxic and my body is getting rid of it. That's good news! Because the other reason my test would have been like that is because I would have had Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, and that wouldn't have been good. I would have just gotten sicker. So, that's Mommy's gift, that I'm all better, and she's really really happy about it! Wonder how many cookies I can get out of this.......hmmmm? It's GOOD to be Skye, and to feel better! Hope y'all have good (non toxic) stinks to sniff, Pups!


New Photos of the Imperial Queen of Farmdale.....

May 16th 2005 5:40 pm
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Mommy got the camera out again today as I was waiting (not very patiently) for Daddy to get home to feed me. Daddy always gives me my breakfast and my 4 PM feeding, and Mommy gives me my 8 PM food. They only give me one measly little cup of food at a time, though, so I'm all finished in, like, .03 milliseconds--know what I mean?? See, I stretched out on the floor to wait for him first, then I stood up guarding the kitchen door, so no one could enter unless they went to the Skyefood cabinet. I had to woof at Mommy to ask her where Daddy was, then HOORAY!! He finally came home and fed me!!! YUMMMMM. After I ate, I just had to stare over the arm of the chair at Mommy to tell her it was time to start cooking dinner. I always help her cook dinner. Never know when a juicy bit of tomato or pasta will hit the floor ya' know. I got tired of waiting, so I just rested my chin on the chair. Mommy finally got the hint and I got some really yummy vegetables for a snack! It is soooooooooooo Good To Be SKYE......Woofs and Wags and good stinks and good dinners to all!



June 3rd 2005 4:38 pm
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Hey, Pups! As some of you may already know, that amazing dog and deep thinker, LYLE , is running for congress!! Check out his page and read about his platform. Sounds like a good deal for all of us. As you can see I am campaigning for him, and I'm asking all my Pup Pals to join in. Just think of what it will mean for all of us! And besides, if he wins, then maybe Little Bit will stop rolling her eyes at him and give him the respect he deserves, LOL. I can see it now! GSDs for LYLE; BEAGLES for LYLE; BORDER TERRIERS for LYLE; MUTTS for LYLE---C'mon Pals! Woofs and Wags and happy voting to all till next time...


What an exciting week this will be!

June 6th 2005 6:03 pm
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Hey, Pups!
Look at my new LYLE for Congress button!! My cousin Basil got one too! We are just TOO COOL! Thanks, Lyle and Little Bit! You'll always have my vote--because I heard there is CHICKEN involved!!
On top of that, this Wednesday begins a week-long celebration around here for my 3RD birthday!! Mom and Dad have LOTS of neat stuff planned for me!! I'll make sure they take lots of pictures, and I'll be sure to write all about it. Basil's birthday is the same day as mine, the little copy-dog! He'll only be one year old, though. MUCH too young for the wild parties I have planned! Happy Birthday, Beaglesnot! Ah, yes! New toys, new treats, new's GOOD to be SKYE. Woofs and Wags and good stinks to sniff and adventures to all....

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