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Two Akita's

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28 September 2012

September 28th 2012 4:06 pm
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I would like to thank everyone who sent us,p-mails,gifts,comments.and well wishes for my birthday. I had a wonderful day,it was mostly quiet but very enjoyable. I got some extra attention from Mommy &Daddy,had lots of fun with Mika,We even played tug with one of her new toys. The pawrents even had a canned food cake for me & Mika. We each got our own can in our special plates with a birthday candle in.Mika,Mommy,& Dad sang "Happy Birthday",Mommy helped me blow out the candle,and we feasted on our "cake" then we played with the new stuffies I got,they got Mika one as well but I always get stuff on her birthday,too. We all played together for a little bit but I was so full from my "cake" that I needed a nap. Mika didn't pick on me like she usually does which was nice,I hate when she bites at my tendons in my back legs. It has been much cooler around here which feels good most of the time but the mornings have been so chilly I like to spend a little extra time in bed. I am very thankful not only for the gifts and well wishes but for my many Dogster friends and my wonderful family as well. I hope my wish comes true. I would tell what it is but they say it won't come true unless you keep it secret. Hugs,Kisses and many thanks to all for making my birthday so special.


26 September 2012

September 26th 2012 7:56 am
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Today is Kai's official birthday according to his AKC papers but he was actually born at 10:34 p.m. on the 25th of September. Our biggie boy is now 3 years old and all grown up. We will be trying to get some pictures of him today to post and to send to his breeder so she can see just how handsome he has become. We can't imagine life without him.
He is Mika's best friend and playmate and has made her life much better,he loves to play rough with Dad and have fun with him. For Mom he is her self-appointed protector, Emotional support dog & chief motivator,and aside from Dad her best cuddle bug. We are all safe from any danger as long as Kai is here and Mom has to do at least some things even on her most depressed days,Kai will talk to her and nudge her until she is up,out of bed,has coffee,and showers as well as making sure to remind her that we need fed,let outside,and of course cuddled and played with,and knows exactly what tone to use and how to tell her our needs. No one trained him to do any of this,he taught himself. Mommy sometimes says that Mattie must whisper to him from across the bridge because she can't think of any other way he could know the things he does. We have a quiet day at home planned but the pawrents will certainly think of some special suprize for us,they always do and I promise not to pick on Kai today,well,at least not as much as I usually do.


17 September 2012

September 17th 2012 6:12 am
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Dad went to work this morning and we are keeping Mom on her toes playing the in and out game,it's where we act like we urgently need to go outside,stay out for less than 5 minutes,want back in and do it again and again. After a bit more than an hour Mom has put an end to the game. She says she is too tired to play and is going back to bed. We tried to play with Dad over the weekend and he wouldn't play either but he just said no,after the third time in a row that we did it. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes,Mom is finally feeling better except for being tired and having a mild temp increase,not really a fever. We are all hoping she is on her feet and back to normal before the end of the week. Thanks Everyone and have a good day!!!


15 September 2012

September 15th 2012 6:59 am
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We would like to thank all of our fellow Dogster's, old friends and new who have taken the time to send us gifts,well wishes, or just words of kindness and encouragement. We just wanted to let everyone know that aside from a virus that has had her feeling like crap,Mom is doing much better and it is because of your kind words and support.She has even managed in some cases to find her sense of humor again. She has also been able to tolerate short visits from others who have or have had the virus that has been keeping her far less active. She has even been playing with us a bit more. There are a few extra special people and pups we would like to thank for their kindness: Flika/Lucas/Cleo & Mom, Turner/Grunt/Darcy & Mom,Sanka/Kato & Mom,
Thor & Mom, Tyler & Mom, Bunny & Mom,Rocky & Mom,Anya,furblings & Mom
Yoshi & Mom,Natasha & Mom as well as many others who sent gifts,p-mails,comments, as well as well wishes in the forums when they have seen us.Your well wishes and support have been wonderful and as soon as Mom is done being kicked in the butt by this virus,she will thank you all more appropriately. Thank Goodness Dad is well and making sure we have fun while Mom is down for the count. She is doing as many have advised,resting,eating what she can tolerate,sharing with us of course,and taking it easy,mostly in the form of sleep.

We hope that all of our wonderful friends are doing well and staying healthy. Darcy & Grunt enjoy the playground and be on the look-out for bears and snakes. Flika & Lucas take care of Mom and help in whatever way you can to ease her pain. Thor keep the east coast safe from those commie horseshoe crabs and the gnomes on their toes. Natasha,that was one ugly spider make sure you and Mom are safe from them. Jewel do not let Mom take on more fosters than you can manage. For everyone else,stay safe,well,and enjoy as much good weather as you can. Hugs for those of you dealing with the sick and very recent loss of loved ones. Stay safe and aware of dangers from floods,fires,and other disasters. We have you all in our thoughts and prayers and will continue to do so. Mom may not be posting much right now but p-mails are getting answered,as Mom has the energy. Take Care all and we are thinking of you. Kai is being vigilant at staying at Mom's side as much as possible and I have taken over the main duties of watching the house. Dad has been helping to ensure that Mom has what she needs,and that we can continue to live in the lifestyle to which we have become accustomed. Thanks Dad for going to work,paying the bills,and providing the kibble for everyone.(Dad never gets the recognition he deserves,just the biggest piece of chicken) Take Care all be safe,well,and comfortable. For those of our friends who are teachers,thank-you for remembering that those you teach are our future and thank-you for doing the job you do,to ensure that they have a future as well.


6 September 2012

September 6th 2012 10:35 am
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Thank- you to all who have left kind thoughts and p-mails for Mommy as well. She is having a little better day today and has decided to stay with Dogster because she made promises to some pups and people who are having a rough time right now that she would be here when needed. Mom does not take those promises lightly. She will however be limiting her time and energy spent on Dogster until she is more able to deal with the negative things that sometimes happen here and will be trying to concentrate on getting herself better. Hugs,Best Wishes,and Many thanks to those who have been so kind. We love you all.


5 September 2012

September 5th 2012 8:15 am
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Thank-you to those of you who picked us as Diary of the Day we are very honored.

Thank-you to those as well who have once again shown their kindness and concern for Mommy. She has been having a very rough few days and has spent alot of time crying. We can't seem to fix it. We are trying however and so is she,so hopefully she will be better soon.

Hugs and much love to all our friends and those who have offered their support. We love you all.


4 September 2012

September 4th 2012 11:14 am
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We would like to thank all of our friends old and new and also all who have beem so wonderful to our Mommy.

Mommy's depression is getting much worse again and she feels that taking a break,possibly a permanent one will be the best thing for her.
Our current plus account expires on September 24. She will not be renewing our plus account,and will most likely be deleting our profiles from Dogster as well. For those who have become friends,if you do not have her personal contact info but would like to,please p-mail us so that it can be shared with you if desired. Mom may be popping in on occasion to check on things but Dogster no longer makes Mommy as happy as it once did and she feels that some recent events have in fact made things worse. Mommy will be spending the next few weeks deciding what is in her and our best interest. We will also be checking our account for p-mails from anyone who wishes to remain in contact.

For all of our pals and their families who are mourning,you have our deepest sympathies. May you all find peace and comfort.

For those who are in pain or not well,you have our thoughts,hugs and prayers with you always. Please know that we do care and if you choose to stay in contact we will be here for you,whatever you may need.

For those of you who jave been such wonderful,caring and supportive friends,you have our enternal gratitude,many hugs,and thanks.

For those of you who do not know us but have heard about how mean and awful we are,we are not,however there is nothing we can do to change your perception/impression of us,however a p-mail personally to us would have been far more appropriate a way to air your grievances than on other public forums of which we are not members. We are sure there are several of you that are truly hoping that we are leaving and won't be back. You'll be happy to know that you have finally been sucessful in getting rid of us. Mommy is just currently too emotionally fragile and physically not well enough to continue to fight against the negativity of so many. Mommy has always tried to advocate against BSL,for informed,researched and responsible pet ownership,wether a pup or older dog comes from a breeder,rescue,shelter,byb,oops litter or off the streets,she has always felt that knowing what you are getting into and honestly knowing that you are willing and able to manage makes it more likely that that dog or cat will have the best chance at a loving forever home. Trying to promote responsibility,advocate for self- awareness and education to ensure informed,responsible,pet ownership has been a long standing passion of Mommy's. She will continue her fight in her own community one pup at a time when she is more able to do that.

Thank-you again to everyone who has been so wonderful,helpful and supportive. Many hugs,much love and best wishes to all of you.

Thank-You again for your support and understanding,we will miss you all,very much.


13 August 2012

August 13th 2012 8:26 am
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We would like to thank both everyone who commented on our July 19 entry as well as those who p-mailed us with comments. We are trying to figure out how to make our rant a bit more educational for people considering adding a furry friend to their homes. Your input has been very helpful and we greatly appreciate that you took the time to let us know your thoughts. We are currently using both the post we made and the many comments we recieved to make a blueprint for responsible pet ownership. While we know that we will not reach everyone,if we reach even one,then it will be worth the effort. There will always be irresponsibility,idiocy,and stupidity in this world and even in some we know. We can only hope by trying to lead the way,in whatever small way we can,we can change things one person and one pup at a time.
Thank-you all again for your input and assistance. Hugs to All of you,and Don't forget to hug your pups and humans a little tighter when you think of those who have not yet learned the true joys of being a loving and responsible pet owner.


19 July 2012

July 19th 2012 9:06 am
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We have not updated our diary in quite some time but several threads in various forums have got us thinking again about so many things.

We have over the past 6 months or so,seen so many of our pals and their humans lose furblings/furkids. Although a natural part of life,and something we all know going in,we will quite likely have to deal with at some point it is sad and they have our deepest sympathies.

We have also seen many adoptions and people new to fostering,as well as many who have done so much for so many over the years,you are all the greatest and deserve applause,thanks,accolades and recognition,so if no one else has said so lately- Thank-you for all you do to help animals in need whatever the personal cost and sacrifice to yourselves both physically and mentally.

For those who do all they can to fight BSL,speak against it,and even just sign petitions,contact legislators,and try to educate the public about the problems and sadness BSL causes while fixing nothing,and costing many innocent pets that did nothing their lives.Thank-you and keep up the Good Fight!!! We are with you as well.

For those who have adopted pets for the first,twenty-first,and one-hundred and first times,Thank-you for giving those who need a second chance,that chance in your home. Best-wishes to you as well.

For those of you who are considering adding a pet to your home:

If all potential dog owners,checked into and researched the breed(s) they were considering,and looked at the good,bad and ugly as well as the appealing side of the breed,perhaps they might not end up with a breed that is beyond them to handle,or not properly prepared for.
If every pet owner made the commitment to actually raise,train and socialize their dog to be a respectful and respectable member of society and made the commitment to meet the needs of the dog they chose(realizing that commitment could be 20 years) and followed through with it as well as following the law,there would be less if no need for AC/shelters/BSL.
If people were more willing to be responsiblefor their own actions and the behavior/actions of their pets,the media might soon run out of fuel and stop writing about how bad certain breeds are and giving the public the wrong perception of so many breeds. I do not believe in BSL in any of it's forms,I believe in punishing the deed,and those responsible for what the dog did,rather than condemning the whole breed over the actions of those who are responsible for the behavior of that specific dog.
Before we complain or worry about about specific breeds of dogs why not complain about,discourage,or stop people from taking on a pet that they know nothing about,have not researched,does not fit their lifestyle,finances,abilities,or situation,or if they have taken so much as a second to realize that a pet is not a potted plant,and even potted plants need someone responsible to commit to meeting their needs for food,water,a bigger pot,proper light,etc...

If you are not willing to be honest with yourself,do the research to discover wether you are able and prepared for meeting a dogs needs,finding the breed that best fits your lifestyle and situation,take on the commitment for meeting the dogs needs,and following through with that commitment for the life of the dog please do not bring home that rescue,shelter,pet store,Back yard breeder,free to good home,or otherwise available dog/puppy and ruin things for the rest of us who knowing that the road will not be easy,the battle will be mostly uphill,still choose to do things properly,make the commitment to do the best for our pets,spend countless hours feeding,training,socializing,and being responsible pet owners knowing all the while that we will at some point have to suffer the pain,agony,and heartbreak of losing our beloved friend and family member,still choose to do so everyday. We would appreciate the courtesy of at least not having people who can't or won't make the commitment,or feel that pets are disposable,not make our lives that much more difficult. Thanks in advance.


2 March 2012

March 2nd 2012 2:57 pm
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Mom took human sister 'Rie for a follow- up ultrasound and to see the doctor. Everything really is fine and there will not be any new grandchildren in our future,thank dog. We love the little ones they just aren't easy to keep up with. Mommy got the livingroom into the diningroom and Dad just has to play with the electronics tomorrow. Dad had a slow day at work and got to leave early. Mom had a long morning and we all had a really long night,the pawrents didn't sleep so we were up as well hanging out with whoever was being more interesting at the moment. What is it with humans and baths. Mom loves the tub,she actually takes a shower or bath everyday!!! YIKES!!! We only get a few of those things a year and we hate them. That soapy stuff makes even us big boys smell like fruit or flowers, I am neither I am a big boy and want to smell like one. Mika doesn't seem to mind the flowers smell much but she's a girl. I say it's time for us to start a campaign," Male Dogs for Big Boy Shampoo."

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