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Two Akita's

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25 December 2013

December 25th 2013 4:53 pm
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Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful Dogster friends and family. We haven't been around much lately due to various goings on but we had a wonderful Christmas and hope that all of our friends and those here we consider a part of our little family did as well. Hopefully the personal matters that have been keeping us busy will all soon be resolved and we will be able to rejoin the community and family as before. Take Care all and be safe,well and happy until we can once again rejoin you on a regular basis. We love and miss all of our pals and enjoy our time on Dogster. Hope to see and hear from all of you soon and Thank-you all for the lovely gifts and wonderful messages on our page.


3 December 2013

December 3rd 2013 7:17 am
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We would like to say "THANK-YOU to everyone who left Thanksgiving wishes on our page. We hope that all of our wonderful Dogster friends had a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving of the type they chose. Weather it was one that was quiet at home with just a few of you, away with family and friends or at home busy, loud, full of family and friends making wonderful memories we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. We haven't been on Dogster much lately but we still love it and we miss the daily contact with our little Dogster family (you all know who you are) and all of our Dogster friends. We have been busy with home and family issues but nothing too worrisome and hope to be back regularly soon. Take Care everyone and we hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and continue to enjoy your Holiday Season. Hugs to All.


24 July 2013

July 24th 2013 5:27 am
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Mom and Dad made us a new den!!! They have been changing things and making a mess in it for months, we have had to deal with not knowing where our food and water dishes went, trying to figure out where the rug went, and they even took the bed away!!!! It has all been so confusing and very strange with some yucky new smells that are thankfully gone, all kinds of strange activity, and a lot of things out of place in other areas as "the project" as they call it has been going on. They say there are still more things to be done but as far as we are concerned they can stop now. We have a nice rug to lay on that didn't have any people or other smells on it, now it smells just like our family, it is soft and fluffy and really nice to sleep on. We aren't allowed on the pawrents bed anymore but that's okay this thing is great!! Our stuff is back in order, we can all stay in the same place to sleep again and it is nice and cool and quiet.

Speaking of cool, it has finally gotten a bit cooler outside, we have actually been able to go out and play instead of having to stay in because it is too hot to be outside. Mom says it is going to be a perfect day outside if the "weather man" who or whatever he is, knows what he is talking about. It is supposed to be in the low 70's with only 20% humidity. Dad even turned off the magic cooling box they have and opened the window this morning. YAY! Hope all of you are having a good day, too.


10 July 2013

July 10th 2013 7:18 am
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Mommy was trying to re-start our own pages but having a little trouble so she decided to post some of our pictures from the past here so that everyone could see us as we were growing up until we can get our own new pages. Hope everyone enjoys them.


7 December 2012

December 7th 2012 6:53 pm
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I just wanted to take the time to tell everyone who posted on our thread,in our favorite threads,or on our page with all of the wonderful Birthday Gifts and Wishes,Thank-you. You were all very kind and generous. I had a wonderful birthday full of fun got a few new toys,but Kai always takes those after a day or two,I do the same to him though so I guess it's okay. My birthday dinner was Chicken Cordon Bleu,we didn't get any sauce on ours though,Mommy said it wasn't good for us.The chicken was great without it though. Mommy played outside with us during the day,we played inside before dinner,then we sang "Happy Birthday" and I got my new toys.Mom will post pictures soon but Dad needs to take them from the camera and put them in the folder for mom. Mom says maybe for the New Year we will have our own pages back again but she needs to find some of our old photos and scan them back into the computer because many are trapped on the hard drive of our old computer that crashed and they have not been able to retreive them yet. Mom says she will just post the ones she has hard copies of when she finds them and scans them in. Take Care Everyone and Thank-you again for your kind thoughts.


6 December 2012

December 6th 2012 4:41 am
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31 October 2012

October 31st 2012 6:27 am
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So far we have survived "Hurricane Sandy" without any of the hardships many have suffered. We have had lots of wind and rain and don't want to play outside. Mom and Dad made sure we were prepared for worse but so far so good. We pray everyday for those who are in need and suffering the loss and devastation that have overtaken the entire east coast of the U.S. We pray that our fellow Dogsters also remain safe and well throughout this disaster,we know it has brought losses to many and will disrupt lives of many for quite awhile to come. It is supposed to be a day of fun for the little ones with costumes and candy but with the storm still swirling in some areas and the devastation in others,many of those childrens events have been cancelled or postponed for now. For many the loss of their homes and loved ones is this is far from a day of fun. We are praying that things return to normal as quickly as possible for those without power or vital services,that the homeless will be cared for,and those in need will recieve the help they need. Hugs,Prayers,and best wishes to all.


17 October 2012

October 17th 2012 6:19 pm
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Hello friends! As you can see Mom finally added some new photos of us to our page. It always seems to take her forever. We are considering bugging her to put our single pages back up but have not talked her into it yet. We have been keeping her busy around the house too! We are just finishing up blowing our coats and have her brushing and vacuuming as well as trying to get our fur off of anything and everything it lands on. Kai also got all excited because our pup pal Buster and his Mommy came to visit and he broke the screen on the screen door again,the front door this time though. Dad fixed it so he can't tear the one on the back door anymore. Mommy said he's just lucky that it is time to take the screen out anyway or Dad would kick his butt!(He wouldn't really) We were driving Mom crazy this morning playiny the in-and-out game,where we ask to go out,Mom opens the door and lets us in the yard,we run around and just check things out,ask to be let back in,then repeat every 10 minutes until Mom gets that look and when we walk to the door just says, "No." It's one of our favorite games but I don't think Mom likes it very much.The pawrents talked about getting us a doggy door but decided against it when they discovered that the size Kai needs would mean replacing the entire back door,two of them in fact.Besides I would never use it,I don't like new things and freak out and cry when new things I don't understand touch me,I'm still not sure that the snow shovel Dad put out last weekend isn't out to get me,and no matter what the pawrents say,I did not walk into that chair because I was watching them eat to make sure they saved me a bite,it did just jump out and attack me,thank goodness I have Kai to protect me from stuff like that.Kai isn't afraid of anything. Mom and Dad have worked very hard to make sure that I am not afraid of things and have told me that they would never let anyone or anything hurt me and I trust them,but they couldn't do anything about that chair that jumped out and attacked me.
Hope everyone has a good night.


3 October 2012

October 3rd 2012 8:17 pm
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A little more about our new doggy neighbor. Her people were able to find out she is 3 years old,has already had at least one litter of puppies,until my neighbors picked her up and brought her home the vet that had been caring for her got at least 3 calls a week from people who wanted to do the right thing and find her owner.The more they found out from the vet the less excited they were about sending her back to her owners, so when the owner called and offered,they chose to take her in.She is very sweet and loving,knows her basic commands and is partially potty trained. She is fine overnight in their bedroom with not messing anywhere but sometimes during the day has accidents,Mom has been helping them with that. She also has a skin infection,ear infection and UTI that are now being treated. They are not thrilled with the idea of the spay abort but really can't think of another option given her situation. They are very good people who took in a cat left behind by it's owner when the owner moved and the kitty spent a week sleeping on their porch. Who ever had left him behind at least had the decency to have had him neutered,he has been happily ruling the house since and we are sure Mia will as well. They are good people who when the time comes and a stray is in need will do whatever they can to help. We know that Mia now has a home where she will be taken care of in the way she deserves and live happily with a family who loves her. They have always been wonderful friends and extended pack members to us,and now we will have Mia to love,protect,and play with as well. Mom also told Mia's people that when the UTI is better her potty habits may not be a problem anymore either. Will all our pals please say an extra little prayer for our little pal Mia and her new people that all goes well and she can now live a safe,healthy,happy life for many years to come? Thanks. M & K


3 October 2012

October 3rd 2012 7:31 am
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Shhhh! be very quiet. We are being extra good today. Mommy has been fighting a migraine for the past 3 days but has still managed to play with us,care for us,and let us have alot of fun. We would like to say,"Thank-you to Everyone who left bunches of baloons on our gift space. Our husister,Cherie had two tooth extractions and is not feeling her best right now. We have had some good news though,our little girl Kayley,Mom & Dad's granddaughter and one of our most favorite playmates got all A's on her report card. We have a new doggie neighbor who is a maltese/pug mix from the looks of her,she was running around loose,wet,cold and matted and nearly got hit by my neighbors as they were leaving a relatives house. They picked her up,brought her home,bathed,fed and warmed her up. They then called the vet whose phone number was listed on her tags to try to return her,they left their phone number with the et for the owner. The owner called them and did not want her back. They took her to be groomed,took her to the vet and are planning to keep her.She will be spayed right away as soon as an ultrasound and blood work can be done because she was already in heat and potentially mated before they picked her up and with 5 children the youngest being not yet 3 and a cat along with both parents working,they do not have the time or energy for puppies or the finances should the delivery be complicated. They can and will take excellent care of her and can afford to care for her properly,just don't have the money right now for what could be some very costly vet bills not knowing what the puppies mix might be,so we have a new playmate and friend. We are very good and gentle with her and look forward to having some playtime with her as she gets used to her new home. Our little boy,Landon because he is in kindergarten only gets two progress reports a year so we hope he is learning and behaving well.
A special" Hello" to all of our friends in the Spam forum and our other Dogster pals as well and also to Mommy's friends who p-mail us regularly. Have a good day all..... Hugs.

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