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It's almost time for my first Thanksgiving with my- family!!!!!!!

November 15th 2011 3:05 pm
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It's almost time for my first Thanksgiving with my family!!!!!!! I can't wait!! Were celebrating it at grandpa's house. I've never been there but I heard there's cats there. I hate cats. Anyways I also heard he has a big backyard and a pond. I can't wait!!!! Well Buzz is in the backyard barking. I wonder if he's barking at a squirrel. Well I better go see!!!


it's my grandpa's birthday today and my old family is- here!!!!

November 12th 2011 9:02 pm
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It's my grandpa's birthday today and my old family is here. My old family is here but I don't really remember them. They started hugging and squeezing me until I snuck away to write in my diary. Anyways it's also my grandpa's birthday today and were having a party for him. I'm starting to really like grandpa. After he plays Buzz's favorite games with Buzz he plays my favorite games. Mine are fetch, tag, and to find the squeeky toy.Anyways I think it's time for grandpa to open his presents. I got him a picture of me so he'll remember me every day when he's not in my house.Well it's time to go. Oh ya and thank you to all the veterans who served the country. Thank you!!!!


I love snow!!!!!!!

November 10th 2011 4:00 pm
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I love snow!!! This is the first time with my family that we got to get out and play with the snow. I love running around in the snow and catching snowflakes!! It's so fun!!!!! Oh and I just had a recent trip to the lake. I haven't gotten to tell you guys about it since Buzz hogged the laptop. So I guess you should read his diary if you wanna know. Ooooo!!! It's snowing even more outsiede and I see Buzz going out. I think I'm gonna go with him. Well by guys!!!!!


About to go on a trip to the lake!!!!

November 5th 2011 8:07 am
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I'm about to go on a trip to the lake!!!!!!!! I'll have to make this diary entry short. Me, my mommy, Buzz, and the whole rest of the family is going on a fun trip to the lake!!!! It's going to be one of my first trips with my family to the lake. I can't wait!! Were about to go now my mommys just packing some last minute stuff. This is going to be the best day ever!!! And the weather is just perfect!!!! I hear it's not going to rain!! Which is just great!!!! Well I better go now. Time to go to the lake!!!!!!


I'm really excited for Thanksgiving!!!

November 3rd 2011 7:44 pm
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I'm super excited for Thanksgiving. First my mommy has a whole week off from school so she gets to play with me all day. Then on Thanksgiving day.....I heard there's going to be turkey!!!!! My other family never really ate turkey. They ate chicken and chicken isn't as good as turkey. I tried it once and I was in love with it. I can't wait till Thanksgiving!!! Well I'm tired. I think i'll go to bed now and dream about turkeys.


I love Halloween!!!!!!!!

November 1st 2011 7:52 pm
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I love Halloween!!!!! This was my first Halloween with my new family and I loved it!!!!!!!! My mommys sister took me trick-or-treating with her and her friends. After her school was over she dressed up in her costume then she dressed me up in mine. I was a fairy princess with a dress, wings, and one of those pointy princess hats. The first house we went to my mommy got candy but I didn't get a treat. I didn't even get a treat until the fourth house. The fourth house we went to had a dog so I knew they must have treats. So when my mommy and her friends got there candy I went up to the front and did my best trick. i sat down and put on my saddest face ever and cried. It worked!!!! I got a tasty bone. We went many houses and most of them had dogs that were willing to share there bones and treats. When we all got back home my mommy first showed me all the toys I got. I got a rubber ball, a squeeky bone, and a small stuffed animal. I also got many tasty yummy treats for doing a trick. I love Halloween!!!!!!! Well i want to find where Buzz hid his toys again. I love to destuff them before he does. Well I hope you all had a great Halloween!!!!!!!


I'm going to be a fairy-princess for Halloween!!!!!!!!

October 28th 2011 8:36 pm
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I can't wait for Halloween!!!!!!!! I'm going to now be a fairy princess!!!!! Instead of just having wings my mommy bought me a princess dress and one of those pointy princess hats. I love it!!!!! I can't wait to show it off to Nakita and Sally. There going to be so jealous. On Halloween whenever the trick-or-treaters come by I'm going to prance toward them in my costume and wait till I hear Ooooo's and Ahhh's from them and 'wow she is so cute'. Cause I know they would. I love Halloween and it's the first one I'm spending with my mommy since I'm new. I can't wait!!!! Well I'm going to ask my mommy if I can do a practice walk in my costume. I'll just ask Buzz what walk he likes better. Well I better go then before Buzz or my mommy go to sleep. Good night!!!!!!!


I got presents!!!!!

October 26th 2011 7:15 pm
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I love presents!!! My mommy went out to the store and when she came back she had presents!!!! She got me two things and Buzz two things. My mommy got me a medium bone with meat in it which is one of my favorites. I ate some of it then decided to save it and hide it. My mommy also got me a new sweater!!!! It's purple with snowflakes on it and it has a hood!! I love it!! I'm wearing it right now because it's so warm and comfy and better than Buzz's blankie or sweater or whatever it is. I love it my new sweater!!!! Well I want to look for Buzz's bone I want to eat mine but I want to save it. Well good night!!!!


Why won't the rain stop!!

October 19th 2011 7:04 pm
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Ugh, I hate the rain. It gets my nicely brushed fur all soggy and wet. But i always want to go out so what could I do. I have a raincoat but it gets my fur messed up to and I don't like it. After a walk my mommy dries me and comes me because I like to stay pretty. but having to go through a coming and drying takes to much work that I could see my mommy tired. Well Buzz is in the backyard so i'm going to go out and see if it finally stopped.


Finding another cozy place to sleep.

October 12th 2011 7:58 pm
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My bed and the closet don't seem so cozy anymore to sleep in. The closets now always closed and I only like my bed at night and at the morning. So I found 2 new spots to sleep in. The first one I found 2 days ago. It's behind a laundry basket in my grandmas room. I made a nest there. It so far has many plastic bags that are cozy to sleep on. My other favorite spot to sleep in is underneath a table. It's a table where there's a top and at the bottom is where you could put newspapers or magazines. I found that cozy little spot today. Well*yawn* I better get my beauty sleep.

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