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The Move

April 5th 2012 8:02 am
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Wow, it has been a LONGGGG week! Momma said that we had to move out of our house and in with Granny for a couple of months, but I don't really know why - something about having renters move into our house until we can sell it? I am just so confused - Dad hasn't been home in a long time, and Momma explained that's cause they're getting a divorce...whatever that means! I was sad at first because he didn't come home anymore, but I accepted it, and now, I realize that it's my job to protect Momma, especially since she was home by herself! Nobody was gonna come to OUR house unannounced!

But now, we are moved, and things are still a little crazy - we can NOT wait to get settled in! I don't like being off my schedule and in a new place! It's a little scary. But then, I have my Mom to protect ME. She says that everything will be okay, and I will even make some new least my kitty brother is here!! I missed him terribly the night that I had to be away from him! But he tells me that this place isn't all bad, too! I think I can get adjusted, it's just a matter of time...

Welp, I'm off to check on Mom - I've been away from her for a few minutes, and she's probably worried sick that I'm not at her heels, watching everything that she does! Till next time!



September 7th 2011 7:36 am
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Hihihihi, everyone! My name is Nahla, and I am SUPER excited to be here! Literally, I am wiggling from the excitement!! So about me -

I am an 8-month old whine-er-aner, or whatever it is that mom calls me...I have no clue what she is talking about. Truly, I am just like her! I am my own person (WHY is that so funny, mom?)! I love eating, playing, sleeping, cuddling (with mom), repeat, repeat, AND repeat! :) How does that NOT sound human, may I ask?

I also like to give my undivided attention to mom...for three seconds...before I yawn and find something else to do. Puh-lease, I do not have a short-attention spppaa.........LOOK, THE BALL!!!


Later! :D

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