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My New Forever Home

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Goodbye My Friends

January 17th 2014 7:19 pm
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We are so very sad that Dogster is closing. We would have liked to send out a farewell message to you all as our Pup Pals, but there seems to be no such function for that here. We have been on the site as a family for over nine years. Dogster was our dog social site First Love. We started with Cuailgne and Lindsay who made many friends here. They passed to the Rainbow Bridge and mom and dad needed support, which they found here. Later MacKenzie Girl and Connor Mac Nessa joined our Dogster family. They made new friends here too, and when they passed to the Bridge mom got lots of support from her friends here. Finally I joined Dogster and just a little later my fur brother Doolie joined. We were not as active as some of our other family dogs, but we still enjoyed coming here and making friends, reding articles, and participating in surveys and discussions. We are sad that we must say good bye now. We are grateful to Dogster for making it possible for us to meet and connect with so many dogs, their famlies, and in some cases we all made a difference in issues such as there's Michael Vick case, and others like it. We can be found on sniffsnwags, and Pawshoovesandclaws, or dynamicpups. Farewell to you all. We wish you happiness and every success for your family. xoxox


My Gotcha Day!

August 29th 2013 6:30 pm
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Labor Day is my Gotcha Day. That's when our family celebrates when I first came to my New Forever Home. It's been two years now. I remember when I first came home I didn't have any fur. Now it's all grown in so nicely. I have bows and new fancy outfits made just for me by my mom. I love my dad too. He sneaks me snacks when mom's not looking. Tee-hee! I especially like it when dad picks me up. I feel so safe. I love my little fursib Dooli. He barks a lot, but that's o.kay. He's fun to watch! I love all my home made food here. Today I had salmon, peas, yogurt, egg, and beef. Isn't that something? Sometimes I get my own mail too, from my friends Kylie, Rani, Cammy, and other doggies on the net. My mom still takes lots of photos of me, and guess what, I've pretty much gotten over my fear of the flash. I always get really great snacks when the photo session is over, and I love that! I miss my Auntie Linda, who is my faery dogmother at Sheltie Shack Rescue, but sometimes she comes to visit me. I still remember her, and she always picks me up and gives me great hugs and kisses. I love my new Forever Home. xoxoxo


I was a Diary Of the Day Winner!

July 22nd 2013 1:55 pm
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Guess what? I was a Diary of the Day Winner today! Isn't that cool? Now I'm a published author. I think I should have my own Apple lap top don't you? I mean a published author shouldn't have to share a computer. I need my own space to create! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need a new tiara too. I have to keep up my 'dignity' in public. I should hire a photographer too, to make some publicity shots. I wonder where I could find a decent photographer? Hmmmmm...


Is Summer OVER Yet??

July 19th 2013 1:15 pm
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It is over 100 degrees here in Kansas today! Too hot for a little black furred Sheltie baby like me. I'm going to have to stay inside until long after the sun goes down. I'm just going to chill out on my Cool Bed III and feel the cold. Later I'll hop up onto the Big Bed and stretch out under the ceiling fan. Sometimes my mom will see that I'm hot so she will take an ice pack and rub it on my tummy for as long as I want! I really like that.


The first fireflies

June 11th 2013 9:24 pm
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On our night walk tonight with my dad and my fursib Dooli we saw the first fireflies of the summer. I had forgotten them, and when I saw them again, they reminded me of fairies. Dooli was trying to chase them. He tries to chase everything. I just wanted to watch them. So pretty.


A cool rainy night

June 8th 2013 8:48 pm
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It's summer now, but unlike last year, it's been much cooler than last year. We've even seen Mr. Fox all ready! We have had nice cool temperatures in the 70's with cool breezes. So nice. Tonight we had some rain. I went out to my wonderful porch with my mom and we listened to the rain. I smelled the nice cool air. Our roses have all ready flushed out out. It rained a LOT in May, so they bloomed early. But we had some day high winds and lots of petals fell. After that mom cut back the roses, hard, cuz they were wild and we could hardly see over the rails on the porch! We have our fountain out too now, and mom potted up some shade plants so we have some interesting foliage to look at when we go out there. Our window box looks really good with lime green, dusky purple with a tinge of orange daisies, bright yellow and orange marigolds, and pink impaitients. We are the only ones on the block that have a window box. And today my mom made me some new red and white bows for my fur. I've been showing them off today.


Snow Storm!

February 22nd 2013 11:20 am
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Crikey!! Just when mom was starting to think about mucking the rose beds out because they have buds on them, we got this horrendous snow storm. We got 7 inches of snow in one hour, and over the 48 hour period, our town averaged 4 inches of snow per hour, with a total of about 12 for our area. All the schools, and most of the businesses were closed. The highways were covered in snow and of course there were some fender benders. Dad stayed home cuz his shop is far away and the roads were either closed, or not passable. That's a LOT of snow. Some areas lost power, but not us. We were o.kay. Dad made the porch, side, and back yards safe for us pups by shoveling a path for us, which is really nice. Now we don't have to get all wet to go out and do our business. Even the birds got a cleared out spot so they wouldn't fall in the snow while trying to get their food. Today it's a bright sunny day out, but the snow isn't melting too much. It will likely stay on the ground for awhile. I like playing in it and eating it too. It's exciting, but I don't want any more snow. This is enough! xoxo


Fire at Sheltie Shack Rescue

February 11th 2013 2:22 pm
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I am so sad. There was a fire at Sheltie Shack Rescue where I was adopted from and where my Auntie Linda lives. The beautiful big red barn with the wonderful stone foundation, and the red silo burned to the ground. It looks like a total loss to me. Luckily, very luckily, there was no loss of life for either animals or humans. But we loved seeing that barn whenever we would visit Sheltie Shack, or visit the web site. But we are so relieved that there were no injuries or loss of life. Anyone interested in donating can go to and find information about that. We hope that Auntie Linda will rebuild soon. xoxoxo


My new dental care routine...

February 11th 2013 1:58 pm
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My mom got me and Dooli both new chew toys! I lost most of my teeth before I came to live with my Forever mom and dad, so I don't really play with chew toys very much, but sometimes I would chew on Dooli's after he had chewed on it. But my mom wanted me to have my own chew toys in case I wanted to chew on something. Now I have some soft rubber toys, some harder Nylabone chews, and some other hard nubbie things to chew on. My mom also bought me some chicken flavored tooth paste. Now every night after our night time walk with my dad, my mom will first brush my fur, straighten my bows, and then gently she will brush my back back teeth. I usually lick off the toothpaste, and then mom has to get more. Then she will brush all my gums, my fangs, and will try to brush the top of my mouth, but I don't really like that very much and sometimes I fuss. When we are all finished, I always get a super good snack, like a piece of chicken, or a Charlee Bear Snack. Sometimes, if my dad is in charge of getting the snack, he will bring me a teeny bit of bacon! What's better than that? xoxoxo


Taxes and Owls

January 31st 2013 11:14 pm
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Today it was super cold!! It was only 3 days ago when it was 78 degrees, and now, today it's like 24 degrees out! Ouch! So, since I had to be inside for most of the day, I decided I would help my mom out with her taxes. She can't do math to save her life! After that I had a little nap and waited for dad to come home. After my dinner of canned salmon, scrambled eggs and yogurt, my dad took me out for my night time walk. You know it's cold out when the ice gets all packed up into your paws! I decided I had had enough and I just parked my furry little butt down and I wouldn't move. I looked up at my dad and demanded to be picked up and taken back to my nice warm house and my flannel bed. That's when we heard it. The owls. They were back! The hoot,hooting was super loud in the cold air. Crikey! I was hoping they wouldn't swoop down and get me! Dad picked me up and took me back home. Phew! What a day!! xoxoxo

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