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The Stars at night are big and bright....

August 12th 2013 11:56 am
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On top of our mountain! Mom went out front last night! It was in the 50's and clear. Mom sat in her chair and was staring at the sky. She had her camera on a tripod and was taking these long pictures. You heard click, pause, pause (forever) then click! Dad came out a couple of times. He just doesn't get it! Yet he claims to be the outdoorsman! Hmpf!! Anyhoo! I had a blast! I chased Darcy, she chased me! Then I sniffed and sniffed in mom's flowerbeds! Mom said I was obsessing! Whatever! It was fun!! We didn't get to bed until real late. One good thing about mom working the evenings we slept until 10! :):) Dad's friend Russ came over to visit me! He said since he was there that him and dad were going to check the game cameras. I got my rubs in then they went into the woods. THEN, mom gave me and Darcy a bath! She used a bunch of peanutbutter on Darcy to break down her tree sap spots! :):) I wanted to lick it off of her but mom wouldn't let me! :)



August 8th 2013 2:21 pm
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We slept late today! We were all comfy so why bother to move right? Mom dremeled my nails yesterday. She used a new band - it was way too rough. She threw it out and will use a finer one next time. I still got plenty of treats because I'm so awesome when she does my nails. :) Today is mom's Friday, that's good. She said something about maybe this weekend we'll got to the lake for swimming.... sounds great to me! :)


Whew, I'm exhausted

August 4th 2013 6:36 pm
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We've had sooo much company at the house lately. Uncle Mark and Aunt Deb were in for a week, they were fun! Then grandma showed up for 2 weeks, love her! She talked to me and Darcy, gave us treats and shared her pretzels with us all the time. Then mom and dad's friends from FL showed up for a few days. Man, it's been busy at our house! Yesterday grandpa showed up. He was taking grandma home the same day! We thought he was going to spend the night. No complaints here. He doesn't like me much. But I did bring him the ball when he asked me to! :) THEN, mom took me to Joyful Rescues. They had their annual Petfest/Pet Reunion. I wore my new collar and was the best boy there! I met about 20 dogs and said hello. Mom was shocked at how awesome I am! Everyone complimented me on my collar BEFORE they asked what breed I am. Mom was in heaven! She wanted the collar to have people look at the collar so I can smooze them before they find out I'm a pitbull. :):) Mom's so smart! Well, we got home from Petfest and I was exhausted! I've been busy being a good host to our visitors! We got home around 4pm. I didn't eat my dinner - too tired. Went to bed and woke up at 8 am today!! That's how tired I was! Now I'm good to go!

Mom was outside with me and dad came out on the deck with the phone. He tossed it down to mom. It was Joyful Rescues. Turns out mom won one of the raffles! A 2 night stay in Ellicottville, NY! It's a ski-resort town! Mom was giggling and jumping!

THEN! Mom got a call from Aunt Jackie. Mr. Bootes did his variable surface track today. He never faltered! The trainer and Aunt Jackie were stunned and shocked! Now the trainer has told Aunt Jackie that after January 1st AKC will be testing AKC Companion Partner dogs!! Mom is so happy for Aunt Jackie and Mr. Bootes!


I'm famous!

July 29th 2013 5:07 pm
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Look on the Dogster main page. See the story about cheering up on Mondays... that's ME!! Wooohoooo!!!! :):)


Mom did it again!

July 28th 2013 2:55 pm
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Well, she left us again. This time for 4 days! Geez! Turns out mom went to NJ to see her friend and her brothers. I was not happy. Grandmom is fun, she even threw the ball a few times, BUT she's not mom! Dad did play chuck-it ball with me when it wasn't raining. But last night mom came home! Darcy was really chewing her butt out too! I just wanted a hug! Awww, I love my mom!

Mom got me new toys. She only gave me one, but I saw her put away more in the closet! Hmmm, I'll have to work on getting them! :) Then I got to snuggle with mom for a bit. Yesss! I missed her so much!

Mom said she's not going anywhere without me unless she gets an emergency phone call. She said the next time she leaves me and Darcy will be at the kennel. Works for me! :)


Something is up...

July 23rd 2013 12:22 pm
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First mom leaves and then comes back hours later with grandma. NOW, she's been loading up her suv. AND she packed her red suitcase. Something is definately up. I won't let her make a move without me being there. Yet, today she put her uniform on and went to work. Hmmmm.... somthing is definately up...


Cool Bath

July 18th 2013 12:01 pm
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Yesterday mom put on my Frontline. Today means bath day. Boy is it cookin outside! Mom tricked me into the bathtub with my ball. But it was a cool bath and I just stood there and enjoyed my massage. Now I'm super clean and sleepin on moms bed with the a/c on! Dad is home today, he left early on the HD to go get some colored paracord. He's turning into a junkie making paracord collars and keychains. Mom's looking for a local place to buy the hardware for the collars and wants dad to make collars for all of moms friends here on Dogster!


My Donation

July 17th 2013 3:44 pm
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Mom and dad took me to the rescue where I was adopted from today. Every August they have a fundraiser "Petfest". Well this year I told mom that she needed to donate the old tv from the bedroom. Everyone was so happy to see me! I saw a cat and forgot about greeting everyone for a minute! Then I was back to my 'ol self. There was awful road construction on the way in so mom took another way home. It was longer, but I didn't mind. It was a ride in the SUV and I got to listen to mom and dad talk. :)



July 16th 2013 12:20 pm
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It's hot. Not as hot as some of the country. I cannot imagine what some of my Dogster friends are going through with the heat! Mom didn't even take us for a walk today. She said the road would be too hot to walk on. Mom and dad didn't get home until 1:30am! Geez! We're hungry! Mom said there was a stabbing at work and dad had some paperwork to get done before they could come home. Oh well! We had the windows open with the fans on last night. Mom only got a little bit of sleep. She woke me up to go potty, I really didn't want to go outside, but did just for her. :) We did manage to go to the playground before it got real hot and mom threw the chuck-it ball for me a few times. That was all I needed! Later mom was throwing the ball in the house. Yup, my house is big enough for mom to throw the ball and I run after it! Well mom tried to take a nap, I layed with her on the recliner/sofa and she was jumpy. Said she couldn't get comfy. So she got up and I took a nap without her. Then she did my nails. I like getting my nails done! Really!! I get this beef jerkey from Omaha Steak when mom does my nails. As soon as I see the bag I run and jump on the bed while mom sets up. Zip, zip, zip and my nails are done and I've gotten my jerkey! Yummy!!! Now mom and dad are at work and me and Darcy are on dad's bed with the a/c going.


Wait until you see

July 11th 2013 11:55 am
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Mom got my new collar. It's, well stunning! All custom made too! Mom says this is my collar for life! Dad was quite impressed (he still doesn't know how much it cost!) at the craftmanship and the overall design. Me? I love it! I has this fuzzy stuff on the inside of it and is so soft! :)

Mom's gonna take some pictures this weekend! Until then have a great day everyone! :)

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