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October 23rd 2013 5:20 pm
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Yup, the grass is white! But mom said it won't last. It calls for snow every night for the next 5 nights. And it's cold. In the 20's for the next week. Luckily I've got Darcy, Mom and Dad to snuggle with! :):)

Mom's better today! Thanks everyone for letting her freak out. Sometimes it just takes some deep breaths to calm down. Mom said when I go back for my hookworm meds she's gonna have them draw blood on me to get a baseline.


Prayers needed.... :(

October 22nd 2013 2:13 pm
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Mom got word today from my rescue that my sister, Coast Guard, passed away from cancer. It was in her kidneys, bladder and jaw... :( Mom is totally freaked out 2 1/2 is too young. She's worried about me. She gave me a humungous hug!!



October 20th 2013 6:06 pm
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Well mom missed my 2 picks for Diary of the Day! She was on vacation and wasn't near a computer that she could type on. It's alright. I was at the kennel with Darcy. We had sooooo much fun! We slept the entire night mom picked us up and most of the next day!!! I came out with a boo-boo on my head. Mom said it looked alright and I didn't need to see the vet. Mom told me that she met Buddy, Tooten, Cooper and Rusty's mom and dad! They were super cool!! Mom spent the afternoon with them at this amazing dog park! Mom took tons of pictures and then realized she didn't have her card in the camera!! OMG!! Mom put the card in and took a handful of pictures that she's going to send to their parents. Then mom drove to Virginia, Assateague was close due to the government shutdown! :( But mom caught 2 beautiful sunsets. Then it happened, the rain, the wind. It never stopped. Turns out a Tropical Depression that had moved in decided to stay. The weather was horrible. Mom didn't go anywhere! That was until she got a call from a friend in NJ. She needed help and was in a bit of a jam. So mom packed up and left VA early and headed to NJ! Mom hung out with her girlfriends and her brothers for a few days. The last day she got to go with Aunt Jackie to watch dogs certify and test for Tracking Titles. Mom said it was so cool watching the dogs do their thing!! She loved it and Mr. Bootes passed his certification!! He's got a year and 4 attempts to get his title! I know he will - he's really smart! Then mom went to grandma and grandpas. Dad met mom there and they had a really good time. Now we're all home and all is well! Mom took us all to the lake yesterday. I got to run like crazy and Darcy enjoy the heck out of it! We came home pooped out! Mom gave us both baths last night so that means we got a massage! Then we chilled out! Darcy joined me and mom on the sofa. Mom covered us with blankets and we watched some tv. SIGH!! All is right in our world! :) Today mom said, look the sun is out! So she took all of this crazy stuff and dressed us up for Halloween! Mom should have her computer back tonight so hopefully we'll have pictures in a day or two! You guys aren't going to believe what she did to us this time!!!!! Whew! Now we're all caught up... :)


Oh Poo!

October 3rd 2013 4:56 pm
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Mom's going to Chincoteague for vacation. She walks and photographs along Assateague shoreline for relaxation. Mom just called down there because Assateague is a National Park. Guess what? They're closed, no pedestrian or bicycle traffic allowed! NOOOOO!! Guess mom will have to figure something out....


Thanks HQ!

October 3rd 2013 1:19 pm
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For the selection of Diary of the Day!

Mom took us for a walk today - the usual. Then when we got home me and Darcy got baths! I got a mani/pedicure on top of it all! Mom trimmed Darcy's nails 2 days ago.

Then, mom started to put our food in containers that mean we are going to the kennel! YIPPEEEE!!! Mom put our pillows in the car and all of our stuff. So in the morning we can just get up and go. Sounds great to me!! Mom's leaving Sunday and said we will be at the kennel so she can clean the rugs, spray the house and put the killer stuff down for the ticks in the grass. I'm gonna have such a great time!! I probably won't get any sleep tonight!

Dad is home tonight, that's good! He said he's going to give me tons of lovin because I'm going on vacation. I'm gonna show dad how to take a proper nap and chill tonight.


It's Official - We're Broke!

October 1st 2013 2:26 pm
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Mom and dad work for the Feds. The government is on shutdown mode. Mom and dad were told they will get paid - eventually. Mom has a non-refundable vacation paid for, they said - too bad... If you go on vacation we won't pay you - but you may get paid later - maybe. Mom said she's going on vacation. She NEEDS this vacation. It's going to be a LONG, COLD winter and this vacation is how she survives the winters.

Me and Darcy are still going on vacation. We may be home early though. Instead of 2 weeks at the kennel we may only get one.

Mom said something about how the people seem to forget the politicians work for us not the other way around. That people need to put their voices out there and be heard. The politicians need to stop playing and get down to business....


More Hours Needed, please...

September 25th 2013 2:00 pm
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Mom and dad got home late again last night! That's 2 nights in a row! Geez! Mom said the inmates have be acting like turds at work. Since dad is a Lieutenant he has tons and tons of paperwork to fill out when something happens. Hopefully mom will be home on time tonight!

So last night a truck pulled in the driveway. It was a huge truck! They off loaded some stuff and put it on the ground. Looks like dads roof is here! :):)

Mom took me and Darcy to town. She had to go to the bank and then the food store. Town is about 10 miles away and it's tiny. But I get to look at the people and some dogs for a bit so I love it! Mom said we didn't have time to walk around the lake, she bought a bag of ice and had to get it home. So at least we went for a drive. That's alwasy a good thing!

Mom grilled some burgers today. She was throwing the chuckit ball from the deck to the front yard. Man is that a run! Down the hill and back up a few times and I was winded!! The sun is out, it's supposed to be nice for the next 7 days. That's awesome! Mom told dad they aren't going anywhere this weekend (well we may go back to the lake again for pictures) Mom has been on the go all summer and wants to clean the house real good. We've got vacation coming up starting next Friday. Me and Darcy are going to the kennel for 2 whole weeks! Whooop Whooop!! Mom's going to the beach and dad is going to the woods to hunt! Yup everyone is going in their own direction. Even though I would prefer to be with mom!


Ugh Tick Season Again

September 24th 2013 4:15 pm
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Mom pulled 4 ticks off of me in the last 2 days. Ugh! She put on our Frontline + but still they creep! Mom has the heebie jeebies now! She hates ticks! I was laying on the bed by dad and mom said, "don't move, is that a tick on Grunts neck?" Sure enough it was a tick! Ewwwww!!! Get it off of me!! Yuck!!!! Mom said next Friday me and Darcy are going on vacation. That means we're going to Rainy Day Kennel! Yippppeeee!! Mom said she's going to put chemical down to kill the critters in the grass. So when we come home there won't be any creepy crawlers in the grass! Good!!!


My New Hero!

September 23rd 2013 1:44 pm
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The woman in this story is so brave! She stood up to someone the neighborhood feared because of his violence. The fact that she not only witnessed the abuse of this pup, when the pup ran to her she would not let it go back to the demon who abused it! And called the police!! Good for her! She's my hero! Be their voice!!!! n-Arrested-for-Reportedly-Abusing-6--224909082.html?m=y&smob ile=y


Not feeling good :(

September 13th 2013 8:01 pm
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Mom put some yucky medicine in my food! My belly hurts. I don't feel like playing. So mom decided to snuggle with me for a couple of days. Today I took the monster poop and felt much much much better! :) I even played chuck-it. :):)

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