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Ugh Tick Season Again

September 24th 2013 4:15 pm
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Mom pulled 4 ticks off of me in the last 2 days. Ugh! She put on our Frontline + but still they creep! Mom has the heebie jeebies now! She hates ticks! I was laying on the bed by dad and mom said, "don't move, is that a tick on Grunts neck?" Sure enough it was a tick! Ewwwww!!! Get it off of me!! Yuck!!!! Mom said next Friday me and Darcy are going on vacation. That means we're going to Rainy Day Kennel! Yippppeeee!! Mom said she's going to put chemical down to kill the critters in the grass. So when we come home there won't be any creepy crawlers in the grass! Good!!!


My New Hero!

September 23rd 2013 1:44 pm
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The woman in this story is so brave! She stood up to someone the neighborhood feared because of his violence. The fact that she not only witnessed the abuse of this pup, when the pup ran to her she would not let it go back to the demon who abused it! And called the police!! Good for her! She's my hero! Be their voice!!!! n-Arrested-for-Reportedly-Abusing-6--224909082.html?m=y&smob ile=y


Not feeling good :(

September 13th 2013 8:01 pm
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Mom put some yucky medicine in my food! My belly hurts. I don't feel like playing. So mom decided to snuggle with me for a couple of days. Today I took the monster poop and felt much much much better! :) I even played chuck-it. :):)


Let's go guys!

September 3rd 2013 2:57 pm
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That's what mom said this morning. And guess what? Dad came with us! We went to the reservior! I love going there. Man were there tons and tons of smells for me!! Darcy had a good time (she was with mom). Dad and I ventured and had a blast! Mom stopped at McDonalds and me and Darcy got our chicken nuggets! Yum!! We got back to the house and I wasn't too hungry for breakfast. I did curl up on the sofa and fall fast asleep. It's nice and cool out (62) and the walk was awesome. Mom went to work and I was curled up on her pile of pillows on the bed. She gave me a kiss on the head and said she loved me and I fell right back to sleep.


Bad Storms :(

September 2nd 2013 12:50 pm
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Mom and dad are at work. There is a real bad storm outside. Me and Darcy are safe. If we get real scared we can always go downstairs to the apt. Mom's worried. She got hail at work. Her SUV is dented a bit, the hail was about 2" around! It's raining still and the thunder and lightening are kicking!! Funny, mom and dad are hoping the hail storm hits the house so Dad's windshield can get busted. He's got a bunch of chips in it and the windshield really does need to be replaced! :) HA!


Sad day for dogs... :(

August 29th 2013 12:22 pm
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Patrick deserved justice. The only good news today was that Patrick was given ownership to his foster parents...


Where's dad?

August 28th 2013 12:32 pm
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Mom came home last night and dad wasn't with her. Hmmmm... mom said we have to go to bed because mom has to get up early to go and get dad from work. Well, mom didn't get much sleep. All of 4 hours and it was time to get up. Mom got up and I didn't want to to be alone so I followed her out to the truck and jumped in. We took off and it was rainy/foggy. I was yawning and sleeping the whole way.

We drive all the way down this driveway and mom parked in front of this building. She was telling me who was a turd and who was nice. She even said I could pee on certain persons tires! Heh heh heh! Finally dad showed up and we were on our way home.

Got home and Darcy was like, hey?! Where did you guys go?! She was barking, hopping and spinning in the air! She had the real goofies toward mom! Mom was laughing and chasing her for a bit. I went potty and mom said lets go in. Mom gave Darcy her pills and said, that's it bed time!

I was happy to hear that because I was still sleepy! So we crawled into bed for a couple of hours of sleep. It was awesome! Now I feel better! Mom took us for our walk, then we played. Mom said it was to muggy in the house and turned on the A/C. That made me pretty happy!

Dad woke up just as mom was leaving and said hello and goodnight! So now I'm snuggling with dad in the a/c!


Whew, I'm Pooped!

August 25th 2013 4:08 pm
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Dad was on his HD and heading over to Grandma's and Grandpa's. He wasn't gone 2 minutes and mom called in sick at work... :) Yippee!! Mom said alright guys, lets go. We got in the SUV and headed out! We didn't even go for our walk down the road. Well we ended up at the Reservoir and took a long, long walk there! It was awesome!! Then mom said, lunch time and went to BK. She got me and Darcy chicken nuggets. SCORE!! We got home and mom said, break time. That meant me and Darcy went outside to sun ourselves and mom cleaned the kitchen. Well it got around 4pm and mom said, let's go!! So we loaded up in the SUV (again) and headed in a new direction! Up this really windy road. We went for a good bit and then turned down a dirt road. My nose was in overdrive!! The road ended at the humongous lake! There was a guy and his son getting ready to go fishing. The fishing dock is closed because the lake is so low. That was good for us because me and Darcy got to walk on it and sniff all over. All of us, including mom, walked in the lake. It was mucky! Mom asked the guy and the boy which way was west. She was scouting places for photos. The guy pulled out a compass and said this way is west. Well, he was wrong! Even with a compass!! Mom got a map of the place and found out which way is west. There is a couple of things mom want to take pictures of me on. We went home after we swam for a bit. All of us were pooped out! So it was eat dinner and go to bed!

The next day we woke up and mom took us to the Reservoir again!! Talk about good luck!! The weather has been pretty awesome and mom said no more sitting around! On our walk there was a guy and a little girl. The girl was on a tiny bicycle. They had 2 dogs. A medium dog and a fat boxer dog. He was as wide as he was long! He growled and barked at me and Darcy, we just walked away from him - weirdos!! Once again we went swimming. It was great! On the way home mom stopped at Tractor Supply. It wasn't hot out so mom left me and Darcy in the SUV with the windows down. We got to people watch. Well mom came out with a cart of stuff. She loaded the stuff in the car and then put on my collar! She threw a cookie in Darcy's crate and took me and the cart into the store! Cool!! It's my first time shopping! :):) Well I sniffed over a bunch of isles pretty good. Mom was a bit concerned about Darcy being alone so I didn't get to sniff the entire store. Then the guy behind the cash register kneeled down (good move!!) and gave me a cookie! He gave me lots of rubbin and I was in heaven! I like this shopping stuff!!

We went home, mom unloaded the SUV and said "break time". Darcy and I went out to our beds on the deck to sun and mom finished laundry, cut the grass in the dog yard and dishes. Then, sure enough, a couple of hours later mom said, let's go! Boy are we putting on the miles! And we headed back to Elk State Park. On the way we got stopped by some construction guy directing traffic. He was pretty funny, he told mom that I was a real nice dog! Mom thanked him and I gave him a lick and wag for the compliment! We got to the lake and sure enough mom was right. She knew which way west was (it was the opposite from what the guy told her!). Turns out mom will be able to take the pictures she wants of me. Now she's just got to wait the 3 weeks until her and dad have the day off and the time to get me there for the pictures!

Once we got home mom grabbed a bunch of stuff and said come on guys outside. So out we went. Mom put this big cloth thing on the patio downstairs. She then put these painting canvases down and put some fresh paint on top. Then she put Darcy's collar on a walked her across the paintings a bunch of times. It was icky! Mom had a pocketful of treats for me and I did pretty good! After the paintings were done mom put glitter on them to make them shine! :):) You can see our work on Darcy's page.

Mom decided that Saturday was going to be chill day. She had a bunch of things to finish around the house. The computer crashed and froze so she unplugged it and walked away from it. Mom said, that's it and made herself a "cocktail". She grabbed another big canvas painting and out we headed again! Mom painted the background bright yellow. Then she drizzled and dripped different colors on top of the yellow base. Then she walked me and Darcy over the painting. It was fun!! Mom had my ball this time and ya'll know I'll do anything for my ball!! She had Darcy on her collar and poor Darcy was so scared, she looked at mom with her tail tucked up and was like, "mom I don't like this!!!" Mom was real patient and got some awesome paw prints from Darcy and me! You can see the finished yellow painting on my page! :)

This morning mom was up at 4 am! What??? Then she started to sneeze and sneeze, and sneeze! Oh boy! Well she was up until 6:30 sneezin and snifflin. Well mom finally fell back asleep for a couple of hours. She got up and took me out to potty. She didn't look to happy yet, so I climbed on the sofa and waited for her to snuggle with me. Mom got the hint and curled up huggin me just the way I love it! When mom finally got moving I did a huge stretch and yawn. She fed us and took us for a walk.


Cheer Up Mom!

August 21st 2013 2:33 pm
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Mom's off today. We didn't go for a walk. We did play but that was it. Mom said she's just blah... I didn't want her to go to work tonight, but she did. She said she didn't want to waste a blah feeling on the inmates. I guess that's funny!! :):)


Diary Pick of the Day!

August 20th 2013 1:32 pm
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Thanks HQ! It's a quiet day today. Mom took us for a walk, fed us and then her and dad left. Mom went to the dr's today. Her ear has been bothering her and she thought she may have punctured it at the tractor pulls. Turns out no holes (good news), that this is leftover from that horrible cold she had... so in a few days she should be feeling better. Her and dad came back from the dr's and took us out to the playground to play. You know I loved that! Me and Darcy acted like total fools running around! Then came nappie time. :):) The weather is a bit warmer today, but moms got our ceiling fans on so we're good! Have a great day everyone! :):)

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