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Thanks HQ Arrrrrgggg!!

September 19th 2012 7:59 am
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For selecting me for diary of the day! And on Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrrggg!! It's cool here today, the sun is in and out. Mom just gave me a new toy and it's got like a bizillion squeekers in it! I've been running around the house squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek! Mom's rethinking giving me the toy! Ha! I just had some of the fuzz stuck between my front teeth! icky! Mom got it out for me! yea!! Mom just ordered another 200 bully sticks for me and Darcy!! We're good for a while now! Oh yea, mom has been brushing Darcy's teeth and of course I like the smell of the toothpaste. So now mom is brushing my teeth also! I've got an awesome blue toothbrush! :):) Have a great day everyone! Arrrrrrggggg!!!!


Grunt the Pirate! :)


Awww mom!

September 17th 2012 1:56 pm
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We went for our walk this morning. The fog was lifting and it was cool out. There were tons of scents for me and Darcy! On the way back to the house a big buck jumped out by the treeline. Mom was glad I was on lead, sometimes she lets me run off lead but not today. We got back and mom fed us. Only I knew mom was up to something. I didn't eat my breakfast. Sure enough, mom left around 10:30am. Darcy and I chilled out, then played for a bit. Mom finally came home at 1pm. The truck was loaded with bags and wonderful smells! I jumped into the truck sniffing each bag. Mom got all of the bags and stuff in the house and said, come on guys, lets go to the playground! Yippeee! I just wanted to run around a bit. So did Darcy! We both took off as soon as we got in the playground! Run, run, run! Throw the ball mom! Run, run, run! :) We had a fast workout and got back to the house in 30 minutes! Mom fired up the grill and was going to cook some burgers. She noticed there wasn't any smoke from the grill and found out she ran out of gas. Hmmpfff! Mom had to get read for work and didn't have time to cook, so she made a salad. Oh yea, she brought home McNuggets for me and Darcy! OMG! They were sooo good!! Darcy gets all google-eyed over them! Me? I just drooled!!


Gruntster Mobile

September 15th 2012 4:53 pm
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So the other day mom had a doctors appointment. When she got done she filled the truck up with gas. The lady at the gas station walked around the back of the truck and said, "I never heard of that model, what's a Gruntster Escape?" You see mom went and bought these chrome letters that spell Gruntster. She placed it above the Escape tag on the back of the truck. This lady though it was some special model. Mom said, it is. My dog is Grunt and this is his vehicle so instead of a roadster it's a Gruntster. :)


Ooops, speed bump! :)

September 6th 2012 12:35 pm
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Mom took us swimming today, well actually we just kinda walked around the creek. Darcy was more into the water than me today. But it still felt good. On the way back there were loads of chipmonks in the cemetery. We got just past the house that has the mini horses, there is some woods infront of their fence and I stopped, squatted and pooped. In the MIDDLE of the road! And it wasn't just any kind of poop, the monster pile kind of poop! :) Mom said I was a good boy because I went poop on the lead, but smiled at my drop location! Mom walked us back to the house and put me and Darcy in the playground. Then she got in the truck drove down and picked up my speed bump in the middle of the road. When she drove back me and Darcy were running with all we had in the playground to chase mom back up the driveway. Mom gave me a bath, said the creek water is yucky and now I smell like almonds! :) Darcy got a bath also and she smells like a coconut!


And yet another friend leaves... :(

September 4th 2012 1:49 pm
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M&K we're so sad to see you go. All I can say is whoever said mean things remember this - if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all! There once was a time when Dogster was full of fun and happy people... what went wrong??????


One Whole Year!

August 14th 2012 5:24 am
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Well it's official! I complete my probation - one year down! HAHAHA! On a serious note, yesterday, the 13th was my official Gotcha date! Mom took me to the vets office to have my hips x-rayed. I've been popping like crazy. The good news is I'm fine! They couldn't manipulate me to get anything to pop! The bad news is (not really) dad told mom to take a chill pill. That I'm still a growing pup (I'm 69.2 pounds now!) and that I'm probably still growing into my body! Duh!! Mom said, it's been a long, long, long time since she's had a puppy. And besides I'm so big and calm that she forgets I'm a pup! Anyhoo, I'm fine! That's the bottom line! Mom and dad went to the fair while I slept for a bit. When they got home I couldn't settle down so mom sat it the recliner and held me for about 2 hours while I slept. Dad just rolled his eyes at mom the entire time! :) Then mom took me outside for potty and off to bed we went. I curled up on my pillow by the bed and didn't wake up until 7:30am! Slept all night. I'm still pretty tired, and sore. So mom said we're taking it easy today! The fog is here and mom is obviously taking her time getting started today! That's alright, I'm sleepy.


Busy, busy, busy!!

August 7th 2012 1:48 pm
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Well let's see mom and dad loaded me up on Saturday morning and took me to Joyful Rescues Petfest 2012. As mom was pulling into her spot a lady said, there's one of my babies! Turns out it was Joni - my foster mom! I was soooooo happy to see her!! I leaned on her and was smiling my big smile! Then we walked around and a whole bunch of volunteers kept asking who I was... when mom said I was Army and now I'm Grunt I got loads and loads of hugs and kisses!! :):) A lady there, Erika, took pictures of me, me, mom, dad and Joni.. :) Mom's trying to get copies to post on Dogster! Then we took a tour to the pond. What mom and dad didn't know is that I LOVE the pond! I kept pulling mom on the lead. She stopped and let me settle down, and I took off again for pulling her on the lead. Mom was totally confused. But once we got to the pond, mom walked to the side and sploooshh!!! I jumped in! Mom and dad were shocked - they didn't know that I could swim, let along like the water. I didn't bother with the kiddie pool at home so mom gave it to Bootes. I swam for a good 20 minutes! :0 Then went back to the part, wet, cooled off and smiling like a fiend! :} Well dad was pretty tired, he went to the event with only 2 hours of sleep. So mom loaded me up and headed for the house. I was so exhausted I crawled into the crate and crashed! It was such a great day!!

On a sad note, I found out that one of my brothers was returned to the rescue. Turns out his mom and dad are divorcing and brought him back. Also learned that the rescue adopted 2 of my brothers together (not a common practice in any rescue) and they are fighting like crazy. I feel sad for my brothers but glad that I've got the best home of all! Also mom talked to the vet at Petfest. She's from my vet's office and very nice. Mom told her about my hips popping. She said to make an appointment and get me in for an X-ray. I'm going in on Monday. We'll see....

Then the next day mom and dad took us for a walk. Dad said there is a swimming hole just past the cemetery and through the woods. Well mom has seen the path and strange vehicles, but had no idea what was down there. Sure enough we walked down the path, Darcy was pretty brave I might add, and waaalaaa there was the creek with a swimming hole! It was soo cool! I jumped right in!! Darcy stayed on the bank, but I took a couple of laps! Mom was so shocked! She never knew I could swim! We got back to the house and we were all pooped from the busy weekend. I declared house nap time and climbed on moms lap. I slept 2 hours on her lap, she couldn't believe I was snoring! Got awake and went out to the playground. Mom threw my chuck-it ball and I picked it up and layed right down - still sleepy.

Yesterday mom gave me a bath after our walk. I don't mind baths, I get a wonderful massage! Me and Darcy chilled out while mom and dad were working in the basement. Mom put up the monster crate (it's huge!)and painted some walls. Dad was putting tile down in the kitchenette area. Mom said she was making the walls look like leather and that this was just the base color that next time she will glaze the walls. Should be interesting.

This morning we walked the other direction, I smelled something and my fur went up on my back. There was definately something in the woods. Mom could see that I was getting excited and we changed directions and headed for the mini-horses. Well, today is trash day, and critters come around. We finished our walk and I smelled something again. I ran out the doggie door and was barking my big boy bark. Man is it loud! Mom couldn't see anything but told me I was a good boy! I smelled something again later, before mom went to work. Maybe the bear is back, who knows...


It's Mom's Friday wooohoooo :)

July 28th 2012 12:03 pm
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So mom took us for a walk today. The weather is wacky here, one minute we're walking along and there is a nice breeze, next thing it's raining on us! What? Well we got wet by the time we made it back to the house. Mom gave us a good rub down with our towels to dry off. Then I got the zoomies! Some of mom and dad's friends still have no power from the storm 2 days ago. They offered them a place to stay (we've got an apartment in the basement), shower or just come and watch tv. So I watched mom clean the apt for anyone who may show up tonight. I was outside today and got the zoomies really bad. I came flying in the house and mom was reading the newspaper. I jumped on her lap and she shook the paper and wacked me - playing of course! Well let me tell you it was like hitting the supercharge button on zoomies! I dropped to the floor and did 4 circles real fast then took of like a shot! Zooomiiieessssss!! By the time mom and dad left for work I was snoozin on Darcy's bed....

Oh yea, I had an accident last night. I peed on the rug! What? Turns out mom forgot to turn on the light in our yard. It's supposed to come on when we walk outside. Well it stormed and then got dark and I was afraid. I held it as long as I could. When mom and dad came home I had my head real low. Dad cleaned up my mess and never said a mean word to me (love him!). Mom took me outside but I didn't have to go anymore. I feel so ashamed that I peed. Mom said it was her fault because she forgot to turn the light on. So today dad put up the new light, our fingers (and paws) are crossed that all will be well...


Whew, what a storm!

July 27th 2012 12:18 pm
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Sure was storming yesterday! Lots of wind and rain. Mom and dad came home and we were thrilled! I was limping and mom was concerned. She checked out my paw and didn't see anything sticking in it. :( Then this morning I was limping even more. Mom checked me again. Seems that my outer toe is tender to the touch. So mom will keep an eye on it, if it get's worse I'll go see Dr. Mount.


Mom, miss you...

July 26th 2012 2:11 pm
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Mom got a phone call from grandma on Tuesday. Next thing I know mom is packed and leaving in a hurry. Turns out grandma had a medical emergency, but is fine now. Mom was gone for the night. Dad was off from work and took good care of me and Darcy. We played for a long time and then I slept with dad.

Mom came home last night and I literally jumped up to kiss her! I missed her so much!

Now today, Darcy is acting weird and I'm attached to mom's hip! Mom and dad went to work and now this huge storm came in. Wish mom and dad were here, they're at work :( They'll be home soon enough and everything will be fine!

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