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November 21st 2012 12:48 pm
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So it's beautiful out!!! The sun is shining not a cloud in the sky!! And what happens. After our walk, we eat breakfast and then mom and dad leave! Really!???? They got home at almost 2pm which only gave us about 15 minutes in the playground! Not fair!!!

Mom was apologizing, apparently it took longer because they stopped at the cell phone store. And they both got new phones! Mom was taking pictures of me and Darcy in the playground, new phone, new pics! Somehow, mom still hasn't figured out how, mom's bill will be $30.00 cheaper. She said she'll believe it when she sees it! :):)

But the good news is they stopped at McDonalds. Darcy saw the golden arches on the box and got all google-eyed! We got chicken nuggets! Yummmmm!!!

Mom said we need to eat our nuggets, because last night they come home from work and found that we killed bunny in the dog yard! Neither me or Darcy is saying who got the bunny, but it was fun! :):)


Is a Doctor like a Vet?

November 15th 2012 1:52 pm
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Mom said she had to go to the doctors office today. I wonder is that like my vet? I know I get treats when I'm there! I wonder if mom gets cookies for being a good girl.... Mom wasn't gone long, she said that she has to go back tomorrow for x-rays and then make an appointment for a foot doctor. I don't know why she's going to the foot doctor, her feet look and smell fine to me! :)

When she got back home she took me and Darcy to the playground. She moved her chairs and deck box so we could sit in the sun. Boy did it feel good to chase my chuck-it ball and then chill out in the sunshine. Today is mom's Friday, I'm glad!


Come here dad I'll give you a hug...

November 13th 2012 4:07 pm
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Dad got home from work very late. He was apologizing to me and Darcy. This is what happened. Dad left work and was on his way home. He came upon an accident not far from the house. He was the 3rd person on scene. Both people were ejected from the rolled-over car. The girl was already dead, the guy died when the ambulance got there. Dad was pretty upset said the scene was horrible. He called mom, mom hates the stretch of road where it happened. There is a poorly engineered turn and she's seen loads of accidents there. Dad made me and Darcy dinner, but said that he lost his appetite. So I'm sitting with dad on the sofa giving him a big re-assuring pibble hug....


Mom, come home!

November 12th 2012 8:07 pm
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It's after 11pm and I want mom home. I know she's at work, but the weather is bad, it's snowing now and the wind is blowing pretty hard. I'm ready for her to come home so we can play for a bit and then go nite nite....


I voted today!

November 6th 2012 5:28 pm
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Alright so me and Darcy went with mom while SHE voted. Whatever! :):) After mom got done she took us to town and we walked on goose poop island. I had the prancing skippies and mom let me off lead for a bit. It was sooo much fun! Mom acted like she was throwing a ball and I was like, what, where, what??? Mom and Darcy laughed at me, I didn't care I was so happy to be walking around the lake! It was fun! Even Darcy had a good time. She got a little scared but I said hey Darce, smell here to get her mind off of things... :):)


Rain, rain, go away!

October 31st 2012 3:50 pm
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It's still raining, some snow mixed in, but it's still coming down! Yuck! The ground is soaking wet and it's cold! Yuck! Mom took me and Darcy for a walk, we had to go, too much time in the house. After we got back mom gave us both a bath. She said that we could snooze all night. Dad is working the same shift with mom.

Tomorrow mom is heading to grandma and grandpa's for a few days. Mom told us that we're going to have company! Yippee!! The hunters are coming up for a couple of days! Works for me! I get some lovin from them and that's always a good thing!

Mom's getting over her cold. Dad, however, is starting to get his. I'm gonna snuggle with dad and keep him warm while mom is gone. That way he'll feel better.

Mom also got a phone call about my order. Turns out Omaha Steaks is delaying the delivery of my beef jerkey! Hmmmppfff! BUT, mom saw on Dogster that Pawsibilities is donating all of their purchases to NSAL. Mom saw some cool ideas and is going to buy me, Darcy and our furcousin Bootes a collar. :)


The last beautiful day is today.

October 25th 2012 4:41 pm
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Mom took us for a long walk today. Then we went to the playground. I chased and caught my chuck-it ball and Darcy sunned herself. Mom and I chilled out inbetween the throws. Mom said, enjoy kids, the snow is coming! Awwww mannn!!!! :( Wait a minute we can play in the snow also! Yipppeeee!!!! Saw mom putting some of my food in a baggie, she said me and Darcy are going to the kennel for just one night. Something about some workers coming in for an overnight. But mom said we'll be home Saturday morning. Sounds good! :) Dad came home early and took his motorcycle out for a ride. He's supposed to give me a new cow toe tonight! Yummie! A new chew! It's so warm outside, it's awesome. But mom said the weather will be doing a big change come Sunday. Good thing me and Darcy have our coats. Mom bought us new ones and we cannot wait to wear them! :)


Guess what mom did today?

October 22nd 2012 1:39 pm
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Well the usual, fed us, walked us, took us to the playground. But then when she got ready for work she took out dads motorcycle and rode it to work! :):) The sound doesn't bother me at all! Mom want's to get pictures of me and her when she gets her bike this week. Can't wait! It's a beautiful day and we got to sun ourselves in the yard and on the deck. Mom started to cut the grass in our dogyard but ran out of gas in the pushmower. The riding mower had a flat and wouldn't hold air so mom just left it for dad to fix the tire, fill the pushmower with gas and finish cutting the grass! hahaha!



October 21st 2012 2:21 pm
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Mom cannot stop laughing at my picture! She got me a a no-pull harness. Why? I don't pull,,, much.... Mom say's it's my only flaw - besides being adorable... just look at my pictures!! :):)


Another vacation down!

October 14th 2012 6:37 pm
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Mom had to take me and Darcy early to the kennel. Grandma got sick, but she's doing better now! I was soooo happy to go to the kennel I jumped right up on the counter! OMG! Mom was so shocked! Nancy let her take a picture of me on the counter with her phone. It didn't come out too good though. Then when mom was leaving someone brought in a pot-belly pig to board! :):):):) She was beautiful for a pig! :):) Well me and Darcy played with our new friends for 2 whole weeks! It was great! Mom thinks we both lost weight! Nancy told mom that if there is ever an emergency and she doesn't answer the phone to just drop us off in any kennel that is open and we're good to go. She's mom's angel!

Mom and dad took us out to the playground yesterday. Mom kept dressing me up with crazy things. You'll see the pictures soon. Darcy had it easy, I had all kinds of things all over! What gives??? Mom says it's Halloween time and this is what happens in her house! Oh well, as long as they throw the chuck-it ball I wear whatever!

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