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Mom is crazy!

February 9th 2013 3:09 pm
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Mom took us for a walk today. Then she put me and Darcy in the playground while she got on the 4 wheeler to plow the driveway. We chased after mom and played. Darcy tried to outsneak me but I got her! Mom came over the the playground to play and all of a sudden she was laying on the ground. Darcy went over to check her out. I was sitting by my deck box that had the chuckit ball in it. Mom got up from the ground and called me over. I sat and she took a picture. Then she pointed and I saw it. It was a snow angel! So that's what mom was making while she was laying on the ground! :)


My life in a snowglobe,,,

February 5th 2013 11:56 am
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Mom said we live in a snow globe... You know it looks real pretty and then you shake it up and the snow falls lazily to the ground, still looks pretty! Well that's my world...


Mud, mud and smiles!

January 30th 2013 1:56 pm
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Had a great walk with dad. Got some awesome playtime in. Until mom threw it to far and I splashed my face in mud! Ugghh!! Mom has a bandana with her and wiped my face and ears off. We played non-stop today. Good thing too! When we got inside the house within 5 minutes it started to rain! Mom was so happy!

Got me a bubble bath, feel good now. Mom and dad are at work and me and Darcy are snuggled on the bed. All is right in the world!


Way to go mom!

January 28th 2013 6:37 pm
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Mom got a promotion! She does the same job, just has a higher rank. Awesome! Since she's making more money, I'm gonna ask her for another chuck-it ball thrower! That way there is one at each end of the playground! :):):)


It's all a matter of preception...

January 27th 2013 1:01 pm
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Mom was talking to her BFF. She has a 1yo chow/lab boy dog that is a Type A dog. Mom say's I'm a chill pup. I like that:) Anyhoo... mom's bff says that they got the wrong dogs. Her dog is non-stop, like my mom. And I'm a snuggler, like bff's old dog used to be. Mom was telling her how she's having a hard time training, because I'm so calm... BFF said that it's like she got her dog to teach her how to think, and mom got me so she can learn to stop thinking so much!

Creepy but true!

Anyway we had a great walk today. Dad came with us and he walked Darcy! :):) Darcy started out behind dad, but dad had some string cheese and waaalaa Darcy was walking next to him, relaxed tail and everything! :):)

Mom worked with me and my walking next to her. I did pretty darn good if I say so myself! We played alot in the playground it was a balmy 29 degrees! I was out of breath by the time we went into the house! I flopped on the floor and just layed there. Mom came by a couple of times and raised a paw to make sure I was still alive! :):)

Then we worked! I did my sit/down/stay combinations. Walked and went into a heel position!

Now me and Darcy are snoozin while mom and dad are at work! Ahhhh life is good! :):)


My mom is the best!!

January 22nd 2013 2:19 pm
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Mom woke up and it was 6 degrees and the wind was howling over the mountain. Mom didn't sleep much, she kept thinking about how cold it was outside and that the poor boxer is in the weather. So she got up put on some sweats and sneakers and headed over. She came back in about 20 minutes.

I greeted her outside, Darcy said No Way it's too cold! Mom gave me the biggest hug!! She said knocked on the door and said Hi my name is ... and I live down the road. I saw you have a boxer and brought some hay for his box. Do you mind if I put it in? The lady blinked at mom and said, sure, no problem. Mom asked her to hold the dog, just in case. The lady got her coat on and came right out with mom. Mom gave her a big bag of Puperoni and said, here, have some treats for him also. She took the treats and said thank you. The boxers box had no bottom in it. So the boxer had been sleeping on the ground. :( Well, mom stuffed 1/2 the bale in the box while the lady held the boxer. Mom struck up an easy conversation and the woman was pretty calm.

When she was done, she looked next door and saw another dog in a box. It was a shepard mix. Mom said, what about her? Want me to put the rest in her box? The lady said, no that's my mom's dog. Mom said, she gets cold to. The lady said, alright. Walked over and held the shepard. Mom stuffed box full with the rest of the hay. Then the dog came over and thanked mom. The lady said, she's really friendly. The dog looked at mom with such gratefulness mom had to look away.

When mom went to work it was 3 degrees outside. The wind chill was -14. As she drove by the house that she dropped the hay on she looked, of course. There were 2 dog boxes with no dogs in site. And no excess hay outside of their boxes.

My mom is the best!


Mom is sooo mad!!! Not at me though!

January 21st 2013 2:13 pm
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On her way to work she noticed, like she does everyday, this house that has a doghouse in the back with a boxer chained to it. Well the house had a blue tarp over it. Mom looked at her thermometer in the truck and it registered 17 degrees! Way too cold. The dog house has no door on the front and there was no straw/hay in the doghouse. Mom is livid! No animal should be mistreated by anyone. Well where we live the SPCA has so many internal problems it's a waste for mom to call them. So she came up with Plan B. She made some phone calls and ended up calling my favorite place - the kennel. You see they also board horses. She spoke to Nancy and asked her if she could buy a bale of hay from her. Mom told her what the hay would be used for. Nancy agreed that the SPCA is a lost cause :( for help. She told mom to send dad out to get one out of their storage area. Mom said she would pay her for it but Nancy refused. Saying it is going for a good cause. Of course mom will give her something when she takes me and Darcy out in a couple of weeks.

Keep your fingers and paws crossed everyone. These people may not appreciate what mom is trying to do. Or they may say thank you and give the boxer a box full of hay. It's supposed to be 10 degrees tomorrow, mom will be up bright and early to try and deliver the hay.


What a warm and wonderful day!

January 13th 2013 2:14 pm
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Woke up and the sun was out! Whooooop whooooop!! The high hit 61 degrees! Unbelievable! Mom took us for a walk. Once again I was on the short lead and had to walk next to mom. Awwww come on! I wanna walk over there and over there and over there! Come on mom !! Well we got back and mom took us to the playground. Guess what? The snow was almost gone and I got to chase my chuck-it ball! Mom took us in and fed us breakfast. Then mom and dad went to the store. Me and Darcy took a quick nap. When mom and dad got back we went back to the playground to play again! Yippeeee!!! I got back in the house soaking wet and muddy, but very happy! Had on my best and biggest pibble smile..

Mom and dad had to work tonight. The clouds came not long after they left. Now me and Darcy are on the big bed chillin. Waiting for the rain to start tonight...


Diary Pick of the Day!

January 12th 2013 8:56 am
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Thanks HQ! I love being Diary Pick of the Day! Since we've been to our first CGC class, mom has been making me walk right next to her. No more in front for me! At least for the next 6 weeks! :) I'm on a 5' lead (might as well be 2') and must walk like a good boy. I'm doing better every day. I think I know what she wants. Now we've got to work on my down. I hold out for mom to use treats and she does! The teacher told her to stop that and go NILIF with me! Oh boy! That means I now sit before I eat, down before I go for a walk. Geez, it's like I HAVE to do something before I get a treat! Sometimes I don't get a treat, I get a chest rub. I like them also!


CGC Class

January 10th 2013 6:23 pm
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Well mom and I just got home from my first class. Mom likes this trainer alot. She said, she's so different from the last trainer and wishes I had done my STAR class with them. But, moving forward... There are 4 other dogs in this class - 2 people didn't show up. A newfie, Dillon; a German Shorthair, Carley; a Golden Retriever, Lela; and a labradoodle, didn't catch his name. When mom was signing in, the trainers husband took me for a walk around the place. He was a really nice guy and I liked him alot! The trainer told mom that Dillon, the newfie, has some dog reactive. No problem. Well it was a problem. I'll explain in a minute.

So we all sat down and the trainer asked us to do a few things to see where we are in our training. Sit, handle your dogs ears/paws, walk on a loose lead and leave it. Sit, I've got down no problem. Handle ears and paws - love it! Leave it, I'm not bad at either. Walk on a loose lead - what?? in front of all of these new people that I can't stop looking at!? Well the trainer came over and had something wonderful in her hand. OMG what is it I will follow you anywhere, sniff, sniff!

Then the trainer said something to mom and boy did it click. Mom told her about having a reactive dog before and this class is just as much for mom as it is for me. That mom wants to learn how to read/talk to me. The trainer said, you had a reactive dog, you were focused on what was around you so you could redirect and control. You need to focus on Grunt (me!!) and realize he is nothing like your other dog. Well mom took the yummy smelling thing and walked me all over by my nose! It was fun. Mom was giving me so much praise that I started to prance! Yea!! We're off to a great start! Mom's doing really well in my class! :):)

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