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March 19th 2013 3:52 pm
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Mom and dad went to town today. On the way they saw the SPCA Investigator at the house with the short-chained dog. Mom was relieved that the Investigator was there! :) On their way back mom noticed the dog was gone!!! So that meant either the dog was in the house or the dog was surrendered to the SPCA. The investigator had a clipboard and mom was hoping all went well.

Later mom called the investigator to see if she could help out the lady. There are still 3 other dogs chained to boxes. Mom thanked the investigator and asked if there was anything she could do to help. The investigator said the dog was surrendered and in their care. The remaining 3 dogs had food, water and shelter and appeared to be in good health. So she only took the one dog. The owner stated that she was trying to find homes for the other dogs. That was good to hear! Mom said she'll ask around to see if she can find a home for them. Then mom said would it be alright to "sponsor" the dog the investigator seemed a little shocked and said, "that would be wonderful". So Thursday mom and dad are going to the SPCA to drop off some food and money for the seized dog.

Mom is relieved that this poor pup who was on 3-4 feet of chain and couldn't reach his house approx 7-8 feet away will never be cold again! Now mom is praying for the other 3 dogs... it's a start...



March 18th 2013 12:04 pm
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Mom is soooo mad! She called the SPCA to report a dog that whose chain was so short he couldn't reach is box. It looked like he had only 3-4 feet of chain. She filed a complaint with the cruelty officer. It's been almost 2 weeks and sure enough today as mom was driving to work, there he was sitting 3 feet from the pole looking at his dog box. Mom was furious. It's snowing real hard and the wind is blowing, this dog should have access to it's shelter. Period. So mom called the SPCA and gave them grief. They said they would go out and check it. We'll see. Mom's at work and on her way home tonight she will have her flashlight on to see if he's been taken care of. If not she's going home and getting a cable we had for Darcy's dog run in TX. It's going to be late at night, but mom is intent of making sure this dog is taken care of. Grrrrrrr.....


One last hooorah!

March 17th 2013 1:46 pm
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Mom said to enjoy the sun today! Why mom? Turns out another storm is heading our way. They're calling for 3-5 inches of snow. Let's hope it's less! Mom's hoping it's the last storm of the season. I'm alright with that also. I loved laying on the bed in the sun today! :):)



March 16th 2013 6:41 pm
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Ah vacation was wonderful!! I met and played with new friends at the kennel. Mom picked me and Darcy up and I was Mr. Wiggle Butt when I saw her! She took us for a long walk, then we all chilled on the sofa. We all went to bed early, vacations are exhausting...

Woke up this morning to another white-out. It was snowing hard outside. Mom reached over gave me a big hug and said she missed me and was glad I'm home. She thanked me for being gentle with dad. I smelled his surgery area and move out of his way.

Mom took us out today, we played in the playground. I chased Darcy, she wasn't feeling to good yesterday but today we played.


Hooray I Got My CGC!

March 10th 2013 12:04 pm
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It wasn't easy, actually I almost failed. I got there early. Pucca was there testing, she's the reactive border collie. She did awesome and passed the test! Then it was my turn. Mom was walking me around the inside the building so I could settle down and get my sniffs in. The examiner said Grunt you're up. Aaaaggghh!! Mom got tense, I felt it. I sat and did a butt hop to say hi for the meet and greet. No problem with the brushing, ears and paws handling. Mom and I had been practicing our walk, mom had my leash tight. So we did it again. And the leash was across my back. Then came my moment. The sit/down. I sat, of course, I always sit. Then mom said Grunt down. I looked at her, looked past her and then I sloooowwwwly went down. There was a 20' lead next to me and I got up to sniff it. Well the examiner said I was alright and to call me to mom. Which of course I went right to her and sat down. Then came the sit/stay. Aced it. Then came the meet and greet with a strange dog. Well let me tell you the first time (yes I had a do-over) didn't go too well. You see the stranger was nice but she had this beautiful brindle frenchie that I wanted to say hello to. Well, the examiner didn't like my response and said try again. The second time they brought out a schnauzer, I did fine with. Sat like an angel. Now it was the time for mom to leave for 3 minutes. The examiner held me and mom said I'll be back. She went out the door. I could hear mom talking and then I heard dogs barking, the dogs crying. Turns out there was a hyped up pit barking at Pucca. Well I thought something was wrong and got a little upset. So they called me back in and said I didn't do good on the 3 minutes with a stranger. So they did it a second time. This time another lady held my lead, mom said, you be good I'll be right back. Well both mom and dad went out the door. I didn't hear anything and was good until the last 15 seconds. Mom and dad came back in and the examiner was talking to my trainer. Then the examiner came over and said, he passed, BUT he was borderline on the 3 minutes. Mom told her she had a 5 hour drive to see a surgeon and that dad was having surgery on Tues that she's a bit stressed and I'm a sensitive dog and can tell that mom is worried. Then the examiner said that our trainer said she was confused because I never acted like that. That something must've been wrong with mom for me to be so concerned. She understood and said that explained alot.

Well mom got my paperwork, gave everyone a hug for being so kind and help us achieve my CGC. Mom found out about the AKC All American Dog registration and is thinking of an official name for me. Then we're going to possibly do some rally training. Seems like it could be fun!


Active Poster!

March 5th 2013 3:23 pm
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I got selected as an Active Poster!! Wooooop!! Woooop! Mom took us for a walk as always and a truck came barreling down the road. Well my mom is fearless sometimes. She stood in the road while the truck finally slowed down. Then she yelled at the guy! My mom is so brave!

Then on the way back another truck, small one with a cap on the back pulled up to us. The guy driving said, "that's a nice pit you've got". Well mom puts up red flags as soon as someone says anything about us dogs. Turns out the guy, his wife and daughter were looking at a house across from the cemetary. And they own pitbulls. Guess they breed them once in a while also. :( Anyhoo, they seemed pretty nice, but mom is still guarded with strangers. People would steal handsome pibbles like me :0 Crazy right!??

The sun came out and I kept asking mom to let me on the deck. You see the other day I saw a red squirrel go under the grill cover. So now I'm obsessed. Then mom put on my lead/collar and we practiced the CGC test! I'm gonna be awesome on Thursday! I can't wait for mom to see!!


My last class

March 1st 2013 8:50 am
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Was last night, and I have to say. I did amazing! Mom walked me around to let me settle down. I sat and greeted a few people. Did really well. Then the trainer said lets go and ran us through the test. I was the second dog to go and all I can say is... I GOT THIS! :) I even downed on the first try! Mom said down, I looked at her and then slowly went down... mom was almost ready to stand back up but say I was on my way and gave me a big ol rub and a kiss on the nose! I was so proud of myself. She told me to stay, I did, walked away and then called me to her. I came right to her! She gave me the best hug and long rub ever! :):) On my 3 minute stay with a stranger I was so great! I heard mom talking outside and started to talk to my handler. Everyone loved it! When mom came back in I was Mr. Wiggle Butt! My tail didn't stop going most of the time at class! I just love being there with mom and dad! When mom got me back, the trainer said, see? You all just did the test perfectly! Mom had some Omaha Steak Jerkie that she only gives me for nails and baths. I got a bunch of pieces of it after I was done.

Then the trainer asked if we knew any tricks... Mom said sure. She told everyone to watch my mouth. I did my chompers act. Everyone laughed and clapped! I got more jerkie!! Yippeee!!

So next week I have my test. Looks like dad wont have to be at work, something about budgets mom said. That's great! Dad has been with us all but the first class and I like having him there. Plus they use dad as the "crowd" person! So dad will have a camera and take pictures of us! The trainer came up to mom and gave her a hug and said she was so proud of mom. And just loves me! Duh! Who can't love me, I'm adorable! :):)


Will this week ever end??

February 27th 2013 11:49 am
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Mom is at training this week. Ugggh!! The alarm clock blares at 6:15 am! Is she crazy! We sleep until 9 am in our house! House rules!! Mom said Thursday is the last day for her training. Hope so!

I'm not getting ME time from mom and dad!!! Mom was laying on the floor and dad climbed over her. I decided that I wanted in and crawled inbetween them! Mom wanted to take a picture of me but her camera was out of reach! :):)


A day late,,

February 19th 2013 1:54 pm
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But thanks HQ for Diary of the Day! Mom got sick on her way to work and came home and went to bed. I stayed with her and didn't have want to neglect my nursing duties to mom, so I didn't check Dogster at all.

Mom's feeling better, thanks to my skills at nursing. She said one day she'll get the feeling back in her leg where I insisted on laying all night...


So my trainer said....

February 16th 2013 12:53 pm
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We had a great night at training! I was next to Pucca, she was a beautiful border collie. She had a Gentle Leader head collar on and is dog reactive... Well we had to do a walk, sit, mom and her mom shake hands and then walk on. Well I was perfect! HA! Pucca's mom said she needed a calm dog and the trainer said we'll pair you up with Grunt. Well I took one look at that border collie and saw the crazy in her eyes. So I just looked around at nothing in particular. We did this twice! I did everything spot on, except I still will not down on command. During the middle of class we had to walk through a crowd of people. I was doing so good, then the trainer came up to me and gave me some lovin. She said I'm so sweet. Mom was thrilled! :):) We finished class with our down/stays. Which of course I thought mom was speaking french or something cause I didn't understand her at all... When class was over the trainer came up to mom and said, "You guys are doing great! And look, you're smiling." Mom agreed and giggled, saying she's having fun training again. She realizes when she looks down it's me Grunt and not Turner. Once again the trainer gave me some loving and said, "He's a poster child for Pitbulls, he's so sweet. All he wants to do is please." She's right! :):)

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