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Missed it!

March 31st 2013 4:42 pm
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Yesterday was the first day that mom didn't check out the Diary's page. And wouldn't ya know it I was selected! Ooops!! Belated thanks HQ!

Yesterday was beautiful outside and me, Darcy, Mom and Dad stayed outside almost all day! Mom left me and Darcy in the playground and her and dad were messing with fencing. Me and Darcy were chillin in the sunshine!!! It was sunny!! We were walking around dazed from the warmth! It felt soooo good! Then mom went to work and I kept dad company for the night. That's my job! To make sure whoever is in the house isn't lonely.

Today mom took us for a walk, on the way back she made a left turn and said come on guys let's go down here! Yippeee! New ground to explore. Turns out the trail is called a "pipeline" and it leads right to Potato Creek! Mom said it's so much closer to the house and getting to the creek wasn't bad at all! That means we can go on this trail to swim! It's not the swimming hole that we went to last year, it's better! There are several low spots we can hang out and go swimming at! Mom really likes this spot! Says nobody will be there and I'll be able to go swimming without a lead on! Yippeee!!

Now it's raining, windy and just plain yucky outside! Mom's at work, dad got home late, he's got a screwy schedule this week he said. So I'll just stay by him so he doesn't get lonely!



March 27th 2013 3:17 pm
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Mom had a headache and got up at 5am. She moved the the sofa and reclined the end back. I did my compression therapy. Mom woke up feeling much better. So much so that we went for an awesome walk and played in the playground for a long long long time!! I got to run after my chuck-it ball and Darcy did her thing.

However mom is obsessing over a dog in a rescue. His name is Freckles. This is the rescue site with his information on it. WARNING - it is VERY GRAPHIC and DISTURBING...

Mom wishes the person(s) who did this could be caught. But unfortunately we all know the chances of that are very slim. Luckily Freckles is in SC (he was rescued in MD) and in amazing care. He seems to have a will to live, considering all that's been done to him. Please keep Freckles in your thoughts and prayers.

Mom's been following him on FB, there are current updates on their page. Sad.. :(

On a lighter note, mom has been looking at cameras, not the cheap ones either! She's confused and has a bunch of questions about them. She's got about 2 pages of questions for a friend of her's that is a professional photographer. Mom does pretty good with the little one she has (note my latest Bunny pics) but is drooling at the idea of a better camera where she can focus on the subject and the remainder is blurred...just one of her obsessions....



March 26th 2013 2:42 pm
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It's been busy around here - well for mom it has! She's been on the phone like ALL the time! She was on the phone for hours yesterday and FINALLY took us for a walk. We didn't get to play in the playground - snow and ice. So we got back home and mom got back on the phone! What gives?

I barked at 5:30 this morning and woke up the house. Don't know why. Then mom got up around 7:30 to take the trash out, we all went outside to potty. Then mom came back in the house and crawled back into bed! Hmmpf! I was ready to lay on the bed! We all fell back to sleep for another hour and then mom got fijity. Mom took her shower and me and Darcy waited patiently for mom. We figured she would be on the phone again. Well mom said, lets go! And took us for a walk. Came home, fed us and then mom went to the basement to look for some papers. She found some of them sat at the table for a while and then said, lets go play! So she took us outside to the playground. Mom said looking at the papers made her remember some not-so-good times. Turns out dad's uncle (who die a long time ago) had a life insurance policy. Mom had to find the paperwork from dad's uncle passing and dad's dad passing. The insurance co wants the names of any other living heirs. Well dad has a brother who mom and dad don't talk about. Mom said he's a bad person and doesn't know where we are. Anyhoo, mom was kinda mad (bad memories) and needed to clear her head so we went to the playground and played!! :):)

We got back in the house and mom started to set up the walk-in shower. Uh oh! Bath time! Gaaa!! Runnnnnn!!! Well Darcy went first, got all sudsy and then rinsed. Mom gave her a great massage with the towel! Then it was my turn. I got a bath and got the zoomies! Mom said she had enough time to eat lunch and get ready for work. The papers are still on the table. Then the phone rang - dang! Turns out it was dad calling mom to let her know the prison was on lockdown. Mom loves lockdown! There was a fight last night when mom was on duty and a big fight (4 on 1) today. So the Warden locked down the prison. Mom has a feeling it won't be all night. But that's alright.

So mom only used the phone once today - and it was dad... whew!


Guess What??

March 25th 2013 5:57 pm
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Woke up and it was snowing! Gee there's a shocker! :) We got another 3 inches of snow, then it warmed up, it has not stopped snowing yet. But it's warm enough that most of it has melted! I really would like to see the sun. The sun came out yesterday and after our walk moms head started to hurt. She took her magic pills and sat with her neck massager on her. I gave her compression therapy while she was sitting. Mom says I'm her therapy dog!! I'm so calm and stay literally on her when she's not feeling well.

Mom came home last night and felt much better. She said her magic pills help, but I'm the best magic! :):)


Weather blahs...

March 24th 2013 6:09 pm
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It was nice today. The sun was out. It was warm! We played in the playground, but I still got a rash from running through the ice crusted snow that's left. Mom told me to enjoy it that it's supposed to snow again tonight! Really!! I'm getting tired of this weather. Mom said when it warm out we're all going hiking this year. Now that mom's got her foot in good shape we're hitting the hills around here! But not until the snow is gone and it warms up.

So when I wake up tomorrow and see the snow I'm going to go blahhhhhh.... I'm ready for spring. :(


Chained Dog No More

March 21st 2013 7:53 pm
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He's got a name. Ringo. I went to see him this afternoon. After I went and bought 2 bags of dog food. I asked for the investigator, introduced myself and asked to see the dog. The investigator, Joanne was very nice. I liked her from the get go! She went to get the dog and I went and brought in the dog food. I asked the lady behind the counter what the adoption fee was as I handed her my check for $100.00. She said $45.00, then said "wow!" when she saw the check. I said, "I want to sponsor the dog that Joanne is bringing out, in other words I want to pay for his adoption fee." The lady looked totally confused and said this is too much. I said, "Well I guess he's paid for - twice. Please find him an amazing home, he deserves it" She nodded and said, "Absolutely, thank you so much, this is wonderful." Then Joanne brought the pup out. I say a pup because he still has that pup face. He's approximately 1 1/2 years old. And all puppy! Loving the attention. We went outside and I took a few pictures of him. Joanne said they named him Ringo. He has a name!! Finally! Finally I got my hands on him, I looked him in the eyes and said, "Hey Ringo I've been watching you for a long time buddy! Now your safe!" He jumped up and gave me a lick! I ran my hands along his sides, ribs, lots of them under his dull coat. I said, skinny huh. Joanne said, yea I rated him at a 3. He stunk to high heaven, Joanne said I've gotten alot of chain dogs in my career, but this boy stinks bad! She said she would've been a bit lienient had she seen paw marks like the pup was trying to get into the dog house. But there was none. I said all he did was lay down. Imagine that, havin 3-4 feet of chain to eat, sleep and do your potty with! So he layed in is potty all the time.

Joanne told me about the lady at the house. She said she was apologetic, but became the person who everyone with a dog problem gave their dog to. That she was looking for homes for all of the dogs that she has. This is the sad part. Last year she spoke to the previous investigator (I called because the pups had no shelter that time) said he would help her place the dogs in homes. He NEVER got in touch with her again!! He was fired and there was big noise over it, the joys of small towns! So she was "stuck" with all of these dogs. She said that she had another dog in the house that someone gave her. It has anxiety issues. I saw the pup (maybe 6 mo) today, another GSD mix.

I gave Joanne my background, about my rescue and working with cruelty cases in FL with my local SPCA. Turns out she knows friends of mine! They have the first disaster animal response trailer in the south. The HS and ASPCA have duplicated the trailers they've made to help during disasters. Turns out Joanne responded to many hurricanes and fires that the DART team came to. I told her call so and so and ask about me please. Joanne and I had a great visit. Ringo settled down and actually sat and seemed to be listening to us. He's got his shots and wormed. He's currently in Isolation. Next step is a bath. He did have a patch of hair about 1 1/2 inches wide and 5 inches long missing on the top of his back. But now he'll get the care he needs and will find a home quickly. One good thing about this area is that black cats and dogs get placed quickly here!

We discussed the remaining 3 dogs chained, and the other pup in the house. I told her I was concerned to pursue complaints later if she's going to continue to bring replacement dogs in. Joanne didn't get the feeling that she was going to rotate dogs. She said that they only had room for 1 dog at the SPCA or she would've taken all of them. I gave her my phone number and told her. You get the other 4 dogs and I'll sponsor them also. Their adoption fee will be paid in full. She was blown away. She took Ringo back inside and I waited for my receipt. I told the lady inside the same thing. There are 4 more dogs at this property. 3 on chains and one inside. If they come here I will sponsor them also.

Oh yea, I also told Joanne about the boxer and GSD that I put hay in their boxes. She agreed that if it happens again to call and we'll come up with a plan - legally to try and have them surrender those dogs.

I know spring kitten season will be here soon enough. Hopefully, if it ever stops snowing, spring will be here soon and the dogs won't be cold anymore, at least not until fall. So I've got a timeframe to try and get the dogs out, so they can all have new names and new lives.


Battle ahead, I can just tell...

March 20th 2013 11:47 am
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So mom and dad went shopping today! Hmmmpff! That mean me and Darcy didn't go for our walk in the morning! Mom came back and she was mad! Turns out where the 3 chained young dogs are there was another younger pup tied to the porch! Uggghh!! Well mom and dad are going to the SPCA tomorrow and will talk to the investigator again. Not that there is much they can do right now, but like everything dumb. Give them enough rope (the people) and they will hang themselves!

At least when mom and dad came home from shopping me and Darcy went for our walk. It was a short one but I still got some sniffs in and left a few p-mails. :) Mom said she had to walk us to calm down - :):)



March 19th 2013 3:52 pm
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Mom and dad went to town today. On the way they saw the SPCA Investigator at the house with the short-chained dog. Mom was relieved that the Investigator was there! :) On their way back mom noticed the dog was gone!!! So that meant either the dog was in the house or the dog was surrendered to the SPCA. The investigator had a clipboard and mom was hoping all went well.

Later mom called the investigator to see if she could help out the lady. There are still 3 other dogs chained to boxes. Mom thanked the investigator and asked if there was anything she could do to help. The investigator said the dog was surrendered and in their care. The remaining 3 dogs had food, water and shelter and appeared to be in good health. So she only took the one dog. The owner stated that she was trying to find homes for the other dogs. That was good to hear! Mom said she'll ask around to see if she can find a home for them. Then mom said would it be alright to "sponsor" the dog the investigator seemed a little shocked and said, "that would be wonderful". So Thursday mom and dad are going to the SPCA to drop off some food and money for the seized dog.

Mom is relieved that this poor pup who was on 3-4 feet of chain and couldn't reach his house approx 7-8 feet away will never be cold again! Now mom is praying for the other 3 dogs... it's a start...



March 18th 2013 12:04 pm
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Mom is soooo mad! She called the SPCA to report a dog that whose chain was so short he couldn't reach is box. It looked like he had only 3-4 feet of chain. She filed a complaint with the cruelty officer. It's been almost 2 weeks and sure enough today as mom was driving to work, there he was sitting 3 feet from the pole looking at his dog box. Mom was furious. It's snowing real hard and the wind is blowing, this dog should have access to it's shelter. Period. So mom called the SPCA and gave them grief. They said they would go out and check it. We'll see. Mom's at work and on her way home tonight she will have her flashlight on to see if he's been taken care of. If not she's going home and getting a cable we had for Darcy's dog run in TX. It's going to be late at night, but mom is intent of making sure this dog is taken care of. Grrrrrrr.....


One last hooorah!

March 17th 2013 1:46 pm
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Mom said to enjoy the sun today! Why mom? Turns out another storm is heading our way. They're calling for 3-5 inches of snow. Let's hope it's less! Mom's hoping it's the last storm of the season. I'm alright with that also. I loved laying on the bed in the sun today! :):)

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