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Today I was born!

April 23rd 2013 3:01 pm
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I'm 2 years old today! Woohooo!! I'm currently at the spa (kennel) with Darcy. Mom is supposed to pick us up first thing in the morning. Can't wait!

I hope mom has something special for me for my birthday! I deserve it, don't I? :):)


The lake

April 17th 2013 3:27 pm
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Mom told us during our walk this morning that she needed to go to town to pick up a box. Well, I figured she meant me and Darcy were staying home. WRONG! Mom said, let's go and we all loaded up and headed out! The weather today is amazing! The sun is shining and it's cool outside. Just pefect for us furkids! :) Mom stopped at the post office, got her box. Said her future is inside of it. Whatever that means.. :) Anyhoo, after the post office we went to the park at the lake. Amazingly there were NO geese there! Alright, there were maybe 10, unlike the usual 300 that are there. Turns out the town make the geese feel unwelcomed and they moved along. Great, no goose poop under my paws! :):) We had a great walk, came home and I got my sun time in on the deck. Grandma came out on the deck and did a few laps in the sun. I keep a good eye on her to make sure she was safe!


I've got company...

April 14th 2013 3:13 pm
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Mom left for an overnight and came back the next day. She had Grandma with her! Yippeee!!!! Grandma loves me and I love her. She has to use a cane all the time now so I make sure I'm out of the way when she gets up. :) Grandmom said I'm so big, but so gentle! Darcy even came up to greet her! Mom was shocked! She sniffed grandma's hand and everything! :):)

Mom took us for our walk yesterday and today. After yesterday we played in the playground then mom wiped me off. I was a bit muddy! Today, I was chunky muddy! Mom said I had chunks of mud on my butt today! I had mud from my face to the tip of my tail! :):) So today after playing I got a bath. I didn't mind, I smell like almonds and am super soft!

I like grandma being here, she keeps us company while mom and dad are at work tonight. Mom left our food out so grandma can put it down for us at 6:30 tonight. Yea!

Mom made a phone call this morning to our Kennel. Turns out grandpa is coming up to get grandma on Saturday. Well mom doesn't want to hear his b.s. about how terrible I am! (He was the one who was mean to me!) Mom was stressing about what he's going to say. So she called the kennel and has us set up to go from Friday till Wednesday! Yippee!

Mom said she's a firm believer of not setting up to fail. Since grandpa is so grumpy about me and Darcy, mom's sending us out to play! Hurt MY feelings :) NOT!!!!


Mom did it!

April 10th 2013 1:26 pm
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She took the plunge! She's been looking to move up in the world of cameras for a few years now. She ordered a Canon T3i with 18-55mm and 55-250mm lenses. She's pretty jazzed and cannot wait to start taking pictures with a DSLR! Thanks to all of our Dogster friends for their input! Knowing people who take tons of pictures of their dogs helped with her decision!

Just as mom was getting ready for work it got real dark outside! Darcy was laying on the floor panting. Uh oh! Storms a comin! Sure enough right before mom went to get into her truck the skies opened up and it started to thunder and lightening. I was sleepy but Darcy was concerned. Mom hugged Darcy - a rarety! And Darcy seemed better! Well mom had to go and the storm passed within 1/2 hour! Now the sun is out and dad will be home soon! Yippeee!!

We hope all of our Dogsters are safe with this crazy storm passing through. Stay safe ya'll!!


Thanks everyone!

April 9th 2013 1:22 pm
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Mom is feeling much better! She said my Jolly Ball did the trick! She took us for our usual walk and playtime. It was beautiful out again! 64 degrees! That's a real heat wave here! Me and Darcy were panting! Mom didn't take her HD out today. Said she has to get bedroom ready for grandmom! I like her!! She gives me treats! Mostly pretzels! Yumm!!


Mom's Mortocycle

April 8th 2013 3:57 pm
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Sooooo, we woke up this morning and the sun was shining! OMG!!!! Mom took us for a walk, then to the playground. Mom said, come one guys lets go get breakfast. She make her eggs, Spam and bagel combo. Me and Darcy got some eggs and Spam - YUM!!! Then mom got her jeans and coat out and this thing called a helmet. Hmmmm... Then mom went out to the shed and rolled her motorcycle out. Put on her helmet and coat and vrooom, away she went! Hey! It's nice out what about me and Darcy! Well dad worked last night so he was sleeping - NO FUN! Then we noticed that mom left the slider open for the deck. And she put out our pillows and blankets to lay on! Aaaaahhh!! Well, what seemed like forever, mom came back home. She put Darcy's collar on and we headed back to the playground! Yea!!! Darcy did this crazy bunny hop around mom when mom got her collar and lead. She's just about silly! :):)

We got back in the house and mom said her hip was killing her. Some kind of nerve pain. Mom was hoping the ride on the motorcycle would help. It didn't. Well I felt mom didn't need compression therapy, and that she should throw my ball in the house (she does it all the time). Mom said, no Grunt, I'm hurting. Mom never hurts so I laid upside down while she layed on the floor with her feet on the chair. I got up and got one of my Jolly balls with the rope through it. I brought it to mom, she put it under her owie hip. Told me it felt better and gave me a hug and kiss. I laid on the floor and then the deck on my pillow with my cow toe. Then dad woke up for a little bit, mom was watching her recorded Big Bang Theory when he came into the living room with us. Soon enough it was time for mom to go to work. She said her hip was feeling much better and that I was a great nurse to her!


Thanks HQ!

April 4th 2013 11:01 am
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I got Diary of the Day! Whooo hooo! :):) Had company visit this morning. His name is Jimmy, he's mom and dad's new insurance agent. Young kid by our standards. And guess what? He smelled of puppeh! Told mom that he's got a black lab puppy! Knew he was a good person when I got my first whiff of him! :) I was a good boy while mom and Jimmy walked around the house. When he sat down to fill out the paperwork I layed in front of him! He asked mom if I was a pitbull. Mom said yup, the nicest one you'll ever meet! Told him about me passing my CGC because of possible homeowners insurance problems later in life. Jimmy said, ah, we don't ask what breed just want to know how many. Works for mom! :)

After Jimmy left, me, Darcy and mom went for our walk. It's supposed to warm up to 50 today! :) What???!! Well mom saw some of her daffodils were starting to come up. There's hope she says! It is a lot warmer. We stayed in the playground for almost 2 hours! Darcy was rolling in the grass and just happy as could be. Me? Well mom threw my chuck-it ball and I would lay on the blanket chewing my ball like its bubblegum! :)


Missed it!

March 31st 2013 4:42 pm
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Yesterday was the first day that mom didn't check out the Diary's page. And wouldn't ya know it I was selected! Ooops!! Belated thanks HQ!

Yesterday was beautiful outside and me, Darcy, Mom and Dad stayed outside almost all day! Mom left me and Darcy in the playground and her and dad were messing with fencing. Me and Darcy were chillin in the sunshine!!! It was sunny!! We were walking around dazed from the warmth! It felt soooo good! Then mom went to work and I kept dad company for the night. That's my job! To make sure whoever is in the house isn't lonely.

Today mom took us for a walk, on the way back she made a left turn and said come on guys let's go down here! Yippeee! New ground to explore. Turns out the trail is called a "pipeline" and it leads right to Potato Creek! Mom said it's so much closer to the house and getting to the creek wasn't bad at all! That means we can go on this trail to swim! It's not the swimming hole that we went to last year, it's better! There are several low spots we can hang out and go swimming at! Mom really likes this spot! Says nobody will be there and I'll be able to go swimming without a lead on! Yippeee!!

Now it's raining, windy and just plain yucky outside! Mom's at work, dad got home late, he's got a screwy schedule this week he said. So I'll just stay by him so he doesn't get lonely!



March 27th 2013 3:17 pm
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Mom had a headache and got up at 5am. She moved the the sofa and reclined the end back. I did my compression therapy. Mom woke up feeling much better. So much so that we went for an awesome walk and played in the playground for a long long long time!! I got to run after my chuck-it ball and Darcy did her thing.

However mom is obsessing over a dog in a rescue. His name is Freckles. This is the rescue site with his information on it. WARNING - it is VERY GRAPHIC and DISTURBING...

Mom wishes the person(s) who did this could be caught. But unfortunately we all know the chances of that are very slim. Luckily Freckles is in SC (he was rescued in MD) and in amazing care. He seems to have a will to live, considering all that's been done to him. Please keep Freckles in your thoughts and prayers.

Mom's been following him on FB, there are current updates on their page. Sad.. :(

On a lighter note, mom has been looking at cameras, not the cheap ones either! She's confused and has a bunch of questions about them. She's got about 2 pages of questions for a friend of her's that is a professional photographer. Mom does pretty good with the little one she has (note my latest Bunny pics) but is drooling at the idea of a better camera where she can focus on the subject and the remainder is blurred...just one of her obsessions....



March 26th 2013 2:42 pm
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It's been busy around here - well for mom it has! She's been on the phone like ALL the time! She was on the phone for hours yesterday and FINALLY took us for a walk. We didn't get to play in the playground - snow and ice. So we got back home and mom got back on the phone! What gives?

I barked at 5:30 this morning and woke up the house. Don't know why. Then mom got up around 7:30 to take the trash out, we all went outside to potty. Then mom came back in the house and crawled back into bed! Hmmpf! I was ready to lay on the bed! We all fell back to sleep for another hour and then mom got fijity. Mom took her shower and me and Darcy waited patiently for mom. We figured she would be on the phone again. Well mom said, lets go! And took us for a walk. Came home, fed us and then mom went to the basement to look for some papers. She found some of them sat at the table for a while and then said, lets go play! So she took us outside to the playground. Mom said looking at the papers made her remember some not-so-good times. Turns out dad's uncle (who die a long time ago) had a life insurance policy. Mom had to find the paperwork from dad's uncle passing and dad's dad passing. The insurance co wants the names of any other living heirs. Well dad has a brother who mom and dad don't talk about. Mom said he's a bad person and doesn't know where we are. Anyhoo, mom was kinda mad (bad memories) and needed to clear her head so we went to the playground and played!! :):)

We got back in the house and mom started to set up the walk-in shower. Uh oh! Bath time! Gaaa!! Runnnnnn!!! Well Darcy went first, got all sudsy and then rinsed. Mom gave her a great massage with the towel! Then it was my turn. I got a bath and got the zoomies! Mom said she had enough time to eat lunch and get ready for work. The papers are still on the table. Then the phone rang - dang! Turns out it was dad calling mom to let her know the prison was on lockdown. Mom loves lockdown! There was a fight last night when mom was on duty and a big fight (4 on 1) today. So the Warden locked down the prison. Mom has a feeling it won't be all night. But that's alright.

So mom only used the phone once today - and it was dad... whew!

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