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Custom Collar for ME!

June 12th 2013 11:53 am
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Mom has been looking at Denice Langley's webpage for quite some time now. Mom's been waiting for me to get 2 years old so I she can measure me for a custom leather collar. Well today mom sent and e-mail to Denise with my measurements (she put the tape around my face!!!) and what she's looking for in my collar. Hopefully we'll hear back soon about the price. Mom is sooo excited and can't wait to hear back from Denise! Check out her webpage she does amazing leather work!! And not just collars either!!!! :):)


Helping Mom Sleep

June 11th 2013 6:28 pm
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Mom has neck problems. Sometimes she gets up and says Grunt I can't sleep, my neck/head hurts. Then she goes to the living room and sits in the recliner with her neck massager and blanket. Eventually she falls asleep for a few more hours and wakes up better. Well this morning mom got awake and said, Grunt I can't sleep. I got off the bed and she followed me to the recliner sofa. I climbed up and waited for her to get comfy. Then I layed on her and we both fell back to sleep for 3 more hours! Mom woke up later than ever and got herself together and took me and Darcy for a walk. It was misting outside but mom knows the deal. We must go for a walk. The fresh air does everyone good! Well after our walk mom closed the gates and me and Darcy sniffed out front for a bit. Mom went up the steps on the deck and I caught right up to her. It's my job to make sure mom is alright and I take it very seriously! Mom got out the laser light and we did in-house agility. I flew through the air over the bed a bunch of times and got a good workout in! :):) Dad was making some kind of chicken for lunch and I still didn't leave moms side. She said her neck was snapping and grinding and she just didn't feel right. Darcy was sniffing at the kitchen at dad's cooking. I stayed steadfast with mom. Well mom started to feel a bit better and I began to sniff towards dad, who now had a bowl in his hands. Didn't work, I didn't get any chicken AND mom forgot to leave my kong balls out. Mom and dad are working and I'm starving!! You figure after all of the hard work I did making sure mom was alright that she would at least remember my cookie balls! Geeez!!


Snuggle time,,,

June 7th 2013 1:44 pm
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Mom and I had snuggle time this morning! We got up early and mom decided that it was to rainy outside to get moving so we snuggled. She did the jaws game with me. Her hands are curled and I growl and play-bite. I never bite hard, this amazes mom every time! She said I have a soft mouth and I'm so lovable! Well DUH!! We went for our walk and I couldn't chase any rabbits! :( When we got home mom said I needed my nails done. So she got my jerkey treats from Omaha Steaks and I took off running! I was sitting on her bed before she even got in the room! I love to have my nails done cause I love my jerkey treat! While mom was doing my nails I was licking my leg. Mom decided that she's waited long enough and took me in for a bath. Got me an awesome massage during my bath and got more jerkey! After that I got the severe zoomies!! Dad and mom were clapping and I was zooming all over! Giving my best goofy grin! Then mom was getting ready for work. I climbed up on her bed and was fast asleep before she even left.


My Friend the Rabbit!

June 4th 2013 6:26 pm
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Dad came home from work the other night. He took me and Darcy out for a potty break because I don't like to go out in the dark alone. ZOOM!!! I took off running. Dad called me back and I had a rabbit in my mouth. Here dad! Dad said to drop it and I did! As soon as the rabbit touched the ground he took off running, and so did I. Caught him again and brought him to dad. Dad said drop it, so I did. Rabbit took off and I got him again!! Well dad said drop it, I did, rabbit took off, dad said leave it. Come on Grunt let's go in. So I did, I followed dad and left rabbit be. Got in the house and dad gave me a cookie!


Thanks HQ and Redford!

June 2nd 2013 6:28 pm
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For the Diary Pick of the Day and for the Picture Redford! :) Mom's at grandma and grandpa's and I'm alone with Darcy. Miss her, but I know she's coming home tomorrow. Dad pressure washed the deck it's huge (12 X 75 feet!) Dad was cool enough to leave me and Darcy out with him while he worked! Me and Darcy played and sniffed the yards like crazy! Dad even played with the chuck-it ball until it got dark! Yippeee! He said that when he threw the ball Darcy had the goofy run-after-me thing going on!


Donation Day Today!

May 28th 2013 7:13 pm
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Mom and dad got up early, it was pouring outside today! Yuck! Mom said today is a great day! Our friend Russ, was coming over to pull the trailer that mom and dad loaded the fencing and pipe on for the rescue where I came from. There is about 700 feet of fencing and bunches of poles, top rails, hardware and a gate! Mom said when they got to the rescue the owner Joye came out and said Holy Sh** that's alot of fencing!! One roll of fencing is brand new and about 200 feet in length. They're going to use it to make a meet and greet area for people who want to spend a little time alone with a possible adoptor! Sounds awesome to me!! When the trailer was unloaded (by 4 people plus mom, dad and Russ!) everyone was soaked and muddy. But it didn't matter, everyone was thrilled with the donation! Joye gave mom a hug and got her information to mail mom a receipt. Mom told Joye that I'll be out to visit at Petfest in August. They said they got my picture and have me on their wall inside the house. They were so proud that I got my CGC! By the time mom and dad got home it wasn't raining and mom took us for a walk! Yipppeee! We got to sniff out some rabbits across the road in the high weeds! Got back to the house and mom and dad left again! What???!! They went for some lunch. Alright I'll accept that, then they came home and got ready for work - both of them! Hey!!!! Well now it's storming out and mom and dad should be home in the next hour or so. Tomorrow dad is working during the daytime and will be home with us at night. That's good! That means mom will be home with us in the morning! Hopefully these ugly storms will pass and the sun will be out!


My day out!

May 22nd 2013 12:32 pm
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Social time for me!! Mom called the vet after using a warm washcloth on Darcy's eyes. We got our breakfast and away we went to the vet. I love going to the vet! All of my girlfriends are there!!! Love getting some lovin!! Anywhoo, the vet tech came in and I did my usual greeting, sit/paw look into my eyes! LOVE ME!! :):) Sooo, I got my lovin and Darcy got drops for her eyes! It was a great ride home. Mom and dad had the air conditioner on so I was chillin!!


Oklahoma Tornados

May 20th 2013 2:43 pm
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Sending thoughts and prayers to our friends in Oklahoma. Hope everyone is alright..... please check in if you can...


Missed you!

May 19th 2013 4:24 pm
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Mom and dad were gone for 2 whole weeks! Geez! I missed everyone! I played like crazy, mom can tell by my filed down nails! :) Darcy has eye gunk. I've got a little bit, but mom says mine looks like allergies. While mom and dad were gone it snowed here! WHAT?? Snow in May??? Yup! There are trees just starting to get their buds so there is plenty of pollen. Mom and dad cut the grass and I love to mouse in it! Only bad part is I start the reverse sneeze and snorting! That's why mom thinks it's allergies in my eyes! I've been sleeping like a rock also. It's exhausting being on vacation! Mom and dad rode their motorcycles to Myrtle Beach. Mom said they put on 1700 miles total trip! Geez! That's alot! Turns out that dogs are allowed on the beach at certain hours. Dad likes to golf and there are plenty of golf courses and mom is happy with salt air and sand. Soooo, it looks like mom and dad are going to scout the area for the next few years before they retire! Yipppeee!!!


Whooop whoooop!!

May 1st 2013 2:35 pm
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Thanks HQ for selecting me as Diary of the Day! Thank you Nina for the awesome picture! Today was the day we've been waiting 5 months for! When we woke up it was 61 degrees outside! And only got nicer afterthat! There was an amazing breeze which we enjoyed in the playground. We stayed in the playground for about an hour before we had to go in. I was pretty tuckered out from chasing my chuck-it ball. Darcy is doing her vomit thing that is slowly driving mom nuts. At least our poop is solid. We are lovin pumpkin! :) Mom said she'll be home all day tomorrow. It's her day off! Wooohooo!!! Mom said she's got some running to do but not until we walk, hit the playground and chill for a bit. Then she's got to get our stuff ready for our vacation. Me and Darcy are heading back to the kennel for 2 weeks! I had so much fun last time, can't wait to meet new friends...

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