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Oklahoma Tornados

May 20th 2013 2:43 pm
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Sending thoughts and prayers to our friends in Oklahoma. Hope everyone is alright..... please check in if you can...


Missed you!

May 19th 2013 4:24 pm
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Mom and dad were gone for 2 whole weeks! Geez! I missed everyone! I played like crazy, mom can tell by my filed down nails! :) Darcy has eye gunk. I've got a little bit, but mom says mine looks like allergies. While mom and dad were gone it snowed here! WHAT?? Snow in May??? Yup! There are trees just starting to get their buds so there is plenty of pollen. Mom and dad cut the grass and I love to mouse in it! Only bad part is I start the reverse sneeze and snorting! That's why mom thinks it's allergies in my eyes! I've been sleeping like a rock also. It's exhausting being on vacation! Mom and dad rode their motorcycles to Myrtle Beach. Mom said they put on 1700 miles total trip! Geez! That's alot! Turns out that dogs are allowed on the beach at certain hours. Dad likes to golf and there are plenty of golf courses and mom is happy with salt air and sand. Soooo, it looks like mom and dad are going to scout the area for the next few years before they retire! Yipppeee!!!


Whooop whoooop!!

May 1st 2013 2:35 pm
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Thanks HQ for selecting me as Diary of the Day! Thank you Nina for the awesome picture! Today was the day we've been waiting 5 months for! When we woke up it was 61 degrees outside! And only got nicer afterthat! There was an amazing breeze which we enjoyed in the playground. We stayed in the playground for about an hour before we had to go in. I was pretty tuckered out from chasing my chuck-it ball. Darcy is doing her vomit thing that is slowly driving mom nuts. At least our poop is solid. We are lovin pumpkin! :) Mom said she'll be home all day tomorrow. It's her day off! Wooohooo!!! Mom said she's got some running to do but not until we walk, hit the playground and chill for a bit. Then she's got to get our stuff ready for our vacation. Me and Darcy are heading back to the kennel for 2 weeks! I had so much fun last time, can't wait to meet new friends...


Poor Rufus!

April 30th 2013 12:49 pm
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Let's hope this guy gets saved... county/child-bit-by-beaglemix-named-rufus-visits-dog-at-shel ter/-/12978032/19948928/-/14w49cz/-/index.html


Another beautiful day yesterday,,, but....

April 28th 2013 1:57 pm
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Today it changed to rain. :( BUT, we got our walk in. Mom took us for a ride to town and played in the playground before the rain started. So, I'm good! :):) Even though the first day of turkey hunting was yesterday we still heard the gobbler yesterday and today! :) Mom took pictures with her new camera yesterday! The was outside the fenceline taking pictures of the swallows that have nested in the birdhouses. Then dad threw the chuck-it ball for me and I heard click, click, click. Mom said she needs to figure out how to upload next. Oh well, good thing her card holds 3900 pictures! :)

Mom said me and Darcy need a bath. But tomorrow I'm having company. You know company always comes over to see me! So we may not have a bath for a couple of days. Doesn't hurt my feelings at all! :)


Not fair!

April 26th 2013 12:21 pm
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So we got back from the kennel and it has been absolutely crazy at my house! Everyday, it seems, mom takes her HD for a ride. Then she comes home and we play. Well today, mom and dad got up early and left! We went for our usual walk but then they left! Mom on her HD and dad in the truck with the trailer attached! Hmmm... well about 3 hours later they come back there are chairs and buckets of something on the trailer. Mom brought the buckets in the basement and put the chairs outside. Then she took us out to the playground for a quick play. I got some good running in but then we had to go in because mom had to get ready for work! Why??? Not fair, I was enjoying the playground! The sun is out and the birds were singing. Even this morning there was 6 deer on the back hill behind the house. 2 were young and doing Nascar laps on the hill. I stood real quiet and watched. Mom didn't move so she could watch my reaction. I was just enthralled by them! Then the big doe snorted, she heard mom move and just like that they vanished into the woods. Then we heard the turkey gobbling. He headed down by the creek across the road. We heard him the entire time we were walking he was really putting on a show for some lucky girl turkey! :)


Today I was born!

April 23rd 2013 3:01 pm
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I'm 2 years old today! Woohooo!! I'm currently at the spa (kennel) with Darcy. Mom is supposed to pick us up first thing in the morning. Can't wait!

I hope mom has something special for me for my birthday! I deserve it, don't I? :):)


The lake

April 17th 2013 3:27 pm
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Mom told us during our walk this morning that she needed to go to town to pick up a box. Well, I figured she meant me and Darcy were staying home. WRONG! Mom said, let's go and we all loaded up and headed out! The weather today is amazing! The sun is shining and it's cool outside. Just pefect for us furkids! :) Mom stopped at the post office, got her box. Said her future is inside of it. Whatever that means.. :) Anyhoo, after the post office we went to the park at the lake. Amazingly there were NO geese there! Alright, there were maybe 10, unlike the usual 300 that are there. Turns out the town make the geese feel unwelcomed and they moved along. Great, no goose poop under my paws! :):) We had a great walk, came home and I got my sun time in on the deck. Grandma came out on the deck and did a few laps in the sun. I keep a good eye on her to make sure she was safe!


I've got company...

April 14th 2013 3:13 pm
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Mom left for an overnight and came back the next day. She had Grandma with her! Yippeee!!!! Grandma loves me and I love her. She has to use a cane all the time now so I make sure I'm out of the way when she gets up. :) Grandmom said I'm so big, but so gentle! Darcy even came up to greet her! Mom was shocked! She sniffed grandma's hand and everything! :):)

Mom took us for our walk yesterday and today. After yesterday we played in the playground then mom wiped me off. I was a bit muddy! Today, I was chunky muddy! Mom said I had chunks of mud on my butt today! I had mud from my face to the tip of my tail! :):) So today after playing I got a bath. I didn't mind, I smell like almonds and am super soft!

I like grandma being here, she keeps us company while mom and dad are at work tonight. Mom left our food out so grandma can put it down for us at 6:30 tonight. Yea!

Mom made a phone call this morning to our Kennel. Turns out grandpa is coming up to get grandma on Saturday. Well mom doesn't want to hear his b.s. about how terrible I am! (He was the one who was mean to me!) Mom was stressing about what he's going to say. So she called the kennel and has us set up to go from Friday till Wednesday! Yippee!

Mom said she's a firm believer of not setting up to fail. Since grandpa is so grumpy about me and Darcy, mom's sending us out to play! Hurt MY feelings :) NOT!!!!


Mom did it!

April 10th 2013 1:26 pm
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She took the plunge! She's been looking to move up in the world of cameras for a few years now. She ordered a Canon T3i with 18-55mm and 55-250mm lenses. She's pretty jazzed and cannot wait to start taking pictures with a DSLR! Thanks to all of our Dogster friends for their input! Knowing people who take tons of pictures of their dogs helped with her decision!

Just as mom was getting ready for work it got real dark outside! Darcy was laying on the floor panting. Uh oh! Storms a comin! Sure enough right before mom went to get into her truck the skies opened up and it started to thunder and lightening. I was sleepy but Darcy was concerned. Mom hugged Darcy - a rarety! And Darcy seemed better! Well mom had to go and the storm passed within 1/2 hour! Now the sun is out and dad will be home soon! Yippeee!!

We hope all of our Dogsters are safe with this crazy storm passing through. Stay safe ya'll!!

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