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Checking in!!

January 27th 2015 5:55 pm
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Hi gang! We seldomly get on Dogster. But we're still here! Hope everyone is safe and warm! I haven't been eating as much - not much playtime so I'm not as hungry. Besides I don't want to get fat! I have to represent my breed! :) Mom and dad are good. Just like me and Darcy they're waiting for winter to end so we can hang out on the deck! Have a great day everyone!


Helllloooooo Everyone!!!

August 23rd 2014 8:53 am
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Boy we've missed you guys! Mom finally changed her password and we're baaaaackkkk!!! Whooooohoooo!!! Mom's a bit peeved and needs some help. We've been a Plus member for years, renewing again in August, yet our photos say we're over our limit... What gives? This is why we took such a long break to give Dogster time to regroup - again. Did we miss something? Heeeeellllpppp!!!!

Anyway, how is everyone!!!!! Summer has been a breeze here this year. Not hot at all!! We've been swimming almost weekly, yup, swimming. I'm and official Fin-Dog! :) I love it!! Mom sits on the dock and says, "Go swim" and I do a lap at the lake! Well, not the entire lake I go out a ways and come back in!

Hope everyone is doing great! Gotta go!! :) We'll check in later today! :) Love you guys!!!!!!!! :)


I'm broke

June 15th 2014 2:10 pm
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Mom broke me :( It was really cool out yesterday and she started a fire in the fire ring. Well you know me I want to play with the Chuckit ball. Mom threw it and I took of. Flying across the ground! Somewhere along the playtime I hurt my back leg. Mom said the ground isn't smooth and she broke me :( I got a massage, went to sleep and slept all night. Woke up this morning feeling much better. We went for our usual walk and I was overly calm. Mom said I must still be sore - uh yea! So we finished our walk and mom got busy doing her thing. I was pooped out! Friday we walked around the lake in town. It was cold out and I still splashed in the lake. Then I had training. Darcy came along for the ride :) Then running around the playground yesterday. I was glad to see mom go to work today! :) She rode her Harley in. Dad said he's going to drive in tonight (he's working midnights) that way mom can drive home and dad can ride home in the morning. Sounds geat! :)

Mom posted a photo of me and dad on FB today. She said today is Father's Day. We'll mom made sure my dad got noticed.... :)


Thanks HQ!

June 11th 2014 12:15 pm
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Turns out I got picked for Diary of the Day! :) Whooo hoo!! It's a good day. Dad cut the grass in the playground yesterday. So today on our walk (saw 2 baby bunnies) mom said we'll play in the playground. Yesssss!! Well it ended up being that dad threw my Chuckit ball and mom was trimming some branches and getting them ready for the next bonfire. I was pretty pooped out by the time we were done! Mom had our blankets out and dad was chillin in the chair. We went in the house, I forgot to tell ya'll our mom ordered new furniture in February - it still isn't in. But mom and dad moved the sofa (my favorite!) to the basement. And put a futon (!!!!REALLY!!!) where the sofa was. It's no where near as comfortable as my sofa. The furniture company called and said that it's hoping to be in by June 20th. Another week of the futon! UGH! Mom has a new photo of me to put up. Hopefully it will work today. Have a great day everyone! :)


Finally!! A new entry!

June 2nd 2014 1:58 pm
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Mom tried to put this beautiful message on my page on April 15 BUT!! Dogster kicked her off! Grrr!! So today after just waiting and waiting, mom is trying again.

I turned 3 in April. Whooo hooo!! :) Mom said that Turner sent her a true angel in me.

In May mom and dad went on vacation. Me and Darcy went on vacation at the kennel also! It was great! We had the best time. Mom and dad went to the beach and mom said we are moving there in about 4 years. Sounds exciting!

I started my nosework class. All I can tell you is its soooo much fun! Of course I have to greet everyone BEFORE I enter the box area. :) So much lovin I have to give out and receive! :) But seriously, I love the class! Now when I see boxes I have to sniff each and every one! :)

Overall I'm doing great! The other day I was sitting next to mom on the top of the hill. Darcy was in the playground (mom left the gate open). Well I decided to stalk Darcy, mom said careful there is a fence. I didn't pay any attention to mom because her and dad were sitting by the fire ring. I though she was talking to dad. Well I took off like a rocket and WHAM!! I went head first into the fence. My head twisted to the left and my body flung over to the right. I got a cut by my eye and I was sore for a couple of days. Now I'm back to my normal self.

It's finally getting warm here, I'm so glad, because winter was soooo long. Me and Darcy hang out on the deck most of the day. Mom has a fan on in the living room for me which I love!

Yesterday mom and dad took apart my big sofa and moved it downstairs. Then they brought up a futon. It's not nearly as comfortable as my big sofa. But mom said that dad is going to midnight shift and that the new sectional sofa will be here in a week or two. Mom said she's putting the futon in Darcy's room when the new sofa arrives.

Hope everyone is doing well. We sure do miss ya'll!! :)


My Grandma is here!

April 14th 2014 3:25 pm
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So mom went and got my grandma. She has this thing with 4 wheels and a seat that she pushes around. She says it helps her walk. So I move when I need to and lay next to her when she's sitting on the seat. I sit near her so she can pet me. She says she cannot feel with her fingers and uses her whole hand to pet me. She says I'm so gentle and that is why she loves me!

Lately grandma has been laying in her bed. Something about nerve pain in her leg. She just moans and says things. When mom's at work I check on grandma to make sure she's alright. She tells me things. Things that I cannot repeat because I'm her friend and she trusts me to keep our conversations private.

I'm glad she came for a visit. I'm worried about grandma, but she tells me she'll be alright.


My belly hurts! :(

April 1st 2014 3:17 pm
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During our walk I started to eat grass. Then I was coughing. Then I ate more grass. :( my belly hurts... When we got home I drank some water and then ate a little bit of food. I was laying on mom like I do on the sofa. Then I barfed. All of the grass and the food came up. Bleh! Mom took me outside and I ate more grass. :( Then the phone guy showed up (2 days early) and I was on duty. No mom's at work and I'm snoozing on her bed. Mom is worried about me. But I'll be fine!

ETA: Mom just saw that I'm DDP! Woohooo! Hopefully that'll make me feel better! :)



March 31st 2014 4:56 pm
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What a day! It was beautiful today! Mom took us for a walk. When we got back she put blankets on the deck and on the ground out front! Me and Darcy were laying in the sun. Our head were up but our eyes were closed! It felt soooooo good to be warmed by the sun! When mom and dad left for work me and Darcy were snuggled on the bed. All is right today!

Mom said tomorrow will be more of the same! Woohooo!!


Ahhhh, much better!

March 30th 2014 11:59 am
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Mom tricked me. She got me in the bathroom and closed the door! Next thing I know I'm in the shower getting my massage! Actually it felt really good! I didn't fuss too much. I've been scratching so mom knew I was due for a bath! Afterwards she gave Darcy a bath and then we went out front. I chased Darcy, she was a total loon! Mom's jaw hit the ground when she saw how silly Darcy was acting! She never saw her do some of the things she did!

Me? I went potty and was ready to go back in. It's in the 30's here today, snowed last night and I just wanted to curl up on the bed.

Mom was watching a movie and I stood in front of her. She scooped me up and I was snuggling with her on the chair. I love my mom! She was giving me kisses and telling me how I'm such a good boy. She said that grandma is coming to visit this weekend for 2 weeks! I love my grandma!


Power went out!

March 27th 2014 12:20 pm
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Just like they said it would! 9 am pop off it went! Then it got super quiet! It was 22 degrees out, but the house was warm. I was laying on mom when the power went out. Darcy sat straight up and started shaking. She heard the beeping of the battery back-up for the computer. Mom turned it off and covered Darcy with a blanket and told her everything will be alright.

Mom and dad went out for breakfast. Then they came back and took me and Darcy for a walk. We saw our neighbor that works with mom and dad. Big head. He was walking his chocolate lab - Ruger. Well mom made me sit, which took me 2 attempts to get right. Ruger was jumping and crying, just acting a mess. I wanted to slam him on the ground and tell him to calm down! But mom said, come on lets walk and I forgot about Ruger! Walking is much more important in my world! :):)

The power came on just before 1pm. The house was pretty warm, the sun was out and the front of the house is mostly glass. Plus we played Chuckit for a while. Running always keeps ya warm! :)

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