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How I'm feeling

Chasing leaves

October 8th 2011 3:13 pm
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So during our walk today the wind was scattering all the leaves around for me to chase. I love that the wind is dog friendly to me today. Mom even crunched a few, with shoes not mouth. I like my way better. Now if I can just get her to pile them up....


How I'm feeling

August 21st 2011 12:41 pm
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A few days ago I just got back from a trip. It wasn't a vacation which would have been nice. Nope my pet{I got this from the cartoon 101 Dalmatians...good movie 4 paws up!}sent me to be fixed. I was scared because where did my pet go?? It wasn't horrible but I've been home since Tuesday and home is really where the squeaky toys are. I'm well with no issues. I've been looking forward to when I can go play with my next door neighbors. Pet says they play ruff.It has been nice and quiet around here with plenty of tummy rubs and ear scratches from the humans. Plus a new ball!! So a new ball, plenty of love, my pet all to myself.. been a good few days. Well I'm off to search for my pet. Said something about mop the floor. I bet I can help with that.

Peace_Love_Belly Rubs!!


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