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Finnigan's (A)wake!

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Fed Up

August 9th 2011 8:06 am
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Bet my diary is still broked... :'(


What a doggy day :)

August 4th 2011 3:37 pm
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Hey everybody

Hope you is all feelin' good tonight. I is great, I has had a well happy day today. Still can't believe my diary did get picked for Diary Central today - who wants to read 'bout silly ol' me eh? Haha - I has been smilin' all day and wonderin' what to write next. Mummy finks I should write my diary every day for a year (except tomorrow cos Dogster isn't gonna be open cos of da maintenance fingy, harumph) and then she is gonna send it to a PAWblisher to see if dey will print it as a booky book. I wonder if anybody would buy it?! BOL

Mummy and I did has a much nice walkies tonight, no nasty husky doggies, just me and mummy. I did loves it I did. It's been a bit hot and sticky here today and we was well hot when we getted home so mummy went for a shower and I did go lay in da bathroom wiv her and I did help her by lickin' her lovely clean leg as she was tryin' to get outta the shower. Hehe! She did tells me off but she was laughin' too. I likes shower-fresh humans they smells and tastes YUMMY!!!

I has done lotses of sleepin' and listenin' to radio today, mummy and daddy has both been busy workin' so I did has a lovely day chillin' out and doin' anyfink I wanted. Mummy comed home to check on me a few times (lovely fresh cold water and a bonio every time, yay!) and I didn't freak out when she left me cos i has realised at last dat she comes back to me! Every time! Sometimes it takes a bit longer than others but she always ALWAYS doos comes back to me. I is glad. I loves her more than cheeses and it makes me a happy puppington every time she comes home to me. Sometimes I doos hear her comin' and I doos stand right up on my back legs by the front door and I can hear mummy laughin' as she walks up da path cos she says she can see me thru da door and I doos look like Dobby da House Elf wiv my big ears! Haha - I is Dobby Dog!

Mummy and daddy was teasin' me earlier, sayin' they wish they'd called me Prince Pookie cos it would have been funny shoutin' it out in da middle of da park to get me to comes back! I likes Prince Pookie and now everytime dey says it I doos cock my head to da side to listen and we all doos laugh lotses.

I like today. It's been pawsome. But now I is well sleepy so I is gonna go snuggle into my bed and do some puppy dreamin'. I doosn't know when Dogster will be open for us all to come play again but don't fink I has disappeared if I is quiet for a day or two....I'll be back wiv my diary as soon as I is allowed! I might even ask mummy to keep writin' it on her 'pooter for a coupla days then we can tell you all what I did say. (Only if I was a funny dude tho, not if I was boring!)

Fanks for all my groovy messages and presents to say 'Yay' for bein' Diary Dog today, you is all fab and I loves havin' you all as my puppy pals. And my mummy says she likes havin' all your humans as her friends too :)

Night night pups - hope you all get lots of lovely sleeps, have lots of lovely dreams and, best of all, have a lovely day wiv your humans tomorrow eatin' cheese and bonios and stuff.

From Finnigan xx



August 4th 2011 1:25 am
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I is a well excited puppington - my diary has been choosed to be used on the Diary Central page today! I is famous! Yay me! Woof woof woof a-woooooooooooooooooo :) xxx


Scaredy Dog :'(

August 3rd 2011 2:32 pm
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I HATES HATES HATES HATES HATES norty out-of-control husky dogs :'(

Mummy and I did just go walkies and we did get jumped on by two real norty huskies who live on our estate and who pull their human along all da time and who are well norty (much more norty-er than me) and are HORRID. Dey woofed and growled and tried to bite us and it was well scary. Mummy looked after me altho I know I should have looked after her - I did try but dey was big and scary and I was frightened. Glad my mummy is brave. I hopes I doos gets big and brave too someday when I is a growed-up puppington...

I was gonna tells you all bout my unexpected bath today (mummy getted me wiv a bucket of water and some puppy shampoo and a sponge and I pretended to complain but it was actually kinda nice cos today has been well hot and it did cool me down lotses and now I doos smell like flowers!) but I had to tells you bout da husky dogs instead cos dey did scare me muchos. I hope you all doosn't fink I is a wimpy dog...I is just a baby really and I looks all big and scary but I isn't...yet...

Fankyoo mummy for lookin' after me xxxxx

ps - One happy fing - I did get a special crown sended to me by my friend Doo and dat did make me smile lotses. Fanks, Doo xxx


Spotty, soggy doggy!

August 2nd 2011 2:07 pm
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It rained on my walkies tonight and I did go all spotty. Haha! I goes spotty when I gets wet!

Mummy didn't go spotty. She just got soggy but keeped on smilin' cos we had fun even tho it was pourin' down...

We didn't stays out too longs cos it was proper rainin' after a while but we did jump in some puddles and haves lotses of fun. When we getted home I had to have my flea treatment (BLEUGH) but then I did get a bonio and some cheese cos I was a really good boy. So that's ok. At least I won't get all itchy. Yuk.

My cat bruvver is bein' a pest today. He keeps on makin' a strange noise at me. It goes 'MOUW' and mummy says it's just him talkin'. But I doosn't speak cat so I doosn't know if he's bein' mean to me or not. Hope not cos I's his baby bruvver and he's meant to look after me... I loves Mario I doos. He's grumpy and annoying and way too cat-like but he's a dude really.

Takin' myself off to bed now, all da walkin' and paddlin' and de-flea-in' has made me tired.

Hope you is all ok pupsters. Night Night xx


Hero Dog (dat's me!)

August 1st 2011 2:45 pm
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I is a superhero dude. Really, I is. I did just single-pawdedly save mummy from da hairdrying-monster. He is a nasty, noisy, shouty monster who seems to be full of hot air and he was shoutin' at mummy and blowin' her hairs all over everywhere so I did get him good!

I jumped and I woofed and I growled and I pawed and EVERYFINK.


I telled him real good I did! He ain't shoutin' no more :)

Very tired now from my heroic episode so goin' to sleeps. G'nite world...and remember...nobody puts Finny in a corner ;) xx


Muzzle? Schnuzzle!

July 31st 2011 2:03 pm
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Help! My daddy wants to put my muzzle on me cos I is doin' some jumpin' around and lickin' (kissin' really!) and stuffs like dat! Noooooooo! Must calm down....sigh....phew.....that's better. Will lick mummy's leg instead. She doosn't mind so much. Slurp.

I has had quite a nice day, I sleeped well last night and went for an early morning walkies wiv mummy. It was well funny cos she did put jeans and a fleece on over her pyjamas and only mummy and me did know 'bout them being under her clothes! Haha! I doosn't has to wear clothes cos I is a puppington wiv my own silver coat to keeps me warm - but I fink pyjamas looks good and comfy. I stealed an old pair of mummy's pyjamas once and dey now lives wiv me in my bed. It's like snuggling up to her every night and I doos like it. Dey is pink and fluffy wiv zebra dudes on dem. Dey is awesome :)

Daddy is now teasing me, he is wavin' my muzzle at me and tryin' to trick me into putting my nose into it. But I says NO! I isn't gonna do dat silly old fing so daddy will just have to stop bein' so silly. He finks if he puts a treat in da muzzle I will put my snout in to chomp da treat and get trapped. But you know what? I is just gonna go see mummy instead cos she has treats too and she won't trap my nose.

I is now cuddlin' my teddy bear, he's a dude and I loves him. Am tryin' to give him to aunty sarah...well, I say I is tryin' to give him away, actually I isn't but it's well funny watchin' aunty sarah FINK I is gonna give him to her! Haha!

Mummy and aunty sarah taked me for nice walkies tonight and we did meet a new pal, a cute lil doggy called Tinker and her human daddy. Dey was very nice. I did like dem and I hopes we doos see dem again one day.

Mummy and daddy did have a BBQ today, just an ickle pickle one in our garden. I did gets a piece of chicken, a bread roll and some cheeses. Yummy.

Hey guess what? We now has a sign on a gate wiv a picture of a well scary weimaraner and it doos say 'My Weimaraner Lives Here' and it is meant to scare off norty burglars. I hopes dey doosn't realise dat as long as they brings treats and cheese, dey can break in as many times as dey like cos I'll just lick dem to death!!

Anyways, I has to go now cos it's nearly my bedtime and I is needin' some quality puppity sleeps.

Night night pupsters, hope you all has good sleeps too.


F x


It's a dog's life!

July 30th 2011 2:12 pm
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I has had a sleepy day today cos I didn't get many sleeps last night...poor old mummy had to go to work so she had to do wakin' up real good, but I was allowed to lay in a sunbeam and snooze while daddy did mow da grass. I only had to move when he getted a bit close to me in case he did mow my tail right off!

I did doos good fings today too - nanny and grandad did come in earlier and they did has treats for me so instead of jumping up at dem likes i always doos, I did do nice sittin' and getted fed yummy treats! Yay! Must learn to always do dat, in case ALL our visitors has bonios in their pockets...mmmm, what a happy ol' world dat would be!

Grandad comed walkin' wiv me and mummy tonight. It was ace. I did lose another ball. Bum. Now mummy has to buyed me two new ones :)

I is now snoozin' on da sofa wiv mummy and daddy but daddy keeps pokin' me cos he finks dat if I doos snoozin' for too longs now I won't be able to sleeps. Don't know why he's too worried cos he sleeps right thru my woofin' every night, it's poor old mummy who has to come sort me out :p

Oooh, you know I was tellin' you all dat mummy is on a diet and losing lots of poundage? Well, she had a new haircut today and she doos looks LURVERLY, all sleek and shiny like a sleek shiny puma! Hehe! She is a yummy mummy.

I fink I should go now cos nanny and grandad is still here and dey might fink I is rude if I keeps on da pooter writin' my ol' diary. So I will comes back tomorrow to talk to you all again ok?

Night night everybodys xxx


To sleep...or to bark????

July 29th 2011 3:35 pm
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I has been tryin' to go to sleeps for about an hour now and I just can't doos it...every time I drops off, some noisy old humans start talkin' (well, shoutin') outside my house, or driving loud noisy broom broom motorcars past real fast (zooooooooooooooooom!) and wakes me up :(

Then I doos start to do woofin' and then mummy comes down to tells me off cos she is sleepy and I keep wakin' her up. Sorry mummy. But I doosn't likes da noises outside...I doos get frightened sometimes and wants to protect my house and my mummy and my daddy and even my cat-brother Mario. Plus nanny and grandad are sleepin' here tonight so I has to protect them too. But mummy finks I is just bein' a noisy old dogdog and I gets telled off. Sigh.

Grandad is doin' snorin' upstairs, hehe, and daddy is doin' snorin' too...I wonder how nanny and mummy ever doos ANY sleepin' wiv all dat racket goin' on! I can hears dem from in my bed downstairs!!!!

It's all gone quiets now, maybe the noisy humans has decided to go to beds and get some sleeps. Dat's what I's gonna try to do now. Am a very sleepy boy tonight after my run around the scrubland wiv mummy and nanny. I did lose my ball in da long grass tho. Bum. Mummy says I can haved a new one tomorrow. I is gonna ask for a orange one I fink :)

G'nite everybody. May you all have happy dreams filled wiv cheeses to eat and pussington cats to catch xxx


Groovin', eatin'....and a little bit of norty pullin'...

July 28th 2011 2:02 pm
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I fink I is in trouble wiv my daddy. Mummy asked him to come out walkies wiv us - he never doos come out wiv us - and dey didn't realise one of his favourite telly programmes was on (I fink dey is all his favourites, he is always watchin' da tellymavision...) and he only realised when he got back and now he seems mad cos we maked him go out and miss it, and I fink he finks it's all my fault cos I is da one dat needed walkies :(

I wish sometimes I could go back in time and not do fings dat make peoples unhappys :(

My mummy gets well sad sometimes and I doos wish I could do more than give her snuggles and makes her laugh. I is afraid I didn't even makes her laugh tonight, I was norty on my walk and pulled lots and maked her a bit cross. Ooooops. And daddy was always a few steps in front or behind of mummy so I fink she was upset 'bout dat too. But I doooos loves her so much (more than all da cheeses in all da world) and I fink she doos know dat. We is snuggled up on da sofa now so I fink she doos knows. I hopes so. Maybe I'll tells her anyways...


There. Dat's better. She'll know now, right?

Not much to tell you all bout today, I has been home on my own a lot cos mummy and daddy has been at work - mummy comed home to check on me a few times but couldn't stay long, but it was lovely to see her and a relief to be let outside for a wee-wee! I has been listening to da radio and snoozin' on da sofa a lot, and I eated all my lunchy and drinked lots of nice cool water. Yummy. It's been quite hot here today, not in a sunshiney kinda way, but in a cloudy, sticky way. I was pleased really to be in da nice cool house wiv da tunes playin' on da radio. I was groovin' along, even had a bit of a boogie :)

Am lookin' forward to da weekend cos my nanny and grandad is comin' to visit again and I doos so like tryin' to knock grandad over when he's not expecting it! BOL!

Talk to you alls tomorrow ok?

Finnigan xx

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