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Finnigan's (A)wake!

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August 18th 2011 6:09 am
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Hewo puppy pals

Sorry I didn't do writin' yesterday. It was a funny day and time runned away wiv us and before we realised it, it was bedtime and I hadn't done my diary :(


Still I is back today and full of beans as ever. It's rainin' here - not cats and dogs (that'd be fun!) - more like wet slippery eels or somefink - all I know is dat it's really really wet and slippy and muddy....and I LOVES IT!!! Hehe!!!

Mummy is busy at work today but she's been home to check on me a couple of times - she's off for the afternoon shift soon so I is gonna have a big long snooze before she gets home cos then we is goin' out to play in da rain! Woot woot! Soggy doggy coming up!

Did I tell you dat I goes spotty when I gets wet? Will ask mummy to post a picture of me laters on when I is all soggy and damp.

Gotta go now, mummy needs to go workin' again.

Will try to post some more tonight!

Love from Finnigan xxx

ps - Mummy just telled me dat altho it's lunchtime here, it's a different time of day in the USA - dat's amazin', it's like magic! hehe!


A song about being Diary Pick again :)

August 16th 2011 3:10 am
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Diary pick again!
I is Diary pick again!
La la la!
Diary pick again!

Woof woof woof woof a-woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! :)


A message for Daddy

August 15th 2011 1:33 pm
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I fink I is annoyin' my daddy but I doosn't mean to - I just doosn't know whether i wants to play indoors or outside so every time he lets me out I jumps at da door to come back in and every time he lets me in I jumps at da door to go back out...

I truly doosn't mean to be norty, I just doosn't knows what I wants tonight :(

Daddy taked me over to the scrubland to play ball and everyfink while mummy was at work and I fort we were gettin' on real good but now he is mad at me and I is very sad 'bout dat.

I fink I might have accidentally eaten some norty foods or drinked some norty juice today to make me do norty fings cos I know I is bein' norty but don't know why and can't stop.

Sorry daddy. Please still loves me. Cos I loves you I doos.

Love you daddy
from your boy Finn xx

ps - Mummy is home now, I was sooooooooo pleased to see her dat I tried to hump her leg, hehe, she wasn't too happy and telled me to get down so now I is just sittin' snoozin' wiv her cos she helps me to do my diary writin' and fings like dat xx


Lunch wiv Daddy, Walkies wiv Riley and Snuggles wiv Mummy - :)

August 14th 2011 12:59 pm
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Hey everybody

How is you all today? I is really good, full of puppity beans earlier but all runned-out now so havin' a good ol' snooze on da sofa.

Sorry I didn't update my diary yesterday, mummy was poorly sick and went to bed early so I didn't has anybody to help me wiv my typing :( I did try to do it on my own but my paws is too big and all I managed to type on my own was 'hbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbhhhhhhhbbbbbbbbbh' which I didn't fink would be ever-so-interesting for my pals. So I thought I'd wait for mummy to be feelin' better and she is helpin' me tonight.

I is a very lucky boy cos mummy just treated me to an upgrade to Dogster Plus so I can puts more photos of MEEE on my profile, and do lots of fun fings! Fanks mummy you is pawsome. My friend Doo asked me to put a photo of mummy's new haircut up for her to see, so I'll do dat just as soon as I has done my writin' for today.

I was a bit of a norty pup last night, it was a full moon and those makes me feel a bit funny and I did lots of howling (a-woooooooooooo!) all night long. Like...every half hour from 1am-7am. And mummy had to keep on comin' downstairs to quieten me down in case I waked up da whole street. I didn't mean to be norty, I just had all these howls in me and couldn't keep dem inside. I'm sorry I was a noisy boy tho mummy. I will be better tonight, it's cloudy outside and I is so sleepy dat I fink I will do good sleepin' all night long!

(Awwwwwww, mummy just stroked my ears and said it was ok and that she still loves me more than anyfink in all da world so it's all good!)

I has had a lovely day today. Mummy and daddy were out playin' music at a special reunion church service for some real old RAF pilots who used to be based at the station where we live so I spent the mornin' snoozin' on da sofa (cos I'd been up all night, hehe!) then daddy comed home on his own and gived me my lunch and he had his lunch too and it was like a boys lunch in and I liked it. I didn't understand why mummy didn't come home too but daddy explained dat she was playin' da piano while all the old RAF gentlemen and their families had a big special lunch in the Officer's Mess (very posh - I did a poop on the lawn there once when I was still a very ickle pup - ooops!) so I fort that was good cos mummy was doin' a nice fing for dem all. When she comed home she said it went really well and the old pilot dudes fort she was super-dooper. I is very proud of her.

(I tried to play the piano once, I wasn't very good but I looked cute trying! Now I sometimes puts my front paws up on da piano keys at home and play along when mummy is doin' practising - I likes the bottom end of da piano, it makes big loud low noises and puts mummy off!!!)

After mummy getted home she put me into da broom broom motor car and we did drive to da big park and guess what? We meeted up wiv aunty sarah and Riley! Riley is my pal, he's a black labrador and he's a dude. He's stayin' wiv aunty sarah for a week while his mummy and daddy is on their holibobs so I might get to see him some more while he's visiting! Yay! We played in da park for an hour together and we both got well tired so aunty sarah taked Riley home and mummy taked me home and I fink everybody did fall asleep! Me and mummy sure did - all snuggled up together on da sofa. Daddy taked a photo, it's cute - I's gonna upload it in a minute :)

I is a very lucky pup gettin' to do all those exciting fings in one single day - it's been so very tiring that now I is back on da sofa wiv mummy (i is takin' up most of it!) overseein' my diary entry while catchin' a few zzzzzzzzzzz's at da same time. It's probably gonna be bedtime for me and mummy soon so I'd better go now so dat I can go outside and do my bedtime wee-wee and get my bedtime bonio :)

Talk to you all tomorrow, lots of puppity love to all my pals and your humans. From your friend Finnigan Biggsywoof xxx


Uh huh huh!

August 12th 2011 2:26 pm
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OMD! I getted Diary Pick AGAIN! Wow - I didn't fink my diary was DAT funny or good but I guess it must be ok!

I wish I had lotses to tell yous all today when my diary has been picked out but not a lot has happened today. Mummy is still poorly, altho' I fink she's a bit better than she was yesterday...she had to go to work for most of the day but managed it altho' she's now sneezin' next to me on da sofa! Bless you, mummy :)

Mummy has had her hair cut short and it looks super-dooper. I is glad she still looks like mummy tho, I was scareded in case I didn't recognise her any more BOL.

Aunty Sarah comed round and taked me out for walkies this afternoon while mummy and daddy was workin', and we had a really nice time. I was a good boy and did listening and sittin' down and stuff. And we did see somefing well funny - we did see a human wiv wheels on her feet! Dat's magic, innit! And some small ickle humans did want to tickle me so aunty sarah did give me a biscuit to keep me quiet and dem lickle girlies did tickle my ears! Hehe, it was well cute! Woof woof!

Then we did go home to my house and I did a funny fing wiv my lip to make aunty sarah laugh - I can curl my lip up all funny and I doos look like Elvis! Uh huh huh :)

(I's gonna ask mummy to put a photo of my Elvis face on my page, I fink you might all laugh a lot at it!)

Fanks to my friends who has sended me rosettes and treats today for bein' Diary Dog again...I loves them all lotses. If mummy can afford to give me some pocket money soon I will buy you all treats cos you is my buddies.

I fink I has to go now cos mummy is sneezin' and wants to go to bed, and I keeps snoozin' and dribblin' on da sofa. Ooops. Gotta go to my bed and do proper sleepin' - got lots of nice fings to dream about.

Hope you is all well and woofing

F xx


Poor Poorly Mummy :'(

August 11th 2011 1:08 pm
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My mummy is poorly sick :(

She has a nasty cold in her head and it's all stuck in her sinus fings and she can't breathe and her whole head hurts and she says she finks her head might explode.

Poor mummy.

She only getted home from work a few minutes ago and is going straight to bed so I fink I might go up wiv her and give her some snuggles. Daddy taked me for a walk a while ago (I found my ball! The one I lost at da weekend....I founded it all on my own!) so I is sleepy too.

No funny stuff to tells you today so I is gonna go now. Will try to be funny tomorrow so I has stuff to laugh about wiv you all.

Love from your puppity friend

Finn xxx


Poor Poorly Mummy :'(

August 11th 2011 12:52 pm
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My mummy is poorly sick :(

She has a nasty cold in her head and it's all stuck in her sinus fings and she can't breathe and her whole head hurts and she says she finks her head might explode.

Poor mummy.

She only getted home from work a few minutes ago and is going straight to bed so I fink I might go up wiv her and give her some snuggles. Daddy taked me for a walk a while ago (I found my ball! The one I lost at da weekend....I founded it all on my own!) so I is sleepy too.

No funny stuff to tells you today so I is gonna go now. Will try to be funny tomorrow so I has stuff to laugh about wiv you all.

Love from your puppity friend

Finn xxx


Walkies, Lickies, Riots and Towels wiv legs :)

August 10th 2011 1:20 pm
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Greeting woofsters

I has just been on an awesome walk, went out for ages and we did walk all around everywhere and I was a good boy so I did get let off my lead up at the scrubland and I did run and run and RUN and it was great.

Phew. Tired just tellin' you all 'bout it!

I is watchin' a movie wiv Daddy now... I say watchin'...I's actually wanderin' about lickin' random fings and gettin' telled off! Hehe! I likes lickin' tables and books and chairs, dey taste good! Mummy is goin' for a bath, I fink I might just go lay upstairs wiv her, she'll chat to me while she's doin' soakin' and it'll be real nice. (And I can lick her when she gets out, you knows how I loves clean skin on my humans, yummy!!)

I has had an ok day today. I woofed at some other dogs cos dey was on my patch and then I calmed down and had a snooze. Not too much foods today 'cos I did has a dodgy tummy yesterday - I did a poop the size of a house! Parp! Was stinky and I felt a bit poorly to be honest so mummy has just let me has ickle portions of my dogfoods today and no treats. I doos feel a bit better....altho' I wants my pigs ear back!!!!

Has you all heard 'bout da rioting in our country at da moment? It's proper well scary :( Luckily we doosn't live close to any of da bad peoples but I was watchin' da tellymavision wiv mummy last night and I did see fightin' and fires and stealin' and everyfink. It was well bad. I feels sorry for all those peoples who has lost fings...and what 'bout all the doggies who has lost fings too? I hopes dey is all ok.

Mummy keeps tellin' me dat it will all be over soon and if we're lucky the bad peoples won't do nuffink close to where we doos lives. I hope she is right. Cos I would be frightened if dey did. I might be big and have a silver coat but I is still a lil ol' scaredy pup really. Glad mummy is here to looks after me.

Where we is livin' is all quiet still and I hopes it will stay like dat cos I loves it here, just as it is. All those poor peoples in da riot-y's just pawful what's happening and I hopes it stops real soon.

I doosn't want to talk 'bout sad unhappy fings any more, I fink I will go see if mummy wants a bath buddy. I did hold her towel the other night (she didn't realise I was layin' by da bath and she putted her towel down for when she getted out and it did land on me and make me jump and I did get up and run away and all mummy seed was her towel runnin' outta da bathroom! BOL!

Lots of love and puppy snuggles to you all - stay safe and look after your humans wherever you all is.

Finnigan xxxx


iDog calling!

August 9th 2011 3:48 pm
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Hey everybody

You's will never guess what mummy and I is usin' to write my diary tonight - mummy's iPhone! I is iDog!

I was sittin' on it, keepin' it warm for mummy and then she only went and telled me dat we could use it to write in my groovy ol' diary...I said noooo way dat's too she showeded me an' now we is doin' typin' on it!!!

It's not as easy as da laptop (cos I likes bein' on mummy's lap anyway!) and my paws is a bit big an' clumsy for da little screen letters but we is havin' fun.

I is well glad dat my diary is workin' again cos I did miss tellin' you all fings. What has you all been up to? I has been doin' mainly snoozing an' eatin' an' pooping. I fink that's about it. I has been playin' outside a lot and I losted anover 2 balls in da long grasses. Ooooopsie. But mummy buyed me some new ones at da weekend so I still has those to play wiv. Yay!

Very sleepy tonight, it's late-o-clock (nearly midnight I might turn into a big ol' pumpkin!) so I is gonna go do sleepin' now. Missed you all lotses, catch up more tomorrow ok?

Big loves from Finn xxx



August 9th 2011 8:09 am
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Hi honeys I'm baaaaaack!

Believe it or not I has been writin' my diary every day and tryin' to upload it but the stoopid page hasn't been workin'...even tho every time it's said 'uploaded and paw-blished successfully' it's not been showin' on my diary :(

But mummy did complain and now it's fixed so here I is!

This is just a quite one to say 'ello cos mummy has to go back to work and I can't do my diary wivout her...but I will write some funny fings tonight ok??

Missed you all millions

Finn xxx

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