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Finnigan's (A)wake!

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Hidin' and snoozin' and watchin' a mooooovie!

September 4th 2011 12:58 pm
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Man alive, it rained here today! It rained and rained and rained and I thought I was gonna have to go find Noah and his Ark to rescue us from da flood!

Even funnier - mummy tried to get me to go out walkies in it! As if! I went and hided in my bed wiv my paws over my head (so she couldn't see me....obviously...BOL) and stayed well quiet so dat mummy and daddy wouldn't notice I was there! It worked - i didn't has to go out in da rain at all, not even one paw in a puddle! When it finally stopped rainin' and mummy getted back home from work later on, THEN we went out and played and it was a bit soggy and a bit muddy but great fun.

I is now snoozin' on da sofa watchin' da Spiderman 2 movie wiv daddy (well I is snugglin' wiv mummy, daddy is on da other sofa, but he and I is glued to da screen and mummy is doin' work on her 'pooter) and mummy is laughin' cos i is really watchin' it!! I likes movies I doos. I wish I could go to da cinema wiv mummy. Dat'd be pawsome!

No agility today fank goodness, I fink I is all agility-ed out for now. Oh I losted another ball tho. Doh. Mummy says we'll go find it tomorrow but she didn't wanna search thru wet muddy scrubland today. Hehe!

Hope you is all havin' a well fun weekend wiv your humans. Lotsa puppy loves to you all xx


Agility Dog I is NOT! (BOL!)

September 3rd 2011 2:47 pm
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I did my first EVER dog agility course today and I learned two things.

1. I is definitely a dog
2. I is definitely not agile!

I was dreadful! BOL! I tripped over jumps and falled off ramps and wouldn't go through tunnels and it was well funny! Mummy was crying wiv laughter tryin' to keep me on course...Aunty Sarah was there too and she tryed to help me and I still couldn't doos it!

I had a second go after I'd been to da scrubland to run round and round and round for half an hour so I was a bit tireded and less bouncy and managed an ickle bit better...but...I was still rubbish! He he he!

I comed home from da Fun Day where da agility course was set up and I was so tireded that I did sleep right in the middle of the floor for about an hour!

The man runnin' the doggy fings said I was a GOOD DOG (yay) and he liked me and I liked him and I sitted down nicely for him and he did make a fuss of me and tickle my ears. He said to mummy that he runs a doggy trainin' school nearby and I'm very welcome to go and learn how to be a real good boy and guess what? Mummy is gonna take me! Yay! I is gonna learn how to be fabulous :)

We start not this Friday but next Friday (I fink it's da 16th of September) and I is well excited. Proper 'xcited pupster. I is gonna be da bestest boy in da whole class and make my mummy real proud of me.

I had nice dinner tonight, I had my yummy dogfood and as a special treat mummy putted some Marmite onto it (doos you has Marmite in America? It's yummy scrummy and I likes it - peoples here in England either love it or hate and mummy loves it, daddy hates it BOL).

Now I has a parpy bottom and it's well stinky - I just did a trump so bad I had to leave da sofa and sneaked out of da room to go to my bed! I left mummy and daddy in da room to smell it, hahahahahahahaha!

Anyways, as I is in my bed now I fink I'll stay here and go sleeps. I has had a busy day again and a little pup needs his rest you know.

Lots of woofs and barks to you all from your friend Finnigain xxx


I. DOOSN'T. WANT. TO. SWIM!!!!!!!!!!!! BOL

September 2nd 2011 3:25 pm
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I has had a well funny day today! Mummy taked me to da big park for some relaxing "Finnigan and mummy time" and when we were there we did meet some friends of mummy's and they has a dog and I did meet him and he is my new pal! He's called Chester and he's a Hungarian Visla and he looks a bit like a browny-ginger version of me! He's a dude. We did playin' in da park then ran about in da woods, then our humans taked us to the lake and Chester did jump straight in and run and splash and swim - and I didn't want to cos I is a big ol' scaredy-dog! I doosn't know why I hate water but I really do - I pulled mummy back up the bank and getted all silly about it even tho I was well hot and bothered and the water looked nice and cool!

Anyways, you's will never guess what happended next...Uncle Neil (that's Chester's daddy) did pick me up and throw me in the water BOL. It was well shallow and nuffink could happen to me and I was pantin' so hard cos I was hot and he said it would cool me down fast and maybe help me to like swimmin'! I did jump outta there faster than a racehorse BOL - altho I gotta admit it cooled me down well good. I wish I liked swimmin', I really doos - can any of you help me and mummy find a way to introduce me to it so I likes it? We walked round the lake after my dip and I wasn't any more scareded than I was before so don't fink dat Uncle Neil frightened me cos he really truly didn't (it was very safe and quite good fun actually and I getted to shake water all over mummy, hehe) but I just want to like the water and play in it like Chester does....any ideas puppy pals??

After all my runnin' and playin' and feeble attempt at swimmin' (!) I was well tired so when mummy dropped me home on her way back to work I did do huge sleepin'!!

Mummy only getted home from work an hour ago tonight (poor mummy) but we has had a walky and now we is snugglin' on da sofa. It's very lovely. I likes it I doos.

I fink mummy is tired so I is gonna let her put her com-pooter away and go to beds for some quality snoozin'. G'nite pupsters, hope you is all havin' a pawsome day.

Your pal Finners xxx


Almost too sleepy to write!

September 1st 2011 3:01 pm
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Hey puppy pals

I is too sleepy for words and doosn't has much to bark about so I is gonna save my funnies for 2mrw ok?!

Hard work being a pupster you know ;)

Love and snuggles
Finn X



August 31st 2011 2:22 pm
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I is one tired puppington tonight. Mummy taked me out dis mornin' for walkies then I had a day of moochin' around and snoozin, then cos mummy was workin' til real late she did drop me off at aunty sarah's and me and aunty sarah went to the PARK! Yay! I did do runnin' and jumpin' and chasin' and playin' and stuff and it was brill.

Mummy picked me up at about half past nine when she did finish work and we had a drink wiv aunty sarah then we comed home and now I is pooped!

So I is gonna go have an early night, gotta get my puppy sleeps to keep me handsome BOL

G'nite xx


Dancin' wiv mummy :)

August 30th 2011 3:07 pm
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Hey duuuuuudes

I throwed up today! BOL! I fink I eated too many bonios (or too much food at my human's BBQ yesterday, nanny keeped givin' me leftovers haha) and I was well sick. Mummy seed me doin' big gulpin' and maked me go outside so I didn't ruin her carpet! Then I throwed up...then I eated it.....then I throwed up again :)

I is well gross! Innit!


Other than dat I is ok today. Boring day - nanny and grandad goed home dis morning (boooooooooo) and I has been restin' up and watchin' tellymavision wiv daddy. Had nice walkies tonight and am now chompin' on my chewy bone.

Mummy hasn't had a very good day, she is sad but I don't fink she really knows why. We had a good long talk earlier - I is good at listenin' wiv my huuuuge floppity ears - and she just keeped sayin' dat she's tired and everybody just seems to want a piece of her all the time when all she wants to do is snuggle on on da sofa wiv me and let da world get on wiv' doin' its turnin'. Poor, poor mummy. I loves her more than cheeses I doos. (Even those well nice cheeses wiv flavours in!). I will keep listenin' to mummy forever cos I is her boy and I wants to do anyfink I can to make her happy.

I did a little dance wiv her earlier - we danced around the kitchen to Stevie Wonder, it was fabby - and dat maked her smile so I fink I is doing ok.

Keep lovin' your humans, puppy pals - dey may seem all big and strong and everyfink but deep down I finks dey is scareded little puppydogs just like us.

Love you mummy xxxxxxxxxxxx


Four thousand and seventeen bones?!

August 29th 2011 2:53 pm
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How big a tummy doos you all fink I has?! BOL - I has now had 4017 bones sended to me by my amay-zing friends and I is gonna makes it my mission to chomp through every one of dem! Who wants to help me?!

I has had another brill day. Huuuuge long walkies in da field near our house, then we found a secret gap in da fence and got through onto the scrubland where I has all my bestest playtimes! So I getted to run around in the field AND the scrubland all in the same walk. What a lucky pupster I is :)

Then daddy maked the BBQ machine all hot and smoky and he did cook chicken and burgers on it and I did get some (and a bread roll, and some jacket potato and, best of all, some CHEEEEESE!) and mummy and daddy and nanny and grandad did all eat outside in the garden even tho it was chilly cold and they all had their coats on! Hehe! Our summer isn't so good here in England, it's meant to be sunny but it usually rains and is cold and stuffs like dat. At least it didn't rain today - it was just a bit freezy that's all. I's ok, I has my furry dog-coat to keep me warm...altho my fur is well short and in the winter when it doos snowin' and icicles and stuffs I has to wear another coat to keep me warm too!

After our BBQ dinner mummy and nanny did takes me walkies again and nanny did hold my lead today and mummy telled me not to pull cos i might hurt nanny so I was a well good boy and walked nicely and nanny was real pleased wiv me. My new Halti headcollar is ace...mummy says to tell all your humans dat it's the bestest thing she's ever bought for me. And I has to admit it's pretty comfy actually - I doosn't REALLY like havin' it round my nose but it doosn't hurt me and helps me be a good boy so I reckon it's okie dokie. You just has to make sure your humans buy you the right size cos when I was a little baby pupster I had one dat was too big and it rubbed my snout well bad :(

This one is perfect tho. I likes it.

Off to bed now, I has been doin' stinky old bum trumps all nite (BOL) and I has been banished to my bed now so that only I can smell all my norty smells! Parp!

Hopes you is all havin' an awesome day and dat the sun is shinin' wherever you is.

Your pal
Finnigan xxxx

ps - fanks so much to you all for my bones and rosettes and steaks and watermelons and...and...and...everyfink! But especially to Doo for my pawsome pictures x


I just....wanna....plaaaay!

August 28th 2011 2:31 pm
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I is well sleepy tonight everypuppy but I doosn't wanna go to bed - nanny and grandad is here and i wanna stay up and play wiv dem all night long! They is pawsome. They isn't really doggy-peoples but they make a hundred million lotses of effort to love me and I is gettin' better now at playin' gently wiv dem and not jumpin' up so much.

When they arrived dis afternoon they both had a sneaky bonio in each hand and when i was a good boy and did nice sittin' instead of jumpin' guess what? I getted a bonio! Grandad gived me two, then nanny gived me one....then I sitted down and waited cos I knew that if grandad had hidden two bonios in his hands, nanny might have hidden two as well so there was one more to come! I is so smart! And I was RIGHT! I getted a second bonio from nanny too, plus lots of strokes and loves.

AND.........(!).........they buyed me a new toy, it's a rough-tough ball dat's supposed to be unbreakable.

Guess what? I broked it....

Hehe - nobody was cross wiv me and it was quite funny - just as grandad said 'well, finnigan, you'll have trouble pulling the stuffing out of that one' he looked down and there I was pulling da stuffin' out of it! BOL!!!

I fink mummy is well tired today cos she has goned to bed already and lefted me downstairs wiv daddy and nanny and grandad. I fink nanny and grandad will go to beds soon too (grandad looks real tired!) then it'll just be me and daddy so I 'xpect he'll put me to bed. Oh no...hang on...I doosn't want daddy to put me to beds....what is I gonna do?? Ooooh, I know - I is going to run upstairs and jump on mummy's bed and ask her to do it....

..........stand by..........

............I is back. I jumped on mummy's bed and she took me straight back downstairs and put me to bed. Bum. Ah well, at least I getted to say g'nite to her and give her a kiss on her nose. I likes doin' dat.

As I'm in my bed now I s'pose I'd better try to do some sleepin' even tho I just....wanna....plaaaaay!

Sweet dreams pupsters xx


More bones than a boney old skeleton!!

August 28th 2011 7:35 am
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Oh my goodness gracious me - I just lookeded at my dogster page and I has suddenly got over two THOUSAND bones! Dat's just bonkers! If I eat all those at once, I'll get well fat and burp a lot I fink so I'd better take it slow...


F ankyoo all sooooooo much for my bones and messages and stuffs. I fink my diary keeps gettin' picked cos I update it every day, dat's all - I just hope it doosn't get borin' for you guys!

Will talk more later - gotta go now cos Nanny & Grandad is comin' soon and I has to go tidy my bed BOL

F xx


Rain, snuggles and Santa Paws!

August 27th 2011 2:50 pm
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I has had a lovely day today. It's been rainin' (boooo) so I has spended lots of time indoors but dat's ok - the telly-ma-vision has been pretty good today and our sofa is well comfy so I has been okie-dokie fanks very much :)

Mummy has, as ever, been workin' most of the day so I spended this mornin' wiv daddy at home and it was good. Daddy wented out to a BBQ (WIVOUT ME!!! HARUMPH!!!) this afternoon and Mummy meeted him there when she finished work. (It was a birfday BBQ for daddy's daughter, she was 30 years old this weekend...Happy Woofday, Gemma!) and I got lefted at home but it was ok cos Aunty Sarah came in to see me for a while plus Mario T Cat (my cat bruvver) was here too so I wasn't lonely. Aunty Sarah was gonna take me for walkies but it was rainin' soooooooo hard dat we decided just to have a snuggle instead. It was nice. I liked it.

Mummy and daddy comed home about 8pm and took me to da park before it getted too dark to play. That was fun. Still a bit soggy under my paws but nice to get out and run around. I is gettin' my new Halti headcollar tomorrow so I is lookin' forward to more long walkies wiv mummy - she can't walk me for long on lead at the moment cos I is still bein' norty and pullin' lotses (I doosn't mean to - it's just dat bein' outside is so EXCITIN'!) and when i pulls I hurts her back. But when I has my Halti I know I will behave good and then we can walk for hours and hours together :)

Hey, guess what? Nanny and grandad is comin' tomorrow and they is stayin' all the way til tuesday! Woo hoo! I loves loves LOVES seein' nanny and grandad. And even better - mummy telled me dat grandad has buyed me a new ball and some yummy treats and he is gonna bring dem wiv him! I is so excited dat I is dribblin' already BOL

Talkin' bout treats...mummy started her christmas shoppin' today - she buyed a present for me to give my bestest ever doggy pal Reggie (you 'member, I telled you bout him a while ago - I STILL hasn't seen him but mummy did text his daddy and I fink dey is arrangin' somefink for REALLY SOON!!!). It's well cool - it's a gift box wiv a recipe book filled up wiv dog treat recipes for his humans to make him nice fings, plus a bone-shaped cookie cutter to make him doggy cookies, plus a tug toy for him to play wiv while they is cookin' his treats! It's the coolest present in the whole wide world ever and I wish I had one for myself too. I is gonna put it at the top of my list for Santa Paws and hope maybe he can bring me one in my stocking. I is gonna be a real good boy and hope dat he will...

Ooooh, I is all finkin' bout christmas now - only about 120 sleeps to go so I better go start my christmas list!!

G'nite pupsters X

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