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Finnigan's (A)wake!

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We is still here!!

January 21st 2012 12:49 pm
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Hewo everypuppy

Mummy says she's had a few messages from our wonderful Dogster pals over the last week or so checking if we're ok cos we've been all quiet - we IS ok, it's just our Internet has been broked and when it's not working I can't get into my diary :(

Stooopid technamology!!!

Mummy is doing better I fink...she has good days and bad days but she is smiling more. She's started spending time with some of her friends who we rarely saw when we lived wiv daddy so that's nice. We has some lovely pals over here and they is all looking after mummy and me really good. I has been a poorly pup today (exploding bottom...ruined carpets but I didn't mean to...doh) and two of our pals came round to cheer me up and I had snuggles wiv aunty Laura-Mae and it was good. I feels a bit better tonight altho I'm sleepy and hungry cos mummy will only let me has boiled rice and chicken today til my tummy is all better. Maybe tomorrow :)

We sends loads of loves and puppy snuggles to you all and hope to talk to you all real soon.

Lots of loves from Finnigan x x x


Hello :)

January 9th 2012 4:31 pm
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Wow oh wow oh wow I has gotted Diary Pick today! Yay me! And I hasn't even been writin' much in my diary - what a lucky pup I am to have been picked. I is proper happy.

Fings wiv me and mummy are ok but I fink she's really struggling at the moment, somefing to do wiv splitting up wiv daddy - I fink she stayed all strong to move me and her and my cat bruvver Mario into our new house and reassure us that everyfing is ok...but now we're all in and settled and she has nothing to focus on now it's hit her how sad and lonely she really is. We all miss daddy, we doos :(

I fink mummy will be okey dokey cos I'll look after her. She's worried about earning enough pounds to pay the rent and bills on her own - cos she has her own business she has to work long hours but that means sometimes leavin' me on my own for longer than she wants to and that upsets her too. I keeps tellin' her that I doosn't mind cos I just listens to da radio and has lots of snoozes and waits for her to come home but she doos worry. Lots. Poor mummy.

It's late here now and she needs sleeps so I is gonna make her go to bed. She's let me sleep on the bed wiv her the last few nights (that's how I know she's super-sad cos usually I has to sleeps in my bed outside her door) so hopefully she'll let me do that again tonight cos I finks she needs snuggles and I is just the dog to give them!

Hope you is all ok. Lots of love and puppity snuggles from me and mummy and even from Mario too.

Finners x x x x x


New year, new woof

January 1st 2012 8:50 am
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Afternoon all

Well, it's the 1st of January and me and mummy is takin' it easy today. We wented to see my daddy this morning cos even tho him and mummy have splitted up I still loves him and wanted to say hi. Then mummy taked me to the park for a biggly run around wiv my aunty sarah and it was brill. I getted real muddy paws BOL.

We getted home around lunchtime and I had some nice dogfoods then I settled down for a nice snooze while mummy went and had a bubbly old bath. Then we watched some tellymavision and now mummy is cookin' some dinner and I' (!) - at least, I is gettin' under her feet while she does stuff! Haha! She is havin' steak pie so hopefully she won't be able to eat it all and I might get a sneaky mouthful or two...we'll see....

Hope you all had a good New Year's Eve and are all havin' fun today. Mummy goes back to work tomorrow after a whole 9 days off, sigh, wonder what I'll do wivout her....??

Love and new year woofs from your pal Finnigan xxx


Happy New Woof!

December 31st 2011 3:21 am
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Hey everypuppy

Wanted to write some stuffs now before I gets too drunk on puppy milk to do it laters BOL - hope you has all had a pawsome Christymas and dat Santa Paws bringed you all everyfing you wanted. I didn't just get a new bed - I getted treats and toys and a big teddy bear (who now lives IN my new bed!) and EVERYFING!

Mummy and me wanted to say Happy New Year to you all too - we hasn't had the easiest of years but you has no idea how much it's helped havin' all our Dogster pals at the end of the 'pooter. We sends lotses of loves to you all and hopes you all has the happiest of years in 2012.

With lots of love, woofs and puppity snuggles

From Finn (and mummy too) x x x x x x


Happy Boxing Day everypuppy!

December 26th 2011 11:34 am
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Hey everyone

Did you all has a lovely Christymas? I hopes so. Mummy and had a nice was all very different for us this year but we went to see Nanny & Grandad (they lives about an hour's drive away from us) and eated turkey and sprouts (parp!)

Mummy was a bit sad last night, I fink she felt a bit lonesome but I did looks after her and give her lotses of loves and snuggles.

Fanks to all of our friends who sended us cards and fings, dey was all lovely.

Lots of love and woofs from Finn x x x


3 sleeps to go....or is it 2....?!?!

December 22nd 2011 4:05 pm
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Ooooooooooh it's only 3 sleeps til santa paws comes and brings me presents! (Or is it 2 sleeps? Never can work it out - it's 3 sleeps til Christymas Day, but Santa Paws comes Christymas Eve right?, I dunno....but not many sleeps that's for sure!)

I doosn't fink I's gonna be gettin' any more presents cos I has already had my new bed (which is pawsome, by the way - well comfy!) but I has gotted my mummy a present and I can't wait to see her face when she opens it up. I even buyed my cat bruvver Mario a tin of tuna too :)

Mummy and me is going to see Nanny and Grandad for Christymas Day, then mummy is takin' a few days off work and we is gonna spend lotses of lovely time together. I can't wait.

We wish you all the most wonderful Christymas EVER and send millions of love and snuggles to you all.

F x x x


We has moved housey!

December 12th 2011 2:42 pm
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Hey everypuppy

Mummy and me and my cat bruvver Mario has moved to our new housey and it's pawsome! Mummy taked me walkies tonight and it was mega good - we hasn't lived in a proper village before and we did see shop windows and pubs and pretty christmas lights and even smell lovely smells from da fish and chippy shop! yummy! mummy says we can has some chippys sometime. yay!

We has got our christmassy tree up and it's pretty and it twinkles and everyfing. It's lurverly. Me and mummy is gonna be ok here. It's all a bit strange and sad at the moment but we is gonna be alright.

We has some cool christmassy cards to send out and will try to post them in the next couple of days to the few doggy friends we has addresses for. Promise.

Anyways I has to go do sleepin' now. I is gonna sleeps upstairs wiv mummy just to make sure she is alrighty...oh oh oh but guess what? Santa Paws did come early and he did bring me a new bed and I doos loves it lotses!!!! Fanks Santa xxxxxxxxxxxxx


All change....

December 8th 2011 4:54 am
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Ello everypuppy

I is writin' this from my holiday home at the kennels where I is stayin' for da weekend while Mummy moves all our fings into our new house. It's good here, I has lots of fun and is looked after real good........but I miss my mummy so much. Can't wait til she comes to pick me up on Monday, then I gets to go see my new house and have a good old sniff round!

I has asked Santa Paws for a new bed for Christymas and mummy says if I is a good boy Santa might just bring it for me - and he might even bring it early so it's waitin' for me in my new housey...I hopes so, I is gonna be SOOOOOOOO good!!

Mummy says hello to all of you and your humans and says thank you all so much for your lovely messages and stuffs - we feel very loved and supported by our new friends and don't know what we'd do without you all. We has some christymas cards to send over da pond to you guys (any of our buddies who hasn't sent their addresses to us please can you send a message to mummy wiv it on?) but we might miss the last posting date for sendin' fings over to you so sorry if you gets them in January! BOL!

Gotta go it's time for my yummy lunch with my kennel buddies then a play in da fields then a lovely long afternoon snooze.

Talk to you all once I is settled back in my new home wiv mummy

Love from Finn xxxxx



December 1st 2011 2:38 pm
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Just a quick note to say mummy and me and my cat bruvver mario is all ok - just busy packin' our fings up so we can move to our new house. I tried to pack mario in a box but mummy did notice and did tell me off BOL

Talk to you all soon ok?

love and woofs from your buddy Finn xxx


Fankyoo from me and mummy :)

November 24th 2011 1:24 pm
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Mummy and me....we is completely blowed away by all da lovely messages and rosettes and stuffs that all our pawsome friends has beed sending to us. Fankyoo all so so so much. We is feelin' very loved.

It's a tough week here, poor old mummy now has a kidney infection and is in lots of pain, she is doin' some cryin' and everyfink but don't worry I is snuggled up wiv her like a big ol' weimaraner blanket keepin' her warm and toasty. She has taked tonight off work and it's just me and her at home, snuggled up watching da tellymavision. I fink she might go have a nice warm bath soon then an early night in bed. I hopes she might let me go sleeps wiv her in her bedroom tonight but I won't hold my puppy breath ;)

Anyways, I has popped online tonight for a very special reason - to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our 'Merican buddies - mummy and me hopes you has an amazin' day filled wiv lots of treats and snacks...yummy...!

Lots of love to you all
Finn (and mummy) xxxx

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