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Finnigan's (A)wake!

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The Power of many Paws :)

June 3rd 2012 2:09 pm
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Good evening everypuppy

A hundred million FANKYOOs for all the 'POTP' dat you's all sended me cos I is poorly sick. I is feelin' a bit better now, still wobbly on my paws sometimes (speshully if I stands up too fast) but not so bad as a few days back. I is missin' runnin' around doin' zoomies at the park cos i's not allowed to run about til I's seen da vet again on wednesday :(

I's tryin' to get mummy to let me take my cone of shame off - my poorly eye is much better and I's pwomised not to rub it wiv my paw....she still says no but maybe she'll let me take it off tomorrow...sigh....

Better go, gotta do some more sleepies

Love from Finn xxx


Poorly Pup :(

May 31st 2012 2:23 pm
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I is a poorly pup - I has a bad eye and yesterday mummy taked me to da vet (she thort it was somefink called conjuncitvitis) but on the way my eye started doin' bleeding and mummy got scared and rushed me really really fast (zooooom) to da vet and da vet taked one look and sended us to puppy-dog hospital in da next town, and I did gets putted to sleeps and dey did sort my eye out and do some tests to find out why i was doin' bleedies :(

I is home wiv mummy 'gain now, we has to wait for da test results and I has a cone of shame to stop me rubbin' my poorly eye wiv my paws - and some drugs and some eye drops. I don't mind da drugs but I hates da eye-drops and not even cheeses can bribe me to open my eye and let mummy drip da drop in. I doosn't mean to be norty, it's just horrible and I hates it.

Mummy has taked some time off work to look afters me and all my buddies on facebook is lookin' after me and makin' me laugh so dat's great.

Could do wiv some more cheerin' up tho and thort I know, my dogster pals, they's the BEST and they can make me smile I's sure.

Will let you all know how I gets on wiv my results

Love from Finn xxx

ps - fankyoo mummy for lookin' after me so good xxx


SORRY FOR DISAPPEARING :( ..... but I'm back now! :)

May 25th 2012 1:46 pm
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Hi everybody

I wented quiet for weeks again, didn't I... :(

Sorry everypuppy, I didn't means to get you all worried, it's just dat mummy has been workin' ever so hard lately and once she gets home it's late and we goes walkies and catches up on stuffs togevver...and we just forgetted about my diary :(

We didn't forget bout all of you, our friends tho, I promise - we just forgetted to write stuffs.

We're back now and will try hard to keep in touch better!

It's my barkday today - I'm two whole years old! - and I's had a real nice day. It's been hot here so we had walkies early before it getted unbearable....den i had an ice-cream on da way back (grin!) and some sossige for my dinner! Burp!

I is a very lucky pup indeed.

I'm sorry again for worrying yous all by being quiet, everyfing is fine wiv me and mummy and we looks forward to chattin wiv you all again!

Lots of love from Finn xxx


Happy Mother's Day, Mummy (for 'morrow,,,in case I forgets!)

March 17th 2012 3:19 pm
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This entry is for my mummy and it's very very very important.

I wants to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to mummy from me and my cat bruvver Mario. We knows that Mother's Day isn't til 'morrow but I is scareded that I might forget to come on the 'pooter in all the excitement and I doosn't wants to forgets.

So....mummy...Mario and me, we loves you more than cheeses and tunafishes and we love livin' wiv you. Fankyoo for loving us and lookin' after us so good. We knows we is norty sometimes but we loves you soooooo much and is sorry for those times when we makes you sad. We is both gonna try hard to be better boys and look after you and makes you happy.

If we could choose a mummy from all the humans in all the world we would still choose you. Every time.

Love you mummy.

Lots of forever hugs from your little man Finnigan (aka Boo) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Diary pick? Me? Woo hooooooooooooo!!

March 12th 2012 2:03 am
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Oh my gosh I can't believe I is a diary pick today - and I hasn't even been doin' anyfink excitin'! I has had a good weekend wiv my mummy, we wented to da park and I did lots of runnin' in da woods (but I wouldn't go in da lake, I is still a scaredy-pup!)....and we did some more on-lead training...and we had snuggles and watched a movie...oh and Nanny & Grandad comed to visit us and they said I is turnin' into a real good boy :)

Now I is snoozin' on da sofa while mummy gets ready for work - she'll be back by lunchtime for a couple of hours so I hope we might go walkies then cos i loves lunchtime walkies - gives me lots of happy fings to fink about when mummy has to go back to worky for a few hours later on this afternoon.

Sigh - what a happy old pup I am!!

Your pal Finnigan xxx


What a day!

March 5th 2012 2:46 pm
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I is almost too tired to write this today - I has had the bestest day! First Mummy comed to get me from my holibobs and we had sofa snuggles, then I went and spended the afternoon wiv Daddy, then Mummy picked me up again and we wented out for dinner at aunty Sarah's and I getted some roasty pig to munch and it was PAWSOME!

I is a well lucky pup havin' such lovely humans :) x



March 4th 2012 10:26 am
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Hey everypuppy

It's well cold here today - was lovely and warm and sunny yesterday but today it's cold and rainin' and even a bit snowy! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Sorry I has beed quiet again. Mummy is just soooooooooooo busy at the moment that when she gets home from work we has walkies and snuggle and stuff and I forgets to ask her to help me do my diary!

Excitin' news tho - we is finkin' bout sendin' my diary to a Paw-blisher to see if we can turn my silly old puppydog thoughts into a book!! Haha!! Cool huh??

I is in kennels this weekend cos mummy has been out workin' and playin' wiv da band and catchin' up on fings at home dat I gets in da way of (like sortin' da garage out and movin' fings round!!)but I is going home tomorrow and I can't WAIT. I has missed my mummy loads.

I was on Facebook earlier and my dogy daddy Busta is in a photo on there layin' in front of a lovely warm fire...right on top of his dog bruvver!! Haha!! Dat makes me laugh a lot.

Ohhhhhh meant to tells you all, mummy and me, we did has a Dog Whisperer come to see us last week - he was pawsome and talked to me bout stuff and helped me and mummy learn some more about helpin' me behave better. Now I can walk on da lead for a bit wivout pullin' (not for long tho!!) and I is behavin' better at home and not jumpin' up and barkin' so much. I has lots of work to do (so does mummy) but I is gonna be da bestest puppity dog EVER soon.

Gotta go - dinner time!

Your pal Finn xxx


Valentine's Snuggles

February 14th 2012 3:34 pm
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Hey everypuppy

Happy Valentine's Day from me to you - sendin' a great big huuuuge puppity snuggle to all my fabby friends on this special romantic day

From Finn xxxx


The world has goned cold and white and fluffy!

February 6th 2012 3:29 am
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Hey everypuppy

It's beed snowin' here! It's well excitin' - bit freezy cold on my paws but loads of fun to play in :)

Mummy taked me over to da lake yesterday (it's all frozen up like a popsicle!) and then over to the dog field and I did run and run and run and run and fall in da snow and everyfink!


(And guess what? If you do wee-wees in the snow it goes all yellow! Haha! Mummy says I is gross but I fink it's funny!)

We spended two whole hours out yesterday and have beed out today too, it's just the bestest fun ever. I is feelin' all better now so enjoyed it more than ever.

Hope you has all had a super weekend too.

Love from Finn xx


I meeted a girl....sigh....!

January 30th 2012 12:43 pm
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Hey everypuppy

How is you all doin? I has been soooooooo poorly sick - da vet thought I mite have had a twisted bowel but thankfully it was just a nasty old infection and I is on da mend now. I has had drugs and diet supplements and painkillers and everyfink - am glad I had my mummy to snuggle.

Anyways, I hasn't been allowed out for a few days so yesterday when I feeled better mummy did takes me to da woods and da field for a good old run-around. And you'll never believe what happened - I did run round da corner and I did see...A GIRL WEIMARANER! Just stood there, gazing at me. I did blush like a tomato BOL. She had a sparkly pink collar on and was soooooo pretty.

(Before I go on, can I just says that Doo is still my number one girl - dont' any of you go finkin' any different!)

Miley (dat's my new friend's name) is 2 years old and beautiful and I fink she liked me too! Mummy talked to Miley's daddy and they says we can meet up for runnin' around again soon :)

Ahhhh, I is such a happy pup. Sigh xxx

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