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Dalia's life


July 12th 2011 10:36 am
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Yes my owners adorable grandchildren are coming over tomorrow!!! :). whenever they come over i have 2 act like i have not gotten any love or attention so they pet me for 30 minutes :) and they give me alot of treats :). I hope my owner's daughter comes over because she's my favorate, She babies me holds me in her lap and gives me lots of Fritos (ya this is the life for a chihuahua Papillon mix) :). well i'd better get going before my owner finds out i have been typing on the computer. ADIOS!!! :D


My birthday

July 10th 2011 6:30 pm
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My birthday was on April. Every year my owner has a birthday party for me. my first year of living with my owners they had a scruffy dog over named Benji. Theres a picture of Benji playing with us if u look at my pictures. Benji and i would play real well then the next year we had Benji over again and this time we had somebody else over too and their dog would not really get along well with me, Benji would ignore me and cause trouble for his owners While i had to get my picture taken with a birthday hat and that person's other dog's owner holding me. It was unfair and i knew my birthday was going too be another year with more dogs on my property, but a lady showed up with a bag full of dog toys just for me and boy that made my day special, then after that i got rice 4 dinner and a couple of Frito's (my favorate snack). so my birthday turned out great and i cant wait till next year. - Dalia


Experience at Cleaning in a petstore

July 9th 2011 7:13 pm
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One day my owner dropped me off at a petstore to be cleaned. the lady put me in water(I dont like water) and gave me a bath then she trimmed my fur then after what seemed like furever my owner came to rescue me from this torture. she looked at me and and said she wanted her money back. i looked at myself in the mirror and there where these ugly yellow bows on my ears i squealed when i saw myself. After that she got her money back and took the bows off my ears. After that she didnt send me there again but sent me too a better groomers.


The story of how i was adopted

July 9th 2011 3:24 pm
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One day after 6 months of being in the shelter, this girl walked up to my cage,saw me, and loved me. My Roomie thought he was getting adopted so when the staff opened our cage he ran out and they had 2 chase him. I stayed in the cage because i knew i was never going 2 be adopted but when they pulled me out i got surprised and lived happily at a nice house.



July 9th 2011 10:31 am
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"Oh No this is not going to be fun." i said as my Owner dropped me off at the Groomers. When she dropped me off some Lady approached me with Odd tools. I looked around and saw other dogs in Misery with shorter hair and their Owners picking them up. I coyuld not wait till this could be over. The lady trimmed my hair and i didnt feel a thing the next thing i Know was my owner came to pick me up. SAhe was happy with the way i looked and i walked to the mirror and said "wow she did a great Job." so the groomers isnt that bad at all. :)

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