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Harley's Diary

Birthday Girl!

December 7th 2011 4:44 pm
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Thank you to all my dogster buddies who wished me a happy birthday today. I'm 2 years old now!

My Mommy got me a bone to chew on tonight, but she said I have to wait till Christmas to get any new toys, bummer. I want my stuffies NOW!

A lot has happened in the last few months. One, I got sprayed by a SKUNK! Ewwww! What an awful experience. Mommy and Daddy had to wash me off with a solution of peroxide and baking soda, and for around my face they used, ugh, ladies hygene wash! BOL! Embarrasing! Well at least I smell better now.

In late October, my family adopted Splendid, my new fur sister. We play a lot. We like to run around the house and jump on the furniture like crazy loons(and sometimes we get yelled at to stop). We also like to wrestle and play tug. She's awesome! When we went to the shelter to adopt Splendid(her name was Sasha then), I also got to play with Muscles, her son. He was a lot of fun to play with too. I heard that he got adopted not long after Splendid came home with us, that makes me happy.

Well, I think I'm gonna go chew on my new bone, and then pick on Splendid. I'll write more frequently from now on, I promise!

Lots of Love,

Harley Girl


Another Fun Filled Day!

September 19th 2011 7:23 pm
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Hey Pups!

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! Yesterday our town had a "Pirate's Plunder" event where we celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day. It was held in our town square, Mommy walked me down so we could check out some of the festivities. There were lots of people dressed like Pirates, even doggies were dressed up! Next year I might have to dress up, too!

This morning I had to go see the vet to get my nails trimmed. Mommy was so proud of how calm I was while Dr. Shrader clipped my nails that she decided to take me shopping for a new collar and leash.

First we went to Petco, I've never been there before. After walking inside, one of my sissy's spotted Halloween costumes, so of course we had to go over so I could try them on. I didn't really want to try on costumes, I wanted to go say hello to the kitties, but I went along anyway(what choice did I have?).

The first costume they put on me was a hot dog, which to me, looked pretty silly. I'd rather eat a hot dog than wear something that looked like one! The next costume they tried on me was a rather cute shark outfit. It fit me nicely, and I looked pretty ador-a-bull in it, so I think I may be going as a sharkie for Halloween.

Next we looked at the collars and leashes. There was a pretty pink leather collar there that we liked, but it didn't have a matching leash so we decided to keep looking. While Mommy was looking at the leashes, I heard someone squeak a toy, and immediately I had to find out where that toy was! I pulled Mommy around to the toy isle, where I shopped around for some loud squeaky toys for me to play with(and destroy). Unfortunately, Mommy wouldn't let me get a new toy, because I just got a new Kong Wubba the other day. Hmph. Who says you can have too many new toys?

Eventually, we left and went over to Tractor Supply to shop around. Mommy finally found a pretty purple matching collar and leash there. We walked around the store for a bit, and a few people came over to pet me. Mommy is happy that we've met a lot of people that aren't scared of Pit Bulls.

We went home and I got to play in the yard with Cain for a bit, which is always fun. Oh and do you know what? I may have another buddy to play with soon! I overheard Daddy and Mommy talking about getting me a little brother to play with! That would be so cool!

Well dogster pups it's late and I'm getting sleepy. I'm gonna go cuddle up on the couch with Daddy. Nite Nite



Will it ever stop raining?

September 8th 2011 4:06 pm
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I've been stuck inside for so many days now, and it's calling for even more rain tomorrow! Ugh! I haven't been able to go for any walks or even play with my buddy Cain. Pretty stinky situation if I do say so, myself. Maybe I can convince someone to take me to that really cool store that let's doggies inside? It's always fun there!

I'm going to go chew on a pig ear now, and then probably take a nap, it's perfect nap weather. *sigh*



Mommy is sick

August 1st 2011 6:32 pm
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Mommy had to spend all day in bed today because she is sick. I kept her company by laying by her side and giving her lots of Harley kisses and happy face smiles. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers for me so that she will get better.

At dinner time Sissy gave me some pepperoni off of her pizza, which was yummy, and then Daddy and my younger Sister took me for a walk around the block while Mom was resting.

The other day I got into trouble for running off, I really scared my family when I ran into the road to chase after the stray dog. My family is going to continue to work with me and teach me some commands so that I will stop running and come when they call me. They love me and don't want me to get hurt.

Wow, someone just brought a Kong filled with treats into the room with my name on it. Gotta go!



I have another buddy!

July 24th 2011 5:41 pm
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His name is Cane, and he's a pitbull like me! He's a bit bigger than I am, and very handsome. Our neighbors have him, and they brought him down the other day so that we could meet. We hit it off, and played together. Boy does he slobber! He got slobbers all over my pretty face, but that's okay. Mommy wiped me off when we got inside. We're going to play again tomorrow, I can't wait! Cane's Mommy said that he's going to go see the vet sometime this week to get neutered. I hope his visit with the neuter scooter goes well!

Mommy and my Sisters are going to go see someone called "Harry Potter" later on tonight, and I have to stay home with Daddy. I wonder who this Harry Potter is, and I wanna know why I can't go meet him too. Hmph.

Well, I'm going to go take a nap on the couch with Dad. Talk to you soon.



A Busy Day

July 12th 2011 10:19 pm
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Today I went on a long car ride with my family to take my human sister to see a doctor in a town called Frederick. She has something called Fibromiyalgia. Whatever it is, it makes her hurt all over, which makes me sad. I don't like seeing anyone in pain. Thankfully her doctor gave her some medicine to help her feel better.

Later that day, I got to go to the canal for a walk. I really like it there. There's all kinds of neat smells, new dogs and people to meet, and in the canal there are ducks! I also saw a beautiful swan! I've never seen a swan before. I really wanted to say hi, but Mommy wouldn't let me. She was scared I'd go into the canal! I tried to tell her that she shouldn't worry, I'm a good swimmer, but she told me to move on anyway.

After my walk, we went to this place called a grocery store, and me and Mommy waited in the car while my sisters went inside. Usually when someone goes into one of those places, they bring back something for me. So I waited patiently in the car, smelling out the window and watching the people walk by. Finally after some time my sisters came back with a few bags full of things. I inspected them when we got back home, and I found these yummy looking ice cream treats called Frosty Paws inside. I sat like a good girl while Mommy opened one for me. It was delicious! Peanut Butter flavor! I can't wait to have another!

*Yawn* I'm getting sleepy, I better sign off and go to bed now.

Goodnight everyone



Whoo Party!

July 4th 2011 9:52 pm
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Today my family and friends had a big party/cookout in our backyard, and I was invited! I got to meet a lot of new people, and even my friend Reptar was there too! I got to run around and play with the kids and do zoomies and also got to sample a little bit of food(hotdogs and hamburgers, yum).

After everyone left the party to go see those things called fireworks(I know that a lot of pups are scared of those, and I can understand why, they are pretty loud, but they don't seem to bother me though) Mommy decided to stay home with me and relax. We were both pretty tired after such a big day, but I feel kinda bad that Mommy missed the fireworks show.

*yawn* I guess I better sign off and get back to bed with Mommy now. At night I sleep with Mommy, and in the morning when she wakes up I go and jump in bed with my big sister. I love to cuddle up next to someone and sleep. I'm kinda lazy in the mornings and like to sleep in.

Nite Nite



A New Doggie Friend!

July 2nd 2011 6:47 pm
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Today Mommy took me over to see our neighbors little Chihuahua named Reptar. He's cute, but I think I got a little too excited and scared him. Oopsie. All I want to do is play, I've still got a lot of pup in me, but I guess I need to work on being a little less hyper. Sorry Reptar.


My New Home

July 1st 2011 3:13 pm
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Hi Dogster, I'm new here. My name is Harley. Right now Mommy is outside hanging clothes on the line, so I snuck onto the computer to write my first diary entry. Shhh..

It's been almost 2 weeks since my family adopted me, but it feels as if I've been here furever. They say I fit in perfectly here. It's been about 3 weeks since their doggie Hunter passed away, and I can tell that he was very special to them and they miss him a lot.

Earlier today, I accidently hurt Mommy while doing zoomies (I get the zoomies A LOT). I was running and ran head first into her leg. I didn't mean to, but I left a nasty bump on her leg. Oops. I told her I was sorry. Hopefully she will still take me for my evening walk.

I'm going to go get a drink and see what else I can get into before my walk. I promise I'll write more later.


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