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Fairy Tails From Pixie


June 20th 2012 7:15 am
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My what a difference a year makes. Just over a year ago I was a stray picked up by animal control. Running wild, scrounging for food. That wasn't fun, but neither was the animal shelter. In fact I had almost quit eating, and I'd only been there a week.

So how did I join the family? Well, Mom (my new mom that is) had taken Pippi and Cheeky to a fund raiser for the local human society. They were walking around looking at things when someone from the shelter came over to say they had Cheeky's twin at the shelter ... me. They went on to tell her that I was not doing well in that environment and wasn't eating. This was on a Sunday.

Mom had been thinking some about getting another dog. She was thinking of another Min Pin though. Or at least a dog more Pippi's size. Not Cheeky's size. But Mom couldn't get me off her mind ... and she hadn't even seen me yet! Cheeky had been having a lot of trouble with colitis last year and at times would hardly eat. Mom couldn't help but think of how poorly Cheeky would do in a shelter environment and it just broke her heart to think about me. The shelter wasn't open Monday, but Tuesday morning she decided she had to come check on me. She must have known what would happen because she brought a harness and leash with her. And sure enough, I went home with her.

Luckily I was only in the shelter for a week. Mom took me to her vet for a check up. Turns out I wasn't eating because I had hookworms. Sooo glad we got that taken care of.

I just had my first gotcha day earlier this month and I couldn't be happier. I've got a nice home, with comfy beds. Mom even made a ramp so I could get on the big bed more easily. I can't jump like the other because my back legs are a little different. She also made me a seat in the car where I can see out the window. I sleep with Mom, sit with Mom, follow Mom around. I've got toys, although I still haven't quite figured those out. I'd rather cuddle. I've got a large wardrobe of sweaters, dresses, hoodies and more that I share with Cheeky. Mom even hand painted butterfly wings for my Howloween costume last fall. I was a Pixie Bug. Hehe. I've got sisters to play and cuddle with, and cats to chase. Thank goodness Mom doesn't fuss at me too much for that. They are just so tempting you know. I get to go on lots of walks with a local dog walking group. I'm still working on not barking at everyone so much. And Mom says I need to work on thinking I need to have the last word in everything, but I'm sure she is wrong about that. Heck, Mom even has this back pack thing I can ride in if I get tired on a walk. I'm telling you I have the good life. Most of all though, I've got love. Lots and lots of it.

Funny how things work out sometimes. When Mom went looking for her first dog, she thought she wanted an older couch potato, but she found Pippi - a puppy with a LOT of energy. And that turned out to be the best thing. Got Mom out and moving more. Then Cheeky joined the family. Next she thought she wanted another Min Pin, but found me. After I joined the family Cheeky got more playful and spunky. So to anyone else out there thinking of adopting - it's okay to have an idea of what you want, but keep an open mind. You just might find something better!


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