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Peeing on someone elses floor can be dangerous - 28-Sept-2011

September 28th 2011 1:38 pm
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I got all excited earlier today when Mom grabbed the leashes and harnesses and treats. I just knew we were going some place fun. Things started off well. I got to Mom's lap first and got my harness on and treat first. Woo-hoo! So far so good. Cheeky got hers next, then I sneaked back onto Mom's lap hoping to get a second treat. No such luck. After we were all harnessed and leashed we went out in the yard for a bit and did our business. So, was it going to be a walk or a car ride? After chatting with a neighbor it was a car ride. Not a long one either. We went some place new. Not just for me, but for all of us. It was a nice little building and there were other pups in there. They had a little gate and all the other pups were on the other side. Mom lifted Pip up and over the gate and gave her away. I did not see this as a totally bad thing. What? Just saying. Hehe. Funny thing was we didn't leave. They lady had Pip for what seemed like a long time, and Mom wouldn't let me growl at the other dogs - not big mean growls, just little ones - so I expressed my feelings in other ways. I peed on the floor. Mom cleaned that up and before long the lady handed Pip back. Oh well. She is kind of nice and warm and good to snuggle up against in the bed. Next Mom tried to give Cheeky away. Just handed her over. Now I had mixed feelings about this. I like Cheeky for the most part, but she does try to chew on my ears sometimes and I DON'T like that. I don't think I would go so far as to give her away though. We still didn't leave, which seemed odd to me. After a few minutes of not getting to fuss at everything I peed on the floor again. I thought I will show them. This turned out to be a big mistake and they tried to kill me over it. Really. I'm not exaggerating. The lady gave Cheeky back and Mom handed me over. ME! Can you imagine? The lady put a noose around my neck and picked up instruments of torture. I'm not making this up. She used these metal instruments and nipped at my toe nails. This must be some kind of Chinese toe nail torture. It was horrible! I screamed and wiggled and fussed and that was all before they even got the instruments to my nails. Hehe. Mom told me I was being quite the drama queen. Easy for her to say. She wasn't the one being tortured. The lady did take the noose off but she kept on with the nail torture. And as if that wasn't bad enough when she got to my back feet Mom came and helped hold me!! How could she be a party to such behavior towards me? She held me tight and made it harder to squirm. I continued to scream and let them know I was not going to cooperate with this treatment. Never. Finally they stopped and we got to leave. Now to show you how forgiving I am, I wagged my tail just about the whole time they were doing all this awful stuff to me. I've learned a lesson, too. You should make sure Mom and others don't see when you pee on someone else's floor. Hehe.


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