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Home:Los Angeles & Glen St Mary, Fl  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 11 Years   Sex: Female

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chammy, celebration, CHAMMERS!!

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Sun Sign:
November 3rd 2005

to tumble, walk in the woods, feed the catfish in the pond & sit outside at night staring at the stars w/her mama

when mama starts to sing-:"you are my sunshine" & when I have to endure all of "I Will" by the beatles other than that-Im happy w/my country life..

Favorite Toy:
champagne has a toybox that explodes & toys can be found everywhere -champagne says ALL toys Are FAVES!!

Favorite Food:
poundcake from amelia island, cookies from anywhere & alpo snaps..!!

Favorite Walk:
walking thru the woods!!!! & going over to see Jackie & Mattie & thier cows & thier Horse Brothers Montana & Durango

Best Tricks:
TUMBLING!! she is an acrobat & making her MAMA laugh hysterically as she runs around her & makes her DIZZY!!!

Arrival Story:
well, my Mama lost her two Tervs so suddenly, & was lost lost lost w/out a dawg. Oh, you should hear how she kept going on & on about how she needed her one day at Christmas, my PAWPAW-DAWG-who is now watching us both from heaven, took her to the Nassau County Animal Shelter, in Fernandina Beach, Fl. He says he couldnt take her always singing how blue she was w/out a dawg-(MY MAMA CANT SING! Dont tell her I said that-honest she thinks she can = but NOPE ! she cant..) Now, I had about 7 brothers and sisters & we were only 7 weeks old!!So, I had to keep tricking my crew at feeding time!! I would wrestle & play & give them toys & while they were DISTRACTED I RAN TO THE FOOD BOWL-My Mama saw this & SAID THIS IS MY ANGEL!! well, long story short, she THEN ABANDONED ME (according to my PAWPAW because-the animal shelter only TOOK CASH-so she made a MAD DASH for the bank across STATE ROAD 200-here is where I fell MADLY IN LOVE W/my PAWPAW !!He put me in his big denim jacket, (ITS COLD IN FERNANDINA IN DECEMBER) & he kissed me sweet as pie.. Well, when MAMA FINALLY returned!! I almost forgot who she was!! -- As we drove to my new GrandParents Nana Ann & Papa Jims house, PAWPAW said " Her name is going to be Champagne, & when people ask you "what did you get for Christmas & your anniversary you can say PT gave me CHAMPAGNE" -- so now I am finally on DOGSTER!! I hope I am not as CHATTY AS MY MAMA is on Facebook!!! & I m gonna show off my HANNAH DAWG & BARSTOW DAWG, they are my Tervuren Sister & Brother --oh can I post a picture of my SISTER HORSE?? her name is shelby & she is also a Blonde!!! HI DOGSTER!!!

Oh oh I think all my BIOGRAPHICAL INFO IS in the HOW YOU BECAME A GUARDIAN OF CHAMPAGNE!!!!!!!!!!!! oh dear!!!!

Forums Motto:
Its A Celebration

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Biggest Post EVER!

I love rock music, oh all kinds & love to find new stuff but George Harrison is my guy & of course the Beatles & to laugh laugh laugh & I adore Belgian Tervurens - I wish we would hurry up w/the cat sister or two & I CANNOT WAIT TIL we get a Terv in the family --that s gonna be so swell...- okay I hope I am not a snooze-a-palooooza dawg or as George calls em "a well known drag" but A TONS OF FUN & LOTSA TUMBLING FUN kinda dawg!!be my pup-pal!!

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April 19th 2011 More than 5 years!

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It's a Celebration!

well ~~ It is a CELEBRATION!!

November 3rd 2014 9:01 am
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Dearest Supercoolepartypups!!

It has been ages & an eon
since I have said hello.
So I thought today of all days ~
I should bark my way in & say HELLLLO!!
Guess what today is ................
come on ..come on...........
Okay I will give you
Did you get it???
Here is Clue Number 1.
It is a special day
& it rhymes with
okay let me see........
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm skirt day
yeah.... Rhymes with skirt day & you sing something like
Happy Pretty Skirt Day to You ..
See beeeeecause we gals wear skirts & what not
so that is one clue
okay the 2nd clue is ............
It was a Celebration & It has to do w/me!!
How did I know?
I woke up to a cuddle of morning kisses from you know who !!
Morning Kisses interrupting my sleeeepy pie time!
Tis the Birthday of little ole me!!!!!!!!
Aw.........I bet you already guessed it
& were just pulling my tail
by looking all befuddled.
I mean isn't everyone's November the 3rd marked
I know that everyone in our back 40 knows today is my day.
!!!!!!!!!!!TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Aunt Rosie & Uncle Jimmy Know
& Mr. Wallace across the road (I hope he gives me one of his big ole squeeeezalicious hugs!!!!MaMa makes fun of my Orange Crush on him but -----------he realllllllly loves me I know he does.!!) even he KNOWS !!
It has been ages since I did any Ketchup with my Dawgster Diary.
I have to tell you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
First of all, we think we want to adopt Penelope!!
She is always over at our house & she is always poppping up at the bedroom door w/her little face saying "hey everybody wake 'em up!"
She shows up at 4 AM or sometimes at 9 PM and MaMa has given up driving her home at night, now it just turns into a dawg sleepover party.
She comes over & gets to have breakfast or dinner with us.
And oh la la she loves to snooooooooooze on the love seat & play with all
our toys.....
She is so much fun.
But.... right now she is a bit of a sickie piece of pie, we think she walked into some ivy or itchie owie vines-because her tummy is pink & she has to take pills..............BUT she came over Saturday night for a sleep over.
My sister meows have finally gotten used to having her snoring the night away with us & Emmett Ray still keeps trying to charm Penny & ask for her hand in marriage, but MaMa says & I quote " This the Kingdom will NEVER allow. "
Silly MaMa huh? Love is Love
& that Emmers is all about the love.
So how is everyone?
What happened to DAWGSTER?
Where did everyone go?
Will anyone read my Diary ??
Wait.........Toootsie wants to know if she should ketchup too??
We better check her Dawgster Diary next whatta ya say?
So what is new with us?
Well........ Penny seems to think she lives with us
She spends more time at our house than she does at home.
MaMa cannot figure out how she finds her way in the dark to our house.
And as soon as she arrives she is just happy as pie
& fits into our grooove ~ we just love her so ..
Oh & listen to this Olive is always crying when I go outside for too long~
so my MaMa brings her outside to see that I am okay..
Olive loves to roll around on the grass & she likes to get up close to
sister Mare..
Even with the windows open where she can see me - she is NOT happy unless she is outside with me ..
She will meow & meow as if she is being tortured until MaMa picks her up & brings her out w/us.
( Olive told me she does this on purpose
the louder she meeeeeeeeeeeeeeows - the more MaMa's heart will cry
& then OUT comes Olive to have some outside fun w/me & Tootsie-
till it is time for us all to go!! Smarty Pants Olive !! )
So what else is new?
Let's see.... Aunt Rose keeps having new Baby Cows being born
& we love seeing them & we love seeing Tommy & Durango
RUN RUN RUN when they see MaMa -- they know she will Treat Them
& they are so funny.....Taco always gives her his looooooooooong
helllllo & gooooooooooooodebye ---------such a tiny mini taco donkey
I wish we could bring him home with us!!
Sometimes we can hear him when we got outside late at night.
Maybe he is saying "HEY YOU GUYS WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? "
What do you think?
Did You know that since last year we lost Jack?
I bet he and Cooooper are riding ATVS together in Doggie Heaven.
So now it Is Mattie & Lilly & Penny ~~ so maybe I need to update my pictures what do you think?
Okay I bettttter go !!
I can see Emmett Ray watching me & you know I have a feeling that
Catster might have 3 more Meow Diaries being added in the near future!!
To Me
I am a very lucky gal dawg.
Who else can say they have A sister Mare who has a heart that Cares
A Tootsie sister gal dawg who thinks she has to be the WOOF WOOF Guard Dawg?
& three black meows who are always playing tag in the middle of the night...
Yep I do not think any other gal dawg can be as lucky as me !!
Okay SuperCoolePartyPups ~~~ November is On & so is my Birthday
I love You All
& I truly do Mean it
Later Gators !!
Ever & Always
your Champagne !!



November 3rd 2013 12:31 pm
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Hello SuperCoolePartyPups!~~
Guess WHAT!!!
Just Guess WHO is having a BIRTHDAY TODAY!?????!!~??
Okay I am going to cover my eyes & count
& you better beeeeeeeeeeeee looking at me!!~
Beeeeecause TODAY
I am going to become an EIGHT year OLD Gal-Dawg!
You know what??
We have got SO MUCH to KETCHUP on !~
I already know you know I have a Baby Sister Dawg ~Tootsie
But did you HEAR the latest??
I am officially the Big Sister Dawg of THREE ...........
Yes I Said
1 ~ 2 ~ 3
they are all still Kittens........well
Maybe OliveOliveOlive will be a Grown Meow in December ...
But Rules Are Rules & until then ....
A KITTEN she remains..
So here we go .........have a seat ~
Gosh~~I have such a long tail to share w/you all.
OliveOliveOlive came home when my MaMa brought home
a stray Pup, from one of her FIRST Circus' Protests..........
But since she ALWAYS calls Uncle Jimmy
& Aunt Rose & tells them EVERYTHING ~~~~~
when they learned about this very well mannered Gentleman Dawg
She found........You Know Aunt Rose.......Yep ~~
She said NO NO NO !! & that if Mr Dawg was so mannered ~
he Must have a home & then Uncle Jimmmy Called us
& pretended he was a little girl crying because someone
So my MaMa did the right thing......
she scooped him up & took him back into the towne,
where he was found him well not to the parking lot but to the place lost dawgs get found & WHEW!!~ He had a chip!!!
( Remember supercoolepartypups always tell all your pals that their Persons OUTTA give them a chip that is a very important thing..........did you know Luna has two??
Ooooooooh NO!~ Wait ~~I am getting my Tail ahead of my Tale!!!)
MaMa does her goode deed & then she strolls around
the building & then she walks in ........
& every where she looks
AND all she can hear are
Grown up MEOWS
Kitten Meows...........
Bored Meows.........
those are the ones where
The Meow opens her mouth
BUT all that comes out is the SILENT M~E~O~W...
My MaMa has a book called that .....
you know me I read it ...
its very funny ....
I wonder do any Dawgs do a
SILENT B~A~R~K??'re right~~we would never ~~........
that would be kinda sort've odd.~~
Meows have different Rules About What is Coole~...
So anyway........
MaMa brings home Baby Olive.....
& Tootsie was OVER THE MOON~~
she could NOT believe this beautiful
tiny beauty was going to stay forever & she WAS TINY!!~
So is the real NEATER part of my tail.........
when OliveOliveOlive came home .......
my MaMa read about a Baby Elephant Calf who had just been rescued~
her MaMa Died & My MaMa read this at work
& was determined to help her~~~.....
You know the Cabrera-Thomas Golden Rule
about Mother Nature ..........
It goes like this
do goode, conserve, adopt do NOT shop &
give to those who heal the earth~ do everything you can
to save every one of Earth's Beautifuls~~~ that's our rule.........
SO ~~~~~ OliveOliveOlive is WHY
I have a baby sister Elephant Named LimaLima!!~
I have a Pachyderm for a baby sister YIPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!
See how awesome getting a new kitten meow can be??
Now then~ I haven't opened the bottle of Ketchup in like A YEAR???
Did you know that My Mama named one of
Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Rose's baby Moo's ?? Well~~~ she did
BABY ALICE who was born on MaMa's birthday in 2010 & is named for her~~
finally had her baby Moo & MaMa got the honour of naming rights...........
so My our Baby Moo is named ..........CALLIOPE!!~
That is a word that means a happy wonderful sound
that is usually the pretty noise you hear on a carousel....
My MaMa loves the Carousel music ~~ & the Carousel horses were her first horse before my PawPaw gave her Shelby~~
OH AND for the smarty pups in the group ~~
That it is also the name of Zeus' Daughter "Calliope" & that she is the Muse of Poetry~~
I mean I live in a house w/a trazillion books...
So back to our ketchup tale ~~ lets see....Aunt Terry visited & met us all at the end of April &
then my MaMa Adopted Emmett Ray~ Holy Cow!!~ wait til you hear
about the tail on this Meow ( & I mean his real TAIL not his tale)
this tiny boy Meow~~~ was saved with about 4 other kittens
& he came to us so tiny ~~
but he keeps growing & growing &
he doesn't MEOW like Olive does
he meows like this
Tootsie fall head over heels w/this one ~~
because ( don't tell anyone I said this )
Emmett Ray is a Charmer!!~
Remember how I would tell you about Dewey, who always taps my tail, when me & MaMa do our dawg-job & How he FLIRTS w/me
w/that tap tap tap
& I Keep saying I am a dawg & you are a meow &
I am a girl & you are a boy & I WILL not Marry YOU??)
Well~~maybe ALL boy Meows Flirt ??........
Mr Emmett Ray WRAPS HIS TAIL around my paws when I try to drink water
he stands right under my chin w/that tale of his
& under my tummy & when I sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep ~
I wake up Emmett Ray's tale IS across my NOSE!!~
who said they don't know what PLUFFY Means
SHEESH okay here we go~~~ when something is
fluffy & puffy ~~ that = PLUFFFY !!!!!
He looks like he is Part ~ Squirrel on the back side
IF you know what I mean ...
so we are no longer the Gals From Glen
I mean ~~
we now have ourselves a Pretty Nifty Mister
who always puurrmeows "Do not call me your Sister."~
Silly Emmett Ray..
And one of my new pals Is TACO ~~ he is the Mini Burro
Aunt Rose & Uncle Jimmy saved~~HOLY COW ! this tiny has
THE most DRAMATIC BRAY you have ever heard!! MaMa always tells
PENNY NO NO NO beeeeecause she gets jelly beans when
Mama goes into the barn & gives the boys their apple & carrot
(Aunt Rose keeps telling us to KEEP Penny ~cause she is
always sneaking over to our house for the longest dawg
playdates ever.....)
Okay back to OUR news......
My Emmmmmmmers & Olive are beautiful black meows ......
Okay so ~~ are you keeping up w/me??
So far one baby calf, one baby elephant~two baby meows,
(ooops I mean kittens) & Taco ~~
I told you this tail was loooooooooooooong ~~~~
my MaMa went into the city....( when she goes into towne its glen, when she goes to the city ~~ it's you know the RIVER CITY)
so she is off to get some cookies & what not you know ~stuff...
& then we hear her come in
I see a little box &
I hear a little meeeeeoooow~~
well............YESSSSSSSSSSS WAY~~~
I Know !!~~ RIGHT??
But this one is super duper TINY.
My MaMa kept talking about "Cookie"
she kept looking at the computer & oohing & awe-ing about cookies..
now everybody loves cookies, so Toots & Olive & Emmett Ray
were all thinking she was making a grocery list...
cause cookies come from the market....& the market is in towne
in she walks w/ this box & inside is a tiny named LUNA!!
Turns out COOKIE was a kitten ~
NOT a well.... a cookie ~
And so she saw her picture & fell in love
& decided this was worth the 86 mile round trip drive
AND so she went in to adopt her.
When she go to the Adoption place .....
Cookie was NOWHERE to be found.
She kept asking & No One knew WHO Cookie Was ....
So she walked around this noisy meow & bark place.....
She tells me people lose their paw children or sometimes leave them there because their life breaks & they cant keep them & this part always makes her cry....
& that this is why she always goes to these places
& finds someone to love JUST like she found ME ~~
you know that I am her Celebration !!~
see my Diary Name??
She Sings This To Me Every Day!!
when I want to hear my MaMa say this ~~ here is what I do
& She kisses me & Sings like a silly goose
" IT'S A CEL~E~BRA~TION" in her funny voice~~it is the same one
she uses when she says I or Luna or Olive Or Emmett Ray or Tootsie are "Torturing her " when we wont eat, or play
or keep sleeping when she kisses us....My MaMa huh?)
So where was I ????????
Like Olive ~~ Luna was a tiny black kitten
in a batch of other kittens who were every colour but black & as usual My MaMa opened up her heart & said " come on in ~~> YOU!!"
Because DID you KNOW ~~
NO ONE every adopts BLACK kittens??
They are always LEFT behind??
Olive told me that when my MaMa found her ~~
her name was "batgirl"
& all the brothers & sisters she had when she was
taken to this place
were gone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
& then soon she was ALL ALONE
SO that is why SHE KEPT napping when MaMa peeked
& said " HI There" OLIVE IGNORED HER ~~ she knew the drill.
& then when MaMa came back ~ Olive said "Hmmmmmmmpf"
& turned around & kept napping..................
So you know what happened next right?
She stole our MaMa's Heart.
So now ~ I have 3 Meows to look out for ..
Okay shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
don't tell anyone...
The very first day Luna Came Home
No one knows about the upstairs except ME & MaMa & Tootsie & our Mare Shelby cause we sit on the balcony & watch her sometimes~ all of our family know like Aunt Terry cause she slept up there & all my uncles & cousins & aunts who come to visit.
BUT NO MEOWS No Olive No Emmett Ray
THIS coole Place called UPSTAIRS!~~
Can you BELIEVE that??
I mean
Olive & Emmett Ray
YEP they have NEVER been
Luna goes up there anytime she can.........
I told her how awesome the blue rug is to sleep on
But she told me ( keep this under your hat)
that she wants to walk on ALL THE BOOKS
that are stacked everywhere !!~
& see how FAR she can L~E~A~P!!~~
Luna Can LEAP onto anything
She is like a Trapeze Artist Kitten~~ honest she is
you should hear her tease
our Emmett Ray every time he leaps ~~
his tale goes "BONK!!" & something tumbles out of his way........
Olive & Luna always quietly meow giggle at him~~
how can a MEOW be ungraceful ~~ it is UNHEARD OF~~Sigh...
It must be hard being the only fellow ~~
WHAT TODAY IS YET????????????
I am now officially EIGHT
& I Promise to make this a happy & wonderful year & to keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep in touch ~~
It is just THAT
I have been so busy
w/my FLOCK growing exponentially every month...
I have had no time to put my paw to keystroke
but now I think
we are officially done with the Ketchup !!~~
every one~~~
I love you
beeeeeeeeeee happy
be kind
don't go to sleep mad w/the world
wake up w/your tale wagging
& I Promise to beeeeeeeeeee back soon,
love always
you one & only
Champagne~~ the Birthday Dawg
PS I FORGOT when MaMa found Luna ...they did her paperwork
& lo & behold the checkout ladies said "OH OH she has two CHIPS!!"
my MaMa was all what?? & they said the wand had a dead battery
so Luna GOT TWO CHIPS No way she will EVER Get lost whatta ya think??
AND she tricks my MaMa she pretends to MEOW like OLIVE & then MaMA runs to find Olive but its LUNA!~ what a scamp oh & LUNA seems to be a mini meow or maybe a slow poke grower beeeeecause she is still SMALL
okaybye for reals!



July 11th 2012 5:33 am
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dear supercoolepartypups!!~~~!!!!!!!!
oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh~~
I MEAN OH ~~~~~~~MY~~~~~~~~GOSH!!!!!!!!
GUESS WHAT!!!!! guess guess guess
wait okay do you give up ?
are you ready for this ?????????
I must have been really goode lately~teaching Tootsie how NOT to be
such a scaredy cat of all that rain & wind & thunder that came falling down two weeks ago~~
Or maybe its beeeeeeeeeeecause I taught her how to go near the creek & look over but~~ then MORE IMPORTANTLY ~~> how we MUST stand QUIETLY & look over to the other side
beeeeeeeeecause thats where the Deer stand & Watch Us~~WATCHING THEM
watching us ~~ boy ~ I tell you...........
Are they awful pretttttttttttttttty??
Yes Maam they certainly are~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I just wish they would come closer.........
Or maybe it beeeeeeecause~ as sooon as MaMa opens the gate to the pond & creek ~~ I wait for Tootsie to ketchup w/me &
& then when we run run run run run run run & little ole Tootsie always ZIG & ZAGS instead of DASHING STRAIGHT AHEAD!! ~~
I have to go back to her ~~ so she can do it all over again .....
whew!!! ~~~ thats is soooooooo much fun & we all laugh ~ beeecause
all FOUR of TOOTSIE's PAW's GO right UP INTO THE AIR.........
see~~~ whatta Gooooode Big Sissy I can beee??
so whatta ya think ?? !! Tell ME!!!!
did someone tell Dawgster how Goode I am?
Maybe Shelby typed a letter to her connections at HORSE-STER & then they called Dawgster....
or maybe Dewey that fresh pussycat~~ who still keeps telling me he wants to MARRRY ME when he taps taps taps my tail when I am doing My Fun Dawg~Job of letting Mattie, & Pretty Penny & Lilly Pie out everyday for Auntie Rose & Uncle Jimmy~~ told Catster ~~ ( but why dont they tell him that CATS can't MARRY DAWGS!~~ hes such a Flirty McFlirty !!)
OH MY MY Maybe its just ~~ could it beeee
That Its just That Dawgster Likes me~~ THEY REALLY LIKE ME !!!
pretty neat aye?????????
ooops~~ we say NEAT way too much around here~!~
I shouldve said ..."pretty coole huh??"
Now I get to post my FAVE~OH~RITE BOB DYLAN SONG~~
beeeeeeecause ALL DAWGS SHOULD RUN FREE!!! so why Not ME??
okay I better go now....
I dont think MaMa knows I have my very own
dawgster password & we moved the step stool to
get up ( UMMMPHHHH!!~) to the desk~ whew & of course ~it took forever to move all those BOOKS
( somebody around here needs ANOTHER BOOOOKCASE!! sheeesh!!)
besides Tootsie says its NOT FAIR since she is so small
she can't see the Computer Screen!!or what I am typing ..............
OKAYBYE BYE My PAWSOME~ Supercoolepartypups!!!!!!!
Try & Stay Coole ~~ BOY~~ IS IT HOT HERE IN GLEN !!
We stay inside when its this hot & do lotsa snooozing & treats
then Treats & Snooozing ~~~
( I stole that funny line from Marcel the Shell w/Shoes on ~
But you knew that didnt ya??)
.its so hot lately that the best time to be outside is
in the middle of the night ~ but it takes FOREVER to wake YOU KNOW WHO UP & get those doors open so she can let us out ..
The gooode thing is I TAUGHT TOOTSIE how to do the
"Concentration Stare" thats ALWAYS WORKS TO ~~wake up MaMa~~
just like that!!easy as pie~!!she opens those sleeepies RIGHT UP
Even on those nights when she is so dawg tired &
Fast AAAAAAAAAAH~~ZZZZZZZZZ~~ Asleep & SNORING ~~~~> (ooops!! shes gonna say "I DONT SNORE" if she reads this) --
but its either her or my toys making that loud funny sound from under the blankets....~~)
okay happy wendesday,
lotsa Paws in the Air & puppy peppermint kisses from me
your ever faithful pup-pal & dawgster gal-dawg of the day,

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