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No Rain, No Rainbow

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The whole WEEKEND!!!!!

May 20th 2011 1:11 pm
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This morning when my new Mom picked me up she and Auntie were talking and Auntie said she didn't see any reason why I couldn't spend the WHOLE WEEKEND with them!!! Yahoo!! I mean, it's nice enough here but it is MUCH nicer to be the only dog!
Everyone will wait on me hand and foot, and I bet I won't have to sneak off into Susie's bedroom for anything all weekend!
And, more importantly, my new Mom asked Auntie if I could have treats like chicken and steak and real food. Auntie say that was fine. I will bet you that those awful pills I have to take will not be stuffed in cream cheese and forced down my throat while I am in my new home!!! Auntie finally did discover it was way better to do two in the morning and three at night cuz when they are broken in half they are even MORE nasty, if that is possible?
Unless my new Mom writes something for me, I won't be writing again until Sunday night, or, even Monday, since they might keep me Sunday night, too!!
Hope you guys have a nice weekend, too!


Going out tomorrow...

May 19th 2011 12:41 pm
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Today my new Mom stopped by to tell me that she was going to take me for the WHOLE DAY tomorrow. (Hey, did anyone notice she got me a great frisbee... check my gift box!) Wow, I am sooo happy!! Auntie says she will be here first thing in the morning and isn't bringing me back until last thing at night. Cool!
Auntie was working on the lawn mower today at work. She opened that BIG HUGE door in the daycare room to bring the mower inside. I thought she was leaving and wasn't taking me so I screamed bloody murder. Poor Auntie stopped right in her tracks cuz she thought some dog was hurt and was screaming in pain. Nah, just me!
A while later she went out that door again... I screamed again, but this time she totally ignored me.
Soo, since I didn't get any attention at all, I started racing around the pen with Piper...btw, he is still here for a couple of weeks more. Mom and Sarah were amazed to see me running and playing like that INSIDE!!!
Well, I gotta go now and rest up for tomorrow. AND, it's supposed to stop raining tomorrow, too. I so can't wait!


A good weekend...

May 15th 2011 4:46 pm
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This weekend was pretty nice, I gotta admit! Saturday, I was playing down in the lab pen with my pals and Smokey cat for quite a while. It was warm but not sunny at all. We didn't care, it wasn't raining!
Later when we came home Auntie was getting some cleaning done and Susie was at work. Suddenly, someone was knocking on the door and it was MY NEW MOM!!! She came to visit me! Auntie said she could take me to her home if she wanted to... she was all excited and happy. Auntie got a collar for me and My NEW Mom already had a leash, so I hopped in her car and away we went.
I had a fine visit with her and my new Dad. They are very, very nice and we visited for quite a while before my new Dad brought me back to Auntie.
After I got back I decided to nap away the rest of the day in Susie's room.... nice and comfy!
This morning Susie found out she didn't need to go to work so she and I went back to bed while Auntie worked in the kennel. When Auntie got back she MADE ME GO OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN!!!! I do not do rain, so I huddled in the door way while she stood out there planting some flowers. Several times she called me over but no way, no how... I do not do rain!!!
When she was done planting, she got the others and Smokey cat and they went down to the lab pen to play in the rain. Not me, I ducked back into the Summer kitchen. They were all wet and cold when they came back inside. I didn't want any of their wet to rub off on me so I snuck back inside of Susie's room, hehehe!
Would you believe I am still in there???? It's still POURING RAIN outside, so.......


Visiting my new pawrents!!!

May 14th 2011 10:57 am
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My new Mom stopped by a bit ago and Auntie said I could go visit them this afternoon!!!
Here is a message my new Mom just sent:

"Sponge /roxie is visiting her new home this afternoon.What a treat for the new mom and dad. She is well behaved and gives great kisses.I'm glad ,happy and that she has found us and sad that she has had a bad start in life.Soon to change for the good for all of us. Polly Chase "

Before I left, Auntie got lots of new photos of me and my friends here but she can't put them on until it starts raining. She has to work outside until it rains, BOL!!!


Extra, EXTRA Special news.......

May 7th 2011 9:38 am
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Wow... I went to work with Auntie today cuz I needed a bath cuz Toto MARKED me this morning.
Auntie and I were eating breakfast and she was reading her emails. Suddenly, she started hugging me and CRYING... I couldn't figure out what was wrong and she was crying so hard she couldn't even talk!!!
Finally, she told me. The email was from Piper's new Mom and she is going to pay for my ENTIRE Heartworm AND Tick Fever treatment for a "price" for Piper!!!!!!!!!!
Mom said God is good and where there is a will, there is a way!!! Yup... he got me to Nina's Mom, then he got me to America thru them, and NOW, he got me treated AND a new home where I will be a queen!!!
Thank you sister Nina... without YOU and your Mom, NONE of this could have happened!!!


Exciting news.....

May 6th 2011 5:33 pm
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Auntie said she has very, very exciting news about me. Yesterday some wonderful people came here looking for a new dog and their description fit me to a T. Auntie told them about me, and showed them my photos off my page. They were VERY interested and asked to see me so Auntie came home and got me.
I was a bit shy at first, but then someone came and Auntie handed me to the people so she could wait on them. When Auntie came back, I was all sprawled over MY new Mom, and MY new Dad was patting me and lovin' on me.
They understand about my being sick with both tick fever and heartworm and will happily wait until I am fixed before they get me. They have to go away in June anyway, so it WILL work out.
Also, they Winter in Florida so I won't even have to experience snow... that sounds GREAT to me!!!
Today MY new Mom came back to see Auntie and she asked for the address of MY Dogster page so she could look at all my photos and stuff. She said she dreamed about me all night long and is very excited to be getting me! "Hi, new Mom, if you are reading this!!!"
The other exciting good news is that Piper has a new home, too. How does that affect me, you might ask??? Well, the people adopting HIM are gonna make a donation to my HW expenses instead of paying Mom for him. That is good cuz when they discovered I also had the tick fever everything suddenly got way more expensive!!!
Tonight I had a great time playing in the lab pen with everyone. It was warm and sunny, but not hot, perfect weather to run in so run we did. Auntie says it's really the first time that I initiated play with all the other dogs. I especially had fun with Piper, although he was a bit nervous of me at first. And, of course Toto and I had a great run as well. Check out all my new photos!!!


Adjusted? Yup.

May 1st 2011 3:53 pm
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Auntie says I am totally adjusted now. I run to the door to go peepee or poopie, and I go out with everyone here, except Hilda doesn't like me very much so we can only go together when Auntie is with us.
I play with Barney and Harvey the most...Beanie is still being too protective of Auntie. Riley loves me, too, but he's scared of me cuz I am soooo big! Toto is a stuffed shirt and he doesn't play too much.
I also got used to my pills, I guess. I get two in the morning and 3 at night and I haven't puked any for a couple of days. But, I can find them in anything, so Auntie is still working on that part.
My special "bed" is Smokey cat's little round one that is under Auntie's desk. But, I also like my crate in the room with all the dogs. They still bark at me when I come in, but I hustle right into my crate and they shut up quickly.
Auntie said her niece is coming here tomorrow night. Maybe I will adopt HER and stay in HER room??? OR, since Hilda doesn't like Georgie, either, maybe SHE can stay in there with Susie.
In spite of my being totally housebroken to being off leash and having a pile of brush to go in, I have decided in the interest of my comfort, I will also go over in the corner of the house pen. Auntie was very happy when I decided to do that... she wasn't too fond of walking me first thing in the morning cuz it takes her about an hour before she can really walk cuz her arthritis has to wake up, too. Now she can just pop me out the door.


Part of the family now...

April 29th 2011 5:26 pm
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Well, finally Auntie is trusting me outside off my leash so now I can go explore more when we are down in the lab pen. I still HATE to go out in the regular dog yard... I just sit in the corner and sulk when Auntie makes me go out there.
For some reason, she left me loose in the house today...she said something about alternating dogs and it was my turn? Cool... but it was pretty boring so I slept in Smokey cat's bed under the desk. It's a bit small, but pretty comfy. Auntie has a photo she will put on later.
After dinner I had my run in the lab pen (I went with Hilda tonight...I don't think she loves me and I don't love her, either!) For some silly reason the pills Auntie is giving me still make me puke in the morning, even with food, but I am fine at night. Auntie is thinking the only thing different is my run in the lab pen.
She called the vet today and asked him if I could have all my pills in the evening instead of twice a day. He said no, but I could have MORE at night and less in the morning. So, Auntie decided to give me an antacid with them and see how that works.
Tonight I got to come out with all the other dogs. It was okay but Harvey and Beanie barked at me. I ignored them and got back in Smokey's bed. Auntie played with me with some toys for a while and now I am resting before bed. I think I should get to spend the whole night in Smokey's bed, don't you????


Day one of my drugs!!

April 26th 2011 5:39 pm
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Man, they don't even let me get used to the place before they start stuffing drugs into me!!! The vet decided that my tick fever I have is probably worse than my heartworms! And, I guess those little organisms somehow hide the little microfilia from getting killed by the HW drugs, soo... what it all boiled down to is that they are going to treat me for the tick fever (erlichia?) before the HW. Tick fever treatment is 4 weeks of doxicycline then another blood test. I have to take FIVE of those pills a day...UGH!!!
This morning I said no to the pill pockets. Well, not exactly, I ate the pill pocket and spit out the pills, hehehe! So, next I got a bunch of cream cheese. Mmmmm, that was good so down went the pills.
Tonight I wouldn't eat the cream cheese cuz it made me puke this morning. Next Auntie tried peanut butter but I DO NOT care for that at all!!! Soo, she remembered she had some of those baby hot dogs left from the Easter eggs. And, she was smart enough to give me two with no pills BEFORE I got the one with the pills. Sneaky!!!
Then, she came back with another pill... I guess even though they couldn't find any microfilia in my blood they don't want to take any chances so I am getting the monthly preventative as well. Although it was chewable, I held out for another two baby hotdogs!!!
Tonight when we went for our walk (me and Toto and Beanie), Auntie added Harvey to the mix. I admit, he is pretty strange looking but he seemed nice enough to me.
Great news...tonight Auntie decided I wasn't gonna bolt or try to escape the lab pen so she let me drag that long leash. It made it MUCH easier to do my business, that's for certain. And, I actually got to hang around longer down there. It was still pretty cold and wet though. When will the warm weather get here?????


My first "real" day here.

April 25th 2011 3:48 pm
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This morning I got up and went outside, but I am still too scared to do my business here... it is all sooo strange here... and, kind of cold, too!!!
After breakfast, Auntie took me across the parking lot to a place she called work. She put me in a HUGE kennel in the daycare room, right beside a HUGE black dog named Sasha. I just sat there for a while, but pretty soon, I realized there were three people there, Auntie, Sarah and Julie. Well, I already KNEW Auntie so I would wag when I saw her. Then, I started wagging when I saw Sarah or Julie, too, so then they took me to a place called the break room. It was alright in there, I guess.
After a while, Auntie took me up the hill to the vets. They were talking for a while, they took my blood and SHE LEFT ME THERE!!!
Those people were nice to me and let me lie down on a big, flat table that moved!!! AFter that, one took me for a walk, then they put me in a kennel again.
Finally, Auntie came back and got me, but the lady vet was already gone so I guess we are going back tomorrow to talk to her. I guess I still have my heartworms, darn it all!
Auntie tried to take me for a walk but I only wanted to go back to the HOUSE, so we did, hehehe!
AFter supper, me and Toto and Beanie went back down in the big pen. I really had to go now so I hustled right over to some bushes and did all my business. Whew, felt MUCH better! We explored around down there and now I am resting again.
I guess it's okay here... everyone is kind of nice, well, I mean the people. Some of Auntie's dogs bark at me, must be cuz I am so much bigger than they are. Hey, I only weigh 47 lbs... that's not big!!! Beanie says I look at him funny... not true, not true at all!!!

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