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No Rain, No Rainbow

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roxie sleeping in her new bed

June 25th 2011 9:53 am
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Our Roxie ,Poxie Puddin Pie, is home for the weekend, Yahhhhh !!!!!!!!! She loves her new bed ,it is out in the living room near the door so she can look outside and be with us all at once.Boy does she give Kisses,We can't get enough of her.Have a great weekend ,WE're going to. Dad & Mama Chase


Sponge/ Roxie

June 21st 2011 8:18 am
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Hi from Ca. I'll be home in N.H. by Friday . Hopefully there will be an up date from Aunty on my E Mail. I found you the coolest bed ,it's olive green with a BIG R on it . It will be waiting for you when you come home to us.Than our Family will be complete.Dad says he misses you and me both ,I love you baby girl. Hugs and cuddles Mama Chase


Sponge/Roxie Pudding pie

June 15th 2011 3:13 am
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Good morning everyone , well I'm back at Auntys,mom is going away for a week and I need testing,My family and I will be glad when I'm better and go to live with Dad & Mom forever & ever.They have a nice soft bed and I sleep right in the middle of it. Roxie girl we love & miss you soooooooo much already. We love you ,you be a good girl for Aunty and We'll see you as soon as we can. Love Dad & Mom Chase


Sponge/ Roxie/ Rixcinda, / ,Roxie Poxie puddin pie

June 11th 2011 8:58 am
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Today is our sleepy day, it's raining and you know who doesn't like it.I call roxie ,Roxcinda because she is like Cinderalla, from poor little street girl , to happy little girl with a new life and a family that loves her .My husband thinks her name should be Roxie Pebbles Chase .Because she looks like she has plebbles all over her.Now thats something to thnk about.She will have a string of names before all is said and done.I'm teaching her to sit up on her hind legs when she gets treats.It took three trys and she caught on .That way she doen't grab the food out of your hand.She is so busy learning a trick and balance . Ha Ha , And she thinks she has me under her thumb.I'll show her . What a smarty pants.Maybe we'll take her for a ride this afternoon to get her out of the house for a little bit.Have a great weekend Woof Woof. Dad & Mom Chase


Thurs. night and Moms home for the weekend

June 9th 2011 3:29 pm
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Roxie and I are getting closer ,much closer if possible.She has a hard time with thunder storms ,but I found if you put her in the kennel she seems more comfortable .this morning I was getting ready for work , when the skys opened up,Roxie jumped in bed with dad,and I heard him say to her,I'll protect you Roxie ,don't worry.She settled down with him and I got ready for work,and felt pretty good ,storm or no storm.She doesn't like the rain and doesn't like to go out alone in it. I put her on the leash and as long as I'm with her she will go out and do her duty.What a baby girl. We are so lucky to have her.Every day gets better and better. Dad & Mom Chase


Baby girl is home for now !!!!!!!

June 8th 2011 2:33 am
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We are so enjoying Roxie,what a suck up [thats my husbands term for her] Right now she is snuggled in bed with dad ,and sleeping.She really aims to please you.taking care of her is so rewarding.I can't thank everyone enough for bringing us together.My heart was so lonely for a dog than along came Sponge/Roxie.She greets me at the door all lovey and kissy when I get home from work .What a nice feeling. Dad & Mom Chase



June 2nd 2011 4:40 pm
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I'm sorry I didn't write in my diary yesterday...hope no one was worried!
I am feeling PERFECT!!! I am bored silly and I want to go down in the lab pen, especially since it is such a nice, crisp Fall day here!!! The futon is still okay, but when Auntie gets home and lets everyone out I am starting to feel a bit left out!!!
I actually had to snarl at Toto tonight cuz he had the NERVE to walk up to MY baby gate and try to sniff MY food. Of course I knew he couldn't reach it, but... some things you can't ignore! Auntie does pick up my food at night so they don't bother about it then, and she has even stopped feeding Smokey cat in the bedroom...he now eats in the kitchen where "normal" cats eat!
All that prednisone they have me taking is making me wicked hungry... I could eat a WHOLE bear if one gets too close to my room! And, now Auntie listened to Nina and she is putting my pills in whatever and just tossing them to me. I catch them and swallow them before I even know what they were hidden in. I suggested she get me a nice stuffed kong or something like that and she said she would think about it. Hope she thinks FAST!!!
I still have 27 more days before the second shot...I hope I can survive the boredoom!!!! I wanna go back to my NEW HOME and be Roxie again!!!!


My first treatment...

May 31st 2011 6:34 pm
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Well, it was a very, very long day!!! My new dad dropped me off this morning and Auntie and Harvey and I got in the car and DROVE next door...I don't know WHY we didn't walk over there???
Anyway, Auntie signed some papers and a girl took me and put me in a kennel run. Auntie stayed with the vet for a while and they looked at Harvey's eye, then she and Harvey left, too.
The girl got me and brought me out and they gave me a HUGE shot in my flank. It HURT tons, and it kept hurting and hurting. I was all upset and panting and shaking and crying. Next they gave me a pill... Auntie told them I wouldn't do pill pockets and they tried but finally they just put it in my throat!!! I hated that pill, it make my whole mouth taste bad!!!
I kept shaking and crying and panting and twitching so they took me out with the girls. I didn't stop so they finally called Auntie and asked her if I could come home. She said I could so they brought be back there and she put me in a crate right beside where she was grooming. I was still hurting, but I felt much better to be back where I knew the people and the place.
Every two hours someone would come down from the clinic and take my pulse and listen to my heart and check my gums... I was fine but still hurting. Auntie got an ice pack and put it where I had my shot and that helped some.
Finally, the day was over and Auntie took me and Harvey home. She put me in her bedroom and I spied the futon so I climbed up there!!! I am still there, BOL! I still have some pain but it's much better and I can at least sleep some now. I only cry and moan when Auntie comes into the room, hehehe! It works!!!
Tomorrow I will go to work with Auntie again. I will write more then!
Hi, new Mom and Dad Chase... I miss you and am counting the days until I can come back with you!!!!


Here today, gone tomorrow!!!

May 23rd 2011 5:10 pm
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Auntie brought me back over to work this morning and put me with Piper again. Sigh. I decided to make the best of it so I took a nap.
It was a long, long day, one of only FIVE until I could return to my new Mom and Dad.
About 3:45 it happened... Auntie looked up and there was my new Mom with a leash in her hand!!! HURRAY... she missed me like I missed her!!!!
Soo, now I am back at my new house until next week. Auntie thinks I need my second round of treatment then, so I will come back here and go visit the vets for more bloodwork and to see what comes next.
Meanwhile, I am HAPPY to be sprung from the kennel and back in my new home!!!!
Auntie said she wasn't surprised to see my new Mom here today... she KNEW they are smitten with me, BOL!


I'm back, but it's not home!!!

May 22nd 2011 4:33 pm
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My new Mom brought me back here a while ago. Fortunately for me, she fed me BEFORE I got back here cuz she has much more leftovers to add to my food... chicken and chicken and other great stuff!!! I hope Auntie takes a listen about how easy I take my pills when they are in good stuff!!!
It was a great weekend... I helped clean the garage, met some neighbors and I learned how to sleep in a bed!!!
Imagine that, me, a street dog, now sleeping in a soft bed inside a nice house. Thanks, Nina and your Mom!!!!!
My new people are going to pick me up on Thursday and keep me for the long weekend cuz it's my last weekend before I have to get my Heart worm treatment started. Hopefully, all those nasty tick bugs are gone or will be gone and we can get that other stuff done, too, and I can go live with my new family FOR EVER and EVER!!!

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