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No Rain, No Rainbow

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Roxie Poxie Puddin Pie

December 25th 2011 6:08 am
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Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year,Update on my dad ,he has had his operation and is doing really well.he says as soon as he sees the doctor next thursaday, we will plan and leave for Fl.for 3 months . I kind of like it here, but as long as i'm with dad and mom i'll go anywere .I'm such a good girl ,all mom does is give me lots of kisses and hugs. I lean right into her,dad says i'm a suck up and noes the ropes. whatever dad.Everone thank you so much for finding me a home with people that love me so much ,and Aunty we love you. Roxie & family


Roxie Poxie Puddin Pie

November 28th 2011 6:07 am
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Hi everyone , We are still home [N.H,]until the first of the year. Than we hope ,off to Fl. I'm not minding the snow to much . But I like being in were its warm and on dads lap .He trys to tell me I'm not a lap dog But I'm proving him wrong.Ha Ha. I like to snuggle and give great kisses . Boy what a life . Eveyone have a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Years . Ta Ta for now Roxie Chase


Roxie Poxie Puddin Pie

October 27th 2011 4:57 pm
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Hi everyone did you see the snow tonight? Mom brought me out to do my potty for the night and I looked and sniffed and hurried up and wanted to go right back inside .I got weighted in today.I weigh 45 lbs, and I got all my medicine to go to got me a new collar today, one I can't slip out of,she says I need to be safe in Fl. Maybe the 3rd week in when we wwill start our trip.We will stop in Va, and stay for a few days with friends. Than off to warm weather Yah.Everyone have a great winter and stay warm.We all love you Aunty and everyone that brought Mom & Dad and me together,we are so greatful to you all.God bless you all.We will keep in touch when I'm not sunbathing in Fl. that is. love to each and everyone of you, Dad & Mom & Roxie Chase


Roxie Poxie Puddin Pie

September 14th 2011 2:23 am
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Hi there ,we were writting and I think the computer ate my story I was writting to you all,we will try again , Summer is closing and fall is comming fast. I'm all settled in my new home and loving it .Mom and Dad love me soooooooooooo much ,I think I'm getting spoiled . What a life ,I'm enjoying going for long walks with mom ,she says we will have to get me a jacket soon so I won't be cold on our walks after supper.Dad and Mom and I go for long rides in the car ,boy is that fun ,I'm real good and like to look around and see stuff,Mom says I need to go for long rides to get conditioned for my ride to Fl.I think I'll like it. We have got some pictures downloaded in the computer ,now we will try to post some soon. Every day is a new and happy time for me ,I wag my tail so much Mom says it will fall off if i'm not careful. Well we have to go for now.God bless you all for finding me my new Family . Love Roxie ,Dad and Mom Chase


Sponge,Roxie Puddin Pie

August 21st 2011 12:10 pm
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Hi Everyone, Sorry for not writting sooner but what a busy summer.Mom still is futsing with a camera and now she has a new computer and she is really confused . But she says keep the faith she a slow learner. We are having quite thunder storm right now, boy am I'm glad I'm inside .I'm really scared and mom and dad keep telling it will pass and stay calm so I hide behind moms chair and close my eyes . Guess what mom tought me how to shake paws. I'm so good at it every time I get hungy I sit and hold my paw up and look pretty , but mom and dad are wise to me and tell me I'm a good girl and I have to wait for supper . And I thought I had them fooled.I'm walking every day that it doesn't rain,morning and night. Mom says I sleep better and have to keep my girlish figure .I'm sooooooooooooo happy ,I have to go now and see if its getting on supper time yet. we will talk more later ,mom says to say hi to aunty, Love to all of you . Love Roxie Puddin Chase & Mom & Dad


Roxie,Poxie ,Puddin Pie

July 27th 2011 8:00 am
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July is almost over,I am settled in my new home,and routine .I love to wag my tail and give lots of kisses . Mom says she is soooooooo in love with me. She has tought me to sit & beg ,and my newest feet is to give paw,and mommy says she is real proud of me for learning new stuff.We are walking every morning now,Boy what a way to wake up ,go for a walk ,eat than back to bed for a snooze with dad .We had a big cookout last weekend and i was invited .I met a lot of new people and didn't bark much. Mom & Dad were proud of me and are really happy with me.I'm one of the family now and like it here. Good pick for a new home for me Aunty.Thank you so much,& Dad & Mom thank you too. Roxie ,Dad ,& Mom Chase


Roxie Poxie Pudding Pie

July 10th 2011 4:26 am
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Good Morning Everyone, Roxie is doing just fine . She is really a Great dog ,she loves laying out in her back yard . She is Real lovey,she lets you know when someone new is arriving at our house.Great watch dog. She is getting use to riding in the car,she knows stay and is pretty good at it . Shaking paws is comming along ,not quite there, but close.Fun , Fun, Fun,we love having her in our lifes.She is still resting alot.She on the bed right now ZZZZZZZing it.Her nick name is Puddin ,and Baby girl ,and a string more to come.Enjoy your weekend and enjoy your furry friends. Roxie, Dad, & Mom


Roxie ,Poxie ,Puddin Pie

July 4th 2011 3:09 am
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We we are getting into a routine with Roxie ,for the last two nights she has slept in our bedroom in her bed on the floor ,and stays there all night until Dad says she can come up on the bed.I think its time to put the big Kennel away.Yah ,Roxie is getting plenty of rest and hugs and cuddles .Dad and I say if her tail wags any faster ,she'll go air born.What a great baby girl.She aims to please us,which is happening .I'm teaching her to give me her Paw now.It will happen I'll let you know when we master that one.For now Enjoy your weekend , And pray for Sun. Hugs & cuddles from the Chase family


Roxie's home on Dads Birthday

June 29th 2011 1:39 pm
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Roxie came home today for good .Today,First and foremost I want to thank Aunty for bringing us together,and caring for Roxie during all the treatments Baby girl had to go thru.Without her our family would'nt be complete .Than doctor Cindy and all the staff at the animal hospital that helped me in my getting well.Boy I feel like its my birthday not my Dads.I'll keep you posted on how things are going.Love and thank you all. Roxie ,Dad & Mom Chase P.S. I finally have a last name.


Roxie,Poxie ,Puddin Pie

June 26th 2011 3:36 pm
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Hi, Yesterday was nice and so mom took me outside and guess what ? I got my first at home shower.And did it feel good.Mom and I worked in the garden and got real dirty and sweaty.So she showered and than it was my turn, boy did I ever like it. I stood real still like a good girl and cooled off ,than I,shook and shook and rolled in the grass, and then I went inside and took a nap . Oh HUM what a life.Today we went for a ride with the top down on Dads car.Mom says I have to stay on the Leash ,and she holds it from the front seat,but I can go from side to side and look around. theres alot to see.Than we went home and had supper and now I"m laying on there bed .I have to go back to Auntys in the morning ,for some testing . Mom says maybe I can come home soon to stay.Aunty will let us no when. Well got to go for now, Hugs & Cuddles Roxie,Dad & Mom

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