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No Rain, No Rainbow

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Roxie's going home to N.H.

April 1st 2013 4:59 am
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Hi everyone turn the heat up in N.H. we're going home.It has been a nice winter in Fl. Dad saya it time to hit the road . I'm glad I like to ride because its about 1500 miles .I'm going to miss my golf cart tho. I ride all over with Dad and Mom all over the park ,down to the dog run ,to windixie for shopping.Theres even a small farm near us and we bring bread and veggies and feed the animals.I want everyone to know how lucky i feel ,and again thank you all for beliveing in me and finding a nice home and people that love me so much . Woofs and Paws Roxie Chase and Family



February 2nd 2013 2:02 pm
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Yes today is my fifth birthday day ,I love everyone and everthing that got me this far . I love my life and my home ,ad the weather and some food and iam golden .Fl. is great ,mom and dad keep me busy and the dogs in this park are really friendly .I can walk around outside without the leash on .When I'm bad mom puts me on the run outside .so I really try to be good.But I'm young you know,and get into things now and again.Well everone WE love you all,Roxie Chase & family.


Hi there from Fl. / Roxie/Sponge

December 21st 2012 4:08 am
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We went to the Ocean Thursday ,I chased birds and we had a picnic and laid in the sun ,dad took me for a long walk along the shore, while mom snozzed on the blanket.He let me get my feet wet ,and I ran around off the leash ,and played and played . Boy what a day,than at night we went out in the car and looked at Christmas lights and had ice cream .We had a long day and boy I was ready for bed ,what a life.Mom says we are making cookies today .I hope one falls on the floor .My family wants to wish each and every one a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for being there for me and finding me a family of my oun that loves me for me. Love to you all, Roxie & Tim & Polly Chase


Hi from the Roxie Family

December 18th 2012 5:26 am
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Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year,we're in Fl.and it's warm and sunny and lovin it.Every one is happy and healthy and havin fun. Love to you all Tim & Polly & Roxie Chase



October 3rd 2012 2:11 am
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I have tryed twice to write ,but my computer takes my page and it vanishs . So i'm trying again. Hi everyone how's it going ? Well I think I have everyone in my householed trained the way I like them now. Boy o boy ,what a life ,tho it is getting chilly at night , mom covers me with my blanky and dad says i snore . Dad says I sleep with one eye open,so mom leaves a light on for me . Pretty soon we head for Fl. were it;s warmer . And than the fun begains,chasing squarrels ,can't wait. I have said it before and I'll keep saying it again ,thank you soooooooooooooo much for giving me to a family that really loves me and needs me.And thanks Aunty for seeing the beauty in me and finding me a great home and people that I could feel loved by . Love and kisses to all of you Roxie & Dad * Mom Chase


Roxie / Sponge

May 17th 2012 1:49 pm
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Hi there everyone , I'm home in my N.H. home and all settled in for the summer ,the only thing we are missing is warm weather,but mom says its comming.W saw Aunty today and she cut my nails ,I cryed like a baby because I'm spoiled rotten .Dad finally buckled and the couch is mine HE HE .He comes over and covers me and kisses me good night .Boy what a life.We go for rides and I get excited when i"m waiting and I spin in circles .Mom and dad laugh at me and i"m so happy,moms says if i"m not careful my tail will fall off from wagging it so much.Today we put in a lot of the garden today and had to take a nap in my lawn chair.Yes I have my own large lawn chair it has a large padded cloth in it and is real comfy .Well I hope all is well with everyone,I think I'll go see whats for supper. Hugs & Paws to you all Roxie Chase & family


Roxie Poxie Puddin Pie

April 1st 2012 3:47 am
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Hi from FL. Everything is going just great down here.I love laying out in the sun and going for long rides with Dad and Mom .I think my golf cart takes the cake I haven't been on a run for over a month and I stay on our lot for the most part.But let me see a squreill and anything goes.We will be heading home after Easter.And I hope it has warmed up alot in N. H. They have a nice dog park in our place in Fl. Dad takes me down there at least 4 or 5 times thru the day for duty.We take the golf cart,Mom and me take the bike out for a run and I run beside it on a leash.Thats the only time i'm on a leash because I'm a real good girl.I got my nails clipped the other day at the groomers,I didn't like that and I let her know it.Than to top it off mom gave me a bath ,that was okay but she wouldn't let me roll in the dirt when we were done.believe me I tryed.Well I've got to go outside now and see what I can get into.Love and thank you to all my family and friends ,Paws and Hugs Roxie & Family


Roxie Poxie Puddin Pie

March 28th 2012 3:40 am
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I wrote in my diary yesterday ,I hope it came thru,I'm lovin Fl. Roxie


Sponge/Roxie,Poxie Puddin Pie

February 14th 2012 6:16 am
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Good Morning ,HAPPY VALINETINES DAY everyone of you furry amimals,and of course there parents.I love you all, Roxie


Sponge /Roxie Poxie Puddin Pie

February 2nd 2012 11:24 am
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Hi I have tryed writting twice today but my message wouldn't go thru. So we are trying againing .We finally made it to Fl.Dad drove us ,It was a long trip but mom says I was a real good girl.I love it here the weather is wonderful, and there are sooooo many squirrels to chase around.We live in a RV Resort and I'm on a run.So I won't get lost. If dad & mom are outside with me I can be off my run.Dad has a golfcart and we ride all over the park and go to the dog walk were I can run and run some more.What a life.And today is my birthday,I'm 4 years old and cute as a button.And real lovie. Thank you everone for finding me a nice home and for finding me people that really love me.And Aunty mom found my dog food at the grain store right near us. Everyone have a great winter I'm going to. Love to everyone , Roxie Dad & Mom chase

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